Controlling a Barking Problem

There are several ways to control a dog's barking problem. Some dogs respond to training by a professional while others need a more proactive approach. There are two types of anti-barking collars on the market. One delivers a painful shock whenever the dog barks in order to teach the dog that the constant dog barking problem needs to cease (these collars ususally have a setting to just make a buzz and a sound, rather than a painful shock). The other anti-barking collar uses a spray of citronella to teach the dog that constant barking is unacceptable.

Gentle Spray Of Citronella

Since citronella is a scent that normally dogs do not encounter, it is disruptive to them, thereby stopping them from doing whatever behavior they are engaging in at the time. This includes other behavior problems with dogs, such as jumping up on the furniture or entering a "forbidden" zone or even crossing physical boundaries.

Unacceptable Behavior

A citronella collar is very easy to use and can even be operated by remote control. The collar is placed around the dog's neck so that the nozzle for spraying is under the chin (nose) of the dog. When he barks, a tiny receptor signals a release of citronella. The dog learns that barking releases a spray that is annoying and learns to stop barking. Other behaviors such as jumping on the couch or straying outside the "virtual" fence will also release this citronella spray. The dog soon learns that this is unacceptable behavior.