Shock vs. Citronella Bark Collar Solutions

When it comes to choosing a bark repellent, many vets and dog owners will recommend the citronella bark collar. This type of bark collar may work in some pets and may be a more humane solution as opposed to shock bark collars, which can hurt your pet.

Shock Dog Collar

The shock dog collar is an older training option and is meant to reduce the dog’s barking. The device will administer a shock to the pet whenever he initiates barking.

The shock is of a very low intensity, but may still hurt the dog.

A lot of specialists, dog trainers and dog owners consider this device cruel.

Citronella Bark Collar

A citronella dog bark collar can control the excessive barking, as when the dog starts barking, the device will spray a citronella odor, which will startle and irritate the dog.

The device is placed on the dog’s neck and when the dog is barking, the neck will get bigger, as the muscles of the neck are being used while barking, triggering the device.

The citronella is a scent most dogs don’t like and when they will be sprayed with it, they will stop barking. This may work as an immediate response, but in time, when the dog realizes that every time he starts barking, the spray is released, he will learn to control his barking and will bark less.

In addition to the unusual odor, the dog also hears the spray and the sound will distract him.

The odor is not offensive to humans, unless you are allergic to citronella spray.

Shock Dog Collar vs. Citronella Bark Collar

When it comes to deciding on the best anti bark solution for your dog, you will have to think about a number of aspects including:

  • Efficiency and how the dog reacts to the collar
  • Safety for you and your dog
  • The cost

Both shock collars and citronella bark collars have been proven to be efficient in reducing excessive canine barking. However, not all dogs respond to the shock collars or the citronella bark collars. If you are considering both options, you will need to test the collars to see if your pet reacts to these. Some dogs may enjoy the citronella and respond better to shock. However, if the dog barks due to a medical condition, the barking cannot be stopped with any bark collar, as the dog needs veterinary attention.

If you bear in mind the safety of your dog, both types of collars are considered safe. However, many vets and pet owners consider the shock collars inhumane. The shock collars will emit a reduced shock that may hurt your pet and may also cause stress in the long run. Some dogs may also be more aggressive due to the collar.

The cost of citronella bark collars is lower than the cost of shock collars.

Consider both options and decide which is best for your dog.