Frontline for puppies?

4 days ago I gave my new puppy (then 8 weeks) frontline for fleas. It did not work. What can I do?

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    By: Sandra Parker El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Frontline is a very effective monthly flea control drug that is used to successfully treat dogs for flea infestations as well as prevent future infestations. Frontline has been shown to be extremely effective and safe in most applications including use in very young puppies. The first thing you should do is to determine why the application of the medication failed. The reason for this is so that you can avoid making the same mistake in your application when re-dosing your puppy. Make sure that the dosage you are using commensurate with the proper dose recommended by the manufacturer for the weight of your puppy. Using too little product will lessen the product's effectiveness. Next, do not bathe your puppy immediate before the application of the product or immediately after. The reason for this is that Frontline utilizes the natural oils found on your dog's skin to distribute itself. If these oils are missing due to bathing, or if you bathe the dog before it has the opportunity to distribute into the hair follicles, the product will not work properly. You should bathe the puppy at least 24 hours before the application of the product or wait at least 24 hours after the application of the product before bathing. Also, understand that there is a distinct possibility that the product is working as it should and what you are seeing is fleas that are attempting to infest the puppy from the environment. If the puppy was infested with fleas prior to the application of Frontline, there is a distinct possibility that there is also a flea infestation of his bedding, your carpet, or yard as well as eggs that have yet to hatch. Take measures to treat these areas and take comfort in knowing that the medication will continue to kill the fleas that are infesting your puppy for up to one month, making your puppy a very effective flea killing machine. Frontline is designed to be applied every 30 days. Since your puppy is very young, it is not advisable to reapply the product to your dog until the next scheduled dosing interval, which will be 30 days after the initial dose. If you are concerned about residual fleas on your puppy, visit your veterinarian who may be able to give you additional suggestions for helping reduce the number of fleas on your puppy until the Frontline product has gotten them under control.

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