Jessica Mathis

Location: Green Cove Springs, Florida USA

Qualifications: DVM

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Dr. Jessica received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. She is currently licensed in the state of Florida. Dr. Jessica has also worked in North Carolina and has been practicing since 2000. She has her own house call practice.

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Answers from Jessica Mathis

  • Is it harmful and unhealthy to not ever bathe a female dog?

    I know someone that has a female pit bull and they NEVER give the dog a bath. They do spray some type of spray on shampoo on the dog but they do not actually give the dog a bath with water and dog shampoo. Is that harmful of unhealthy to the dog? If so, how unhealthy?

  • Suggestions on brands to treat older dog's arthritis

    brand recommendation for canine joint health supplement please? So many brands available to treat older dog arthritis - any good suggestions please?

  • Why does my dog lay on her back when we go to the dog park?

    When I bring my yorkie to the dog park she lies on her back as soon as we get in the gate and all the other dogs run up and are all over her. Why does she act like this? She is picked on the rest of the time we are there by all the dogs that greeted her at the gate?

  • Dog eye; crusty

    What causes a crusty swelling around the eye and how do u remedy it? IT STARTED A WEEK AGO

  • Dog has extra tooth

    My dog has an extra baby tooth (I counted) which would eliminate him from competitive showing if it does not correct itself as an adult. Does this problem typically solve itself or can we expect problems with the adult teeth?

  • Can I get a dog debarking reversed?

    Hi, I have a 5 year old rescue Doberman that was debarked when I received him. Is it possible to have it reversed? (I personally think that it is cruel)ThanksLucy

  • Anti inflammatory for dog with arthritis

    I have a 7.5 yr old rot and she recently started limping, took her to the vet and the did xrays and saw no bone cancer but she does have some arthritis. The gave her 50 mg Tramadol to take 3 pills 3 xs a day for pain. I know about the precautions for the drug, also want her to take an anti inflammatory but wanted to charge more money for a blood test to see if she could take it. What is a good over the counter anti-inflammatory I can give her?

  • how to remove dog urine odor from hardwood floors?

    My dog has urinated on our hardwood floors - and I can still smell it even after we have picked it up. I need some type of relief - do you have any suggestions???

  • My cats are fighting

    I have two cats, thy are both male neutered 3,5 years and 4 years, they have an age difference of 6 month. They always got along very well and they are house cats. The other day we took the cats to our garden, (that sometimes other cats pass by and mark it) and they started fighting. The conflict escalated to the point that they can't be together, it went to the point that the older cat got hurt. Is there anyway to revert the situation?

  • What kind of fever reducer can I give my 13 year old male cat?

    Is there an over the counter medication that I can give him? He's ears are warm to touch and he usually likes them rubbed, but not right now. He has Bright pink ears and he is acting like he doesn't feel good. Thank you for your help Laurie

  • How to check if a dog has been vaccinated

    ihave a 11months chihuahua dog, he is been vomitting, and i ihave 11month chihuahua, i adopted him 3 days ago private, how to check if been vacsinated, and he is been vomitting what to do?

  • How can I get rid of dog worms for good?

    I'm having trouble with my 5 month old chihuahua mix puppy, Lola. She's a rescue, so she wasn't properly taken care of in her first few weeks of life. She's been dewormed twice, and treated for coccidia as well. I, once, managed to pull a nearly ten inch long worm from her rear. However, it was only a few weeks ago that small worms stopped appearing in her stool. Today, she vomitted and there was a worm in it, about 5 inches long. But, this worm is shaped completely differently from all the others: more tube-like. Please tell me what's going on, and what I can do to stop it.

  • My dog has a Mast cell tumor, is it ok to use aspirin for the pain?

    My dog has a Mast cell gonna start giving her cansema black salve and I heard that is kind of ok to use aspirin for the pain? My doggy has mast cell phase 2...she got surgery 1 month ago to remove tumors but now like 10 little tumors came up..i don't want to torture her again with surgery plus is so expensive and before that she got her leg operated. I spent almost $3000.00 in almost 3 monthsThat's why I decided to try something different and I read about that cansema black salve that may be cure cancer but is painful so ok to use aspirin for the pain? my doggy 8 years old female mix around 58 pounds.THank

  • How many rabies shot should my 7 month old puppy get per year?

    2 rabies (Rabisin-R) vaccinations for 7 month old puppy My 7 month old puppy has just received his 2nd rabies (Rabisin-R) vaccination given 2 months apart. He has also just completed a series of 3 Vanguard HTPL 5/L as well. Someone just mentioned that he should only receive 1 rabies vaccination per year!!! Is he going to have any adverse affects from having 2 rabies injections? I didn't know this ahead of time...I only went by the vet's instructions on his immunization card. Thank you, Nicole

  • My dog ate play doh

    What to do when your dog eats play doh?

  • Puppy hair loss

    I have been reading about mange online. My dog is losing hair on her face, shoulder, on her side and basically several other places on her body and legs. I have been giving her oatmeal baths and putting ointment on the back of her ears. The hair lose seems to be worse after her baths so I am confused. I keep her bed linens and bed cover clean and wash it at least once a week. Should I be worried about her health?

  • Why does my dog hump the neighbor's dog?

    Why does my 6 month old male pit start to hump my neighbor's 1 year old female pit when they play? They get along very well, but when they start playing and they really get into the play he starts humping her. Why he does that?

  • Pregnant dog is passed her due date but no puppies

    She has all the physical features but none of the emotional signs, We were told she was going to have them on the 8th or 9th of this month but she not doing anything. Her mate mounted her the 8th of April but shes not doing anything. should we be worried?

  • Need a test for false or real pregnancy on a year old puppy

    False pregnancy or real pregnancy? We have a year-old lab puppy who finished her first heat cycle a few weeks ago. While we didn't intentionally breed her, and tried to keep our other dog away, she could have possibly had the opportunity to get pregnant. She is very tired, extremely cuddly (much more than usual), and has obvious breast/nipple development/enlargement. We can't really palpate any puppies yet though, and cannot get in to see a vet (small town, only one vet); is there a way to tell if this is a false pregnancy?

  • My cat has a lump on her back with a hole in the center.

    My cat has a lump on her back with a dark wet hole in the center.

  • What makes my dog lick, scratch, and bite herself all of the time?

    My boston terrior scratches, licks, and bites herself all of the time. She has sores and has lost some of her hair. I need a home remedy or some kind of answer to try to help her get better.

  • Dog ear mites- oils as treatment


  • How long are dogs in heat?

    How long do female dogs on their period last? When do they stop?

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