Anti Dog Barking Devices

The barking of dogs is a way canines communicate with humans or with one another. Even if this behavior is natural, the barking can be a problem for the pet owners and the neighbors. There are several anti dog barking devices that will not hurt your pet, but will make the behavior stop.

Bark Control Collar

There are several types of bark collars that may be used to make your dog stop barking. These collars work by emitting a vibration or a high pitched sound every time your dog is barking. The vibration or the high pitched sound will not hurt the dog but will make him pay attention to these vibrations or sounds and he will stop barking. In time, the dog will associate the vibrations or the sounds with the barking and the barking behavior will be less often displayed.

Petsafe Ultrasonic Anti Bark Systems

Canines are able to perceive sounds of very high frequencies that are inaudible for humans. The Petsafe ultrasonic bark control system will work by emitting a sound only the dog will hear. These bark control systems may be installed in your home. There are bark systems that are automatic or manually operated. The automatic devices are more practical, as they will be activated by the dog’s bark.

There are anti bark systems that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Ultrasonic Dog Whistle

The ultrasonic dog whistle works on the same principle as the bark collars or the ultrasonic anti bark systems. You may get an ultrasonic dog whistle that should be used whenever your pet starts barking.

The only disadvantage of this system is that you have to be around your dog almost all the time, so that you can use the whistle when he barks.

Pebbles in an Empty Can

If you are looking for a less sophisticated anti barking device, you can take a few pebbles and place them in an empty can. Shake the can when the dog starts barking. The noise will captivate the pet’s attention, so the barking should stop.


The least expensive anti dog barking device is the spraying of water. You may spray water on your dog’s face whenever he starts barking. This will irritate the dog and repeating this procedure may help the dog understand you don’t approve with his behavior.

Until your dog starts associating the water with the barking, you should be around your pet at all times if possible, so that he receives the water treatment whenever he barks.

Citronella or Lemon Dog Collar

The citronella dog collar is another type of dog bark collar. This device has a sensor that will trigger a citronella or lemon spray when the dog barks. The device works on the same principle as the water spraying.

There are also other solutions to silence the dog, including surgery, electric shocks or aggressive treatment. However, these solutions are not likely to teach your dog to not bark, but rather be cautious around you.

The above mentioned solutions are humane and effective.