How many rabies shot should my 7 month old puppy get per year?

2 rabies (Rabisin-R) vaccinations for 7 month old puppy My 7 month old puppy has just received his 2nd rabies (Rabisin-R) vaccination given 2 months apart. He has also just completed a series of 3 Vanguard HTPL 5/L as well. Someone just mentioned that he should only receive 1 rabies vaccination per year!!! Is he going to have any adverse affects from having 2 rabies injections? I didn't know this ahead of time...I only went by the vet's instructions on his immunization card. Thank you, Nicole

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    By: Jessica Mathis El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    The protocol for vaccine administration varies with the type of vaccine and sometimes the manufacturer as well as local laws.  In general, rabies vaccinations are given to puppies between 3 and 4 months of age.  This vaccination is then boostered 1 to 3 years later, depending on state or county regulations.

    When looking at the information on the Rabisin-R vaccine, it gives the administration instructions as the first injection at 3 months of age and then boosters every 2 years.  I am not sure why your puppy received vaccinations 2 months apart and I would encourage you to have your veterinarian explain his/her reasoning to you.  That being said, the rabies vaccine is a killed virus vaccine and I would expect no harmful effects from the extra booster your puppy received.  It is possible that your vet has an explanation for this or that the vaccine was marked incorrectly on your immunization card.

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