The Health Benefits of Cat Grooming for Preventive Care

Cat grooming is vital for your pet’s skin, coat and his overall health. While grooming your cat, you can observe any skin, coat or nail abnormalities so you can detect any possible health issues in early stages.

Healthy Skin and Coat

Even if your cat is grooming himself regularly, you still need to groom him, regardless of the hair thickness or length.

There are some areas of the body (such as the back) which are barely accessible for your cat, especially if your cat is overweight. By grooming, you will spread the essential oils secreted by the skin on the skin and fur, giving the coat a healthy, shiny look.

By brushing your cat you will also remove the dead hair, hair tangles, skin cells and all the dirt that may get stuck in his fur.

Parasite Detection and Removal

If your cat has parasites, grooming is the best time to detect and remove them from his coat. Use special flea shampoos, sprays or powders.

In case your pet has just contracted flea eggs or larvae, these can be removed by grooming, so you will prevent their development. You can use preventive flea products.

Early Detection of Diseases

Grooming your cat involves inspecting his hair and skin. You can palpate his skin gently and see if you feel any abnormalities such as sores, infected scratches, nodules, swellings or bald spots. When you trim the cat’s nails, check the paws for any injuries or splinters.

Check the cat’s ears, eyes, mouth and teeth. Your cat may have ear or eye infections or dental problems. Early detection may prevent more serious problems such as glaucoma, eye cataracts, deafness or periodontal disease. 

Lumps on the surface of the skin may be a sign of cancer, so the sooner you detect the lump, the better the chances of treating the disease.

Any abnormality should be discussed with the vet, even if most of the time there is nothing serious and the treatment will consist of just a few dietary supplements.

Preventing Chiropractic Issues

By trimming your cat’s nails regularly, you will prevent chiropractic issues. Long nails may lead to joint and back problems, as the cat needs to walk on the pads and not on nails to have balance.

Opt for a professional groomer if you fear you might cut the nails too short.

Reducing Allergy Symptoms

If your cat has allergies, a regular bath will alleviate his allergic symptoms, as some allergens are absorbed through the skin.

If you or someone in your family is allergic to the cat, bathing will remove the dander and hair, and will significantly reduce the human allergy symptoms.

Stress Reliever Massage

While grooming your pet, you will offer him an enjoyable massage that may relieve stress. This massage can be relaxing both for you and your cat, and this experience helps in building trust. If your cat enjoys massages, this may be a good starting point in tricking him to take a bath or a bad smelling medicine.