Taylor Phelps

Location: Beaverton, Oregon USA

Qualifications: DVM

Veterinarian Profile

Taylor Phelps is a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. She received her degree from Oregon State University and currently works as an intern at Tigard Animal Hospital.

Answers from Taylor Phelps

  • Our 11yr old dog has been loosing weight and muscle mass rapidly

    high liver enzyme count, rapid weight lose, and constipation? We have an 11 yr old American Black Lab (Chelsea). She has been loosing weight and muscle mass rapidly, and seems to be constipated. She will not eat her dry dog food, but will eat meat & cooked hamburg with rice. Drinks regularly with frequent urination. Vet has done blood work and revealed high liver enzyme levels which she figures may be caused by liver tumors, has prescribed steroids and pain killers for discomfort Anything we can give her for bowel movement, as a laxative? Andre Blanchard

  • My mix small breed dog has a tumor on her leg

    Could you please advise how we can help her or how to tell it's time to put her to sleep? Thanks a million. My mix small breed has a tumor on her leg (back upper portion). It was soft & large & now it's hard & solid (as of this wk). Tumor bleeds & pussy if licked. She now wears a cone. Surgery not an option due to age (15 yrs old) she has lost weight, 70% of her sight. Tumor size of 2 Golf Balls (looks more like a pair of men's "balls". She doesn't appear to be in pain. The doc wanted to run test, scans and x-rays ($1000). Can't afford & we don't want her to suffer or stress. We have her since 4yr

  • My 11yr old dog has elevated ALKP, can diet be the cause

    ALKP of 1251. My 11 year old Peke just had her yearly blood panel done. The ALKP came in at 1251. That is really high. My Vet is extremely competent and I am embarressed to ask her: is it possible that is could be something I am feeding her that could cause or contribute to high ALKP?

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