How an Automatic Cat Wash Machine Works

An automatic cat wash machine is an electric machine that's meant to wash and groom small to medium sized cats and dogs. The machine mainly consists of a cabin in which a cat or dog has to be placed. Caretakers or pet owners can program the machine for a 15-minute wash, a 30-minute wash or any other wash cycle. Although this machine is designed by professional vets and engineers, caretakers should know how to operate it in order to get the best results.

Features of the Cat Wash Machine

The cabin of the machine is touch operated and features a special nozzle that's meant to give the cat a hydro muscular shower massage. Since the cabin is fitted with hair traps, there is no need for any cleaning up once the pet has been washed. The cat wash machine is automated and works on a computer program. The water and air temperatures are constantly monitored and the system automatically shuts off if there is any variation in temperature.

The wash machine is also equipped with a ventilation circuit, and this keeps the air fresh and safe for your pet. The cabin of the machine can be opened at any time during the washing and drying cycle, and the machine turns off as soon as the door is opened.

How Safe Is the Cat Wash Machine?

The machine uses air and water temperatures that are deemed safe for use by the Board of Veterinary Medicine. Although the machine boasts of several safety features, not all pets like the washing and drying experience. Pets that dislike washing in general, and may show signs of nervousness or anxiety when they're placed inside the cabin. As a pet owner you need to do what's best for your pet, and if the cat doesn't like the entire experience it's best to revert to regular grooming practices.

Benefits of Using the Cat Wash Machine:

  • Saves water and electricity
  • Avoids human to animal contact
  • Avoids a lot of cleanup
  • Can be programmed to treat the cat with medications
  • Protects pet groomers from coming in contact with aggressive pets 
  • Machine has special nozzles that prevents water from entering the pet's eyes or ears

Is the Cat Wash Right for You?

The automated pet wash machine is ideal for grooming facilities, pet stores and vet clinics. Since it can wash several animals in a day, it reduces the cost of labor, water and electricity. While some pets enjoy the wash and dry cycle, others may show signs of discomfort or anxiety. It's therefore best to get your pet used to the machine at a young age, especially if you want to rely on the wash machine to meet your cat grooming needs.


If you use the machine to wash several pets each day, you will have to clean the hair traps frequently and set a disinfecting cycle to keep the machine free from germs. You should also have the machine inspected by professionals for wear and tear.

The cat wash machine is currently available for sale by a company named PetSpaUSA. It's best to weigh the pros and cons of using the machine before actually purchasing it.