Raw Dog Food Diet Myths

The idea of a raw dog food diet has generated several myths amongst dog owners. You can tailor a raw food diet to be what's called a biologically appropriate raw food diet (often called barf diet). This will give your dog important nutrients without extra calories. Many other types of dog foods contain fillers and grains that can lead to allergies, illness, and obesity. By mimicking the diet of the wild dog, a barf diet helps your dogs physical systems function at their peak. Raw food is also a fantastic source of hydration for your dog because it contains all the blood and fluids found in raw foods. Here are some of the most common myths about a barf diet.

Myth #1 - Dogs Who Eat Raw Food Act More Wild

This is not true. A barf diet actually helps a dog's behavior because the balanced nutrients help digestion and organs that process waste work more effectively. This in turn helps balance brain chemistry. Feeding raw food will not suddenly connect your dog to his wild side. He'll just be more able to regulate anxiety and will be functioning at his peak. Thus, he'll be more responsive to training and behavior modification.

Myth # 2 - Dogs Get Sick from the Bacteria and Parasites in Raw Food

A human being would get sick from raw meat whereas a dog has a short digestive system which is designed to digest the bacteria and parasites that live in raw meat. In a human being, meat sits in the colon and decays. In a dog, all the food gets processed through the colon very quickly. This gives the dog optimum energy that might otherwise get tied up in digesting grains and fillers often found in low quality kibble or canned food.

Myth # 3 - My Dog's Stomach Is Much More Sensitive than a Wild Dog's

Your dog's system is surprisingly similar to that of his wild ancestors. Domestication and even breeding manipulation has not changed that part of dog physiology. Domesticated dogs are mainly different in their behavior because of training. The barf diet works very well with the system of even the most docile and domesticated house dog.

Myth # 4 - Raw Bones Cause Choking

It's actually the opposite. Cooked bones are brittle and can break into dangerous splintering pieces. Moreover, the work it takes to eat a raw bone is great for your dog's teeth and gums. It also gives him a task that keeps his mind and body busy for a long time. Even an older dog who has never had a raw bone will most likely take to them very easily.

Myth # 5 - Raw Foods Will Trigger Allergies

Dogs need meat for their nutrition and most dog foods contain meat. If your dog has shown allergic reactions to meat, it's probably the type of meat versus meaning that your dog is allergic to meat altogether. Raw formulas often work with less allergenic meats such as buffalo or venison. The absence of grains and fillers and the natural form of the ingredients is likely to actually help your dog's allergies improve.