Can a cat that has a chronic herpes virus transmit to a human

can a cat that has a chronic herpes virus of the eye transmit this virus to a human that would result in bells palsy? My daughter has a cat that has chronic herpes virus of the eye. Her live-in boyfriend has been treated for Bells Palsy in the last two weeks and I wonder if that cat may have transmitted the virus to the boyfriend? I read on WebMD that the herpes virus can cause Bells Palsy in some patients.

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    By: Kara McCarty El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    The Herpes infection that WebMD was likely discussing is the human version of the virus. Human Herpes can attack the nervous system. Luckily, Herpes in cats is very species specific and cannot be passed to humans. Given the number of cats out there that are positive for Herpes exposure when blood tested, some estimate as high as 85% of cats are positive, that's a good thing for us. I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's boyfriend but the two aren't related.


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