Healthy Dog Rewards and Treats

Dog rewards should be nutritious treats and served in moderation. To keep your dog healthy, avoid serving him treats loaded with carbohydrate fillers or poor quality fats. You can even find treats infused with supplements and nutrients that can benefit your dog’s overall mobility and nutritional health.

Start with the Best Ingredients

When selecting biscuits, or other kinds of treats, be on alert for high-level ingredients. When you are reading product labels, look for human-grade animal sources for beef, poultry and lamb. In addition, be on the lookout for whole grains and real fruits and vegetables over fillers or artificial flavorings. 

Popular Ingredients in Healthy Treats

Along with biscuits made with organic beef and poultry, select those made with healthy bulk ingredients, too. Additional food sources to look for include rice, oats, malted barley and ground flax seed. Instead of unhealthy fat products or binding agents, choose biscuits made with gelatin, lecithin, vegetable glycerin or canola oil.

What Ingredients to Avoid

When shopping for dog products, be aware of several ingredients that do not add nutritional value to your dog’s diet. Especially if you have a pet on a regimented diet, do not select treats made with wheat, corn, soy, or added fat and by-products. Some of these fats can drive up a dog’s weight and add unnecessary filler to his diet.

To keep your dog on a healthy diet, avoid food products that contain preservatives. There are healthy preservatives you can find in dog products called mixed tocopherols. These natural preservatives are also good sources for vitamin E as well. Look for such ingredients called phosphoric acid (a natural acidifier) and sorbic acid.

High-quality Protein Sources

Protein-heavy foods are beneficial for your dog’s growth process and to support his immune system. When selecting treats, focus on limited carbohydrates and increased protein sources to foster a healthy immune system.

Purchase dog products with quality protein sources such as eggs, which include a high level of proteins. Also consider fish meal, beef, milk, soybean and bone meal for healthy types of protein for your dog’s biscuits and foods.

Vitamins and Minerals in Treats

To help benefit your dog’s overall health, focus on treats that are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins. Vitamin E and C, citric acid and rosemary are among some popular natural antioxidants. Along with vitamins, biscuits with fruits like blueberries and amino acids are also ideal sources for healthy snacks.

Treats Instead of Table Scraps

A quality dog treat is a healthier option than feeding your dog bits of human food. Biscuits and healthy treats also have fewer calories than table scraps. Likewise, crunchy treats also help promote your dog’s dental health because they help eliminate plaque and tartar.

Treats for Dogs with Joint Problems

If your pet has arthritis or a similar joint problem, serve him treats made with natural glucosamine and chondroitin. When you give your dog treats enriched with these properties it helps him maintain mobility and support for his hips and joints. 

Overall, even healthy treats should be served in moderation. An overabundance of treats adds can add more calories and possibly drive up a dog’s weight.