Dog Training with a Spray Commander Collar

The spray commander can help train a dog to stop unacceptable behavior, such as excessive barking, jumping onto the couch, straying from indoor or outdoor boundaries or any other unacceptable types of behavior. This can be accomplished without the use of fear, pain or trauma to the dog. The unacceptable behavior is modified by using a citronella spray, which can be automatically activated by excessive barking or by using a remote control transmitter.

Harmless Spray

Some collars use an electrical shock to enforce obedience to rules. Others use a more humane and benign method for training obedience. Citronella is an unfamiliar scent that is disruptive to most dogs. Use of a citronella spray is a harmless, safe, yet effective method of stopping a dog from doing whatever unacceptable behavior he may be doing at the time. These behaviors can include excessive barking, straying outside designated boundaries or onto a couch.

This remote spray collar can be set up to emit a fine spray of citronella whenever the dog's owner observes unacceptable behavior. In this way, the dog will equate the bad behavior with the disruptive scent of citronella immediately and cease the behavior. In time, the dog will avoid the unacceptable behavior all together.

How To Use

The spray commander is very easy to use. The collar works just like any other collar except that there is a spray device attached. This spray nozzle needs to be located just under and in front of the dog's snout. The collar should not spray into the dog's neck or snout but rather just in front of it. The device works by emitting a spray of citronella so that the dog smells it and stops whatever he is doing at the time.

The collar can be set on automatic. For example, if excessive barking is the problematic behavior, the device can be set so that a tiny receptor will respond with a spray of citronella released into the air if the dog continues to bark for a length of time. Barking produces an annoying scent of citronella and so it becomes a less rewarding action to most dogs.

Teaching Boundaries

The spray commander can also be used to teach a dog about both indoor and outdoor boundaries. This is done via remote training. The dog owner can activate a release of citronella spray whenever his dog strays outside designated boundaries. These boundaries can be indoor or outdoor boundaries. Jumping onto a couch would be a violation of an indoor boundary, whereas straying outside the yard would be a violation of an outdoor one. The spray of citronella is released remotely by the dog owner when a violation or unwanted behavior has occurred.

This enforces good behavior since the spray is released instantaneously with the violation of the rule. The remote transmitter operates from as far away as 300 feet. Training may take a period of time, but it will be painless and without instilling fear, and done safely and effectively without any possible side effects.