Karen Nelson

Location: Milaca, Minnesota USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

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Karen received her bachelors in Veterinary Technology from North Dakota State Unversity, Fargo.  She was a senior veterinary technician in Minnesota for 8 years before joining our team.


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Answers from Karen Nelson

  • Panacur from the vet vs Panacur-C from online the same for dogs

    Panacur from the vet, versus Panacur-C from online pet meds store the same? Hello, Is pancur-C that can be purchased online the same as the panacur that you get from the vet? They both have the same ingredient:fenbendazole. Here is a link to one of the sellers: http://www.1800petmeds.com/Panacur+C-prod10674.html thank you!

  • What could be causing swelling on the side of a dogs rectum?

    It's a 3y/o pekingese. A 3 y/o male unneutered pakingese, no bowel straining or injury happened.Normal bowel movements.

  • I have recently treated my cat for worms, is a discharge normal?

    I have recently treated my cat for worms, is a yellowish discharge from the rectum normal? I have treated my cat with Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Rid Worm Tablets.

  • My bulldog is getting a reddish brown staining on her feet

    Cause of my white English Bulldog getting redish brown staining My white english bulldog is getting reddish brown staining on her feet which she is licking but also below her eyes under and around her face. Inside her tail is now dark brown as well as in her ears. These were never this color before...like dirt. Where as before it was yellow in her tail like yeast now it is dark brown....HELP Took her to the vet who said this is normal.....I explained it was not and that she never had this before....told me to just use a special shampoo.

  • How can I treat kennel cough

    My two adult rescues both are coughing with a very dry sounding, almost bark-like cough. I've been told by other foster mommas that it's most likely kennel cough. One of the dogs is in good health otherwise, and his cough is productive with chunky yellow mucus and fluid. Dog 2 just underwent treatment for heartworm, and his cough is not productive but has the same sound as the other. The first dog has a faster heart rate and more irregular breathing.

  • Cat stool question

    We have a new 13 week old kitten. When he paces a movement he seems a little uncomfortable, although the faeces are not loose, if anything more solid, but looks normal ....what could be the reason? We have removed dried kitten food and watered down his kitten pouch food. Is there anything else we could do? He seems to have fleas, which we have treated with a Bob Martin liquid suitable for kittens from 12 weeks and are going to buy a spray for the bedding as we don't want our dog catching them too. He was frontlined 10 days ago!...thank you so so much

  • My dog is limping periodically for the past four or so days.

    My 14 month old chihuahua has been limping periodically for four or so days. When I touch, squeeze or rub her leg and paw she shows no signs of pain. She hasn't had any falls or anything like that. I have also checked her paw to make sure that nothing is stuck in it and couldn't see anything. She still wants to run and play and does so with out exhibiting signs of pain. I'm going to take her to the vet in the next few days if it doesn't stop. What could be causing this.

  • Dog licking her vagina frequently and yelping

    My 3 yr old female boxer Yelps/cries randomly. What is hurting her? Or biting her? She has also been licking and biting at her vagina frequently. Does this correlate with each other? Thank you kindly.

  • what is the shelf life for clavamox pills

    left over pills from oct 2007 would they still be good

  • dog paw; limping

    My Shitzu woke up limping and favoring his front paw. Any ideas?

  • why are my dogs nails turning red like blood

    they are almost completely covered red like blood. what would cause this to happen?

  • My dog is licking him self after being spayed

    How do I stop it?

  • My dog has diarrhea, could my cat have passed something to him??

    My cat has a large tumor on her back and was recently diagnosed to be cancerous. My dog gets into my cat's litter box sometimes and eats her poop. Recently,my dog started having diarrhea. Can he get something from my cat? Or is he just sick from ingesting some litter??

  • One of my dogs testicles has grown larger.

    In the last month or so I noticed that one of my dogs testicles has grown larger, and the other one has decreased in size considerably. He doesn't seem too concerned with it, but I'm worried if this is some kind of cancer. I noticed it started to get larger just after my female dog came off heat. Would that have anything to do with it?

  • dog has swollen testicals

    My dog's testicles are very swollen even purple what can I do for him? I can't afford a visit to the vet.

  • dog penis; How do I apply medication?

    I had him at the vet earlier today to address the green discharge coming from his penis and they gave me oral and topical antibiotics. I haven't had an issue giving him the oral medication, but I am reaching a road block when it comes to the topical. They told me just to squeeze the area behind where the penis comes out, but that has been unsuccessful.

  • Dog foaming at the mouth

    My dog is foaming at the mouth, we looked through out the house and found nothing he could have eaten he is 8 years old.

  • Very thin cat leaking white liquid-will this heal on it's own?

    My nieces cat is a little over a year old. She is mainly an outdoor cat. A few days ago I noticed what looked like a lump on her hip, and a milky white liquid leaking from her leg, with a very foul odor. Within the past two weeks she has lost a lot of weight and is nearly skin and bones. Her appetite was fine until this lump and liquid appeared. Today I noticed the skin looks like it has opened and a yellow bumpy looking 'skin' is showing through. I have very little money for vet-please help

  • My dog is vomitting and it produces a bad odor and yellow bile.

    Hi. I have about a 16 year old small breed dog and for the past several days she has been really weak and has not been eating. I have noticed that her mouth seems to be swollen. She vomits when she drinks sometimes and there is a bad odor from her mouth. I believe she may be dehydrated and I am not sure what to do. I need to attempt any home remedy I can because I have just been laid off and I cannot afford the vet at this time. She also has yellow bile when she pukes. Thanks.

  • What does this lump and surrounding hair loss on my leg of my dog mean?

    My just under two year old female Shiba Inu recently started losing a patch of hair (approx. 3" x 3") on the outer side of her rear thigh. I can feel a very small lump in the middle, and there's a little red surrounding it. She bites at it as to itch it every so often, but I'm stumped as to what it can be.

  • My 15 year dog whines all the time

    My 15 year old dog whines all the time, I don't know what to do. She also chews an itches with herself constantly.

  • Why is my dog suddenly having pain near her stomach area?

    why is my dog suddenly having pain near her stomach area? She doesn't wanna move around too much and wines for a second when she lays down. It happened all of a sudden last night she started pacing and laying down over and over. After moving too much she lays down and wines for a second then shows no pain after laying down. Today she doesn't wanna get off the couch but still ate her treats just fine. I noticed when i moved her tail she started wining like it hurt her. She wasn't showing any pain yesterday and was running around fine and playing as normal. Can u please help me?

  • My dogs stomach is hard and she's yelping, had her yearly shots

    Help my dog please!!!!!!!!!!! My dog was given her yearly shots, a shot for gingivitis, and Drontal Plus for worms yesterday Sept 24. She was given 2 1/2 pills because she weighs 20 lbs. Since last night her stomach is hard and she's yelping alot if we touch her. My heart is breaking for her and my vet has not returned my call. What can I do to relieve her pain???? Is it due to the gingivitis shot or the worm pills??? HELP PLEASE =(Helen Butcher

  • My cat suddenly showing severe fatigue, hair and weight loss

    My 3-4 month kitten, Severe fatigue out of no where My kitten, he's about 3-4 months old has suddenly has begun to severely fatigue, he is just sleeping all day. When usually he has been an extremely hyper kitten, now wont play at all. He has begun to shed hair and has gotten very skinny. Theres no signs of runny nose or eyes and no infections. No idea what it can be and unfortunately do not have money to go to the vet. Please help very sad over here :( Time is very important also just for the perfect lil kittens sake

  • My dog is shaking, should I be alarmed?

    I have 1 year old mixed breed dog, at the moment he is shaking, almost like he's shivering. His heart beat seems rapid, should i take him the vet for an emergency?

  • Is cat declaw healthy for a cat?

    I'm getting a kitten and I wanted to know if it's healthy for a cat to be declawed.

  • Dog toenail falls off, can a dog bleed to death?

    my dogs toe nail came off

  • Toxoplasmosis and pregnancy

    I am 7 months pregnant and we have recently adopted a kitten which we found abandoned on the side of a country road. I am worried about contracting Toxoplasmosis from her as she has been sleeping on our bed and is constantly around me. I wash her bedding every day and with her litter box I place all of it in the bin, I dont sift through the litter. I am constantly washing my hands after touching her, but is that enough? Should I be tested for the parasite and have her tested too?

  • Why hasn't my dog not come in heat yet?

    She hasn't come in heat yet at 1year and 8months what could be wrong?

  • My dog is limping. Can I give her dog aspirin? Human aspirin?

    Her right hip is swollen. She does not whine or seem in pain but will not put any pressure on leg.

  • Is an 11 month old lab too young to have puppies? What are pregnant dog signs?

    My chocolate 2 yr old male and 11 month old yellow female "tied", only once. Is she too young to have puppies? I worry that she will reject them, or complications during delivery. I am not even sure if she is indeed pregnant, yet if she is I want to make the best choice for her health.

  • My dogs vagina is swollen. Why?

    My dog has been spayed and is 4 years old and I noticed today she is very swollen in her genital area.

  • Info on Vectra 3D for dogs

    Someone gave me a box of the Vectra 3D for my 3 dogs. While I appreciate the gift, I am concerned re the ingredients and their side effects. Your thoughts re Vectra 3D compared to Frontline. Last year we used Hartz. We have 3 large dogs that stay outside.

  • What can I use as dog pain killers?

    What human pain killers can you give dogs? He weighs 121lbs/55kg.

  • Do my indoor cats need the cat rabies vaccine?

    My cats are indoor cats, do they really need the rabies shot. I have three but I'm on a fixed income. One is dying from cancer, I will not take him for the shot.

  • My dog has gas and loose stools. Why?

    My dog has soft stool which smells horrible, and also gas. What could be wrong?

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