Belinda Joy Mason

Location: Venice, California USA

Qualifications: DVM

Veterinarian Profile

Dr. Belinda received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Kansas State University in 1983. She has additional training in animal acupuncture,  herbology, and traditional chinese veterinary medicine. Dr. Belinda is currently licensed in the state of Kansas, but is currently a self employed animal behavioral consultant in California while she completes her studies in Chinese Medicine.  

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Answers from Belinda Joy Mason

  • How do I introduce an adult dog and cat to each other?

    I am moving an adult neutered cat into the home of an adult dog. How do I do this with little stress to the cat? How do I train the dog to ignore the cat?

  • Bloody dog stool-green discharge coming from eyes

    I have a 2 year old malamute and he has had a green discharge coming from his eyes. Then just this morning we found out that his food has been recalled. Now, on his walk today I noticed he had a little bit of blood in his stool (not diarrhea) What is wrong with my boy??? He is just now due for his distemper shot, but could he still possibly have it? He stayed in a kennel about 3 weeks ago, but he was up to date on his shots.

  • What should I do for my dog hip muscle injury?

    My 8 month old labradoodle got hit by a slow moving car 3 weeks ago. She seemed fine, but I took her to the vet immediately for a thorough exam w/ a diagnosis of a muscle strain or bruise in her hip. She subscribed anti-inflammatory medication for 3 days. After two days of minimal exercise, she had almost no more limp. Over the past three weeks, she generally has no limp, but 2-3x/week over extends herself at the dog park & ends up limping. I have not limited her activity -she is crazy w/o it.

  • Is heart worm the same as round worm for a dog

    The vet provided meds for heart worm but she also talks about round worm? I am getting now additional meds for giardia that need to be administered.

  • My cat is sick: vomiting and losing weight

    I have roughly a 9yr.old cat that is always eating but losing weight and has uncontrollable diarrhea,but his demeanor is good. What can be wrong?

  • dog is not eating, gets tense when in pain

    He feels warm, and gets real tense when the screams happen...sleeps alot, not hungry.

  • My dog in cold weather

    I have a puppy that weighs about 10 pounds. She loves to go for walks but I am concerned about taking her outside in the evenings because of the colder temperatures (I live in Colorado). How long can she tolerate being outside in the cold? Should I cover her paws?

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