Is It Safe to Buy Used Pet Grooming Equipment?

Whether you are looking to start a pet grooming business, you are the owner of a dog kennel or supply store, or you are simply interested in saving time and money by grooming your dogs at home, you may be considering the purchase of pet grooming equipment. If finances are tight, buying used may be an attractive option. There are some things to keep in mind when you find a deal on the supplies you need, such as what dangers might exist with used equipment and how to clean the supplies before you begin using them. 

Used Pet Grooming Equipment

When considering the purchase of used pet grooming equipment, there are several things you should look for. Check to make sure the equipment is in working order and is clean. Inspect for broken bristles on combs or brushes, cracks or weak spots in the plastic, and ask to plug in any electrical clippers or shears to ensure they aren't defective. You may want to check the blades as well. Take your dog along and ask if you can try before you buy. Dull clippers or other equipment may be an indication that the package deal isn't as advertised. Also, if any shampoo or other hygiene products are part of the deal, inspect the packaging, quality and quantity. Check the ingredients, as you may have a preference to chemical vs. natural shampoo and dog washing supplies. Comparison shop to be sure you're getting the best value on the used pet grooming equipment being offered.

Dangers of Used Pet Grooming Equipment

There are potential dangers of used pet grooming equipment if it has not been properly cleaned. Many dog viruses and infections are spread through the air. If an infected dog, especially those with ringworm or other skin conditions, has come into contact with any of the pet grooming supplies, there is a potential for that illness to spread to your dog. While some ailments are easily treatable, it's still best to avoid this problem altogether as more deadly viruses can be spread by using unsanitized equipment. You can have a plan of action ready for disinfecting the equipment once you have made your purchase.

Cleaning Used Pet Grooming Equipment

To be on the safe side, it will be necessary to clean any used pet grooming equipment that you buy. Additionally, you may want to consider cleaning and disinfecting after each use. This is especially important if you are planning to use the supplies for dogs that are unfamiliar, such as with a kennel business or dog grooming store. You may be tempted to soak certain supplies in a water/bleach mixture to kill any germs. While this is effective for cleaning, it may be bothersome to dogs and the use of bleach may also lead to premature wear on the equipment. Use products like antibacterial soap, rubbing alcohol and pet safe disinfectants for cleaning. Brushes can be rubbed together for easy removal of hair, and then soaked for 5 to 10 minutes in a germ-removing solution. Use cotton swabs or pipe cleaners for removing grime from electrical equipment, such as clippers, before wiping down with alcohol or disinfectant.