Lorraine Fancher

Location: Latham, New York USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

Veterinarian Profile

Lorraine earned her AA in Veterinary Science Technology from S.U.N.Y., College of Technology. She is a licensed veterinary technician in New York (since 1998) and is currently working as an ER Vet Tech. Lorraine is also the owner of her own home traveling pet care business for 13 years.

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Answers from Lorraine Fancher

  • What are the effects of Maxalt MLT...

    What are the effects of Maxalt MLT on dogs? (half of a 10mg orally disintegrating tablet)

  • Are silicone baking liners dangerous to cats and dogs?

    Are silicone baking liners dangerous for our cats and dogs? I just found out that a friends birds died from using silicone liners in the oven. Are these really dangerous for pets?

  • Wild mushrooms in my backyard

    i just found some mushrooms out in our back yard...my dog was out there and i need to know how i could detect any sx for poisoning

  • Dog leg sprain?

    She is nine. She weighs about 70 pounds. Gave her 648 mg of aspirin about an hour ago. Limping on left leg. Not putting much pressure on it. Gets better if she uses it like going outside to the bathroom. Ran too much at dog park yesterday with my neighbor. Can detect some swelling. I can push gently on it without her complaining. She doesn't want me to get too near it but tolerates it if I do. It has happened before. A while ago. Took her to the vet then and they said it was sprained.

  • upper respiratory infection

    I brought home a 3 week old kitten in May. Her nose was completely encrusted and she could hardly breath, much less eat. The vet here gave her 2 rounds of abx, but she has never stopped having a runny nose. She is now sick again and on a different kind of antibiotic. Will this be a chronic condition since she was sick at such a young age?

  • Dog coughing up spittle

    My chihuahua coughs up spittle sometimes but if I rub the lower part of her throat for a few minutes I can usually stop the coughing. Is there a condition in the throat for this breed of dog that is common?

  • My dog smells like sour milk. Why?

    My 9 year old bichon (male) is peeing alot and it smells strong. Also he now has a dark beard around his mouth with staining and he smells strong like sour milk. Your thoughts please?

  • Can breeding cause a dog to have dymeylination & constipation

    Is it true German Shephards breeding is causing them to have dymeylination syndrome & constipation?? The vet is taking good care of my female german shepherd dog. She is 15 yrs old. But she can't exercise as she used to because her hips & legs just don't work the best anymore. She has demylinating syndrome of her spine & she has lots of trouble pooping, often constipated. She has always had some trouble evacuating even as a pup. Vet tells me that the demylination and the constipation areknown problems with G.Shepherds because of the inbreeding for their low back stance. Is this true?

  • We got vectra feline and put it on my cat. now it has a bald spot

    i have my cat vectra feline, and it lost the hair in the area that i applied it? what should i do? we got vectra feline and put it on my cat. now it has a bald spot where i applied vectra. what should i do, or do differently next time.

  • Can skin discoloration mean dog lupus?

    My 8 y/o greyhound started limping about 6 weeks ago then the vet diagnosed him as having arthritis. After noticing discoloration on his muzzle from black to pink, I searched and found the limping and discoloration could be signs of lupus is this true? If so, what is the usual treatment?

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