My 15 year dog whines all the time

My 15 year old dog whines all the time, I don't know what to do. She also chews an itches with herself constantly.

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    By: Karen Nelson El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    With your dog being 15 years old, now a senior citizen, has she had an exam lately?  If not, you should consider having her seen.  Whining can be a sign of pain.  Unfortunately, just like us, wear and tear on the joints over time can lead to some degree of arthritis.  There are supplements and there are also prescription medications to alleviate the discomfort.  The veterinarian will often recommend blood work to check mainly liver and kidney function if a prescription pain medication is found to be the best treatment for your pet.  It is not a bad idea as a senior pet to have blood work done in general.  Sometimes early signs of disease can be picked up on blood work.  Joint pain may also explain the chewing too, depending upon where she is doing it.  Dogs may lick or chew frequently an area of pain or discomfort.  Has your pet ever had issues with allergies?  Allergies can cause a dog to feel uncomfortable, itch and chew.  Or have you seen any evidence of fleas?  It is usually later in the year, but when homes get heated in colder climates, depending upon where you live, even dry skin can make a pet whine, itch and chew at themselves.  

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    My 5 1/2 month old Boerboel puppy, who is growing very rapidly, suddenly was battling to stand up and walk on one hind leg. We took him to our local vet who did X-Rays and said he had signs of hip Dysplasia; sockets shallow but no arthritic or other damage. They did an X-Ray on his spine as well and said one part towards the back looked a bit smudgy. Four weeks ago he was in excellent condition. He now has no hip muscle and spine sticks out, falls over, and has pain when I touch waist on opposite side. What can I do?

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    I have a 13 year old lab beagle mix. He seems to be doing fine health wise but lately has been having really bad shedding issues. He normally has in the past had a few "tufts" on his backside but this time he is shedding like mad and brushing doesnt even help much. The only other thing is he has been losing weight over the past year, which the vet says will come with age and not eating as much.

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    My dog is a mutt (we guess boxer-shepherd-pitbull) and is 8 years old. For the past few months I've noticed that her front legs tremble slightly during our daily walk if she pauses and doesn't have full weight on them. She exhibits no signs of pain, loss of appetite, energy, etc. Could it just be age, or should I make a trip to the vets?

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  • Older dog with incontinence and heavy breathing

    In the past two days I have found small amounts of my dogs urine inside. He is breathing hard but has been for some time. The vet looked at him a month ago for an other issue and was not concerned about the breathing issue. I am concerned regarding the urination issue. What could it be?

  • Invasive tests for diagnosis on old dog with arthritis?

    My 12 1/2 year old bouvier has arthritis in her spine and possibly degenerative myelopathy. She also has elevated liver readings on last CBC. She has trouble with her back legs and her feet knuckle under. I have to help her get in the car and also with steps. Otherwise she seems very healthy and in no pain. She is on tramadol 2x day and adequan. Vets want me to do tests on her liver and spine etc. I don't want her remaining days to be stressful with tests/surgery. What do you think? Thanks

  • Elderly dog breathing problems. Euthenasia?

    My dog breathe very heavy and can't stand on his hind legs. He is 15 years old or 105 dog years. At what time would he be put to sleep?

  • Older dog health problem? Panting and pain in older lab.

    My dog is experiencing excessive panting, hanging his head down, walking like he is in pain and his shoulders and or hips are weak. He is a lab and almost 11 yrs old.

  • Older dog- Is anesthesia ok?

    My toy poodle is 14 and in good health with recent blood work. She desperately needs her teeth cleaned. The vet recommends anesthesia. I am worried due to her age. Your thoughts?

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