Using an Anti Bark Birdhouse

An anti bark dog device can be a solution if your dog is barking excessively and this bothers you and the neighbors. Dogs use barking as a means of communication, but when the barking is excessive, you are dealing with a behavioral problem that needs to be fixed. An anti bark birdhouse is a device that emits ultrasonic sounds when the dog is barking and the sound will be unpleasant for the dog. The dog will associate the unpleasant sound with the barking and he will no longer bark as often as before.

Anti Bark Birdhouse

An anti bark birdhouse is a revolutionary system that can stop dog barking. The device can be placed in the house or outside, in your yard and will be triggered by the dog’s barking. The dog has to be within a 50 or 100 feet range of the device and the anti bark system will start emitting a high pitch sound (ultrasonic sound), that is only audible for canines.

The dog won’t like the sound and he will stop barking; some dogs may even be frightened by the sound. In time, after the dog hears the high pitched sound for several times, he will realize that the sound occurs only when he is barking and he will perceive the sound as a form of punishment. Consequently, he should stop barking, as when the dog stops barking, the annoying sound stops also.

Advantages of Anti Bark Birdhouses

The main advantage of an anti bark birdhouse is that you won’t need to be around to start the device, as the anti bark birdhouse will activate when the dog starts barking.

When you are around and the device starts working, you won’t hear anything, as the ultrasonic sound emitted by the device won’t be audible for humans.

The anti bark birdhouse is safe and it is a humane bark deterrent.

Types of Anti Bark Birdhouse

There are several types of anti bark birdhouses available; there are devices which can be controlled with a remote and automatic devices, which are more practical, especially if you are not always around to control the anti bark birdhouse.

It is important that the device is waterproof, especially if kept outdoors.

The devices can be used even if you don’t have a dog, but the neighbor’s dog barking keeps you awake during the night, as the system can work even if the dog is farther away.

Other Methods to Stop Barking

In addition to the anti bark birdhouse, you can use other methods as well:

  • Anti bark collars, which can emit ultrasonic sounds or transmit a harmless impulse or vibration to the dog when he starts barking
  • Dog whistles, which will also emit ultrasonic sounds and work in the same manner as the birdhouses, but you need to be present whenever your dog is barking
  • Sprays, which can be water or contain lime or citronella, which will be unpleasant for the dog. You will have to be around to use these sprays immediately after the dog barks.