Using a Pet Grooming Glove

A pet grooming glove is a tool that you can use to help make the process of cleaning and grooming your pet more efficient. Though most dog and cat owners recognize the importance of keeping their animals well groomed and properly hygienic through brushing, bathing and regular clipping of the fur, a large percentage of pets in the United States and elsewhere in the world are still undergroomed regularly. Fortunately, for those people who have a difficult time grooming their pets normally, the grooming glove is a good alternative option that can help to make the process much easier.

Grooming Glove Overview

The grooming glove is typically made from either rubber or soft plastic. It fits easily over one hand and can be adjusted to accommodate different sizes of arm and hand as well. The glove is designed to be able to serve two different purposes. The first is to function as a brush or a comb; grooming gloves have grooves and small textural pieces built in which are designed to help to massage your pet as they simultaneously clear up matted hair, pick up loose hair and remove it as well. This serves the same function as a brush but is easier to use, as you simply need to run your gloved hand along your pet's body in order to accomplish the same function.

The second purpose of the grooming glove is a protective one. If your pet tends to become agitated as you groom him and you're concerned about the risk of being bitten or scratched as you work, the grooming glove will help to ensure that you don't suffer from these reactions. The thick protective layering of the glove will protect your hand and lower arm from any aggressive behavior from your pet.

Using the Glove

Simply fit the glove to your hand and put it on over your clothing. If you're concerned about being bitten or scratched, it's advisable to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath the glove so that no skin on your lower arm will be exposed. Sit with your pet close by to you and gently calm him down with soothing words, praise and treats, if you'd like.

Run your hand along his body in the direction of his fur. Check your love every couple of strokes for loose hairs; pick these off of the glove with your free hand and set them aside.

Other Benefits of a Grooming Glove

There are other benefits to the grooming glove as well. For instance, it can be used to help clean up loose hairs which your pet has shed. Simply run the glove over a surface like a couch or chair where hair may be lying, and you'll be able to clean up the loose hairs without having to pick them up individually by hand. This can save time and help to reduce allergic reactions while you simultaneously clean up your furniture and home.