Kitten Medicine for Flea Problems

Kittens have a weaker immune system and they can easily get diseases or parasites. Kitten medicine for flea problems will be different than the solutions used to get rid of the fleas on adult cats. In fact, many flea products used for adult cats may be hazardous for a kitten's health. Kittens younger than 6 weeks old shouldn't get chemicals on their skin. Fleas may also harm kittens, as they feed on blood and can cause anemia.

Kittens Older than 6 Weeks

When the kitten is older, you can safely use feline flea medicine and products.

Advantage is a flea medicine that will kill the fleas and will keep the away form the cat's coat. Typically, the fleas are dead within 2 hours of applying the product.

Frontline can also be effective in killing and keeping the fleas away. Opt for Frontline Plus, as this is waterproof also.

Revolution is another way to kill the fleas. In addition, Revolution is also efficient in preventing heartworm disease as well as preventing and treating ear mites, sarcoptic mange, hookworms or roundworms. Revolution is a parasiticide that is applied directly on the cat's skin.

Consult your vet prior to administering any flea medicine to your pet.

Remember that cleaning the home is part of the treatment; fleas hatch and new fleas can occur in 1 to 2 weeks, even if you have eliminated all the adult fleas from your kitten's skin.

If the kitten looks weak is underweight, has a disease or has dry, irritated or broken skin, you shouldn't use these flea products. Talk to your vet about the best treatment solution.

Kittens Younger than 6 Weeks

Kittens younger than 6 weeks should not get any medicine for fleas, as the chemicals may be toxic for a small kitten.

What you can do is bathe your kitten in lukewarm water; you may use diluted dishwashing detergent, which can kill the parasites. Make sure you massage the detergent on the entire surface of the kitten's skin; don't forget the head and chin area or the back of the limbs. Be careful not to get any soap in the kitten's eyes. You can eliminate a lot of fleas and you can pick the dead fleas. This method can be used in older cats too.

After the bath you may brush the kitten with a flea comb, which can eliminate the remaining fleas. When you get the live fleas, drop them in boiling water, so they are killed instantly.

What Not to Use with Kittens

Kittens with fleas shouldn't get flea collars, as these may cause severe irritation.

Essential oils may also be toxic for young cats.

When the mother of the kitten lives with the kitten and the kitten is infected by fleas, you should treat the mother too, as the mother is more likely to be infected. You can use the same products for the mother. If the mother is still nursing, Revolution is a safe medication.