Illnesses Indicated by Clear Cat Vomit

Cat vomit may be a sign that the cat is ill. The vomit may contain gastric juice mixed with food particles, hairballs, blood, yellow bile, parasites or clear liquid. When the vomit is clear, the causes may be various including the need to throw up a hairball, thyroid problems, poisoning, cancer or the ingestion of a foreign object. If the vomiting episodes last for several days, a vet must be consulted to prevent severe dehydration.


Cats often vomit clear liquid prior to coughing up hairballs; the liquid that comes out is actually gastric juice. The cat will also make different noises, as if he is chocking, in attempt to eliminate the hairballs.

Hairballs get accumulated in the cat’s stomach due to the frequent grooming the cat performs. The cat’s tongue contains a lot of taste buds which are abrasive and will gather a lot of hair which will be ingested by the cat. The hair will be mixed with the stomach’s contents and may form a hairball that cannot be digested.

If your cat vomits clear liquid without eliminating a hairball soon after that, you should visit the vet and determine the reason your cat vomits clear liquid.

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems can cause the cat to vomit clear liquid. Hyperthyroidism, which is a condition caused by the excess secretion of the thyroid hormone is a disease that is difficult to detect. However, the cat may also present other symptoms such as oily skin, greasy hair, acne in the facial area or excessive salivation.

Thyroid problems may be managed through anti-thyroid medication and a special diet.


If the cat has ingested a toxic food or material, he may display symptoms such as vomiting; often the vomit is a clear liquid; it may also contain the ingested food. Other symptoms of feline poisoning include increased thirst, diarrhea, confusion, lethargy, seizures or coma.

The cat needs to go to the vet, so that he receives proper veterinary care and the toxic substance is eliminated.


Cancer may affect cats, especially older cats and the cancer may be located in different parts of the body or affect the skin or bones. If the cancer is located in the cat’s stomach, the cat may often vomit clear liquid, which is gastric juice, especially if the cat hasn’t eaten.

Other symptoms may include blood in the vomit, lack of appetite, weight loss or diarrhea.

Chemotherapy must be applied and if possible, the tumor should be removed to prevent it from migrating to other areas of the body.

The tumor may also be located close to the vomiting center of the brain, causing the cat to throw up. A few scans can determine if the cat has a brain tumor.

The Ingestion of a Foreign Object

If the cat has ingested a foreign object and cannot digest it, this may cause clear vomiting. The object should be removed, as it may cause an intestinal occlusion or injure the stomach or the intestines of the cat.