5 Humane Anti-Bark Systems and Solutions

Dogs bark as a means of communication; however, barking in excess can be irritating and you should look for a few anti-bark solutions. Opting for some humane, harmless solutions is best for your pet.

1. Pebbles in an Empty Can

The easiest and cheapest solution for anti barking is taking an empty can and putting a few pebbles or small objects. When the dog starts barking, all you need to do is shake the can and the dog will be highly interested in the noise (sometimes even irritated by the noise), so he should stop barking.

The disadvantage of this solution is that you have to be present at all times when your dog barks to stop him.

2. Spraying Water

Spraying water is another easy and very popular anti-bark solution. Spraying your dog with some cold water when he starts barking will silence him.

Dogs don’t like to be sprayed with water, so they will realize that you disagree with his behavior.

In time, the dog will start to associate the barking with the water spraying, so he will be less likely to bark as frequently as before.

3. The Citronella Dog Collar

The citronella collar is a device that will get activated when the dog starts barking. The collar will release a citronella spray which will make the dog pay attention to the noise and the smell and he will consequently stop barking. The collar features and electronic sensor and will cause no pain to the dog when the citronella solution is released.

Lemon scented sprays for the collar are also available.

4. Bark Control Collar

The bark control collar is a system that will emit a gentle vibration or a high frequency sound when the dog starts barking. The dog should wear this collar at all times until the unwanted behavior is corrected.

There are all sorts of anti bark collars that can be suitable for your pet.

5. Ultrasonic Anti Bark Systems

The dogs perceive sounds of high frequencies that humans cannot hear. The ultrasonic anti bark systems can be installed in your home and these will emit a high frequency sound whenever the dog barks; this sound will only be heard by your pet. The sound will be unpleasant for the dog and he will soon associate it with the barking.

You may opt for a manually operated system or an automatic system that will be triggered whenever the dog barks.  

This system is ideal for the indoor bark control. There are also outdoor models that can be installed in your garden or yard.

There are a lot of humane dog silencers, so you don’t need to use different electric shock or painful solutions to manage the dog barking. In addition to all these solutions, the behavior training is essential. Teaching your dog that barking is not an acceptable behavior and applying some time out punishments can work well especially if the dog is trained while he is a puppy.