Using a Citronella Anti-Bark Collar

An anti bark collar for dogs can be used for dogs that bark frequently becoming disruptive and annoying. Some no-barks collar use a painful shock to teach dogs that the constant barking dog behavior needs to cease. However, a collar using a spray of citronella will teach the dog that barking is unacceptable in a more humane way.

Spray of Citronella to Stop Barking

Citronella is a scent that most dogs never encounter and so it is disruptive to them, stopping them from doing whatever they are doing at the time, whether it is barking or running outside the boundaries or onto a couch. A citronella collar is easy to use.

  • Place collar on dog with the spray nozzle just under the dog's nose. Make sure it does not spray onto the animal's neck or snout but rather just in front of it.
  • When the dog barks, a tiny receptor responds to the barking sound by releasing a spray of citronella.
  • Barking becomes less rewarding to most dogs because they learn that barking produces an annoying scent of citronella.
  • Collars can also be operated from 250 feet away using a remote transmitter to be activated whenever a dog is doing unwanted behavior.

A "boundaries" training collar works on the same principle by emitting a warning beep for the dog to leave the area, i.e. couch, or bursts of citronella will be intermittently released until he does leave. This works for dog containment, as well, and is a safer option than electric fencing. For teaching outdoor boundaries, a buried wire in the ground signals the collar to release citronella if the dog strays outside of the "boundary", acting as a virtual fence.