Grooming Solutions for Shedding Dogs

Shedding dogs are a common problem for many pet owners. In actuality, shedding is an entirely natural process that occurs for nearly every dog, and it's only a few breeds that do not actively shed. Shedding is the process by which your pet loses his fur coat in order to replace it with another.

Most dogs go through a constant shedding process, though this process is likely to be made more obvious at certain times of year, when most dogs change from a heavier winter coat to a lighter summer coat and back again. Additionally, dogs will likely shed their puppy coats at some point early on in their lives in order to make way for an adult coat. Read on for a few grooming solutions for dogs that shed heavily.

Groom Shedding Dogs Regularly

One of the best things that you can do for your dog in order to make sure that his shedding continues to happen as it should and to avoid problems like matted hair, you should plan to groom your pet regularly. This will serve the alternate purpose of reducing the total amount of hair that you're likely to find around the home too.

Train your pet from an early age to sit with you for a few minutes each day as you carefully pet and brush his fur. Be gentle, as you're not trying to remove any of his fur; allow the fur that would have otherwise been shed to the ground and the air around you to fall out with the brush and carefully dispose of it.

Use Appropriate Brushes for Grooming

Proper grooming for shedding dogs requires that you use brushes that are appropriate. A gentle soft tipped brush is a good place to start. if your pet begins to develop mats in his hair or has a thicker coat, purchase a wire tipped or metal tipped brush with wide spaces between the teeth. Be generally as gentle and careful as possible in order to avoid hurting your pet.

Keep Your Pet's Hair Properly Clipped

Keeping your dog's hair the appropriate length will also help to reduce and minimize his total shedding. Leave your pet's hair at the length recommended by your veterinarian or a professional groomer. This may require that you have your pet clipped or that you cut your pet's hair more often in order to maintain this. However, the result will be that your dog will be less likely to shed his hair, and he'll typically be generally more comfortable as well if this is the case.

Bathe Regularly

Bathing your dog regularly using a standard dog shampoo is another way to keep his coat healthy as he goes through the shedding process. If your dog has other health conditions like skin problems, use a medicated shampoo provided by your veterinarian as well.

For more information about how to keep your pet from shedding and to maintain his coat, ask your vet.