Emily Barret

Location: Ronkonkoma, New York USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

Veterinarian Profile

Emily Aurora Barrett is a Veterinary Technology graduate of the State University of New York. She is currently certified as a Veterinary Technician in the state of New York.

Answers from Emily Barret

  • How long would it take before our dog could start to use the stairs

    how long after a cruciate ligament repair on a 48kg dog is it before the dog can start to use stsirs again i was wondering how long it would take before our dog could start to use the stairs again. he usually sleeps at the top of the stairs but is been confined to the downstairs at the moment. this is causing problems as he has started climbing on the settee. he had the op 9 days ago. 48kg lab/rottie.

  • My Brittany Spaniel dog has not eaten but vomiting

    Dog vomitting 8 year old male Brittany Spaniel vomitted all of yesterdays morning food in the P.M. Today, has not eaten but vomitting yellow bile. He is showing lethagy ande not himself. His nose is damp and cool.

  • My cat is 10 and is constipated and doesnt appear to be able to go

    My cat is 10 (human age) and is constipated and doesnt appear to be able to go, why would this happen? He has been constipated before but has cleared up relatively quickly, but he has not been able to use his litter tray for a couple of days now. He has a hard lump of stool at the end of this bowel and his rectum is slightly open but he isn't pushing.

  • Dog has stool that is abnormal

    My 8 mth puppy had normal hard stool but towards the end very soft.Today he had all loose stool and no hard at all. 2wks ago he chewed up a chicken drumstick.We did not see any signs of abnormality after.A week before this we switched his food to Acana,did not transition the food.A week after he ate the drumstick the loose stool began.Could the drumstick affect him&he is only showing signs almost 2weeks after he ate it?he is eating, drinking &playing normally.It is the drumstick concerning me it has been 2 weeks since he chewed it up. please respond as you're help is greatly appreciated.

  • What is the best dog food suggested for panceratis

    My 8 yr old min pin has been diagnosed with pancreatitis through blood lab results. We (her vet & I) are still trying to find the food best for her condition. Currently on hill's r/d that is caused her to have unrest nights due to gas. He is switching her to hill's i/d. My concern is that she been on 3 different foods in the last 4.5 months. knowledge is power... got any ideas that I can discuss with her vet

  • Why does my dog have gas? Is it from her renal failure? Allergy?

    My Boston Terrier, who is 5, has chronic renal failure. About two years ago, she had acute renal failure and she recovered. However, it is believed that her kidneys were severely damaged and she's using only 1/4 of 1 kidney. Her diet consists of Hills k/d, Epakitin and some cooked chicken/turkey breast. She is allergic to corn (among other things) which is one of the first ingredients in the k/d. She has horrible, constant gas and we don't know what to do about it. Renal failure symptom?

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