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Location: Santa Rosa, CA


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  • How to get more fluids into a cat's diet?

    He is 7 years old and does not drink water (even from his fountain). I give him 100% wet food, but his urine is very highly concentrated off the charts, and he has started urinating outside of his litter box again. The last time he did this was when I switched him over to wet food and that seemed to help for a while. Is there anything I use supplement his diet to get additional fluids into his system? Thank you very much. J. Varsho

  • Why is my cat's fur oily?

    Why does my cat have such oily fur?

  • How do you administer allergy shots for dogs?

    How and where do you give the shot?

  • Dog has snake bite, what to do?

    What do I do my dog has been snake bitten? Her foot is swollen.

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