6 Tips For a Healthy Canine Coat

A shiny, healthy canine coat is more than a matter of cosmetics. Keeping coat and skin healthy through regular, careful maintenance is important to ensuring your dog's overall well-being. A dog that looks good often feels good, too.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Coat

Under the guidance of your vet, keep your dog's coat in optimum condition with these internal and external measures:

  • Feed your dog a well-balanced diet.
  • Give your dog nutritional supplements and treats. Choose products that contain coat-enhancing nutrients like Omega fatty acids, biotin and Vitamins A, C and E.
  • Bathe your dog regularly, but not too often. Use mild shampoos formulated for your dog's type of coat, skin condition and the desired result.
  • Comb your dog's coat two to three times a week, using the right tools to promote shedding. Rake fleas from all dogs and smooth coats of soft-haired dogs with a fine-toothed comb. Follow with a "skip-toothed shedding comb" that unmats hair and removes loose hair.
  • Examine your dog's coat and skin daily. Check for cuts, rashes, fleas, ticks, bumps, lumps, burrs and any unwanted object. Treat as directed by your vet.
  • Make coat and skin care fun, by lavishing affection on your dog during bathing and grooming.

Why a Healthy Coat Is Important

Many serious diseases, including parasite infestation, manifest themselves through symptoms of the coat and skin. Alert your vet to any coat or skin abnormalities in your dog.