Healthy Treats for Dogs

There are many options available to the dog owner who is searching for healthy treats for dogs. The dog supply market offers a wide variety of dog treats that are high in nutrition, low in calories and free of harmful preservatives and other chemicals. You may also choose to make your own dog treats, there are plenty of healthy dog treat recipes in both print publications and online.

Buying Healthy Treats for Dogs

When shopping for a healthy dog treat, you should take a few things into consideration. The age of your dog, his general health, size and weight are all factors that will help you in your selection process. If your dog is overweight or has diabetes you will want to avoid treats that are high in carbohydrates such as corn, corn syrup, beet pulp and other sugars. A dog that is older or has renal issues should have dog treats that are lower in protein. Dogs with a high metabolism or that may participate in dog sports such as agility may need a treat that is higher in calories than a dog that leads a more sedentary life. Talk with the people that work in the store you are shopping in, or consult your veterinarian if you have questions about which treat is appropriate for your dog.

What Is the Treat For?

The purpose of the treat is also a factor when buying treats for dogs. If the treat is to be used for training purposes, you will want to purchase one that is smaller in size or breaks into smaller pieces easily. If you are looking for a treat that is a special surprise for your dog to add variety to his diet, you may want to buy a larger treat that is chewier and will last longer.

Homemade Treats for Dogs

Making your own dog treats is fun, and can often be the answer for a dog that has special nutrition needs. Creating treats for dogs can be as easy as baking some chicken breast or other type of meat. Meat is the basis for most canine diets and is a safe treat for dogs if it is prepared without harmful seasonings that can irritate your dog's digestive system. O-shaped dry cereal, like Cheerios, is a good low calorie treat for your dog that is just the right size for use during training. If you decide to bake your own dog cookies, there are many canine cook books available or you may wish to find your recipe online. A basic dog biscuit recipe is all you need. You can add in special ingredients like broth, peanut butter, or yogurt to make your treats extra special.

All Things in Moderation

Regardless of what type of treat you give your dog, be sure to limit the amount you give him. A treat is just another boring food if your dog gets it all the time. Too many treats can make your dog overweight or upset his digestion. If your dog has had a few too many treats during training or just because he is such a good boy, simply cut back his regular kibble for that day.