Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices

Dog training devices can be of several types and the ultrasonic devices are gaining popularity, as they are practical and highly efficient. The ultrasonic device will prevent your dog from performing certain actions such as excessive barking, digging or jumping on people. The device emits a sound that won’t be heard by humans, but will be irritating for the dog, so that he will avoid performing undesirable actions.

Ultrasonic Dog Training Device

An ultrasonic dog training device is a piece of equipment that you can install in your home or your yard and will be operated by you. Typically, the machine will have 2 commands, which you can use:

  • One for desirable behavior, when the dog is obedient and performs the activities he is supposed to; the sound emitted by the machine will be pleasurable for the dog and it can be considered a praise
  • A command for undesirable actions, when the dog is barking, digging or chewing around the house; in this case, the device will emit a sound that will be very unpleasant for the dog’s ears and in time, the dog is very likely to avoid performing these actions, associating the high pitched sound with his immediate actions

How Does the Device Work

The device can be operated by hand, as you can decide when the dog is performing a positive or a negative action.

When the dog is not behaving as he should, the device will make a sound, which is only audible for canines and won’t disturb you or the family. All you need to do is to press a button and the dog will get his punishment. Used properly during the first weeks of getting your dog used to the home, the device will have great results, as the dog should stop performing undesired actions.

The device may also be used if the dog is older, but still has some bad habits.

In order for the device to work, it’s important that it is within a few feet (typically 20 or 25) from the device, so that the dog can hear the sounds.

Types of Ultrasonic Dog Training Devices

The ultrasonic dog training devices can be portable or fixed. The portable devices are more practical, as you can carry these and train your dog even if you are outside in a park.

The fixed devices can also be helpful, especially when you are away from home and you want to prevent the dog from entering a room (i.e. the bedroom or the closet). The device will respond to movement and if the dog walks in areas he is not allowed to, the device will emit ultrasounds that will irritate the dog, so he is very likely to move to a different room. The shortcoming of the fixed device is that it will not work for a larger space.

You can use some verbal commands along with the ultrasonic training device.