Nutribiotic GSE for Dogs

NutriBiotic GSE is a non-toxic grapefruit seed extract (GSE). Grapefruit seed extract is a liquid that comes from the seeds, pulp and white membranes of the grapefruit. This solution is effective at replacing commercial cleaning solutions, disinfectants and sanitizing wash products with a more natural alternative that is free of chemicals. NutriBiotic GSE is also very effective at treating many internal and external ailments in dogs. This product is extremely acidic, so it should never be used undiluted, especially when administering for internal use.

Preventative Care with NutriBiotic GSE

NutriBiotic GSE can be used as a preventative to ward off bacteria and fungus, as well as helping to boost the immune system. Many people add a few drops to a newly placed water bowl for prevention of bacteria growth, especially in the summer months. Dogs susceptible to skin fungus and bacterial infections, like obese dogs and dogs with many wrinkles, may benefit from an occasional spray of GSE diluted solution to the fur or coat.

NutriBiotic GSE for External Use

NutriBiotic GSE is an excellent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic remedy. Mix 50 to 100 drops into a quart of water and use a spray bottle to treat affected areas. Grapefruit seed extract can improve the effects of many dog skin conditions. Fungal infections such as ringworm may respond well to this solution. NutriBiotic GSC can also be used to treat bacterial skin infections such as pyoderma, and can also be effective at clearing dermatitis, mange, hot spots and symptoms from food allergies, or contact with toxins.

NutriBiotic GSE for Internal Use

Bacteria, fungus, parasites and even some viruses living internally can be prevented or cleared using NutriBiotic GSE. Gastrointestinal infections and other diseases caused by parasites, protozoal diseases or viruses can greatly benefit from the effects of grapefruit seed extract. Generally speaking, you'll want to administer about 1 drop per 10 pounds of dog. It may be best to dilute the solution, as the taste is quite bitter. Because of the natural properties, overdose is not a concern, but it's recommended rather than increasing single dosages, administer the remedy up to 3 times per day.

NutriBiotic GSE as a Cleaning Solution

NutriBiotic GSE can be used to replace commercial cleaning solutions and disinfectants that contain harsh chemicals and which may be toxic to your dog. Mix 30 to 60 drops of GSE to 32 ounces of water, and fill a spray bottle for surface and all-purpose cleaning. This solution is safe to use in dog kennels and inside your home. A grapefruit seed extract solution is effective to use in place of cleaners like bleach or ammonia-based products.

Considerations when Purchasing GSE

Despite the fact that NutriBiotic GSE is advertised as an all-natural product, there is some debate that commercially branded forms of grapefruit seed extract contain a laboratory-created ingredient, benzethonium chloride, which cannot be derived from the grapefruit. This ingredient may be added to enhance the antimicrobial properties of GSE. It's important to be aware of this when selecting a form of grapefruit seed extract that fits best for your dog and your family.