How Safe Is a Raw Dog Food Diet?

A raw dog food diet has many advantages and is very safe for dogs. Many vets recommend BARF diet which stands for a biologically appropriate raw food diet. You can buy raw pet food formulas that follow barf guidelines. A raw meat diet mimics what dogs eat in the wild and thus provides the best nutrition for your dog.

Dogs Can Tolerate Raw Meat

Human beings might get sick from raw meat and bones but a dog is well able to tolerate them. A dog's short digestive system is designed to digest the bacteria and parasites that live in raw meat. It travels through the colon very quickly, giving them optimum energy. Humans are unable to tolerate these parasites and bacteria because our digestive tracts are many times longer than a dog's.

A Barf Diet Can Only Help Behavior

Studies have shown that when animals eat the diet that best fits their bodily needs, brain chemistry and behavior often improves. When a dog eats food high in grains, low in moisture, and high in fillers or chemicals, the digestive system becomes overly taxed. Digestive problems negatively affect brain chemistry. A dog will feel better on a raw food diet and won't become any more like a wild dog than he might already be. He will be better able to tolerate stress and will be more responsive to training. Thus, he will be much less prone to aggression.

Similarities to Dogs in the Wild

The modern house dog has a digestive system that is very similar to dogs in the wild. The modern dog can live in a house because of training and some breeding variables but at the core is still close to his wild ancestors. Your dog will easily tolerate raw food and will thrive on the excellent nutrition he gets from it. Dogs ingest moisture through the intestine so the high moisture content mixed directly with the food will keep your dog properly hydrated.

Raw Bones Are the Safest For Dogs

Raw bones have many advantages. A raw bone breaks up into pieces without splintering. Cooked bones splinter and can lead to choking. Raw bones help your dog's breath since he scrubs his teeth while he works on chewing them. Raw bones have enzymes and nutrients that help prevent gum disease while providing valuable nutrition.

The Raw Dog Food Diet and the Allergic Dog

A barf diet can help a dog with meat allergies and other food sensitivities. Many dogs can tolerate some meats, such as buffalo and venison, and not other meats such as chicken. Many raw formulas contain buffalo or venison. Many dogs who can't tolerate meats in their cooked form can tolerate them in their raw and more natural form. The raw food diet helps the dog's digestive system stay clean and efficient thus decreasing the likelihood of an allergic reaction.