How a Remote Pet Training Collar Works

A pet training collar is a type of training device that’s used to change behavior problems in pets. Training collars help you correct unwanted behaviors by emitting an undesirable stimulus such as a mild electric sensation, an unpleasant tone or a vibration. These undesirable stimuli can be controlled by a handheld remote. Some remotes can be used to control the dog’s behavior even when the pet is a mile away.

Training Collar

Most training collars come equipped with a handheld remote with rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries. In addition to this, the training collar kit will consist of a collar receiver and probes. You should carefully read the instructions that are listed on the package before you use this collar on your pet.

How the Collar Works

If you wish to correct any undesirable behavior in your pet you simply need to press the button on the remote for the collar receiver to become activated. This collar will send out a mild electrical sensation, a vibration or a tone, depending on the setting you select. Not all training collars are equipped with vibration and tone settings and its best to find out more about the product you wish to use before purchasing it.

Once the collar is activated and the dog receives the electric sensations, he will get distracted and learn to associate his undesirable behaviors with this unpleasant stimulus. This will help you stop unwanted behaviors and is particularly helpful during obedience training.

Safety Concerns of Pet Training Collars

Most collars are programmed to shut off automatically after 8 seconds even if you’re still holding the button down. This will prevent anyone from misusing the training device. You could also set the collar to deliver electric sensations that are shorter in duration.

Each pet responds differently to training collars and it best to start the training process by using the lowest level of stimulation. Most collars are not ideal for use in dogs that are less than 6 months of age. Once the pet becomes at least 6 months old, he will be able to understand which behaviors are desirable and which ones aren’t. Therefore, make sure you use the training collar only after your dog meets the minimum age requirement.

Safety tips:

  • It’s important to only activate the collar when the dog does something undesirable. If the behavior happens in front of you, correct it right then and there. Don’t try to correct any behavior that happened an hour back as this will only confuse your pet further.
  • Before you use the dog training collar on your pet, ensure that your dog understands your commands. It’s no use trying to reinforce or correct any behavior with the training collar if the pet doesn’t yet understand your verbal commands.
  • Since dogs like to be praised, always praise and reward acceptable behaviors.
  • Make sure you buy a collar that fits your pet well. The probes of the training collar have to come in contact with the pet’s skin in order to work properly.
  • Since training collar probes are known to cause skin irritation in certain pets, always check your pet’s neck and the area around the collar for any signs of skin irritation.

Although dog training collars work effectively when they’re used correctly, it’s important to not solely rely on these collars to alter your pet’s behavior. Besides this, certain undesirable behaviors may stem from underlying health conditions. Therefore, before you use the collar, conduct a vet check to find out if these behaviors are associated with any illness or not.