Holistic Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food is usually preferred by owners because it is less expensive than canned food and it is denser, so a smaller amount is necessary to meet the dog’s nutritional requirements. More recently owners started to buy holistic dog food in order to make sure that their dogs receive the nutrients they need without having to ingest high amounts of preservatives, by-products, hormones or other substances which might damage your dog’s health. Therefore, by turning to holistic dry food, you make sure you protect your dog from developing a series of diseases.

Holistic Dry Dog Food

Even if more expensive than regular commercial dry dog food, holistic dry dog food comes with a series of benefits that help keep your pet in good shape. What makes the difference between holistic and regular commercial dog food is that:

  • It does not have preservatives
  • It is not made of by-products
  • It is a good source of high quality meat proteins
  • It does not contain herbicides and pesticides
  • No food coloring substances are added to it

Feeding holistic dry food to your dog will give you a healthy dog that does not need medical treatment and does not have to go to the vet very often.

Benefits of Holistic Dry Dog Food

Holistic dry dog food only contains natural preservatives. Chemical preservatives found in regular dry food are known to cause liver disease and other medical conditions. It is true that you have to pay more attention to its storage conditions, but given that you spare your dog from having to ingest high amounts of chemicals, it might just be worth the effort.

Regular dry dog food is made basically of by-products which are animal parts that have been withdrawn from human consumption, either because humans do not consume those parts (lungs, spleen, intestines, neck) or because the animal has been suffering from a disease which could harm humans. People might think that dogs would eat such meat in the wild, but some by-products have been also proven to contain Pentobarbital or other substances used to euthanize animals.

The quality of proteins in regular dry food is of low quality since they are derived mainly from soy, corn or grains. Dogs need these as well, but not as substitutes for meat proteins. Holistic dry dog food is made of unprocessed grains which have not been treated with herbicide.

Although it is less expensive and more comfortable to buy regular dry dog food, the benefits of the holistic alternative are worth taking into consideration.

Healthy Dietary Recommendations for Dogs

When you choose the food for your dog, remember that that he needs:

  • Meat proteins (the dog is carnivorous)
  • Fats, derived mainly from animal fats and vegetal oils
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Carbohydrates, in low amounts

If you keep these simple recommendations in mind when feeding your dog, he will be in good shape and you reduce the risks of diet related diseases.