Are Dog Spray Collar Products Effective?

A dog spray collar is a product that is recommended to reduce dog barking. There are different types of products that may be used to reduce barking including shock collars, whistles or other homemade devices.

Dog spray collars may be efficient, but the effects can vary depending on each dog in part. Dog spray collars are not effective for barking due to anxiety.

How Dog Spray Collars Work

Dog spray collars release a spray when the dog starts barking. The spray is linked to a microphone that will detect barking or whining and will trigger the release of the spray. The device may be switched on and off and will typically require one or several small batteries.

The spray may contain different ingredients such as lime or citronella, which the dog will dislike. The effect of the spray will be to stop the dog from barking. This is due to the fact that the dog will associate the unpleasant smell, noise and sensation of spray with the barking and is less likely to start or continue barking, as he will want to avoid the spray.

The device will work without you having to monitor your dog all day long. The dog spray collar device will activate whenever your dog starts to bark.

Dog Spray Collar Effectiveness

The dog spray collar is more effective than other anti-bark systems. It is also less painful. Anti-bark systems such as the electric shock will only cause pain and frustration, so the dog is more likely to become aggressive. The dog spray collar is more humane than the electric shock system.

The citronella or other essences that the dog spray collars employ will not be unpleasant for humans. Most dogs will not develop an allergic reaction to citronella or lime, but if an allergic reaction does occur, the device shouldn't be used.

The dog spray collar may not be effective when used only a few times, as the dog will need to get used to the system, but he will learn in time and will be able to respond to bark-causing stimuli using other means of communication such as body language. It is also helpful that the dog is praised when a barking stimulus is present and the dog manages to refrain from barking.

The dog spray collar may also be used to stop negative behaviors such as digging, whining, scratching furniture or jumping on people and furniture. The same device can be effective in keeping the dog indoors or in the yard, which will prevent him from getting into car accidents.

The dog spray collar is not effective if the dog is barking due to anxiety or stress.

Dog Spray Collar Indications

A dog spray collar may be used in dogs of all breeds that weigh more than 5 pounds. The device is not recommended for puppies under the age of 6 months.