Fish and Potato Dog Food Benefits

Fish and potato dog food options provide important nutrients to any canine. Carbohydrates provide energy and other vitamins and minerals, offering lasting benefits.


Truth about Potatoes and Dogs


Any fish and potato dog food includes either white potatoes or sweet potatoes as key ingredients. Many people believe potatoes are poisonous to dogs. However, the only toxin found in potatoes is Solanine. Dogs should not eat eyes on the potato peel or green spots on the potato's flesh.


Solanine occurs naturally. As the potatoes grow, some push to the top of the soil and sit in the sun causing green spots on the skin and flesh. Solanine poisoning symptoms include diarrhea, vomiting, headaches, irregular heartbeats and dizziness. Dog food companies remove any green spots before processing potatoes for dog food, so there is no risk.


Beneficial Nutrients in Fish and Potato Dog Food


White potatoes are high in carbs, fiber, vitamin-c, vitamin-b complex and iron. Potatoes provide active dogs, like racing dogs, with carbohydrates.


Dogs love the sugary taste of sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes offer impressive amounts of antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin-c, iron, phosphorus and vitamin-b complex. Sweet potatoes digest easily and offer plenty of fiber. One of their best health benefits is the calcium level that helps strengthen dogs' bones and teeth.


Fish used in dry dog foods usually contain high levels of fatty acids. These fatty acids help improve a dog's skin condition, as well as providing a glossy coat. Internally, fatty acids improve organ health, slow the aging process and may prevent certain cancers.