Is Capstar Flea Treatment Dogs Safe for Long Term Use?

Capstar flea treatment is used to provide quick relief to pets that are infested by fleas. Flea problems become very common as the summer approaches, since fleas thrive in warmer temperatures. Dogs get infested with fleas through contact with fleas in the environment or through contact with other animals. Fleas can cause intense allergic reactions in the pet and are harmful to the dog owner as well.

Conditions Caused by Fleas Include:

Capstar for Dog Flea Treatment

Capstar or Nitenpyram (scientifically known) is an approved non-prescription treatment for cats and dogs that is available through veterinarians. Capstar is an insecticide that comes in tablet form and kills fleas to provide almost instant relief to your pet. It takes around 30 minutes after ingestion, for the tablet to take effect. The pet also experiences complete freedom from fleas within 4 hours. This makes Capstar much better than its competitors. Moreover, Capstar is safe to use on dogs that are at least 4 weeks old and pregnant pets.

No major side effects have been documented, although dogs can exhibit increased panting and excitement within 2 hours of Capstar treatment. Capstar is a neurotoxin that blocks the transmission of neural messages through the central nervous system of the flea and thus causes instantaneous death. The effects of the pill don’t last for more than 48 hours.

Since it does not have any residual long term activity it is not effective as a long term flea preventative medication. It also has no effect on the reproductive abilities of fleas and is thus only effective in killing adult fleas. Capstar is more suitable as a preventative measure. It may be administered to dogs prior to surgery, or just before visiting fairs, shows or trials.

Is Capstar Safe?

As Capstar doesn’t act for a long duration on the pet, and no significant side effects have been observed (even when dogs were given a dose ten times more potent that the advised dosage), Capstar is considered a safe treatment. Also, since Capstar is a neurotoxin, it is almost impossible for fleas to become resistant to it. It’s therefore beneficial to give a tablet to your pet before visiting any public places like parks. Capstar will not, however, work as an ongoing preventive medication. Its short duration of activity doesn’t make it ideal for repeated use. In fact, it is advisable to use Capstar in conjunction with a product that is more suited to long term application, such as a drug that can inhibit flea reproduction or one that can act against immature fleas. Capstar is a safe drug, but its very nature of activity prevents it from being used as a long term treatment option.

Capstar is a very common treatment in animal shelters and veterinary clinics as it provides quick relief to the dog and helps get rid of fleas in the environment. It is a safe non-prescription drug and is a useful tablet to have in your home at all times.