Using an Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

Cat trainer based on ultrasounds is a revolutionary device which helps you teach your cat how to behave. Using an ultrasonic cat trainer is far better to prevent your cat from doing undesirable things than the usual punishments used for disagreeable actions. The ultrasound trainer will be emitting sounds that can only be heard by cats and dogs, and not by humans, so it won’t disturb you and your family.

What Is an Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

An ultrasonic cat trainer is a device which emits very high sounds at the press of a button. These sounds cannot be perceived by the human ear, but cats do react to them.

Some products are designed with 2 buttons, one to be used for positive behavior, together with praises and treats, and another one to be used for negative behavior, whenever you want to stop your pet when he is performing undesirable actions such as scratching or chewing on objects.

Ultrasonic trainers use batteries to function and they usually work at a distance of 10 to 15 feet from the cat.

They come in different shapes and sizes and they are easy to carry around.

Even if human ears do not perceive the sound, it is not recommended to point the device close to your ear and press the button. You will hear a pointy sound and it can cause damage to your ear.

Using an Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

Veterinarians, professional pet groomers or trainers generally use an ultrasonic trainer while working with pets.

The ultrasonic trainer can be used to reduce the time for cat training from months to weeks or even days. The gadget can prove extremely useful in modifying your cat’s bad behavior. Whenever you see your pet performing unwanted actions (climbing the curtains, trying to enter a forbidden space, climbing the kitchen table), press the ultrasonic cat trainer’s button for a couple of seconds and also give a voice command. When doing this, point the ultrasonic trainer towards your cat.

The ultrasonic trainer can be used on its own or can accompany voice commands. Use the ultrasonic trainer repeatedly for the same undesirable actions and the cat will learn not to do them anymore.

Using a Fixed Ultrasonic Cat Trainer

Besides the portable devices, there are also ultrasonic trainers that have sensors for detecting movement and you can install those to prevent your cat from entering forbidden spaces. For instance, if you don’t want your cat to go outside or enter your baby’s room, you can put an ultrasonic cat trainer with movement sensors at the entrance and it will emit the sound whenever your cat tries to enter.

Given that human ears cannot hear the sounds, you won’t be bothered by the noise. In time, your cat will learn that she is not supposed to enter those spaces and will learn the restrictions. The disadvantage is that you can only use the ultrasonic cat trainer for a specific space or purpose.