Raw Dog Food Health Benefits

Research has confirmed what most vets say about raw dog food health benefits. A raw food diet is the best for your dog. Dogs who eat raw food tend to have less health problems than those that eat a diet made up of kibble or canned food alone. It's important to understand what is meant by a raw food diet and to consider several important health benefits.


BARF stands for a biologically appropriate raw food diet. It's important to feed your dog that's formulated specifically for a dog's body. It's possible to make this yourself at home but only with the proper guidance from a canine nutritionist. A barf diet considers what a dog would eat in the wild and balances the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates. The amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins that a dog needs are different from a human's needs. In a barf diet, the primary ingredient is lean animal protein. There is some carbohydrate content mainly from raw fruits and a small amount of vegetables. There are many raw formulas available at pet stores that have a freezer.

Obesity and Diabetes Prevention

A barf diet can help protect your dog from becoming obese or diabetic. In a barf diet, each calorie counts. There are no empty calories from fillers or unnecessary grains. The glycemic index is also low which allows your dog to get the nutrition he needs without spiking his blood sugar. Less food is required for the dog to get enough protein and vitamins and minerals whereas in other kinds of dog food, the dog takes in more calories than he needs.

Raw Bones for Safe Dental Hygiene and Nutrition

A barf diet includes raw bones which are important for dogs. Chewing on the bone helps strip the teeth of plaque and gives the gums a good workout. The raw bones are the safest. Cooked bones can splinter and thus choke a dog. The raw bones break in pieces that won't choke the dog.

Easily Digestible for Health and Allergy Prevention

A raw diet keeps your dog's digestion working smoothly which helps the body's other systems work at their best. Lower quality foods with grains and too much fat and sugar can put the digestion into overdrive. Then a lot of the other organs in the body also don't work as well. This can lead to allergies and many other health problems.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals

Raw foods give the most vitamins and minerals to your dog. When food is cooked, it can lose a lot of it the nutrition that are present in its more natural state.

Proper Hydration

Raw food gives your dog hydration that even fresh water can't quite provide. A dog digests water through the intestines so having food infused with moisture is really important for a well-hydrated body. Providing fresh water is still important but the raw food with all of the naturally occurring fluids will keep your dog even healthier.