Puppy with excessive shedding and diarrhea

Our puppy was found on the side of the road. She is a very timid and frightened dog with everything, still playful and loving. She has excessive shedding and every other week has cases of severe diarrhea. We've changed her diet, basically changed everything. We are worried that she might have a medical condition. What do you think?

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    By: Rebecca Osterfund El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    It is very common for puppies to have intestinal parasites such as roundworms and hookworms. These parasites can cause diarrhea and a poor quality hair coat. These parasites can also be passed on to humans so it is important to have your pet and a fresh fecal sample examined by your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Other possible causes of diarrhea and poor hair coat is poor nutrition. Not all dog foods are created equal and not all pets do equally well on every brand. If she appears to be less than 6 months old make sure she is on a quality brand of puppy food for the added nutritional value. Make sure that she is not being given any table scraps and avoid giving her additional treats or rawhides to see if there is a correlation between ingesting these items and developing diarrhea. It is possible that she was abandoned at the side of the road due to having some other underlying medical condition, and this would best be determined by your veterinarian performing a physical exam, a fecal exam as well as possibly blood and urine tests.

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    I have been reading about mange online. My dog is losing hair on her face, shoulder, on her side and basically several other places on her body and legs. I have been giving her oatmeal baths and putting ointment on the back of her ears. The hair lose seems to be worse after her baths so I am confused. I keep her bed linens and bed cover clean and wash it at least once a week. Should I be worried about her health?

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    I have a puppy that weighs about 10 pounds. She loves to go for walks but I am concerned about taking her outside in the evenings because of the colder temperatures (I live in Colorado). How long can she tolerate being outside in the cold? Should I cover her paws?

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    4 month old Lab had runny stools for about 36 hours and is now peeing in small amounts everywhere. Urine does look to have a small amount of blood, or a red tint to it.

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    My 5 month old puppy took a pretty hard fall the other night and yesterday my husband and i noticed a golfball size lump over his left hip area were his hip joint meets the pelvis bone. I am pretty concerned about this and would like to get some insight into what i maybe. For now we are just going to keep an eye on it to see if it goes down. It does seem to bother him unless you touch it, but other than that he is playing, running, eating and drinking well. Thank you

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    My 12 week old Beagle has had diarrhea, shakes, and is quite tired. This is not her puppy self. She had last injections 2 weeks ago and we changed her food, could this be the reason?

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    Golden retriever puppy, 5 months, usually very active and playful with his brother. Still walking around and doing his business, but not running around and refuses to put any weight on his right front leg, Palpitated around the hips/shoulders and elbows, and only pain is from touching the 2nd toe, around the pad, there is no damage to the pad or anything stuck in the paw.

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    Hey it's Heidi, I recently adopted a stray puppy and I have noticed a thick fluid on her vagina and sometimes blood in this area ...is this something to be concerned about? I suppose that the puppy is 2 month old. Is there any possibility that my girl is sexually mature or is some kind of infection?

  • Dog is pooping after getting into trash.

    9 month old puppy pooping greenish brown slime poop. He got in the trash and ate a cajun style chicken and shred some paper towels. Should I wait or take him to the vet? His nose is cold,has energy,and he did not eat any bones whats so ever.

  • Dog is chewing leg after blood clot.

    My 1.5 month old Labrador Retriever wounded its back leg in the door. Now it's biting & licking its leg. We went to vet, he has given some antibiotic, diclofenac gel, and covered it with cotton crepe bandage. The bandage created a blood clot. We removed the bandage and now my dog keeps on biting its leg, causing the bone to show. please tell me what could be done to this?

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    My 3.5month old German Shepard bitch has started yelping when she drinks water but I can't see signs of any damage to her mouth, gums, or teeth.

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    We have a 6 mo old 1/2 lab 1/2 golden retriever. Our vet said that sometimes when large breeds are growing, the cartilage is soft in the joints and they can get a "flap" or area that causes pain. Can you give me more information about this condition and treatment options.

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    what will the mix of a cug and half mut and mix because my dog is pregent and that is the reason because we would to know what they are going to look like

  • Puppy vomiting the last 48 hours

    my 4 month old puppy started suddenly throwing up the last 48 hours it seems to me that he is throwing up his food after he eats a little bit of runny substances too.

  • Is an erection in a 13 wk old puppy normaL

    my 13 week old lab puppy had an erection that was painful to him. I had to use an ice cube to bring it down. He acted fine after. Should I be concerned

  • How often should you use flea shampoo on a puppy?

    Just wondering how often you should use flea shampoo on a puppy

  • Puppy not gaining weight despite eating

    My brother's puppy is very well fed and no matter how much we feed it, it is still just skin and bone. You can see every bone on the puppy's body. We dewormed it twice but nothing happened. Is it possible the puppy has a serious problem such as a disease? (Out of all the dogs/pups we ever owned this is the only to have this problem).

  • How old must a puppy be for an Magnetic resonance imaging?

    My mastiff puppy was diagnosed with radial nerve damage at 14 weeks of age, affecting his front left paw. At 16 weeks, he began showing the same signs in his left rear leg. (dragging toes, front and rear, same side). There is not history of trauma, dog is pain free and equally sensitive to stimulation on all 4 feet. At what age can this puppy get an MRI? Xrays were taken at 14 weeks but were inconclusive. Thank you, Candee

  • Puppy is bow legged, can diet fix this?

    My puppy was forced to eat normal puppy food at an early age due to the mom having a nipple infection. Now she is bow legged, can nutrition fix this?

  • Puppy lethargic, no worms, no diarrhea

    I have a six week old chihuahua who is lethargic but not vomiting. No worms in his feces and no diarrhea. What could be wrong with him?

  • Is soil and compost causing my puppy to seizure?

    I was putting out some soil improver and compost in my back garden with my 7 month old Australian Kelpie sheep dog. Then shortly after I found him hiding shaking like mad and being very strange. The vet said he was fine. Then this happened again 2 days later and the vet then decided he may be having seizures and it may be the soil improver. So we a weeks gone by and no seizure. but he dug a hole int the front lawn then had another seizure, shaking and being relatively unresponsive. Is it Soil?

  • UTI symptoms for dog?

    We live in Africa (are US citizens). We have a litter of German Shepherd pups. One of the females is swollen around her pee area. Is a UTI likely or is it usually something else. No labs available so we have to guess and self treat most things. Would Cipro work? We have that available here over the counter. No local vets that treat cats and dogs. Thanks!

  • My 11 week old puppy with vertigo? What's happening??

    Pup was on antibiotics for an "unspecified" illness when we picked him up. The course finished August 3rd and now he is dizzy and shakes his head a lot and falls over.

  • Puppy trying to hump my arm, normal?

    hello! my uncle got a male pup a few weeks ago, it is roughly 14 weeks old! and recently it has started trying to hump my arm! is this normal for such a young dog? and how can i stop it?

  • Puppy vomits with blood, depressed, cold, and has diarrhea with blood

    My puppy had been sick lately. He throws up a lot and it has blood in it, he looks depressed, feels cold, and has diarrhea with blood. I'm not sure whats wrong. Could it have been something he ate?

  • 8 week old puppy with vaginal discharge

    Today my puppy started having vaginal discharge, she is a bit down, and when she walks she kind of curbs up her back like a cat. What could be the problem? Anything that you can advice me, I will greatly appreciate it.

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    Hello. I have an 8 week old Beagle & up until this morning, his stools have all been normal. However, this morning my sweet boy had a bought of diarrhea & at one point, only had tinges of mucus coming from his rectum. My daughter spilled her ice cream last night & he got a few tastes in before I could clean it all up. Could the diarrhea be from that or something worse like parasites? I am very worried!

  • How long does it take for kennel cough to be non contagious if the puppy is on antibiotics?

    I purchased a puppy and after 4 days she began coughing.I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with kennel cough. I have other dogs so he recommended that she return to the owner and be isolated until she recovered. How long does this take if she is on antibiotics?

  • Puppy leg problem: My 6 month pit bull is limping. Why?

    I have a six month old american pit bull and like two days ago I noticed that my dog was limping on his front left leg. When I first noticed that he was limping I started feeling around on his leg to see if he would react to anything but he didn't. All he wanted to do was lay down and that wasn't like him at all! The next day he was still limping so I started feeling around again and I noticed something: the muscles in his left shoulder were getting weaker. What is wrong?

  • How can I stop the puppy vomiting?

    I have a 12 week old Rottweiler pup that has been vomiting up this clear but creamy stuff for 2 days. She has had all her puppy shots and has been wormed by the vet. She has no change in appetite or activities. What can I do?

  • Is 103.80 a high fever for a puppy?

    He is five months old, and it was a rectal temperature. He has had his rabies and distemper booster and had been neutered on july 20th 2010 he had an infection due to some type of tattoo that the vet had put on him. He received an antibiotic injection on july 22 2010. Just today he felt hot.

  • Seven week old puppy with comprised dog immune system, can you help?

    My daughter is fostering a puppy from a rescue who is sick & after seeing vet & doing extensive bloodwork is told the puppy has a compromised immune system & there is nothing the vet can do. Puppy's sister died of parvo a week ago but her tests are still negative. She is lethargic, vomiting and has lost a pound this week. She is approximately 7 weeks old and now weighs 9 pounds. Is there anything else you can suggest?

  • How old do puppies need to be before you treat them for fleas and ticks?

    We have an eight week old puppy and was wondering when we can use a flea and tick treatment, per the breeder she is not due to go to the vets until she is 12 weeks.

  • What are these puppy problems? She doesn't eat. Lethargy?

    My eight weeks old puppy doesn't eat she sleeps all day she doesn't want to be bothered and she has soft greenish brown looking poop.

  • Puppy rectum bleeding

    Hello, I'm worried about my dog she is 7 months old and her rectum is bleeding. Can you tell me what might be wrong?Is it still safe to get her neutered? What's wrong please tell me.....? Gemma

  • Can I give my 7 week old puppy a dog rawhide?

    Can my 7 week old Weim chew on a rawhide? A friend told me she did but the local pet store guy said no. I don't know what to do because it's really helping with his chewing.

  • Puppy teething- should pup be given anything?

    What can I give my 6 month old Mini Aussie for teething? He has plenty of chew toys of different variety. Can he be given baby aspirin and how much as he weighs only 20 lbs.

  • Why did my puppy vomit?

    My puppy was sleeping and then I left the room to go upstairs but when I came back he was awake and there was puke beside him . Why did he puke?

  • Hertz bath side effects for puppy?

    I gave my 6 week old puppy a bath, in hertz flea and tick rid. And now he's having trouble breathing. It's like a wheezing. I don't know if it's a allergic reaction to him drinking some of it or not. And since I don't have enough money to take him to the vet, I was hoping there would be something I can do from home..

  • Hairloss on puppy end of tail and paws

    Puppy has hair off of end of tail, had a lot of fleas, no redness, few dark spots, cocker spaniel mix, was rescued from human society, like hair has been shaved

  • Swollen dog rectum normal reaction to first shots and dewormer for puppy?

    My puppy just came up with her rectum being swollen. She just had her first shots and dewormer. Could this be a side effect?

  • Puppy eats dead mouse

    What should I watch for my 10 week pup has ingested a long time dead mouse? He has had his first round of vaccines and given 2nd deworming dose today.

  • Puppy paw bends with a crook

    I have an eight week old bulldog pup whose front leg just above the paw bends with a crook in it. Is this something that can be fixed? Other wise the pup is full of life, fat and healthy.

  • List of all the dog vaccines a puppy needs

    I am a first dog owner and I would like to know the full list of ALL the vaccines that puppies need.Thank You so much!!!!

  • Will puppy legs be able to go back in the sockets?

    My puppy was dx with strangles at 15 days old. He was put on antibiotics and steroids. His abdomen was distended and his legs ended up in the splits, out of the sockets at 4 weeks.

  • My puppy is having major balance problems

    MY puppy is 12 weeks old and is having major balance problems. She sways her head back and forth when she is sitting still and when she walks she trips and runs into things. She can't seem to keep her balance whether sitting or standing. She also tilts her head to the left when she walks and her left eye is a little droopy. We don't know what is wrong as she has been happy and healthy up to this point and has had no trauma or injuries to her head that might lead to dizziness or balance problems.

  • Puppy losing hair and has mange look and pimples

    My Pitbull Puppy since she was in heat for the first time started to lose her hair. It started on her head and at first looked like it could be mange. It has spread all over her back and legs. She loses her hair it bleeds a little than the skin turns black and no hair grows back. She also has these pimples that are yellow-green in color that have a green puss in them. They are all over her underside from chin to hind quarters. Not sure what to do about these things.

  • Why is my puppy coughing, sneezing and vomiting for over a week?

    I just bought my 8 month old Pomeranian puppy from a farm. The very first day it had a cough and a sneeze. Then she began to vomit bubble and with some yellow thing. It has been 1 week and she hasn't recovered. Is it very serious to vomit bubble with some yellow thing?

  • Can I treat puppy sneezing at home?

    We recently tried to adopt a dog from an animal shelter, but had to take her back for various reasons. Now, my 7 month old mini dotson is sneezing a lot. Her nose is wet and she isn't lethargic. Can I treat her sneezing at home without taking her to the vet? Our vet charges $50 just to see your pet and we don't have the money right now.

  • Could my puppy have diarrhea because he is teething?

    I have a 5 month old mini schnauzer. He keeps having bouts of diarrhea that seem to be coinciding with him getting his adult teeth. He is currently getting his molars and the baby teeth are still attached. I took him to the vet 3 weeks ago with diarrhea, the vet thought he had a virus and gave him an antibiotic. (He was teething then too) The loose stool cleared up, but now he's teething again, and also has diarrhea. Could there be a connection? I can't afford more vet trips! Thanks for the info

  • Puppy swallowed some sea water and maybe sand

    My 4 month old puppy drank some sea water and possibly ate some sand. She had diarrhea last night, but today I walked her three times and she didn't poop. What should I do?

  • Understanding puppy distemper

    My puppy has had distemper for about a month and it recently went neurological. She is doing better and eating and drinking on her own but has a very bad stagger and cannot balance very well. I was wondering if this is permanent or temporary and does neurological distemper stay with them all their lives. Also what is the distemper actually doing in her body that affects her balance and coordination? Can the neurological symptoms get worse over time? Thank You.

  • Staining on young puppies' faces

    Can puppies with white faces get stains (similar to tear stains) around their mouths and paws from nursing? What else could be causing the staining, and will it go away with age?

  • Puppy head shakes?

    I have a puppy, he's not even one yet. I have noticed that sometimes he will be looking up at us and his head just starts shaking. The best way to describe it is that it's like the shake a human with Multiple Sclerosis has, but only his head does it. It did not last but 10 or 20 seconds, but it has me concerned. He has not showm any other weird signs, just the head shake. Any ideas?

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