Vetinfo Sitemap Table of Contents


Vetinfo  Sitemap Table of Contents

Veterinary Information Index 

Support your local Veterinary Hospital  - It's a doctor's office ,emergency room and hospital all rolled into one.

Veterinary and Animal Related Careers

Veterinary and Vet Tech Schools

Cat Info - Medical and behavioral information on cats. Our main cat information site.

Cat index - Alphabetical index of cat healthcare information

Feline encyclopedia - diseases and disorders of cats. We will be updating this area in the near future.

Dog Info -Medical and behavioral information on dogs. Our main dog information site.

Dog Index A-M and Index N-Z   Alphabetical indexes of dog healthcare information

Canine encyclopedia - diseases and disorders of dogs. We will be updating this area in the near future.

Alternative Medicine

Links - to other pages we like, other minds at work. healthcare, Other vets, specific disorders and disease websites

Linkpage2 - Advocacy and rescue, animal artists and writers

General Pet Info  -   

Pet Loss - personal grief


Cat proofing Electrical cords

Raisin Toxicity

Stopping a puppy from pulling on you, your clothes, etc.

Separation Anxiety Booklet

Warming IV Fluid bags on top of cloths dryers (never inside)

Choosing a Pet

Creepies and Crawlies - some of your pets more unsavory associates

Pet Loss

Truism's - The simple things you need to know ..

Top Ten - the questions most often asked in our clinic

Your Turn- It works for you - pet care tips from our readers. Here are some of the topic our readers have helped us with.


Physical therapy to keep mobile with degenerative spinal disease Your Turn - My Vet - Got a great Vet you want to tell us about?

Zoonotic info - Some diseases you can catch from your pet and some you can't.



Earmites and People


Everyone has Diarrhea


Rash after cat licked hand

Pet feces and children

Rose Growers Disease



Veterinary Staff pages 

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Michael Richards, D.V.M. co-owns a small animal general veterinary practice in rural tidewater Virginia. Dr. Richards graduated from Iowa State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979, and has been in private practice ever since. Dr. Richards has been the director of the PetCare Forum...