Carol Porter Cornwall

Location: Damascus, Oregon USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

Veterinarian Profile

Carol is the founder of Scooter's Bed and Biscuit, a pet daycare and boarding facility. She started caring for pets while in college at Texas Christian University. She has veterinary technician training, specializing in reproduction, surgical and general pet care.

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Answers from Carol Porter Cornwall

  • Can a dog get brucellosis from a cow?

  • dog vagina, swollen, bleeding

    My one year old minature dachshund was spayed at 5 1/2 months old. She is now bleeding vaginally, has a swollen vulva, and her teats are swollen. My vet says vaginitis, he did white cell count which was normal. She has been on antibiotics for 2 weeks now and still has same symptoms. I think she is having a heat cycle. How do you tell the difference. We are going back to the vet today

  • My littlr 12 yr old maltese dog has mastitis

    she has a very swollen boob, (her daughter that is 4 yrs old wil still lay with her and suck on her teat),she is on antibodies but will not eat and i am forcing her to drink is this normal or should i take her back to the vet( today is sunday and the vet is only oncall)

  • Opinion regarding treatment for arthritis and joint pain for dogs

    what is your opinion regarding treatment for arthritis and joint pain for dogs I have recently read that glucosamine may not carry the benefits advertised. Please tell me the best treatment for a young Aussie with mild arthritis. Thanks.

  • Why is my dog having milk problems?

    Why do my dogs produce a very small amount of milk after giving birth and the pups die if I don't feed them? I am a small breeder of miniature schnauzers and for a while now the mommy dogs don't produce enough milk and they get oxtocyn shots for the first two days.

  • Why is my vet giving my dog heart worm preventatives?

    My 5 year old chocolate lab was diagnosed with heart worm. The vet said my dog was extremely healthy, anticipated the worms would die within 2 years, and until then, prescribed a heart worm preventative to prevent new infection. I stopped at two different clinics to purchase the preventative and they both were astounded that a vet would prescribe a preventative when my dog tested positive. It seems counter intuitive to give a dog preventative treatment when he already tested positive. What's going on?

  • Can dogs eat asparagus, or is asparagus toxic for dogs?

    Is it safe to give your dog asparagus. If so, how much can they have per pound?

  • Is raw meat for dogs okay?

    I want to give my dog a raw steak for dinner is this ok?

  • Are oranges safe for dogs?

    My miniature dachshund loves oranges. I usually eat one a day and she just goes crazy for some. I only give her about three segments at most. I just wanted to be sure that I was not giving her something that is bad for her.

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