How to Groom Dog Breeds with Long Coats

Dogs have different types of coats; some are long haired, others are medium coated, while others have short hair. Some dogs also have an undercoat. Consequently, the grooming needs of dogs will be different. Knowing how to groom a dog with a long coat is important, if you have such a pet. Keeping the coat clean and the mats away will ensure that your pet has a healthy, shiny coat and also quality skin.

Disentangle the Coat

Long coated dog breeds often have knots and tangles, so before brushing your dog’s hair, you will need to remove all these knots and tangles.

Use a pin brush or a currycomb and make sure not to use forceful moves that can hurt the dog and pull out hairs. You will also remove the dirt or debris from the fur.

After disentangling the upper coat, use a metallic brush and cover the entire surface of the dog’s coat, making sure to remove any possible mats. Check the paws, as dogs tend to get mats in this area. Mats may cause discomfort and skin problems.

It may help to soften the coat prior to disentangling it; use a sponge that is moist.

If you can’t manage to disentangle the knots, get a pair of scissors and gently cut the affected hair.

Brush the Hair

After getting rid of the mats and dirt from the dog’s coat, you should get a metallic comb with wide teeth to brush the dog’s hair and to remove the loose hairs. The teeth of the comb should be longer than the average size of the dog’s hair.

You may also use a softer brush with natural hair to massage the dog’s skin. Massage the dog by using gentle circular moves; don’t press too hard on the skin, as this may not be too pleasant for your pet.

Trim the Dog’s Hair

As part of a full grooming process, you should also trim the hair that grows between the toes and nails, as this may cause discomfort. Make sure not to cut the dog’s skin; it may help to have someone holding the dog down, to ensure that he won’t make sudden moves that could result in you accidentally cutting him.

Except for the hair on the paw area, the long haired dogs won’t require hair cutting.

When to Groom the Dog

Choosing the optimal time to groom your dog is essential; ideally you should perform the grooming in the evening, after the dog has taken a long walk, so that he will be tired and will be more likely to be cooperative. Reward your dog with treats and kind words to make the grooming more pleasurable.

The entire grooming process should take between 10 to 15 minutes and should be performed at least 2 times per week in long haired breeds, as they tend to gather more dirt than short haired dogs.

Grooming your pet will also reduce the dirt that he will bring in your home.