Kara McCarty

Location: Carlsbad, California USA

Qualifications: DVM

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Dr. Kara received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Michigan State University. She is currently licensed in the state of Michigan (since 1990) as well as the province of Ontario, Canada (since 2006) often working with small and exotic animals.

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Answers from Kara McCarty

  • My small dog vomited a lot and now will not eat, What do I do?

    My small maltipoo vomited alot yesterday and won't eat now. What do I do? I found a small Maltipoo a couple of weeks ago. Had him groomed, took him to the vet, she said he appeared ok. The past couple of days he vomited and won't eat. He has drank just a small amount of water. His stomach is gurgling. Seems pretty lathargic. I think he's about 2 years old. He has gone to the bathroom, but he doesn't seem to feel good.

  • Dog bowel; unable to control it

    Hello! Many thanks for such a valuable service! Our 7 year old English Mastiff, who has found it increasingly more difficult to get up from laying down, is now occasionally losing bowel control. This has happened while he was laying down and when he is walking around. It's a firm stool, not diarrhea. Could his stiffness in his hind quarters and this occasional loss of bowel control be related, and what could cause this to our otherwise healthy boy?

  • cushings disease in dogs

    Our 11 year old female Sheltand Sheepdog recently started dribbling in the house, especially at night. I also noticed that she is always begging for food. Recent labs: Alt 140, AlkPhos 451, urine sp grav 1.020, protein 2+. Our vet suggests DES for urinary problem and an Ultrasound to check her gall bladder. Actigall if positive for gall bladder sludge. Should we pursue a dx of possible Cushings first with a low dose dextramethasone challenge test?

  • Cat cancer: Fibrosarcoma

    My 14 year old cat was just diagnosed with Fibrosarcoma. We found a small lump (a bit smaller than a marble) on her back, just to the side of her spine. Our Vet removed it right away and quite a bit of surrounding tissue, resulting in an app. 5 inch scar. We were told we got it early and the lab report said 10 - 25% chance of recurrence. Now we're just waiting. Should we be doing something else such as consulting an oncologist?

  • My 5 year old chihuahua dog recently had blood loose stools

    One minute she was fine and then all of a sudden she had diarrea w/bright red blood. She then quit eating, but was still drinking. She is not dehydrated,but still refuses to eat. Have been force feeding baby cereal rice and now seems constipated. Also lethargic.

  • My cat is drinking excessive amounts of water, not urinating

    I have a 15 y/o neutered male cat. Lately he's been drinking excessive amounts of water, but doesn't seem to be urinating more than normal. I had blood work done to check for renal disease and diabetes. Both tests came back negative. His appetite is fine and everything else seems normal. Thanks for your help. Eva

  • My dog is having an adverse reaction to heart worm injections

    my dog get the injectionfor heart warm last friday the first one the next day the second. today he cough with a litter of blood What i should do? My dog got infeccted with heart worms last friday he got the first injection and next day the second for treatment like minutes a go he cough with a litter blood is been a week. What should I do? he is a german shepher 20month of age

  • Dog vomiting due to a full bladder?

    Is there any truth to the idea of a dog vomiting due to it needing to urinate or defaecate and not wanting to soil the house when the owner is away?

  • Our dog ate 5 interceptor spectrum tasty chews

    14 week old staffy ate 5 interceptor spectrum tablets about an hour ago. Our local vet wasn't sure about effects.

  • Dog not eating or drinking, and dragging legs

    I have an 11 year old Airedale who collapsed during a walk about 8 weeks ago, and has not been on her feet since. Her front legs just dangle, she gags when eating or drinking, has lost her voice, and sleeps with eyes open. She has had xrays, CSF, and CT scan. Diagnosis was autoimmune disease. She will be starting rehab on Monday and the vet has said that nothing else can be done if the rehab doesn't help. Is there anyway to get a more specific diagnosis?

  • Cat urinary tract infection-cat has had four back to back

    4 yo has had 4 back to back UTIs-we give her a 2 week antibiotic course and soon as it finishes she starts digging holes all over the yard. She has been tested for struvite crystals and x-rayed for stones and her blood work shows nothing abnormal. We have her on the urinary tract diet and she eats a combination of wet and dry food in small amounts frequently. She drinks water regularly. She is an outdoor cat who spends most all day out and nights in. I am trying Tinkle Tonic. Help!

  • My dog is biting all four paws and they are turning black.

    Sadie is 11. For several months she has been biting her feet and lower legs. She now has black spots on all four.....are the black spots something serious or as a result of the biting?

  • Dog is licking vagina and has ball like object hanging from vagina

    I think she is in heat she licks her vagina a lot and I came home and saw like a testicle sack hanging from her vagina. What is it and does she need surgery or what?

  • Can newborns or kids catch canine herpes from a dog

    are newborns and kids at risk with a dog that has been exposed to canine herpes

  • Is Sentinel for flea prevention dangerous?

    I give my almost-2 year old Catahoula mix Sentinel for flea prevention. We recently heard that Sentinel can cause liver failure and other terrible ailments. How do you feel about Sentinel vs. a topical preventative (Frontline) vs. nothing at all? MANY THANKS for your answer... SP

  • Dog diarrhea

    9 mo Boston w/ acute idiopathic diarrhea and terrible gas. She is on Science Diet i/d and Hill's hypoallergenic treats. Recently started giving her Blue Buffalo Mini Bars treats with yogurt and banana as main ingredients. She has been tested and cleared for all parasites and GI PCR Panel test. Any advice on what to try next?? First bm of the day is usually normal and firm, then as she goes during the day (on occasion) turns to soft, lighter colored, sometimes mucous in stool. Stools smell horrible and gas is even worse.

  • Cat has heartworm; what would be a good treatment?

    I was reading the Q&A's of Dr Richards and am pleased to find so much useful information. I've rescued the lone survivor of a feline hoarding situation. She's tested positive for HW and since we are a non-profit rescue, our funds are limited. We want to do everything possible. She has a heart of gold and is a wonderful companion. What would be your plan of attack in this situation and do you know of any organizations that would work with our limited funds? We are located in N.C.

  • Dogs eye: scratched cornea

    My dogs are adopted. They have the same dad, but different mom's. We were told that we had to adopt both because they play so well together and they came from the same owner. At the time of the adoption, we noticed that one of the dogs had very bad tear staining under one eye. Upon closer examination, we saw that his cornea was separated. This was in his left eye. The dogs play so rough with each other and now the other eye has the same problem. Should we take him to a specialist?

  • Frequent dog ear infection

    My German shepherd keeps getting ear infection but this time her ear is really red and smells bad and there is pus. What is this? I did the vinegar and water wash and it helped a little but there is still some pus and her ear is still really red and inflamed.

  • Dog heartworm meds are consistantly used-still need to take to vet annually??

    We live in an area where mosquitos are rare. My vet started my dog on HeartGard last year. I have had the dog on the med continuously. Now the vet says I need to have her tested every year. Is that right?

  • Dog weight; why is my dog not gaining weight?

    had puppies not gaining eight puppies are 6 weeks old

  • Dog has skin problems-how should I add Omega 3

    My german shepherd has had skin problems. I have added an egg a day and some sweet potato to her diet. How can I get omega 3 in her meals? Her skin & coat seem much better since I have added the egg & sweet potato. I feel that she may lack omega 3 in her diet. Should I try to add this and in which form?

  • Dog's urine has blood in it

    4 month old Lab had runny stools for about 36 hours and is now peeing in small amounts everywhere. Urine does look to have a small amount of blood, or a red tint to it.

  • Dog has diarrhea and is vomiting

    My dog is vomiting and it has bleeding diarrhea, what should i do? She has been like this for over 4 days, since yesterday she hasn't been eating.

  • Cat spaying-eosinophilic granuloma

    My cat is 2 yrs old and has eosinophilic granuloma , I have given her steroid injections ( 2 over the 2 yr period,) but the granuloma is controlled now with homeopathy medication . I am planning to get her spayed. Does Eosinophilic granuloma pose any additional risk while spaying her? pl reply with any advice

  • Cat has diarrhea-how much imodium?

    5 week old kitten-I got my kitten three weeks ago and he has diarrhea. He has tried flagyl, panacur, tylan and albon. I have tried three different types of cat food and hills prescription diets. I have added pumpkin, rice and chicken for the past five days. Nothing helps. He has had his stool tested. Negative for parasites. I read on your site that you can use Imodium. How much and how often for a 3 lb kitten?

  • cats eyes; two different sized pupils-symptom of peripheral vestibular disease?

    Our 1 year old cat shows all the symptoms of peripheral vestibular disease (head tilt, walking in circles, loss of balance) but her pupils are two different sizes and will not react to light, can anisocoria be another symptom of this disease? If so, what would be the best treatment options? Please help.

  • Kitten diarrhea

    I have a kitten 7 weeks old (not sure of age). He is eating solid food (Purina Kitten Chow). Issue is he has diarrhea. Is he too young for deworming? It does not look like worms is the issue. He eats well, drinks well, and is very energetic. Any suggestions?

  • Dog leg seems stuck

    Our staffie cross who is 13 months has developed a problem with her back legs, she is fine walking and running most of the time but occasionally one of her back legs seem to lock, she seems stuck for a few seconds as she tries to move then it frees itself and she is back to normal. We don't have a lot of history on her as she is a rescue dog.

  • Do all female kittens have nipples?

    Do all female kittens have nipples?

  • Dog with low glucose with high insulin

    i have a 7 yr old pit bull female that has low blood sugar and the vet suspects high insulin as cause for about 2-3 wks she would get twitchy then lose balance then she had a seizure then about 30-45 min later had another then about 2 hrs later she had another shes never had this problem before usually energetic never showed signs of problems till 2-3 wks ago what could be the cause of low glucose and high insulin and is it curable

  • My dog's eye is black.

    We have a dog who has unexplained bruising on its side which has resulted in a hematoma which needs to be drained. The dog also seems to have a black eye. No known trauma has happened to this dog. Is there something else that could be causing this?

  • Is my dog in heat?

    I have an 8 month old black lab puppy. I have noticed some baldness on her. Also her vaginal area is swollen. This is my first female. Is she in heat or is something else wrong? I haven't noticed any blood. My older male black lab that is fixed has tried to mount her. He also sniffs down there on her alot. A couple weeks ago she had some discharge. Thanks

  • My dog has a golf ball lump below his neck line

    My dog Wyatt Earp is a Border Collie/Bichon cross. He is ll years old. Playful and fiesty. Recently he has a golf ball lump below his neck line to the left. He and one of my border collies got into a fight. Could this just be from that? Wyatt's my life. He gets very nervous at the vets.

  • Heartworms

    I live in CO at 9000 ft so HW's are a non-issue. We visited family in TX for 2 wks - my mom gave me some heartgard + for my 12 yr old dog (prescription for her dog, same size & weight) W/in hours he became lethargic, couldn't seem to lift his tail, depressed, lost weight, etc. We took him to the vet & had a "weak" pos. on the HW test. Due to age we decided not to treat. 30 days after the HW pill he's doing great, back to normal. Vet says the pill had no side effects. Not sure what to do now.

  • kitten has bloody stools

    My 6 month old male kitten has been having a few bloody stools, I think its because its straining but I'm not sure if its the food that i have him on.

  • My 3 yr old had diarrohea 2 days ago.

    He is a 3yr old healthy wsd. He started with diarrhea 2 days ago. I fasted him for 12 hrs, then fed him chicken and rice. He still has slight diarrhea which is orangey in color and smelly. Should I go to my vet or is there anything else I can do ?

  • Diarreah and Constipation

    I have a 7 year old Lhasa Apso who had been having diarrhea on and off for a couple of months and then consistently for about 2 wks. Now she is constipated but when she does go, it's diarrhea. I've had her stool checked and no parasites were found. She has been taking an antibiotic and a probiotic for 5 days and no change. I've been feeding chicken & rice for 2 wks. Her normal diet is Blue Buffalo Lamb& Rice supplemented with their canned beef food. I am at a loss with what to do.

  • Dog vomiting

    I saw my 13 year old cat Simon projectile vomit for the first time. I have not seen him ever vomit like this. It was clear, with most his dry food still undigested and a couple pieces of grass in it. It even looked like it surprised my cat. Is projectile vomiting something that has to be seen right away or am i worrying too soon over nothing. I just took him in for a check up and some labs and the vet says he seems pretty healthy, red blood count a little high. Thanks!

  • Feline Kidney Disease

    At what point do you suggest euthanasia for a cat with kidney disease. I don't understand when to tell that the quality of his life is not worth it. I love my cat but I don't want him to suffer and the vet won't help me answer the question.

  • Cat's bladder the size of a softball

    My 8 yr. cat Layla has been at the vet for 3 days. Her bladder is the size of a softball. They drained & xray & found a small mass blocking her urine flow, they don't know exactly what it is or what to do, they are thinking experimental surgery to move bladder over & allow her to urinate through small opening in lower abdomen, HELP! she also is the only cat out of 7 in household to be diagnosed with leukemia & never goes outside, I am so worried for her!

  • heartworm treatment and preventative

    I adpoted a 3yr old shepherd mix that was treated for heartworm with immiticide-3 injections completed on 7/25/10. Also has been given heartguard every month since 5/10. My vet retested yesterday because the dogs records did no indicate which test he received. He retested negative for microfilaria and positive for adult heartworms. My vet told me that in is very dangerous the give him heartguard and has told we will not consider giving heartguard again until his test in 1/11 shows no heartworms. My question is, shouldn't he be on heartguard to prevent any future heartworm?

  • Dogs eyes are shut after rolling eyelids in after surgery

    My dog did not have entropion until he had a surgery for his tear duct. Could the vet have caused the entropion? My dog had surgery to put his tear duct back in. He rolled his eyelids in after the surgery. The vet took the stitches out and he still rolled his lids. He was rolling them in so hard his eye shut all the way.

  • My dog's penis has been bleeding and discharging

    Hi, my neutered male mix' penis opening has a small amount of blood and discharge he wont stop licking, what could it be? I have a 7yr old neutered German shep/ Lab mix, for the last couple of days he has been licking his penis area. Today I looked at it and there is a small amount of blood right at the tip of the opening and some clear/ yellowish discharge. I plan on taking him to see the vet, but I just cannot sleep knowing there might be something really wrong! What could it possibly be? The blood looks very pinky- not bright red or brown, and it is just at the base of the opening.

  • Dog Skin Problems

    My dog, approx 2 1/2 yr 23 lb llaso/shitsu mix seems to chew on himself. The spot swells, gets raw he'll stay on that one, then start another. When fur grows back it's brownish, rather than his gray. Vet gives steroid shot & antibiotics. Does NOT know cause. Rec University of FL vet clinic. Pet is on Science Diet Sensitive Skin food. Pet gets groomed every mo & 1/2. PLEASE help him. I'm failing him. Thanking you in advance. Caren Holliday :(

  • My dog has long spaghetti like worms that curl?

    my sons puppy just past in his stool very (that also didn't look like stool in appearance)long white like spaghetti worms that curl. The first time this happen. What are they, and is this dangerous to us, my son?

  • My dog has hard anal glands, what to do?

    my dog is scooting occasionally, just collected him from the grooming parlour and the guy said he could not get anything out of his anal glands but they very hard!!! what to do?does he need to see a vet?

  • My cat has fleas that are killing him, I've tried Frontline to lemon

    hi i have a 17 month old tabby, he is an indoor outdoor kitty, hes getting skinny in his hine quarters just forward and up of his hine legs. about a month ago he ingested some poison almost died we got him antibiotics since then he hasnt been the same, he has this look in his eyes i cant explain it and hes not as feisty as he was. i have not gotten him the outside shot needed. the fleas are killing him ive tried everything from frontline to lemon juice. i love my kitty can u help thanks denicev

  • Can dogs get a heart valve replacement?

    Yorkshire Terrior 11 years old vet said he need a valve replacement, but not available at this time ... true??

  • How can I treat my cat's mastitis at home?

    I just found out my nursing queen has mastitis in one of her glands. It is just firm, not quite hard, and slightly tender to her. I know it requires treatment but what can I do at home until I can take her to a vet?

  • Any OTC canned food with low magnesium for a cat

    OTC canned food for urinary crystals Our cat has had three bouts of urinary crystals. He has been on Royal Canin SO 30 canned food for some time, but now that we have moved, none of the local vets carry it. I would like to try weaning him off of it anyway, but don't want to go through the crystals again. Is there are good OTC canned food with low magnesium, high moisture? We tried him on Nature's Variety some time ago to no avail. Thanks!

  • Heartworm treatment for a 13 month old puppy

    My 13 month old pup was just diagnosed with heartworms. The vet told me he has both male, female, and babies. He shows no signs of being sick. He weighs 64 lbs. I have discovered there are two treatments: 1, two injections of Immiticide in two days, then kenneled and kept quite for one month. 2, a drug to kill the males, then preventative every month to kill any new infections, so the females die of old age. Which treatment would be best? I am very worried about keeping this dog quiet! Thanks.

  • How long will it take for newborn puppies for there eyes to open

    my dog a chiwawa she just have 4 puppies and i want to know how long it will take for their eye to be open

  • What drugs to you use for ehrlichioses and babesioses on dogs

    Hello! I'm a Vet and I1m from Brazil Here ehrlichioses and babesioses are a big problem in some places. For treatment we use doxicicline amd imidazole, and of course fluids and other thongs when ot's necessary. I would like to know what drugs you use and for how long, and if the results are great. Here we are already having resistence of some drugs. Thank you and I read every article you published on twitter! That's awesome!

  • I need to board my dog, but I have a question on vaccines

    Is protection against adenovirus type 2 as effective a a bordetella vaccine? I need to board my dog and have had him vaccinated with Canine Spectra 7, which has a dose to prevent adenovirus type 2. I need to know if this vaccine is acceptable as a replacement for a bordetella vaccine

  • my dog has an oval shaped knot that just formed on her head

    my dog has an oval shaped knot that just formed on the top of her head and tonight the hair came off the knot, what could be causing this?Lola is a 2yr old weenie dog. A little over a year ago she slipped a disk in her back and had surgery. Now she no longer has use of her back legs. She has done about 3 sessions of acupuncture, to try to help her get some feeling back.

  • Is it okay to abruptly stop prednisone treatment with my dog

    My dog had a bump on his toe, which he kept licking repeatedly, along with red eyes. We went to the vet and he was given a prednisone shot and 15 20 mg. prednisone pills to be taken every other day. He is also taking cephalexin. I am really afraid of prednisone's side effects and I'm noticing a change in his temperament after only 1 week, along with occasional panting. Should I stop giving him the prednisone? If I do, is a "weaning off" period req. after 1 wk.? I don't want to argue w/the vet:(

  • My dog has diarrhea what can i give her

    What kind of medicine can i give her she weights about 45lbs.

  • My dog has increased thirst and excessive urination

    My dog has increased thirst and excessive urination, with increased licking and panting. My male JRT has increased thirst and urination over past 3 days. He has always been a licker, but that's increased alo (I think its nervousness) and was panting tonight also until he got up to get a drink and piddle. What's wrong with him?

  • My dog just got done breeding, and his Penis is still hanging out

    Male dog Penis is hanging out... My Male Maltese just got done breeding my Female Yorkie and his Penis is still hanging out...Is this bad? and What should I do?

  • My cats nervous system has failed..what to do?

    my siamese cat gave bith to 4 kittens after which she got ill...we took her to teh vet but the dr said she has infection in her uteris n they admitted her for like a week n now her nervous system has failed n she also has got a tumour...so what should we do now???

  • What age should I expect my puppy to have her first season

    at what age should i expect my bicon x poodle puppy to have her first season and should i have her spade before or after

  • My lab dog developed seizures at 8 years old and had a tumor

    why does some dogs get seizures My lab developed seizures at 8 years old and had a tumor. How does a tumor develop

  • My dog has a rash all over her belly & some of her fur fell out.

    I have a 13 year old short hair border collie beagle mix, fo r2-3 years she has had bladder control issues. We've been to a few different vets and ran I have a 13 year old short hair border collie beagle mix, fo r2-3 years she has had bladder control issues. We've been to a few different vets and ran tons of tests, 2years ago one of them said she'd only live a month or two. The only thing I found to stop the accidental urination was changing her diet (on my own ) to Cooked grd. Beef, brown rice & green beans. We have now supplemented it with chewable vitamins. If we vary from it & give her dog food ( just tried blue buffalo) she starts to have uncontrolled urination. The problem I'm having now is she has a rash all over her belly & some of her fur fell out. Could this mean she lacks something in her diet or is it something else? She doesn't,t have fleas, she does have small tumors here and there. She also licks the rash so any of the ointments don't stay on long.


    Please help me with the following questions.I have an 11 week old puppy which I have inside all the time,except for brief walks on my lap and the visits to the vet. He has had his second vaccination 16 August and the last one will be 30 September. The vet has told me that I can walk my dog out since he has not stepped outside the house at all, but I want your opinion too. Is it absolutely safe for him to start walking outside or should i keep him inside until he has his third vaccination? Also, I want to know when I can start giving him a bath in the tub? I now feed him three times a day ,when should I switch to two times? Can I give him cooked chicken breast and pasta and canned food as well as dry kibble? Please answer as soon as possible.my e mail is [email protected]

  • Wounded dog trying to lick wound. what to give to calm her down

    wounded dog Wounded dog, constant trying to lick wound. What to give them to calm her down. My yellow lab has a huge wound which she is healing from, an 8 inch scar, and a small hole that can't be stitched up. She has a collar and is normally a very calm dog but she keeps on trying to lick her wound. We are in France on vacation and the vet here gave her calmivet which appears to be pretty potent and we were hoping to give her something less strong. She whines and is agitated. Is there anything less potent to giver her?

  • My cat started meowing in a loud, guttural, painful sounding meow

    Loud, guttural, painful sounding meow? Over the last year my 7 year old cat has started meowing in a loud, guttural, painful sounding meow. It is usually combined with widened eyes, flattened ears, and running around at full speed from room to room. Usually he meows like this just before he has to use the litter box, but increasingly he meows like this at random times. He has myocardiopathy and receiving medication. I have also had to move twice in the last 3 months. Are there specific reasons why cats meow this way? Stress?

  • My Dog a 11 year old beagle has back spasms

    My Dog a 11 year old beagle has back spasms as my vet calls them she is on predisone once a day everyother day and tramadol twice a day also robaxin twice a day. She is still on not getting better. her tail is between her legs on the day she doesn't get a predisone. An x-ray was taken her discs near her neck are some what comprised,she is fine with everything else eating fine going to the bathroom normal but her tail hasn't come up its been 2 months and i don't want her on the predisone any longer what is the problem?

  • Is it safe to give both meds at the same time with my dog

    can I give tramadole for pain and metronidazole at the same time my dog has been prescribed tramadol for pain and metronidazole is it safe to give both meds at the same time.

  • Is it safe to use Oragel on a puppy for teething?

    My 4 1/2 male Shepard puppy is teething. Is it ok to use Oragel on his gums?

  • My puppy is limping and not weight-bearing on one of his front leg.

    Golden retriever puppy, 5 months, usually very active and playful with his brother. Still walking around and doing his business, but not running around and refuses to put any weight on his right front leg, Palpitated around the hips/shoulders and elbows, and only pain is from touching the 2nd toe, around the pad, there is no damage to the pad or anything stuck in the paw.

  • Does my dog have pancreatitis?

    We have a 6 yr old female lab that was recently treated for a urinary tract infection. On her last day of medication she stopped eating, became lethargic, is vomiting and developed diarrhea. Till now she has been very healthy and never turned down food. On the third day we took her to the vet. She had a blood test which showed ALT levels above 5000. We had x-rays taken, but they showed no obstructions. An ultrasound is next. Until then she has been prescribed Metronidazole 500mg, cyproheptadine 4mg, cyerenia 6mg and denamarin. Is she suffering from liver failure,could it be pancreatitis or something else?

  • Our dogs eye was popped out of its socket earlier today

    We rushed her to the vet. They put the eye back in and sewed her eye shut. She seems very uncoordinated and antsy at the same time should we be worried. What signs should we be watching for to know if she is in distress

  • Dog has been holding up hind leg, torn tendon?

    Does a dog hold its hind leg up when it has a torn tendon ?

  • Elevated alkaline phosphatase levels

    My dog, Lucy, was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. Her blood work on 9/1/2010 showed an amylase level of over 2,600 which caused the vet to diagnose pancreatitis. Her High alkaline phosphatase level was 193. The vet placed her on IV fluids for three days. Today, Lucy had more blood work done and her amylase levels were down to 1141 but her High alkaline phosphatase levels jumped to 737. A previous vet misdiagnosed her and gave her medications for fever and infection.

  • Dog has ear problems; flaking and smelly

    My 1 1/2 year old Chihuahua ear's have been really smelly for these past couple of weeks. I took a look at them today and the skin around and in the ear were flaking and there is a clear secretion that is coming out of it and was scabbing. A couple of weeks ago my father cleaned my dog's ears. What can I do for him?

  • Hair loss dog; suggestions for hair growth

    I have a three year old Pit bull and I have taken him to the doctor and had him tested for mange and they said he did not have it. The vet gave him a shot and gave me some shampoo to bath him in but his hair is not coming back do you have any suggestions?

  • How long does it usually take for ear mites to clear up?

    Foster cat diagnosed w/ear mites. Instructed by the vet to irrigate each day and instill 4 drops of med. Done for 3wks. Still crusty discharge from ear. Last irrigation, purulence was attached to a piece of the "crud". Was advised to keep regimen going. Concerned a more serious conditions may exist but don't want to challenge vet. Scope eval. never done to rule out Staph or Yeast. Want him to find a good home but must get ear issue cleared up first. Please advise.

  • Cat foodl; human food

    I have two questions - both related to supplementing my cats' food with human food. I keep reading how salt is bad for cats, yet their cat food has salt in it. Do I assume correctly that it is the amount of salt that can be a problem? And if so, how much is too much per meal? Also, I just read about steatitis being a problem with tuna. Can this also be a problem with salmon? I often cook up salmon heads and collars and use the meat (and some skin) for pet food. Is salmon also too high in unsat.

  • Masticatory Myositis

    Dear Dr Mike, A while ago you answered a question regarding masticatory myopathy from a Rich and Linda. The symptoms they described match exactly those of our 5 year old retriever. Only he has no problems at all eating and exhibits no visible jaw or any other pain. I was wondering what is the long term prognosis and what can we expect??? Also is this a common condition and how is it caused and what are the treatments? Look forward to hearing from you :) !

  • Incontinent Dog

    please help I have a 4 yr.o boxer bitch recently i had her at my local vet as she was leaking from behind, he did scans, a kidney test, a urine test, etc. They were all clear but he said she had a new bone developing near her bladder. He gave me medication to tighten her bladder but it really hasn't helped much. What else can I do? Would nerves make incontinence happen? I rescued her 2 years ago as she was being badly treated. She has also started to bark a lot recently, she never did this before.

  • Cat broken leg; drags legs.

    My 3 week old kitten drags her legs every time she moves, Are they broken and will heal?

  • Dog has rapid heart rate, is confused, and will not eat or drink

    My 17 yr old dog is: shaking head very confused falling & circles rapid heart rate not recognizing food or water

  • Atropine eye drops for cataracts

    Why would I be told to give Atropine drops to my diabetic Min Pin? Other than pain control, what is the purpose? The drops caused her to foam at the mouth, gag, and paw at her face. She seems pain free, so why would I need these drops?

  • Am I doing the right thing? 12 year old female pitbull with vestibular syndrome?

    Senior dog with vestibular syndrome episode 3 weeks ago - vet testing for cushings now as a possible cause.3 weeks ago, our 12 year old female pitbull had a nuerological episode diganosed as idiopathic vestibular syndrome/disease. She has since recovered nicely, with some weakness still present in her back legs. She is eating and drinking well and going about her daily routine, slowly but surely. She has been tested for thyroid issues via a blood test and a urine test for Cushings Disease. Am I doing the right thing? 12 year old female pitbull

  • Blood in urine female puppy

    Hey it's Heidi, I recently adopted a stray puppy and I have noticed a thick fluid on her vagina and sometimes blood in this area ...is this something to be concerned about? I suppose that the puppy is 2 month old. Is there any possibility that my girl is sexually mature or is some kind of infection?

  • high cholesterol in dogs; is my dog's too high?

    11-yr-old male collie / shepherd losing weight & muscle mass. No indications of displasia. Walks daily over 2 miles total, some swimming & short-distance running. Difficulty standing up, stumbles but not in pain; not limping, has no problem w/ having joints palpated. Being fed what he'll eat, beef liver and heart w/ brown rice or Hill's Healthy Mobility. Eating 700-1200 cals/day. Concerned w/ cholesterol level. 8 oz liver & 4 oz heart = 1138 mg cholesterol. How high is too high for a dog? Thanks

  • Cat Neck; has crusty white substance

    What is it? What should I do?

  • Does my dog have bladder problems?

    My miniature Schnauzer is 7 years old and was fully potty trained. He has his annual shots, and is in optimal health, minus him being a bit big for his breed (19lbs), and no matter how long we let him out before we leave, every time we come home he has urinated or had a BM on the floor. He wasn't like this before, and I'm concerned it could be something wrong with his bladder or stomach, or is he just upset with us leaving him? Thank you, Adam

  • Dog is pooping after getting into trash.

    9 month old puppy pooping greenish brown slime poop. He got in the trash and ate a cajun style chicken and shred some paper towels. Should I wait or take him to the vet? His nose is cold,has energy,and he did not eat any bones whats so ever.

  • Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca-Any advice?

    My 8year old Lasa Apso has an ulcer in left eye along with Kerato conjuncitvitis Sicca. We have been to three vets and we have Polydex and cyclosporin. The dog hates the eye medicine and tries to bite. We have a small muzzle and the vet prescribed Valium. The stress of holding the dog still and getting the drops in is a major ordeal. I am going to consult with a dog behaviorist. If this does not work, I will have to send Teddy to dog heaven.I am out of answers, can you please help me?Thank you for your time.

  • Dog is chewing leg after blood clot.

    My 1.5 month old Labrador Retriever wounded its back leg in the door. Now it's biting & licking its leg. We went to vet, he has given some antibiotic, diclofenac gel, and covered it with cotton crepe bandage. The bandage created a blood clot. We removed the bandage and now my dog keeps on biting its leg, causing the bone to show. please tell me what could be done to this?

  • could it be kennel cough if my dog is up to date on vaccinations?

    my puppy has been coughing recently. All the symptoms lead me to believe it is kennel cough, however, she is up to date on all her vaccinations. Could it still be kennel cough?

  • Dog is peeing in sleep and where ever he pleases.

    He is wetting the bed in his sleep and peeing where ever. He is potty trained. What should I do?

  • Dog has bumps on ear from sutures.

    My dog (beagle) had the hematoma ear surgery three weeks ago today. The tube was put in and sutures are holding the tube in place. Now there are bumps along the sutures. Is this just irritation because the sutures have been in so long?

  • Dog has diarrhea with blood in it

    6 week old Dashun had bloody diarrhea,will not eat and when giving something to drink it comes out the back end. He has been wormed. What should I do?

  • Dog has a bump on her nose.

    My 3 year old Shih Tzu has a bump under her nose, skin colored, and about the size of a bean? What could it be?

  • Cat is itching his whole body.

    My cat constantly itches his whole body to the point of leaving open sores and he twitches.

  • My dog has a lump after getting his shots.

    My 1yr old male papillon got his shots several weeks ago including rabies and now seems to have a lump on his shoulder. The lump feels some what hard but doesn't seem to be painful for him. Should we be concerned? Will it go away?

  • My dog has seizures, what can I do to help her once they end?

    My dog is a Shi Shuz. She has seizures,what can I do for her after the seizure has passed? ( she takes Phenobarital Dail)

  • My dog has lumps on his back and head.

    I have a 9 month old Staff and have just noticed a load of lumps on his back and head, there's no redness, just wondering what it could be.

  • Risk of infecting our cats if we adopt a cat with a chronic upper respiratory infection?

    We are considering adopting a cat with chronic upper respiratory infections, but are concerned that doing so would put our other cats at risk. She came from a hoarding situation. The shelter says all the cats there showed similar symptoms, but they have not heard of cats in their new homes being infected. This cat is a British Shorthair, and has the pushed-in nose common in that breed. The shelter advises daily lysine. Do you think I would be putting my cats are risk to adopt her?

  • My dog is vomitting after eating ice cubes, could it be from diabetes?

    I have a dog that is diabetic and takes insulin. I noticed the past 2 times she ate ice cubes she vomited. Looks like food she ate earlier in day. Is this related to the diabetes?

  • Why is my dog drooling when he sleeps?

    Suddenly my chihuahua has started drooling excessively when he sleeps. I've never noticed him drooling this much in the past, and he only does this when he goes to sleep. When he drools it's also kind of thick and slimy, but it is still clear. I haven't noticed any other changes in his behavior or eating habits. Is this something I should be worried about?

  • What probiotics for dogs on antibiotics?

    The vet recently prescribed my dog Temaril to treat kennel cough. Since this drug contains an antibiotic, I was wondering if there was something I could give my dog to help get good bacteria back into his system. Thanks!

  • Why does my cat have discharge from his eyes?

    For 6 months now I've noticed my 1.5 year old cat almost daily has a reddish-brown watery and/or goopy discharge from one of both of his eyes. Sometimes one eye is bad for a few days or weeks, then it will switch, or sometimes it's both. He sometimes holds one shut when it's very goopy. I took him to the vet 2 months ago and was told it was an infection that would clear up with antibiotic drops. The drops really helped but then the watery goop came back. Is it a symptom of herpes?

  • My kitten has abnormal bowel movements.

    i just adopted a cat from a friend who found her as a stray, she is around 8 weeks old. She was perfectly fine, then we noticed her stool was hanging out of her rear. it was very hard in consistency, and it seemed like she couldn't get it out or didn't want it out. then the next day it was liquidy with little pellets, she still seemed reluctant to release, and there was two sacs one on each side of her rear full of a dark yellow liquid. what do you think is wrong.

  • Puppy throwing up and sporadic breathing?

    Hello Doctor, It's been a month since Mikka (8 mos, yorkie/bischon) has been spayed and we noticed that she is more prone to throwing up after she drinks water. As well, she sporadically starts to hyperventilate. It kind of sounds like when a child cries so hard & starts to have troubles breathing. Do you know why this could be?We hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards,The Santos' Romind and Feliz Santos :)

  • My dog has a snake bite.

    My dog was bitten by a snake a day ago. What should I do since I don't have the money to bring her to the vet? She seems to be doing fine but were the snake bit her on the paw, her hole leg is swollen. What can i do to make it go down?

  • What is the lump on my dog's ear?

    My dog has a pocket of fluid on his ear. What could this be? Its like a big blister. He doesn't seem fazed by it all all, he'll let me touch and feel about it no problem. There's no lump underneath, it is all just fluid. It's on the inside soft flap of his ear. I'm concerned as it seems 2 have gotten a little bigger over couple days. Please help

  • My dog is hurt.

    My dog got hurt. It can't stand on its back legs and at times lots of water comes from behind. hurt puppy

  • How often should I feed my kitten?

    I have a new kitten and she is about 8 weeks old. How many times a day should i feed her? At the moment we have got felix kitten as that is what the breeder told us to use, but when can I put her on dry food?

  • What is causing my dog's swollen ankle?

    My 5.5 YO lab x had a large mass on his hind ankle approx 8 weeks ago. Not limping, runs around playing, shows no pain if it's moved + is eating as usual - in fact his behavior hasn't changed at all. He has been treated with 1 week of anti inflammatories which took the swelling down by .4mm and 2 weeks of antibiotics (no change). Xrays show a 'moth eaten' edge around the boney growth. Vet feared cancer however now wants to take a 'hands off' approach. The inflammation is back-what is wrong?

  • Dog Cancer; Mammory gland

    My mums dog has just been diagnosed with mammory gland cancer. The vet has removed the lump but there is another one growing and several pea sized lumps. My mum doesn't want to make her go through any more ops. How long is she likely to have left? She is 11 years old and weighs 12kg.

  • My dog is vomitting a yellow liquid and can't keep water down.

    My dog has been vomitting after every time he goes to the water bowl. He will drink then about 5 to 10 minutes later vomits a yellow liquid. He won't eat and when he goes outside if he poops its runny and it seems he has a hard time peeing. I've taken him to the vet once and they put him on one medication but it doesn't seem to help. Thoughts?

  • Why is my dog snoring and snorting?

    Nasal snorting/snoring in Dachshound-has episodes like allergy attack in humans.

  • When my dog goes pee it is dark and thick.

    My dog hasn't eaten, is breathing heavily, losing weight, and hardly wants to walk. She threw up this morning white liquid sort of thick,and her pee is dark and thick, not watery.

  • Dog cancer; won't eat

    My dog might have cancer and he won't eat...what can i do? Our vet isn't giving us much info.

  • dog loose stool; loses control of his bowels?

    6 yr old male golden retriever No other health problems. Treated for lyme disease several months ago.

  • cat sneezing-malformed sinuses

    We just adopted a sweet special needs cat who has malformed sinuses. This causes her to sniffle a lot and occasionally sneeze to get rid of the snot. We can live with the sneezing but wonder what you would recommend to help her have better drainage. At the shelter they tried antibiotics, including Zithromax and Convenia, as well as depo shots. We prefer not to medicate her unless she actually gets an infection. Some suggest saline or Vicks. Do you think this will help her? Any other suggestions?

  • Do I need to worry about my brother and sister cats mating?

    I have two 16 week old un neutered kittens. One male one female, brother and sister. I plan to keep them as house cats, is there a risk of them mating?

  • Dog pain relief

    Is it safe to give my dog buffered aspirin for pain relief?

  • Can you give dogs OTC antihistimines and if so how much

    My 4 yr old golden/lab mix is doing reverse sneezing. She has been diagnosed w/ allergies in the past. I understand I can give her OTC antihistimines but it's Sat and no vet available so I'd like to know what kind and how much? She weighs about 80 lbs.

  • Is yogurt safe for dogs to eat, can it help for cancer?

    My dog has bone cancer and I heard that daily small amounts of yogurt might help him. Is it true? Will it help him? Will it hurt him? Right now we give him Benadryl and Rimadryl. He is a silver doberman and has lived for 1 1/2 years longer than the vets said he would live. They recommended amputation of his leg and shoulder and chemo for dogs. We could not afford the treatments and did not want amputation. The vet nurse told us about the benadryl and remadryl. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Product to use to protect the stomach from meds for old dog

    What canine safe product can be used to protect the stomach from high doses of pain meds? Hi, I have a very senior Airedale who is now on Deramaxx with Tramadol as necessary. What can I do to protect her stomach from possible bleeding from these products. When the pain is controlled, she is eating with assistance. No other health issues.

  • Can I give my dog kaopectate

    my dog suffers from hge on occasion and i was wondering if i can give him kaopectate to help firm up his stool.

  • Why has my cat lost weight so quickly?

    Hey, my cat is 1 yo and has rapidly lost weight in recent weeks. She is eating well and we have already checked for worms and she doesn't have any. Her symptoms are; weight loss, poor condition of coat, jumpy - doesn't like being picked up anymore, lack of grooming, more lethargic/sleepy than usually and now stays in the house a lot more when she used to be more of an outisde cat.

  • Do puppies lose teeth?

    pup lost tooth

  • My 13 year old dog has Sebaceous Adenomas.

    My 13 year old dog has Sebaceous Adenomas. We often babysit my son's two puppies. Are Sebaceous Adenomas contagious? Are Sebaceous Adenomas contagious? We have a 13 year old dog diagnosed with several Sebaceous Adenomas. We babysit my son's two puppies. Are the puppies at risk of catching it?

  • Large lump on my dogs leg, what could it be??

    Dog is eating well, bathroom well, active, doesn't act like he is in pain, just has this lump on his leg.

  • My cat has been pretty itchy around the face and head

    Itching and on Prescription food for Kidney Issues Hi !! I have an 11 year old male cat who has had multiple medical issues in the past year. He's had an anal gland removed, been hospitalized with pancreatitis, and then diagnosed with CRF. For the last 8 months He is on 1/2 a tab of Benazapril a day and also on Purina N/F dry food for his kidney issues. Last bloodwork for kidneys was normal! Recently he has been pretty itchy around the face and head. I have 2 other cats that seem fine and they are strictly indoors. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

  • My dog has a small purple bump on his face with swelling around it.

    My dog has a small purple bump on his face with swelling around it. What is this? 10 year old australian shepherd painful to touch swelling under eye small purple bump seems to be the cause

  • Why won't my 7 year old dog sleep through the night anymore?

    I have a an almost seven year old female black labrador. For most of her life, she has slept through the night like an angel. In the last few months however, she is getting me up two to three times. It is not because she has to go potty; it seems all she wants to do is go out, explore, bark, etc. Nothing in her schedule has changed to warrant this behavior. She has been healthy her entire life; no health issues has come to the surface as of yet...

  • We found two of my 3 year old dog's toe nails on the floor

    Is this normal? My grandmother found two of my 3 year old dog's toe nails on the floor and I'm not sure why or if its normal that she's not in pain.

  • My dog scratched his eye, question on the healing process?

    I noticed yesterday that my 8 month pug scratched his eye, and I brought him to the vet and received an ointment and a solution. How will he act during the healing process? he seems to just want to sleep and he is keeping that eye shut. it is watering quite a bit

  • Why has my dog started sneezing all of a sudden?

    My 9 year toy poodle shizu mix, 8 lbs started sneezing frequently mainly in the morning. He has also started snorting? and gasping, seems to have a hard time catching his breath especially when he is excited. He has had a reversed sneeze condition occasionally, but this seems like a different problem. He also has a clearing the throat sounding cough, which seems pretty mild, but has never had it before. He is up to date on all vaccines

  • We have a 7yr old dog and he is acting very strange the last 3 days

    my poodle is acting strange have a 7 year old toy poodle and he is acting very strange the last 3 days. He wont eat his dog treats or food, he is shakey and nervous acting like someone has hurt him. Also he isnt active anymore and wont greet us when we come in anymore but runs and hides. his nose is dripping constantly. Can you please tell me what this could be?

  • My cat is extremely zoned out due to medication

    i used exodex on Persiancat and know he is extemely zoned out, he is just staring into space! what do i do? Cat and exodex

  • My dog is shaking uncontrollably what should I do?

    my dog's head is shaking uncontrollably what should i do

  • I noticed that my dog has a large lump just below the elbow

    Lump on leg I just noticed that my dog has a large lump just below the elbow on the back of her front leg. If you cut a hard boiled egg in half lengthwise and then slid it under the skin, that is how it would look/feel. She does not appear to be (or have been) bothered by it at all. No sign of licking or biting. She is eating and playing normally. I was able to exam it without any trouble and didn't notice any redness or visible bite marks. She is an active, healthy yellow lab and almost 10 years old.

  • Causes of hoarse bark and hind leg muscle weakness on dogs

    What are causes of hoarse bark and hind leg muscle weakness/sudden lameness in Jack Russell? We have an 11 year old Jack Russell who has been healthy. we noticed on walks that she would lift her back right leg and hop for several steps. She spent 4 nights in the kennel while we were away and came home with almost no bark. Within 4 days she lost the use of her hind legs. we have treated w/ abx for 2 weeks and steroids for 4 days. She recovered ability to walk but can't go up stairs still. Seemed like she was getting worse at end of 2 weeks Now she is on just steroids. Robin in PA

  • My dog began to turn and spin in circles when she walks

    Spinning dog My recently adopted boxer mix (3 months old) has been suffering from a respiratory illness that causes her to be very congested.She's being treated with Clavamox and seems to be improving.She still has some congestion and a slight cough.A few days ago she began to turn circles when she walks.She has no fever and seems to be improving otherwise.She doesn't have seizures, head tilt, or anything like that.The spinning has gotten slightly worse and I'm worried that I'm missing a bigger problem.

  • What causes swollen anal sacs on Cocker Spaniel dog

    I had my dog at vet and they said his anal sacs were swollen and they took care of it a week later and he scooting again. Anything I can do to prevent them from swelling again. He is a two yr old cocker spaniel thanks in advance

  • Our 6 month old puppy quit eating, has white gums

    our 6 month old puppy quit eating, has white gums, and we are finding black spots of runny feces in the yard, is this possibly parvo? I did give the dog a dose of nemex and the next day is when these symptoms hit. could the medicine be bad or is this coincidence?

  • Left ear sensitivity with my Lab dog, should I be worried?

    My 2 year old Yellow Lab does not like when his left ear is touched and he'll whimper like it hurts. I am not sure. But it is not inflammed. Help? Should I be worried? Why could he be sensitive? He doesn't shake his head consitantly either.

  • My 13 year old Cat is exhibiting odd kneading behavior

    My 13 year old cat is exhibiting odd behavior. He will jump on me to lay down on my stomach or chest (normal for him) and will start kneading. He keeps kneading and lowers his hind quarters into a crouch almost like he is going to defecate (though he never has) and continues to knead. He won't lay down and relax. If I try to touch his hindquarters to encourage him to lay down, he cries out and jumps off me. He does have hyperthyroidism and takes 5 mg of methimazole twice per day. He doesn'

  • My dog ate some moldy bread and a small piece of carbon paper

    my healthy shepard ate some moldy bread and carbon paper and id not severly sulivating and foaming at the mouth my healthy Shepard ate moldy bread and a small piece of carbon paper and now is salivating badly and foaming at the mouth other than that he seems normal. what do I need to do?

  • Cat teeth; having to be removed

    My 3 year old cat had very bad breath. We took her to the vet for a cleaning and the vet said he had to remove 3 of her teeth. The vet also said that there are other teeth that may need to come out. He gave us antibiotics to administer twice per day which we have been doing. He wants to see her again in 2 weeks to determine if additional teeth need to be removed. What could be causing this problem in such a young cat? What can we do to fight it?

  • My dog tested positive for indigesting antifreeze

    Antifreeze ingestion in a puppy My puppy just got really sick. I took her to an emergency vet hospital and they said she either ingested drugs marijuana or antifreeze. My dog tested positive for antifreeze, however they said that this test gives false positives. She is being treated with ethanol at this time. They did a second test for antifreeze after treating with ethanol and it came back positive still. How long does RX take? Are there any other substances that she could have ingested that would give a false pos. reading?

  • Can we take our cat to a oncologist for a second opinion

    See an oncologist? Fatty cyst or fibrosarcoma Our cat had a fibrosaroma in a back knee last Oct & was amputated. She was fine & then got histo (which they initially thought was lung cancer but wasn't) in March. She's now better after itra, but just got a lump on her shoulder. Her vet thinks it's sarcoma or fatty tissue. He wants us to wait & see if it gets bigger. Can we go & see an oncologist before knowing if it's cancer for 2nd opinion? The vet thinks only see onco if it's known cancer but we want to be on top of this. Been through much!

  • My puppy is so itchy. he has hair loss, can I give him Benadryl

    I have a 3 month old puppy. he is so itchy. he has hair loss. how much benadryl can i give him? He is so itchy. his skin is drying out and has white flakes. He also has red bumps on his head. they are not open or pussey. Please help!

  • My male dog has blood markings on the ground where he lays

    Should I take him into vets? My male dahcshund has blood markings on the ground where he stays in the day. I have observed that he licks penis area more than usual,and pee is clear. His behavior seems energetic, nothing unusual.

  • Need advice regarding my cat who suffers from megacolon

    Advice regarding my 16-year old cat, Lucky who suffers from megacolon... was vomiting every 2-3days.Vet ran tests, said was all full of poo, gave an enema.Took home & it repeated.Vet said prob megacolon & gave Coloxyl(e 3rdday) & Prepulsid(1/2tab (2.5mg)morn&night).Improved & was poohing daily but still vomits about once p/wk.When Prepulsid ran out I had trouble getting more(NB: I am in Aus).HATES the taste of the Coloxyl-I bought a piller, but is still not nice.I would like her vomiting less, because must be unpleasant & worry about dehydration.Eats can food, CatLax

  • Kitten vomiting

    I found kitten not older than 6 weeks. She has been wormed a week ago. Vet thinks she is healthy. Every time she eats she vomits and eats her food back. The act of vomiting looks very deadly with spasms in her body. Sometimes she seems healthy, but 80% of time she is slow and disoriented, mostly interested when food is around or fridge is open.She is NOT gaining weight at all, although she is interested in food so much. We are feeding her more than 10 times a day small meals, but still vomits.THX

  • My dog has red blood in her stool is this juvenile cellulitis

    my dog has juvenile cellulitis. Now she has red blood in her stool. Can that be a symptom of juvenile cellulitis She was diagnosed 5 years ago. at that time aggressive treatment with prednisone caused remission of all symptoms One month ago bleeding in her ears and ulcerations around her mouth led to the diagnosis of juvenile cellulitis again. I stopped her medication when her symptoms subsided after one month. Now she has red blood drops with her stool. Her stool is much more thin than usual and there are about 5-6 dime sized somewhat clear red blood drops around it.

  • Is vitamin d3 toxic to a 19lb westie dog

    is vitamin d3 toxic to a 19lb westie she atr maybe two pills 1000iu about an hour ago and seems fine my dog ate 2 1000iu vitamin d3 pills and seems ok is it toxic to her she is 19lbs

  • Should we use medication for cushings disease for our dog

    My dog is 11 yrs old, wheaten terrier,dx cushings Feb 2009, tried mitotane, stopped eating, almost lost her,had liver symptoms perhaps as a result or stimulating by meds,takes denosyl & marin now,cushings symptoms returning over last few mos.,drinks water excessively,pees often & a lot,overeating,panting,hips giving out,mood is great,does not seem in pain,should we try meds again & what meds?will it improve quality of her life?will it help prolong her life?

  • Reverse Sneeze question

    I have a 13 year old corgi mix who is very active and in good health (barring arthritis in her hip). She's always done the "reverse sneeze", usually about once a week or so. Recently, she's begun reverse sneezing several times a day, some severe, some just for a few seconds. We haven't changed anything around the house that would trigger allergies. Is this just a part of her getting older? Thanks,Liz (& Binkey)

  • Lymphoma in dogs; hereditary?

    What is the risk factor of breeding litter mates of dogs that have been diagnosed with lymphoma? What is the hereditary factor? - Or is it hereditary?

  • Will a dog heal completely after breaking a bone

    Will a dog heal completely after breaking the bone between the shoulder and elbow? He is still only 11 weeks, and he broke the bone between the shoulder and elbow of his front leg. Will he completely heal if this was a clean break and he got proper care immediately?

  • My cat is pregnant, but when is she due?

    I woke up this morning and my cat's belly had dropped so low (was by her ribs and high to her back, now very low) I thought she had her kittens. Her belly is tighter as usual too. Her nipples are pink and most of them can have milk extracted from them. She wants to sleep all day and won't leave my side. The kittens are also more active than usual. Is she getting close to labor? I don't know when she conceived but I do know she is very close to being due.

  • Does my dog have a block from a heart worm after treatment

    How quickly do you know if your dog has a block from a heart worm after treatment My dog just started hw tretment and got out of the room he I quaranteened to. Is it obvious if there is a problem right away or does it take some time? What is the time frame? If it's been 5 hrs and he seems fine is he out of the woods?

  • Can my cat recover fully from toxic seizure hospitalization

    toxic seizure recovery? I have a 1 yr old JRT/Britany mix.Last Monday we came home to find that he had ate about 4 oz. of coffee beans and knocked over a glass side table,he sliced open his back foot and now has staples. he has been in ICU for 4 days, everything seems to be working fine except he does no seem in touch with reality. He does not recognize his humans or his dog sister. he just walks/jogs around. Can he come out of it? he is not aggressive at all.just a little lost.

  • My cat is bleeding from the back passage, seems to be worms

    my 5 month old cat is bleeding from back passage and there seems to be worm of some sort in it why? my kitten is bleeding and passing some sort of worm from back passage and is also being sick?

  • When my dog drinks she yelps

    My 3.5month old German Shepard bitch has started yelping when she drinks water but I can't see signs of any damage to her mouth, gums, or teeth.

  • Teeth cleaning

    My little Pekingese is 15 years old and is now suffering from gingivitis; it was recommended that we spend almost $600 to get the teeth cleaned but is she too old for anesthesia? I think she is fine otherwise.

  • Adrenal insufficiency ?

    4 1/2 yr. old spayed great dane with excessive thirst, vomited twice in a week. On Soloxine 8mh. bid. Is Addison's prevalent in dogs with known thyroid disorders? I'm thinking diabetes &/or Addisons's. Thanks

  • Dog has pain when going from standing to sitting or lying down

    My 3 year old lab has pain when going from standing to sitting or lying down. He seems to be pain free when standing, running and jumping. He also seems to hurt when going up or down stairs. He doesn't seem to be sore any where on his body, but he whines all night when laying down. He is having normal bowel movements. What might be the problem?

  • Our dog ate 1 10 mg tablet of prednisone. Will it hurt her?

    Our 2 year old Chesapeake just ate a 10 mg prednisone tablet that fell on the floor. She weighs approximately 55 pounds. What should we do?

  • Chalmydia in cats

    I brought Chalmydia home from a cat show, it has spread to kittens who now have runny eyes, sneeze and are congested. What amount of Doxycycline Hyclate can be given to a 2 pound kitten?

  • abdominal tuck often used BCS

    I am veterinary in Japan. I am not good at English,so please allow me using inadequate phrases which have no sense of propriety.In Japan,abdominal tuck used on BCS evaluation is understood as palpated gathering (or fold)of skin positioned between the low abdomen and the portion in front of thigh.But I think the term represents the same portion of the "tuck of ship" ,i.e. the caudal portion of abdomen between thighs which can confirm with eyes. Would you mind teach me about abdominal tuck .

  • Beagle has red bumps on her top lip why?

    My beagle is 4 years old and I noticed a couple of days ago her top lip was very red and all her hair is missing on it. Now today I noticed there are several red bumps along with this. What could this be?

  • what can cause random soars on a dog??

    I have an eight month old pit bull. He has had all his shots and at one point had parvo but got rid of that and fully recovered. It has been approximately four months since the parvo and he is beginning to get random sores popping up on the top of his back. They start out as sores and turn into big scabs that crack open. What can this be and how do I properly care for it?

  • My dog has a lump on her rib cage

    My 1.5 year old Chihuahua fell down stairs and ran in to 2 tables, she now has a lump on the side of her near her rib cage. It wasn't there before the fall.

  • Dog is panting, has swollen stomach,and is lazy

    My pitbull has a swollen stomach and keeps panting heavily, he still has an active persona but he's been getting a little lazy lately. We sometimes have to call him multiple times before eh moves. He's been swelling in his private area on and off but when we give him a shot of penicillin it goes down. However, now his stomach has swollen up and hasn't gone down even after the shots.

  • My dog seems dizzy when he walks

    My 11 month old dog started walking really wobbly yesterday and he wont eat or drink anything. When he gets up he will try to walk a little but he falls over...

  • When is the best time to feed a dog?

    I have a golden retriever who is 4 years old. She has started having bowel movements in the early morning hours, in my house. Would it hurt her if I tried switching to feeding her in the morning instead of in the evening? Thanks.

  • My dog has blood in his stool and small yellow things around his anus.

    My 12 year old dog has small yellow "things" around his anus and tail. They don't look like worms. Also recently I noticed a small amount of blood in his stool. Thanks for answering!

  • My cat is sneezing, can I give her Benadryl?

    Can I give my cat (about 9 years old and about 10 lbs) a small amount of benedryl for her sneezing? Today I counted 20 sneezes when she woke from her overnight sleep. So, i am wondering if giving here a small amount of benedryl will help her?

  • Runny eye

    I have 2 cats, a male and female. The male seems to have a continual runny eye. It doesn't seem to bother him but I would like to know if there is anything I can do for him. Can I use regular eye drops for him to sooth his eye? He will be 2 years old in Jan, 2011. She is already 2. They have been together all of his life. HELP. I don't know what to do for him. They are indoor cats.

  • Cat allergies

    I have a foster cat who came from a feral colony. After living with us for a few months, she started licking herself excessively. She went to a few vets, all saying "allergies". She went to friend's home for food trial (grain free) and did great - came home, same food - but immediately started licking. So now, three days since she is home, she has raw patches, squinty eyes and intensive scratching around ears. How can we manage this condition besides giving her prednisone shots all her life?

  • Fluid membrane on kitten's eye lid

    My kitten is about 12 weeks old, this am I saw that her eye had a little bit of a yellow discharge from the inner corner of her left eye. She also is keeping it closed whenever possible. I looked at her eye and underneath both her upper and lower eyelid there is what looks like what I could only describe as a fluid filled bubble. She is much more loving than usual, she is normally quite independent. Should I be worried? And should I get her to the vet ASAP? Should I quarantine her brother?

  • My dog had a seizure after a walk-what was the cause?

    My 12 yr old lab went into a seizure or stroke after a walk. She had pulse rate of 200 for over 90 minutes, and very low blood pressure, with no color in her gums and tongue. The vet had to keep her on oxygen for her not to be in seizure. What could have caused this?

  • My dog is itching the scabs on his stomach.

    My Golden Retriever has black flaky scabs on his tummy, what could it be? He's scratching in that area too.

  • Dog pain in shoulder-what are the causes

    We have a 6 mo old 1/2 lab 1/2 golden retriever. Our vet said that sometimes when large breeds are growing, the cartilage is soft in the joints and they can get a "flap" or area that causes pain. Can you give me more information about this condition and treatment options.

  • Why doesn't my kitten poop solid stools?

    My 1 month old male kitten's mother disappeared. Now it cant poop.When it does poop liquid just runs out of his bright red butt.Me and my mom feed it Special Kitty Starter wet food.When his mom first disappeared we fed it Puppy Milk Replacer, but then we switched to Kitten Milk Replacer and Special Kitty Starters .Last week his brother died and I don't want that to happen to him. So why does the kitten not poop solidly? Also how would I fix that ? Help!

  • Dog is panting excessively and has a bad cough

    My 14 year old black lab has been panting excessively and has developed a bad cough. She does have arthritis and displaysia. Is there any way to tell if she is in severe pain?

  • Should I give a nursing dog milk?

    I read that pregnant dogs should not have extra calcium. Can I give her milk after her puppies are born?

  • Why does my dog have eye problems?

    She has red swollen eyes with a yellowish discharge, and also bumps on her lower lip. She is also NOT eating like normal. We also have two Cocker Spanials, all are inside pets. The Cockers have NO issues, and haven't ever had any other health issues.

  • My two year old spayed mix dog, her belly is red and looks irritated.

    Female dog nipples I have a two year old spayed mix. Her belly is red and looks irritated. And her bottom two nipples are leaking a clear fluid. I have never notice this before.I tried to touch her belly but she really doesnt want to let me touch it. She Keeps trying to lick hersef and I am trying to not let her. What should I do?

  • What to do for a dog with heavy breathing?

    My German Shepherd bitch pulled a plastic container with some cooked mince off of the side today and ate it. She chewed the plastic and now is breathing heavier than normal. She is very quiet and laying down (which is normal) but she is breathing heavily? She doesn't seem to be in pain when i touch her tummy or anything? Is she ok?

  • What do I do for a dog with a hernia?

    What do I do for a dog with a hernia? His belly button has a bump.

  • My dog has developed a small white lump on the outside of his ear

    lump on dogs ear My 6 yr old great dane mix has developed a small white lump on the outside of his ear closer to the base its gotten a little bigger in size since we first noticed it and is hard. Is this something I should worry about or just leave? Any ideas about what it could be?>??

  • My dog is pregnant and her milk seems to be drying up

    my dog is pregnant and her milk seems to be drying up whats wrong I just rescued a basset hound and she is pregnant and they told me she would deliver anyday now. She had milk and was sagging three days ago, but now she seems to be drying up. What could be wrong with her?

  • My dogs ear feels like he has a huge lump

    Large lump on dogs ear I touched my dogs ear and it feels like he has a huge lump that seems filled with fluid. It is sensative. What could have caused this?

  • My 5yr old lab dog has just started laying down to eat

    We have a 5 yr old lab. He has just started laying down to eat, is this a problem or could it be a sign of a problem? We have noticed that he is laying down to eat now. This has not been something that he has done in the past. Could this be a sign of a problem?

  • Hoping for infection vs Cancer on my 4yr old lab dog

    about a month a go my 4 year old chocolate lab was straining while having a bowel movement and I noticed excess red skin hanging out. They took x-rays and all was clear no tumors or signs of cancer. For the past month she has been under the care of a friend. To my dismay the excess skin had never gone back in and now she has fist size swollen lymph nodes!!! Her eyes are blood shot and her local vet said it was lymphoma and only gave her 3 months of life left. could it be an infection?

  • My cat's skin seems really dry and she is itching her head

    what can i do about my cat's skin since we moved my cat's skin seems really dry and she is itching her head til it causes scabs and she is pulling the hair out on her back by her tail. Conditioning sprays and baths with special shampoo don't seem to help. Now my other cat is doing the same thing. Do they have something?

  • Why is my cat having trouble breathing

    Why is my kitty having trouble breathing She was sneezing and her eyes was watering and she had like water spit coming from her mouth did she eat something bad? will she die?

  • What are the bumps on my dogs head that turn into scabs

    I am giving her Tameril-P for the lesions and itching. Two tablets twice a day. She is a white & tan Staffordshire Terrier with a terrible itch problem. She itches on all the rugs & anything she can get relief from. I have also tried numerous medicated shampoos. When will she get better?

  • My cat screams for no apparent reason

    Cat is 18 yrs old, starts screaming as if in terrible pain, but is not. She is usually sitting up and stops screaming whenever anyone walks into the room.

  • I touched a bite on my dog should I also get vaccinated

    I wanted to know that if I touched a bite on my pet (pet is vaccinated) should I also get vaccination. My dog who is vaccinated got a bite yesterday from an unknown dog. I had to clean it and treat him. My kids also unknowingly must have touched the bite as it is on the left lip. Just want to know should we all get vaccinated.

  • My dog has a red inflamed pimple like sore near his anus?

    What could this be? The inflammation is about pea size and is red and weepy. He keeps licking the area?

  • I suspect my cat is under stress for something, what should I do?

    We moved our two Egyptian Mau to Thailand recently. The move was smooth with no problems. Two days ago the female, usually extremely sociable, started to meow and walking back and forth. The local vet says there is no physical problem. Trying to think of a probable cause, someone trying to snatch her (she is very beautiful and rare), a wild animal, the monsoon weather. Now she refuse to go inside the house. Should I let her sit under a bush, like she has for 2 days? Maybe try SOS-spray? Lena

  • Can group g strep infection in cats can be passed on to humans

    I was wondering if group g strep infection in cats can be passed on to humans, and if so is it transmitted via saliva? I was wondering if group g strep infection in cats can be passed on to humans, and if so is it transmitted via saliva?

  • My 13yr old cat may have cancer, what can I do?

    My cat is 13. I took her to the vet and she has lost 2 lbs. They tested for hyperthyroidism and the test was neg. they said her kidney function was borderline and that it is probably cancer. they said there would be no reason to test because of her age. it does not seem good enough. i switched her to indoor dry cat and bottled water in the spring but she is back on tap now. she gets 1/2 can fancy feast eaceh night. Her appetite has been fine. I just do not want to give up on my girl. Thx

  • My 3 month old puppy was diagnosed with Kennel Cough

    Kennel Cough Hello! My 3 month old puppy was diagnosed with Kennel Cough almost a month ago, and has been on medication (antibiotic and antihistmene) ever since. His cough seems to be getting worse, not better. He still has a healthy appetite and is very playful. Other than the cough, it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all. But he is hacking pretty violently, and it is increasing in frequency. Shouldn't it be better by now???

  • I have a female cat and all she does is bite and scratch us

    aggressive cat i have a 3 month old female cat and all she does is bite and scratch us, we cant even pick her up because as soon as you get close enough she attacks us. what can i do?

  • What to do about a declawed cat with torn stitches?

    We have a kitten that had his front claws removed on Tuesday. He managed to get one of his paws through his soft cone last night and when I got him this morning,his right front paw had dried blood on it. He has blood on his cone and it is on the carpet, his couch and bed. It is just little spots, but he is so little that it seems like a lot. He is walking on it, but gingerly. The vets office is closed and I'm just wondering if I can put something on his paw to keep it from being infected.

  • My dogs leg is broken. Can I give her aspirin?

    My dog has a cast on her leg and hip, can I give her aspirin for the pain. She is a small terrier, only about 3lbs.

  • Why is my dog not eating?

    My american bulldog 12 human years old, will not eat on her own. I have to hand feed her boneless chicken and she has lost 25 to 30 lbs. Please help.

  • Is the ongoing dosage of Revolution adequate to kill fleas quickly?

    Or shall I take additional action such as Capstar? My dog regularly takes Revolution exactly as prescribed. I believe she has picked up a flea(s) during a veterinary visit yesterday.

  • My 5 year old spaniel mix has strange skin lesions. What are they?

    On her belly. they are circular, various sizes, and recurrently scab over, seem to be healing, then show up with scabs again. She's the only animal in the house who has these spots and they don't seem to be bothering her. But the fact that more of them are showing up is starting to worry me. I would very much like at least an idea as to what is causing her strange spots. she's had them for a couple weeks.

  • Why does my 6 month blue pit have green discharge from penis?

    He is having a slight lite green discharge that I have noticed for the last couple days. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

  • Can humans gets earmites from dogs?

    my dog has earmites and i was wondering of humans can get them.

  • Outside Bulldog has dry cracking nose

    dog dry crackin nose outside bulldog has dry crackin possible mold lookin stuf on it

  • Our 11.5 year old yellow lab dog has arthritis in both hips

    Liver Infection Our 11 and 1/2 year old yellow lab has arthritis in both hips. She has been taking Prevacox. She recently had a blood test to check for liver damage and it came back with elevated white blood cells and elevated hepatic values. She has been put on two antibiotics for two weeks and will then have another blood test. Could the Prevacox have caused the infection or are we looking at something much more serious with the liver?

  • Sudden severe limp in both back legs of my dog

    Sudden, severe limp in both back legs of Boxer. This started a week after a dental cleaning, 2 days after dental had high fever for a day. Our 11yr old boxer developed a slight limp in his left leg one night after slipping off the couch, the next morning he couldn't use it. The knee was very swollen and painful. A week later his right knee swelled up and was painful. He couldn't use either leg and all x-rays showed very little arthritis, acl fine. After a couple of weeks of laser therapy his left knee was better and he was walking but right is still swollen. Now his left knee is swollen again two night after last session.

  • Does anyone recognize this red black skin problem with my dog?

    I have 8mo. 1/2 Akita 1/2 Shiba Inu, loyal family member that has had a skin problem for over 4 months. She has redish, puss-filled pimples are around her neck, belly, and inner thighs with surrounding areas of dry black skin that loses hair. (pictures avaiable)I am located in China and she has seen a local vet 4x that says it may be mites, then gave us medication that did not stop the problem. She still has the same amount of red pimples and the black balding areas are growing. Please help.

  • While cutting off a fur ball I cut my cat


  • Why are my cat's eyes swollen?

    My cat is is sick. I'm not sure what's wrong with him. His eyes are really swollen and he looks like he's crying; his nose is stuffed up and he keeps sneezing. What's wrong with him ?

  • Is this dog cancer?

    My 6 year old pit bull has developed a mass/tumor beside one of her nipples. I took her to the Vet and they wanted to perform surgery on her. The surgery is really expensive and if it is just a tumor, I don't want to do the surgery. On the other hand, we just noticed another mass/tumor on the top of her shoulder. Could she have more than 1 mass/tumor and it not be cancer? If it is cancer, how long after the tumor appears should it be before she starts "going down hill"?

  • How do I make my dog stop gnawing on things?

    We have a year old chihuahua-terrier mix that will lay down and "gnaw" on bed clothes or pillows or even his own paws, with his front teeth only, and will leave huge wet spots when he is done, like he has been drooling. What causes this behavior and should we be concerned?

  • Are goji berries toxic to dogs?

    My dog is an 8 yr old English Staffordshire Terrier. Thanks. -C

  • My dog just got a tumor removed on his abdomen

    PLEASE HELP ME! My dog just got a tumor removed on his abdomen, he is now having diarrhea and throwing up. what is wrong? the diarrhea came before the vomiting. the tumor had split open and we therefore had it removed. We were told that there was no problem having it removed. coughdrop was fine throughout the 2 weeks until we had the stitches removed. that day he had diarrhea. But i do not understand why this would happen. The problems have been going on for about 3 days now! i am very scared!

  • Yellowish mucus coming from my 2.5 month old lab dogs nose

    should I be worried about the yellowish mucus coming from my 2 1/2 month old labs nose? We just brought home a new lab/mix pup (2 1/2 mths old) from the humane society 3 days ago. She is sleeping alot, and we have noticed a yellowish mucus discharge coming from her nose. Should we be worried about this?

  • I have a new puppy which shots do I need to get him

    if my puppy has had a neopar, galaxy 5 way, panacur and ivomec shot which others does it need, if any? I have a new puppy that I need to know which shots I need to get him still, if he still needs any. So I was wondering if there is a series to the shots he has already received or if he needs more or not?

  • My chihuahua dog has a lump underneath both her eyes what is it?

    i just happened to look at her face and there is a bump on each side right under her eyes . they are swollen my step dad says it might be her sinuses but i just want to make sure... please help me =[

  • Maltese dog looks like he has a blood clot

    maltese looks like he has a blood clot and looks like blood is going in eye not sure if I need to go in and get it looked at

  • I have a kitten with goopy eyes and a dry and scabby nose.

    I have a kitten about 5 month old. When I got him found out he came from a stray mom or he was a stray. He seems to be perfectly fine. runs and plays constantly and eats consistantly. the only problem is he has goopy eyes and a rough kind of scally, scabby nose. I clean his eyes usually daily. He doesnt have fully formed upper eyelids either. What could this be and should I be worried about my 5 year old getting what he has?

  • Wht are these bumps on my dog?

    They're the same color as her skin and I wanted to see if they were harmful. One of my friends said that they were where a fly had laid eggs in her skin but I'm not for sure that's it.

  • Why is my dog losing weight

    why is my dog losing weight, he eats, just not much, and drinks(not liquor, just h2o), and seems depressed, but is still alert and comfortable??? weight loss

  • What is wrong with my cats health?

    My cat has significant weight loss and his coat has thinned tremendously. He is also depressed. But other than that he is in good shape. What could be causing this?

  • Cat constipation problem. What can I do?

    What to do for a constipated cat?

  • What can I do to prevent inflamed pancreatic with a dog

    inflamed pancreatic what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

  • My dog was injured from a dog fight, How to treat it?

    my dog was injured whin he got fight with a big dog,he have a big scar in his side,what should i do?can i steach his scar? og need steach

  • My dogs left side of his face and lips have drooped

    Ask A Vet? i have a staffie dog almost 10yrs old.The left side of his face and lips have drooped,with bottom lip protuding near corner of mouth,and seems to have trouble moving about.What is wrong and how much to fix.

  • My cat is limping, unsure if it's just a simple sprain.

    Kitten limping.My kitten is limping due to her front leg's elbow, and is now just laying around semi asleep It only started two days ago and am unsure if it's just a simple sprain.

  • My cats BUN is elevated (44) but her creatinine is normal?

    What does mean if my cats BUN is elevated (44) but her creatinine is normal? What does mean if my cats BUN is elevated (44) but her creatinine is normal? Actually most of her CBC and Chem are normal. Eosinophils high 3636 and plts low 101. Her UA was also normal but she is drinking A LOT more than normal and urinating very large amounts of dilute urine that hardly has a "pee" smell. She is eating and pooping :) But acting slightly lethargic and just not herself. She is 15 years old old.

  • My 3 year old female dog hasn't been herself for a few weeks

    three year old female Doberman high ALT Hello, My 3 year old female Doberman hasn't been herself for a few weeks. My Vet did a blood panel and her ALT was 1156 (normal for this lab 12-118). Other values were normal AST high normal. Bile acids test was normal pre and very slightly (single digit) elevated post. Ultrasound showed normal gall bladder, very slightly enlarged spleen and liver. The spleen and liver looked very normal. Nothing else looked unusal. Her activity level is slightly decreased.Any help appreciated, Donna

  • My bull dog has a habit of swaying her head back and forth

    My 7 month old American bull dog has a habit of swaying her head back and forth from side to side quite often except when she is busy or sleeping My pup stands and sways her head back and forth when she is outside mostly. I can call her and she stops. She has started this after she was spayed at 5 months. For the most part she is pretty calm for a pup. She did get in the bushes to do it but now she does it most anywhere.

  • My 15yr old dog has stopped eating his favorite food

    MY DOGS BEHAVIOR HAS RECENTLY CHANGED My dog is a 15 year old beagle. In the last week he has stopped eating his favorite foods unless we feed him by hand. He appears to be having trouble walking and has difficulty gettnig up the back 4 steps to get back into the house. When he does go outside, he just lays on the grass or concrete. His intake of water has been more than cut in half. He apprear to be having some difficulty walking. He no longer barks when someone comes to te door.Is this just old age or should I be concerned. Mark

  • My pug dog has constipation, how can we cure this?

    My pug has constipation and we normally cur ewith milk and bacon grease just a lil and she wont eat or go potty how can we cure this with her... She is 6 years old and we are worried about her and gonna take two weeks to see her vet...

  • My puppy has sarcopis mange.. how can i get rid it off of me?

    hi? my puppy has sarcopis mange.. i got some itch off my arm .. how can i get rid it off me? i got some itch off my arm .. how can i get rid it off me?

  • What antibiotics to give my dog to prevent infection

    Ask A Vet? My dog was fixed n vet clinic didnt give antibiotics. I want to give her something to prevent or cure possible infection, what can I give her?

  • My dog keeps biting her feet raw every summer! What's wrong?

    She's 2 years old and every summer she's been biting her feet raw. We've tried everything including taking her to the vet. They do not know how to help though. We put her in a cone but she's miserable. We've tried many kinds of medicine, benadryl, cream from over the internet, powder that removes bugs, bleaching all blankets, and many tests. We believe it's a grass allergy, but have no idea how to fix it. Help!

  • My two cats have elevated creatine levels.

    My two 8 year old cats have elevated creatine levels (2.8). Their BUN is normal and other lab work normal. If I feed them nothing but Scence Diet c/d from now on - will their creatine level return to normal? Is kidney damage repairable with special diet?

  • What is the mortality rate for dogs bitten by a rattlesnakes

    What is mortality rate for dogs bitten by diamondback rattlesnakes Dog bitten on knee; no veterinarian care

  • Why does my dog that refuse to bark?

    See above.

  • What can I do for my dog who wipes her rear on the carpet?

    My 7 year old miniature poodle is dragging her rear on the carpet. What can I do?

  • Can a dog bite cause a human to get hepatitis?

    Can a dog bite to a human cause the human to get any form of hepatitis?

  • My dog's penis has a slighly greyish discharge, is this normal?

    I noticed that my male Shitzu (2 years old) has been licking his penis more often than usual. Upon inspection, I noticed that he has a grayish milky discharge. It's not a lot, but seems unusual to me.

  • What are these bumps on my dog?

    My dog has bumps all over her body; they itch her like crazy. I gave her Benadryl and it helps with the itching but the bumps are still there and she's had them for a few days.

  • My dog's eye was hit. Is it serious?

    My standard poodle got hit in the eye and it is a little bit cloudy, but she is acting normal. How soon do we need to get her to her vet?

  • Can I give my dog pain medicine for his urinary tract infection?

    I have not taken him to the vet yet, but I will in the morning. He is whimpering loudly while urinating and has had blood in his urine. He was given pain medication for and injury a few weeks ago and I didn't know if it was good to give him one of those to help with his discomfort.

  • Is kaopectate safe to give a dog with diarhea?

    My old dog has diarrhea. I have a vet appointment in 2 days; in the meantime, can I give him Kaopectate to help control it?

  • Why does my dog have diarrhea?

    What can we do to help a 2 month old Pitbull that has diarrhea and is constantly shaking? The dog has fleas; we got rid of them. What can we do?

  • What can I do for a cat with a nose that is stuffed up?

    I have a very small Bengal Cat that constantly has a stuffy nose. She has been checked out and I was told she has allergies. Is there anything I can give her to clear up the mucus in her nose?

  • My dog ingested a small amount of oxycontin

    Ask A Vet?Question: if a dog ingested a small amount of oxyctton and need to b reieved what do i do/? Question: if a dog ingested a small amount of Oxycontin and need to b reieved what do i do/? Question detail: 4 lb yorkie i induse vomiting and give fluids and keep him warm and stimulate him.

  • Why is my dog losing weight so fast?

    Rapid Weight loss in Dog: My 10 yo basset girl is rapidly losing weight. She has lost 10 lbs over the summer (all blood work normal also). She has lost 3lbs in the last week!). Our vet suggested a switch to food higher in fat and protein, and adding probiotics.Upon examination of the yard, she is having loose stools. Should we panic yet? get a 2nd opinion? She is very happy and her behavior has not changed.

  • What is a good diet for a cat that is Siamese?

    I need this for my project about a Flame point Siamese cat. What foods are best?

  • Why is my dog crying lately?

    My dog has started whimpering/crying quite a bit the last few days. She walks around in circles and whimpers and then lays down. What could be wrong?

  • My cat is vomitting, losing weight, and has a decreased appetite.

    Hi. My cat, Smokey, is 10 years old. He has been in good health until recently. He is a big cat and has always been slightly overweight. His symptoms came on relatively quickly and became progressively worse. I took him to his veterinarian, however, tests were inconclusive. His symptoms include the following: gulping, vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite (still eating, but limited). He began by gulping (hard swallowing), then would occasionally cough (as if a hairball was present) -Can you please share your professional thoughts on uncertain diagnosis and persistent symptoms for my cat?

  • Is homeopathy for dogs effective?

    Do any scientifically-rigorous studies suggest the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies for dogs?

  • Question on Ivermectin treatment with my Jack Russel dog

    We have a jack russell puppy who was diagnosed with demodectic mange three weeks ago. At the time, it was limited to his hind legs and tail. He was prescribed daily doses of ivermectin and since that time the mange has spread to his face, rib cage, and under belly. Is this normal once treatment has begun?

  • My dog is 14 years old, she has a lump in her breast

    My female dog destiny is 14 year old. She had a lupm in her breast cwthe size if an inch 4 years ago but it had not spread. the vet said she was too old for surgery. Her lump is now abot 9inches, on physical examination has not spread and she is eating, walking and cheerful. Except that in the mornings she cannot walk, slips and I have to massage her legs to get her going after which she is fine. What should I do? the local vet said to wait and watch as she is to old for surgery.

  • Can you give valbazen to cats or a 8 month old kitten?

    i have a kitten that is 8 months old and has developed owrms. can you give valbazen and ivomec to kittens that age? and if so how much? Thanks for your help

  • My dog recently had shots but now has diarrhea

    My golden retrievers have diarea, and they had their shots a week ago. is this related with the shots or is it something else? they dont have blood in it just a liquid mixed with dog poop, i guess

  • My Great Dane got into a bag of her dog food and over ate

    My Great Dane got into a bag of her dog food (Natural Balance). I'm not sure how much she ate but it was a decent amount. She threw up a couple times last night so I held her from eating for about 16 hours and slowly gave her food. She was fine yesterday but threw up twice tonight. I am startingthe bland diet tomorrow but is there anything else I can do? We don't have tow worry much about bloat. She's been pecked (sp?).

  • My cat won't walk on his back legs

    my friend found him this morning dragging his back to legs. he moves his tail in only slight ways. He's outdoor cat but he has no wounds from a fight. he won't jump at al Whats wrong with him? Thank you so much if you can help

  • What is the usage of pisiform pad in cats' front feet?

    I wonder why cats have pisifrom pads at the back of front wrists? And why not at the back feet also?

  • My cat has nasal lymphoma, should I go with aggressive treatment?

    My 6 year old cat has nasal lymphoma, should I go forward with aggressive treatment?I am having trouble deciding whether to treat my cat. Her lymphoma is localized to the nasal cavity. The radiation oncologist suggests 6 weeks of radiation, and 25 weeks of chemotherapy. That is approximately 7 months of weekly vet visits. An IV every time, multiple anesthetics, and the side effects/complications that go along with this serious treatment. It seems like too much to put her through. Even with a good prognosis, she can't tell me how is she is suffering or what she is feeling.

  • Does my 17 years old bichon dog have a brain tumor?

    Does my 17 y/o bichon have a brain tumor? She had her first seizure at age 12. It was violent and she "screamed" a loud and high pitched yelp. At the vet hospital, she had another of the same about 2 hours later. She was put on phenobarbitol and has not had another seizure since then. She is now 17.10 years old. Her gait has a skip of the front legs and the back legs are weak and unsteady. She has a wide stance, like Bambi when he was born.Her appetite is good, vision and hearing has been impaired since her seizures. Is this a tumor?

  • my cat is having trouble with passing urine

    queen cat urine problem? my cat is having troubles with passing urine,she's going on cat tray put only passing drops of urine,

  • My cat has his head cock sideways and seems unstable

    just been getting worse by the day

  • My dogs tummy is looking really swollen and tight.

    Pot Belly in older dog My 13 year old span x lab had an operation two months ago to remove large lump between front legs on tummy.The vet thought it was cancerous,she also lost a lot of blood during the operation, which they thought may be due to the disease. She recovered well from the op, but has since steadily got fatter and fatter 2.5 kilo since the op, on the same amount of food. Her tummy is swollen looking and tight. She is always hungry, mostly bright in manner, but has some quite days when she just sleeps.?

  • My pregnant cat is bleeding, and has stopped eating

    she started bleeding a week ago and stopped eating,since we dont have good vets in our area my doctor dad gave here a course of antibiotics which immediately stopped the bleeding the next day, but she hasnt resumed eating,although she's alert n active but still im worried

  • My 8 year old Boxer dog, was just diagnosed with cruciate ligament

    My 8 year old Boxer, was just diagnosed with cruciate ligament r. The surgery he wants to perform is very expensive and I wanted to know if this surgery is worth performing? He says they go in cut the bone, reposition and install a meltal plate.

  • I just discovered a fluid filled sack that seems like a cyst in my dog

    fluid filled like cyst around my chihuahuas armpit I just discovered a fluid filled sack that seems like a cyst in my chihuahuas armpit. it's move able and doesn't seem attached or hard. is this harmful?

  • My dog has a white lump that formed over her inner ear

    my dog has a size of a pea hard white lump that formed over several weeks on he inner ear what could this be what would cause this and what is it

  • My dog's nose seems to be crusting over the opening

    My minature schnauzer is 14 years old and we've noticed his nose seems to be crusting over the opening - sort of closing in. Is his ages causing this?

  • Our six week old kitten is running a fever of 106 degrees

    What is wrong with our six week old kitten? Our six week old kitten is running a fever of 106 degrees. We took him to the vet today and they couldn't find anything wrong with him. His muscles are giving out on him, and he can no longer stand or walk around on his own. The blood tests they took for him have come back normal. His two brothers and mother seem to be just fine, and are moving around like they usually do. He's always been the slowest of all three kittens. Do you have any idea what could be wrong with him?

  • My dog ate chocolate and is now very bloated what can I do?

    Is there something I can do for my dog who ate chocolate (among other things) and who is so bloated that he now looks pregnant?

  • Can a dog spread hepatitis B by clawing someone

    can a dog claw a person with hepatitis b and then claw someone else and that person come infected heptitis b

  • Why does my dog have sores on top of his head and in his ears?

    Ask A Vet? went to feed my golden retriever tonight and noticed bumps on his head. after looking closer they are scabs. thgen i looked and on the inside of his ears are the same way

  • My dog started yelping every time she gets up from laying down

    My 4 1/2yr old GSD is some type of pain My 4 1/2yr old GSD started yelping every time she gets up from laying down. I also noticed she may whine while laying down even while sleeping. It just started yesterday after she ate at her usual time around 4-5pm. After bout 2hrs.or so I opened the door to let her out when the loud yelping occurred. This is the first time and she's do her next heat soon. Shes never been mated. Pls help Thank U

  • Does my dog have cancer?

    My dog has a small bump on her back side, the size of a bug bite. I am worried because of all the talk about boxers and Caner, should I be concerned?

  • how common is a floating dog bladder post surgery surgery?

    Have you ever heard of the bladder floating after surgery and adhering to area of surgery which creates a hole in the bladder? Hence the bladder leaks, fills the dogs inside with leakage of fluid and eventually takes the life of the dog. Just didn't know if this is common or not. Very sad situation!!

  • Is there a one-time treatment for demodectic mange, or is it a lifetime maintenance issue?

    I have a red-nosed pitbull terrier. I am seeing little bald spots here and there, including one on his tail. I have another dog and they play rough. Some of the bald spots have noticeable little cuts from the dogs playing. But, not on the other spots. If my dog has demodectic mange is there a one-time cure? If not, what kind of treatment would the pup require and would it be a lifetime treatment? Thank you.

  • What can we do about this rash on my dog?

    My dog has a bad rash on his stomach. We just had a pool put in. do you think this could have something to do with the rash? What can I give him to get rid of the rash?

  • My dog ate a ace bandage. What do I do?

    My golden retriever ate a ace bandage. What do I do?

  • How does a histiocytoma behave as it heals?

    I believe my dog has one on his back (appeared out of nowhere as a red hairless bump with slightly bumpy texture; no pain or irritation). It appears to have lost the red and is not oozing a bit. Any suggestions? Worth a vet visit or is this how they heal? Thanks in advance!

  • Why is my dog constipated and uncomfortable?

    He is not eating and only drinking water. He has been trying to poop for the last 5 hours and is moving rather slowly and is restless. What is wrong?

  • Why is my neutered male cat spraying?

    In the past 2 years my 10 year old neutered male cat has begun randomly spraying in various areas around the house. About a year ago my boyfriend and his infant son moved in with me and the spraying became a daily occurrence targeted at their stuff. I have taken him to my vet who tried him on Amiltryptiline, which didn't work - he got grouchy and peed anyway. Feliway doesn't work, either with him (he goes and remarks within 1-2 hours). I don't want to put him down or give him up. What can i do?

  • Could a suden dog cyst be cancer?

    Our Domindem Pitcher has a lump or cyst on her rectum it appeared within 24 hours, any ides what could have caused it?

  • Why is my dog urinating frequently?

    I have a 10 month old Yorkie, he seems to constantly have to urinate and it's driving me crazy. He is kept in a crate while I am at work and has a hamster like drinking water holder in his crate. As soon as I come home from work I take the water away but he is still constantly having to go. Am I giving him too much freedom of water or should I eliminate it to a certain amount? Right now he is 9.2 pounds. What is the appropriate amount of water he should have per day?

  • Will my cat have pregnancy problems?

    Does a big tom cat breeding a small female cause birthing problems? We have a young female that is rather small and our tom is on the large size if they breed is she likely to have problems delivering?

  • Should I wait to spay my dog?

    A recent study showed that Rotties spayed before a year have a 1 in 4 chance of bone Sarcoma. Breeders say to delay spay of giant breeds until the dog turns 1. I don't really want to go through heat with a giant breed dog ever again. But I want to do what is best for my dog. Spay now, or in a few months?

  • What will happen to my dog after surgery?

    We have just been told our German short haired Pointer of 8 years needs to have lumbo-sacral distraction operation. We know something has to be done but are unsure of the risks involved. Do you know of any history of the operation making him more uncomfortable afterward or nerves being caught that give him more pain? I would love your opinion.

  • Why does my 7 month old dog lick fabric?

    I have a 7 month old Corgi/Chihuahua mix puppy. She is constantly licking fabric, whether it is the side of the couch, a pillow case, my sheets, my clothes, etc. She doesn't chew, just licks. Any idea on why? It is driving me crazy.

  • What do I feed a dog with kidney's disease?

    My 15 year old dog has kidney diseases and I am giving her LV under the skin 3 times a week. The problem is she does not want to eat any kind of dog food, she begs at our dinner table for our food. What can I feed her? I have tried every dog food on the market and she will NOT eat.

  • What to do for cat lymphoma?

    My cat was diagnosed with lymphoma in the throat. He is 10 years old. How do you know when or if he is in remission and for how long after the cat goes into remission do you continue to administer the chemo and cortisone therapy?

  • Why does my dog have a swollen nipple?

    What is that cyst that has grown out of the side of our dog's nipple? The nipple was swollen but not open. In the last 3-4 days it has grown in size and actually appears to have "exited" the body out of the side of the nipple. We are contacting our vet; however, I have been unemployed since summer and my spouse is retired. We have always cared very well for our pets but were wondering if you had ever seen or heard of this activity before? Urgent, please respond quickly.

  • Any advice on a lower protein homemade diet for a dog

    Dear Vet: Elevated ALT & Low Protein Homemade Diet My 7-year old female Walker Coonhound has had an elevated ALT for 6 months. Range varies from 158-400, usually in mid-300s. Tried lower protein dry kibble and Denamarin. No change. Could you advise a lower protein homemade diet I could make for her? The commercial and prescription kibbles have too high of a protein level, and the ones that are lower have inferior ingredients. All other blood panel levels are completely normal and she has no signs of liver or other disease. Thank you!

  • My dog's neck has swollen glands, what's going on??

    I have noitced my vizsla has swollen glands on both sides of his neck. They about the size of an egg. He is still eating, but wines like a typical Vizsla. He's very active for 10 years old. Will this go away by themselves or is a vet visit required?

  • Why is my 12 year old dog coughing?

    Lady has been coughing and now her face and neck are swollen with labored breathing. She still eats a small amount and drinks. What could be her problem?

  • My dog is itching and scratching until the skin gets raw

    I have a brindle boxer that was born with demodex manges in her bloodline. She was treated and has been fine for the last 4 1/2 years. Recently we had to put our 10 year old Japanese Akita to sleep, due to her overwhelming health problems. The two were very close. About 6 weeks ago, she started itching & scratching at a constant rate. She's raw in areas including front paws, left side of abdomen & chest area. She can't stop nipping at her paws. Bathed her in hydrocort shamp/lotion. Please help

  • Is the locking jaw mechinism in dogs a myth?

    I have a lab and pit bull mix and my new apartment won't allow him because they are afraid he has locking jaws. Does he?

  • Does trans dermal prednisone cause more bone softening than oral administration in cats?

    I have a 17 year old cat with daily vomiting & weight loss. Other drugs tried. Most recently prescribed is Prednisone? Told that trans dermal causes bone softening more than oral forms. Is this so? If so, over what period of time?

  • My dog is having some bleeding from her rectum

    I have a 6 year old mini schnauser she is having some bleeding from her rectum we took her to a vet and the doctor said that it wasen't her anal glands the doctor also said that she has very little bactera in her stool but treated her with Epinephrine to slow if not stop the bleeding what else could it be please

  • What can I do for a dog with a brain tumor?

    If a dog has a brain tumor, can Phenobarbitol prevent seizures or just reduce the number of seizures. Can Phenobarbitol prevent gran mal seizures? Or does it just reduce the possibility of a seizure? Are brain tumors common?

  • Why are my dog's paws blistering?

    I've got a dog, pointer/weimeraner mixed. Her paws blister, peel, and then scab over. The process then repeats. No fleas, and she is indoors. No one around here has a clue what it is! Please help. She can't even walk because it hurts her. Thanks for your response!

  • What is wrong with my cat's paw?

    My cat 5 months old came into living room crying and holding paw up was in pain. Looks odd but don't think it broken. What should I do?

  • Why does my cat have no energy?

    My four month old male kitten has gone off his food, has no energy and moans when I try to pick him up. He doesn't even want me to rub his belly, please help.

  • My dog has been chewing on my Christmas Cactus

    My Scottish Terrier has be chewing on my Christmas Cactus. Do I need to do anything for her, like causing her to vomit or ? Is it poison to dogs, what do I look for...

  • My cat is having bowel troubles

    my cat is having bowel troubles for the past three days and her stool is entirely liquid. i have not changed her diet and she appears to be fine otherwise. she does not go outside. is there anything you can suggest?

  • My dog has unusual seizures... please advise!

    Hi! I have a 4mo chihuahua who is 3lbs. Two days ago she had a seizure. She was very weak, if she would sit up she would either fall to the side or her front paws would give out and she would fall forward, when she laid down her front paws would curve inward, and he entire body sort of wobbled. This lasted for about 3-4 HOURS. I brought her to the vet immediately the next morning. Her xrays and bloodwork came back negative and I was told to watch her over the next few days to see if another seiz

  • My cat has recently loss 10 pounds and not eating and lethargic

    My cat has recently loss 10 pounds and not eating and lethargic and absent stare in her eye. please let me know if the cat has worms, has been running off, the last 2 days, had to look for her.

  • My dog has a spot on his leg, been there for 3 weeks

    cancer? Hi, my st bernard/brittany mix has a spot on his leg maybe 1 1/2 inches across that almost looks black and I keep putting bitter apple on it so he stops chewing at it. It has been there for about 3 weeks that I have noticed and has not healed. Any ideas of what this is? He is an 11 y/o healthy dog. I feed him Blue Buffalo, clean water and give him lot's of exercise. He has never had a hot spot. Should he see a vet? thanks! Theresa

  • Can metcam give a dog kidney failure?

    my persian just had her right front leg amputated three days ago They prescribed buprenex and metcam for a week.Now we only give her.2of buprenex.Ampuat is a major surgery and she is depressed and seems like the medication isn't helping I read Buprenex is for mild surgeries and metcam is not fda approved and can give kidney issues. Shes been licking her rt kidney area so its raw and has been jumping up like shes been having sharp pain. do you think metcam could be giving her kidney failure?I'm going to get her a bloodtest tommorow.I feel helpless andI loveher

  • My cat has a large lump on the underside of her stomach

    My cat has a large lump on the underside of her stomach,it went away but grew back. What could it be? Is it a tumor of some kind?

  • Is it okay to put sabb on a hematoma in my dogs ear

    i put sabb on my dogs ear that the vet told me was blood clots. my dogs ear is so swollen.

  • My dog is 14 yrs old, off balanced, eyes twitching and head tilting

    my dog is 14 years old and just all of a sudden went off balanced, eyes twitching, fulling over, and tilting his head what could it be? my dog is 14 years old and just all of a sudden went off ballenced, eyes twitching, fulling over, and tilting his head what could it be? He seems to be fine in all other aspects eg; eating, drinking, wanting to play.

  • Umbilical hernia is getting larger, more dangerous for my dog

    How do I know if an umbilical hernia is getting larger or more dangerous for my dog? Are there ways so that it doesn't worsen? My puppy was born with an umbilical hernia. It has steadily grown but I attributed it to his growth as well. Now I think that it may be getting more serious. How can I assess this and prevent it from worsening as I live in a rural community in LAO PDR and don't have access to any veterinary surgeons till about December this year. Any suggestions?

  • How much valium can I give to my 4lb Yorkie dog?

    how much valium can i give to my 4lb Yorkie? I need to knock him out completely to pull some really bad teeth and trim him too if I can. My Yorkie is 4 lbs and puts up a horrible fight when I try to clip his nails or cut his hair. I have to pull several really bad teeth and give him a hair cut but I need to knock him completely to get this done. I have some valium. How much valiiun can I give to him without hurting him or killing him? Thank You!

  • My dogs stomach is rock hard and he's shaking really bad

    My dogs stomach is rock hard and he's shaking really bad and cries when he gets picked up. What's wrong with him? He's eating, drinking, and using the bathroom fine.

  • Would i be able to give my dog 25 mg of celebrex? he's 48lbs.

    my dog had stomach problems a few weeks ago from eating a rawhide. Took him to the vet and ran every test they could. Everything came back negative so they prescibed him pain meds and a blad diet, which seemed to work. A few days ago he got into my bathroom garbage. He's still having bowel movements but seems to have an upset stomach again. I don't get paid for another week and can't take him to a vet till then. Please keep my e-mail confidential.-Rebecca

  • Does my cat have cancer, bleeds from his gums, swollen lymph nodes

    Does my cat have cancer if he keeps bleeding from his gums and has swolen lymph nodes? i have a male cat who is about 14 months old. I had him sterilized about a month ago. he was sent home still groggy and escaped from his basket and stumbled on the stairs. there was a little blood in his mouth and the next day he was fine and normal. Around ten days later he developed some bleeding from his mouth. His gums appeared black and swollen as if there were clots in them. I took him to the vet thinking this was a complication of the fall. The vet cleaned his mouth and gave him a shot of antibiotics twice over three days. However the bleeding did not stop. My husband is a doctor and thought we can give him clindamycin and prednisone for a week.The vet had also given him vitamin k but it did not help. Neither did our prednisone and clindamycine.He also had swollen lymph glands in the inner thighs and his neck.In addition he developed a red spot on the back of his shoulders as if his skin was breaking down and one of his back legs became really swolen but did not seem to hurt if touched or pressed gently. so we went back to the vet who suggested a blood test. The cat had a low platelet count and in addition anemia with a haemoglobin count of 5. he also had raised number of lymphocytes . his liver function and creatnine were normal. The vet then started giving him oxytetracycline shots and prednisone shots. these were given for five days. He stopped bleeding from his mouth but had rectal bleeding. we felt it may because of the prednisone so we treated this with flagyl and two days later all bleeding stopped and he was eating better - upto six times a day. previous to this he was still eating but needed coaxing. He had fever in all this but no diarrhea excep one stool which i noticed was liquidy. Also no vomitting. He has been drinking water too. so now we took him back for a check up after his two good days. But he sitll had fever and so the vet suggested we give him some vibramycin. I was reluctant too as his course of flagyl had not ended yet. And now this sunday he started bleeding from th mouth again and looks miserable and will not eat and is listless. all these days i also noticed he would try to eat the gravel of his ltter box or lick the pavement outside or the walls when i took him out for a bit. i assumed this was some sort of Pica because of the low haemoglobin. We live in Karachi Pakistan where not a lot of diagnostic tests are available and where vets are not that well trained. So i have no idea what this is. can it be some kind of lymphoma, or can it be dengue fever. Dengue fever is widespread here amongst humans and we have to be careful to not get bitten. Can cats get Dengue fever? I am really at a loss here. I rescued this cat from a garbage

  • My Dog with itching hair loss and many other symptoms.

    I have a Boxer/Coonhound mix. He is 3 years old and intact. When he was around a year old he developed itching, hair loss, shaking his head constantly, hyperpigmentation of the skin, and he smells awful. He also eats a ton but never gains any weight - he looks completely starved. Sometimes the symptoms will subside and he will grow his hair back, but they always come back. At one point he was completely bald. He has been treated for thyroid, mange, and bacterial infections.

  • My dog has serious bites from another dog to his face area

    He's a min pin and got attacked by our other dog who is part malamute. Bullet has gash marks on top of head, back of neck and maybe eye damage to right eye. How can we treat this. We can not afford any vet care.

  • My dog has what I think was a stye on her upper eyelid.

    stye My dog has what think was a stye on her upper eyelid.... I used warm compresses soaked in calendula tea and it finally drained on it's own. There is hair loss in the area where the stye was. Is that normal and will the hair grow back? Also is it possible it could have been another type of infection like a infected hair follicle? Thank You, Robin

  • Kittens poop in corner, not in the cat box

    My two kittens have been born and raised in my house and when they switched to hard food, their mom quit eating their feces. The problem is that they only like going in this one corner. They know where the catbox is and will use it when you place them in front of it, when you catch them right before they go. we have cleaned that area and checked for things that might draw them back there but we found nothing. Their stool is a golden color and is always pudding consistency. What else can we do?

  • Why has my dog's personality changed since we moved 6 week ago

    We recently moved into a new home. My 18 month old Dachshund is a totally different dog. He doesn't approach feeding time with any enthusiasm and is constantly whining for attention which he's always done but not so frequently. Also, he's always ridden in my truck with calm, but now he shakes and jumps around and acts like we're driving of a cliff. I'm getting a car restarint for him very soon but the behavior is still upsetting. Any suggestions?

  • Dog brain injury with disorientation. What now?

    My kitten got spayed had intravenous sedation because she has a heart rummer. coming out of anesthesia, she displayed rapid eye movement and unstable hind quarters. Now a day later, she still has a very wobbly gate and sometimes falls over. the eyes have settled , eats well, but is very unstable on her feet. the vet has explanation. Help what is going on.

  • Doxie my dog does not urinate?


  • Are vivitonin tablets the correct medication for dogs lung disease

    Are vivitonin tablets the correct medication for westie lung disease. What are the side effects of this drug.Her dosage is 1/2 50mg tablet twice a day.

  • The fur on my white bull terrier dog has started getting rusty

    why does white fur discolor? The fur on my white bull terrier (7 yrs old) has started getting rusty colored areas under his neck and on his legs. I know some dogs fur gets stained from licking but his is staining in areas that he can not reach to lick. What causes it and is there anything to whiten it again?

  • My dog has mucous coming out of her eyes and with out any energy

    Does she have a cold or should I be concerned? My Shih Tzu usually has lots of energy. In the last couple of days she has mellowed out a lot. She has mucous coming out of her eyes and is acting like she is sad. The weather is changing where it is warm in the afternoon and pretty cool in the morning. She is current on her shots but is coming up on her first birthday. Should I be concerned or wait and see if it is a cold and it passes.?

  • Will feeding raw meet to a german shepard make it more aggressive?

    Will it?

  • Glucosamine products all right for dogs joints?

    Can you over counter Glucosamine products to your dogs to helps their joints? Like the giving them, Joint Juice Glucosamine + Chondroitin Drink Cran Pomegranate,6.0 EA 8.00 LBS $4.72 , or CVS Glucosamine Chondroitin Caplets Plus Msm, 120.0 CP 0.42 LBS $19.12? Reason, I am asking is because I was looking on a national know pet supply website and of course they sell things like:Super Joint Enhancer Chewable Tablets 120ct #10496 regular price $51.49 on sale $39.99, Which has the active ingredients of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. As you see much cheaper @ store.

  • Any medicine for a dog to ease joint pain and or muscle strain?

    Muslce rub Is there an over the counter product that can be safely use on a dog to ease joint pain and or muscle strain? I have use Vick's vapor rub so far while gently and nice massage the area and she seems to like it. But I did not know if it was okay to use on her I chose it because of be able to use on children. I did not know if I could use something alittle strong and little more lasting or not?

  • Can dogs eat boiled chicken everyday?

    My mom feeds her dogs boiled chicken with garlic powder everyday with their wet food. She keeps out dry food for them all the time. The wet she feeds once a day.What is really safe?

  • How to keep my dog from chewing himself raw, is it skin allergies?

    I think my dog has a skin disorder. I use Frontline plus & vaccuum regularly. He hahot spots on his inner front legs & paws. What can I do to keep him from making himself covered in scabs?

  • How do you treat ear mites in dogs?

    My dog has fleas or something in his ear. he scratches so much that he yelps. It looks like raw hamburger inside with scabs & has a foul stench of something rotting inside. What can I pour in his ear to keep fleas 7 ear mites out?

  • Loss of appetite in dog with tail tucked. What's wrong?

    I have a 8 month old chorkie and recently he stopped eating but drinks water more often than usual he walks with his tail tucked and like he's tiptoeing on his hind legs. What could be causing this? I haven't seen him use the bathroom.

  • My dog is not eating very much and she is losing weight

    do we need to take our dog to vet we lost the sister to her and she does not seem to be eating hardly anything we lost the sister to shadow about 2 months ago and shadow does not seem to be eating very much and she is losing weight they had been together in same pen for 2yrs.

  • I have a 1yr old rottweiler who is limping on his left front paw

    I have a rottweiler who is 1yr old. e is limping on his left front paw. this started a few months ago and has gone from his hind legs to now his front we have brought him to a vet and he has been xrayed with no signs of any problems. would haveing him constantly on concrete do this to him and what can i give him to releive the pain he also has a bubble on his eye that the vet said his 3rd eye was infected he gave us fucithalmic vet but its not cleared up what can i give him for this

  • My dogs are having a hard time walking and doesn't want to eat

    why won't she eat? my dog had puppys 5 days ago last nite she was fine to day she having a hard time walking and doesn't want to eat but she is drinking

  • Treatments for small dog with compressed vertebrae

    I have a 11 year old Chihuahua with 2 compressed vertebrae. I don't know if it is causing him pain. He is too old for surgery and has been given prednisone. He is becoming weaker in his back legs and becoming increasingly incontinent. Is there anything else that can be done for him and will he need to take steroids the rest of his life? I want him to have a good quality of life. I don't like the idea of him wearing diapers and being carried outside to go to the bathroom.

  • My dog has developed a swollen face, redness with his eye

    My 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab within the last two hours has developed a swollen face. There is some redness above his eye, on one leg and on one si My 2 1/2 year old chocolate lab within the last two hours has developed a swollen face. There is some redness above his eye, on one leg and on one side of his chest

  • My dog just threw up, pooped and peed all at once

    My dog just threw up a lot, before I could clean that up she pooped and peed and threw up again. Is she okay? My dog just threw up a lot, before I could clean that up she pooped and peed and threw up again a lot. She's a fairly small dog, a 12 pound cockapoo. She did eat some dirt (potting soil) out of a pot last night. She looks like she feels really pitiful and is not her normal playful self. Is she okay? Is it just a stomach bug or something we should be concerned about.

  • What are the side effects of Carprieve with a dog

    House sitting a dog and notice when off Carprieve breathing better arthritis better. Was wondering what side effects of Carprieve are. She is ten years old and taking four fish capsules per day. Have googled and find nothing. thanking you Carol Morey Toodyay WA

  • My dog has an enlarged heart and dermodex mange

    Dermodex and mitoban Our 3 year old shelter mutt (terrier/poodle) has an enlarged heart and dermodex mange. She is currently taking a diuretic for her heart and an antibiotic to keep skin infections down. She has been having Mitoban dips every two weeks for a year now. However, she still suffers from spots on her tail, feet, chin, and ears. Now I am concerned about the toxicity of the mitoban to her and us. Also, this is becoming very expensive. Should we keep on with the dips? Is there anything else we should try?

  • My cat abdomen is swollen and feels quite hard

    what other illness other than FIP would cause an accumulation of a viscous sticky substance in the bellly? My 10 month old kitten has suspected FIP. His abdomen is swollen and feels quite hard. An ultrasound showed the fluid and a sample of it was sticky and viscous. His globulin level is slightly elevated at 55. He has showed no other symptoms and has a great appetite. I frontlined him 3 weeks ago which didnt work and ive done it again 2 days ago as well as drontal for worms which was overdue. He has had gingivitis for some months.

  • My dogs neck is a pinkish flesh under his flea collar

    pink rash on neck, can it be from flea collar? I looked at my dogs neck today and I saw pinkish flesh under his flea collar. I had loosened it earlier in the week because it seemed tight but when I checked it wasn't tight today. I toke it off and all along where the collar was on the inside of his neck was pink and looked raw. He wouldn't really let me touch it and started to go after the flea collar that was sitting next to me. he keeps scratching at and trying to lick area. What can it be and what can I do to help him?

  • Can we import a dog to California with leishmaniasis

    Can we import a dog to California with leishmaniasis who is currently in remission following treatment? What are the laws regarding this? We have adopted a dog in Italy and want to fly him back with us to the States. He had leishmaniasis and has undergone a course of daily Glucantime injections. He is now in remission and taking daily Allopurinol pills for maintenance therapy. Would he qualify for a good health certificate to fly/enter the country? We will be returning to California. Thanks.

  • What is the reason for off and on feline vomiting?

    Adult Cat (weight 5 lbs) has been for the past few days. No change in food,activity.She was in heat one week prior to this. She is about 3 years old. The vomit does not contain blood or bile. What could be causing this? What do I do to treat her?

  • What to do for a dog ear infection?

    I don't have money to take him to the vet. He is 32 pounds and he has an ear infection. He holds his head funny, cries if you touch him, won't eat or drink, and has nasty black stuff that stinks in one of his ears. He has had it before but not this bad and he has a fever.

  • Can cat vision be regained from blindness in one eye?

    my kitten is blind in one eye and got out then and we didn't see him for almost a year then my sister found a black cat [that is how he looked as a kitten] and we cant tell if it is really him or not and he was blind when he was a baby but we cat tell if the cat we found is blind or not

  • What is wrong with my dog's ears?

    My 4 1/2 yr old Yorkie had a dental cleaning on Aug 1st after which he was given antibiotics and had a lot of coughing that has subsided to about once a day. Two weeks later he had vaccinations done and was given a flea and tick preventative called First Shield. Normally he uses revolution. About 3-5 days later he developed a 1 inch scab inside both ears and he began biting and acting strange to some type of irritation on his backside. I took him to the vet and they said they did not know.

  • Definition on food listed in the guaranteed analysis of a dog food

    guaranteed analysis If magnesium is not listed in the guaranteed analysis of a pet food product, does that mean that the ingredient is too insignificant in amount that it doesn't need to be included?

  • What is the best diet for a dog who recently got diagnosed with a liver shunt?

    My 2 year old yorkie just got diagnosed with a liver shunt. The vet put her on Hill's Prescription Diet l/d but every time I feed her, she just doesn't seem satisfied. What foods can I feed her for a natural diet that is low in protein but will satisfy a picky eater.

  • Why can't my dog control his bladder?

    My puppy is recently having some issues controlling her bladder, she is 8 months old. She has always been in the habit of drinking a lot of water, but never really had any problems in doors. Lately though, it has become rather common. I am told it could from any number of things.

  • Why has my dog vomited?

    Hi my dog is about 60 days pregnant; we've been trying to not over feed her. Just today she vomit. What should we do? My dog is a shih tzu.

  • My dog tried to jump on the couch and yelped in pain

    my dog tried to jump on the couch and yelped in pain. Now she is panting heavily i think she's in pain. when I touch her all over her body, she doesn't wince, but she can't stop panting hard

  • My dog ate a piece of plastic and was bleeding out of his rectum

    my dog ate piece of plastic and was bleeding out of his rectum, but the bleeding is going away does this mean he has passed the plastic? wouldnt eat but is back to regular appetite.

  • How to find out what my dog is allergic to

    What are some good ways to try to figure out what he is allergic to? My 1 year old all white pitbull has bumps all over his back due to allergies. I need to know what steps to take to figure out what he is allergic to so that the bumps will go away. If i need to switch his food, what is a good brand to try? and how long does it usually take to notice a change?

  • My cat is bleeding from his anus and has diarrhea

    My kitten is bleeding from his anus and has diarrhea I have one adult cat the mother and three kittens about three months old. today one of the kittens has and diariah and leaking lood from his anus. i am conserned that there might be something wrong with him. do you have any sujestions

  • My 2yr old dog is vomitting and it looks like mucus

    What is wrong with my dog? My dog is 2 years old. We got him last week from a shelter. He is vomiting and it looks like mucus. Also he has diarrhea and it looks like bloody mucus, and the smell is horrible. What could it be?

  • How long will it take till Dexafor will start to work on my cat

    Dexafort How long after being given an injection of Dexafort for IBS will it take to work in my cat. I was told it would also help her appetite but, as yet, no difference?

  • Cataract surgery 5 days ago has left my little dog totally blind

    Is there hope my dog will see? Cataract surgery 5 days ago has left my little dog totally blind. I am told there was much bleeding during a difficult surgery. I am keeping her totally quiet, giving her her meds. and wondering if I made the right decision. her ERG & ultrasound were good. She is 12 with no other health problems. Before surgery I was told she had loose lens which made the prognosis slightly less favourable. Could this resolve at all? I am aware there could be retinal detachments, but her eyes look so normal.

  • Why does one of my kittens eyes have a blue tint?

    Hello, my name's Kendra and I have a question about my kitten. Hes 2 and half months old, (I Think) and was a barn-yard cat before we got him. He's a very loving kitty and loves to play and such. His eyes are also a little odd, my mother and I have both noticed that one of his eyes have a blue-ish tint. Not the reflector thing you get when theres a light in its eye, but just his actual eye. At first he almost looks cross-eyed, but then we look closer and it's just that blue-ish tint. His pupils

  • My 10yr old indoor cat vomits in cycles

    my cat vomits alot..... she is over 10 years old, an indoor cat only and seems to vomit in cycles. She will vomit everyday for a week or so and then vomit at all for a week or so. Today I woke up to see tat she had not used her litter box for excrement and then also began vomitting alot about an hour later. She is terrified of the cat box and I can't get her in it to go to teh vet. Any ideas what is wrong? Or any tips on hwo I can help her?

  • Can my dog have grown out of a allergic reaction to rabies shots

    Allergic to Rabies Injectiong i have a little chihuahua that is now 2.5 years old. his first rabies injections he had a terrible allergic reaction to it. could he have grown out of it by now? im scared to take the risk for another injection. what can i do?

  • My dog may have been hit by a car, what to give her for the pain

    dog may have been hit by car. can NOT go to vet- what can I give her for pain? Think my dog was hit by a car last night.She is clearly in pain, but seems to be doing a bit better this morning.I cannot take her to the vet- I cannot afford any treatment what-so-ever, unless it is to put her down.I want to watch her for a couple more days before I decide, but don't want her to be in pain.What can I give her to make her comfortable?

  • My dog has worsening skin condition, losing her hair

    skin condition with hair loss my dog is undergoing heartworm treatment but has a worsening skin condition that I am concerned about. Initially, we thought the problem was an allergy to fleas but after a 21-day antibiotic treatment and use of an anti-fungal shampoo,Jojo continues to have scabby-looking spots all over his body and face. These areas are losing hair and are tender when touched. Jojo spent two 4-day stretches at the vet's over the course of HW treatment but they made no further suggestions. Any advice is appreciat

  • My dog has a bald spot on the top of his head

    What is this Last Saturday I took my dog to the vent, he has a bald spot on the top of his head. She scrapped for mites but didn't find anything. His ears are full of bites and they have started to cover his body. He's lost a lot of fur and has huge patches of red skin on his legs. Every time I look at him he looks worse. The vet doesn't seem worried, she gave him something Promeis or something like that to apply to his back but it's not helping he's only gotten worse, how can I help him?

  • One cm smooth pale nodule in a mouth of my dog

    I just found last night a 1 cm smooth pale nodule in my 1 year old German Shepherd's lower back outer jaw. I thought it was likely a cyst (thats what it looks like). It is not neer the gingival line, it is below it.IT is getting removed on Monday by my local vet. I'm sure its not been there more than 1-2 months since i examine him regularly (i'm a physician). What presentation is this most likely consistent with? nonpigmented melanoma? fibrosarcoma? my husband is devistated. Thanks

  • Why does my dogs penis leak yellow, green, and brown discharge?

    My dog penis leaks so much when he lays down he gets the stuff on his legs....could this be a infection? Is it normal?

  • Can a tumor in a dogs mouth be biopsied aside from being removed?

    I was wondering if there is anyway to biopsy a tumor in a dogs mouth aside from removing it. The tumor is growing on my dog's top molar. My dog is 13 years old and is not acting like herself at all so I am concerned if it is cancer that it has already spread. My vet said it has to be removed to determine if it is cancerous and I do not want to pay $1,000 for no reason. Thanks for your response.

  • My dogs back and side have multiple small bumps. What are they?

    My 12-year old Boxer/American Bulldog mix has suddenly sprouted small hard lumps all over his back and sides. They have all appeared within the past couple of weeks. It's hard to examine them under his fur but they seem like little crusty calluses. I have been unable to find any info on what might be the cause. Is it likely something serious?

  • How to treat aspirin side effects in Dogs

    My senior dog slipped down a couple of stairs (nothing broken) and I have been giving him 2 aspirins per day for the past 3 days. Today I noticed that his stool is very black, and yesterday he was panting more than normal. I understand that these can be some side effects from aspirin, and I am going to discontinue it immediately. Should the side effects subside once the aspirin is out of his system? Is there anything else I need to do to treat the side effects, or is stopping the aspirin sufficient? Thank you -Katherine

  • My Dog was lying still when suddenly started to shake

    head tremor lasting 2-3 minutes Dog My Dog was lying still when suddenly started to "shiever" but not all over as if cold. Just his head was moving rapidly up and down so hard his teeth would chatter. He would put his paw over his face to try and stop his teeth from chattering. He was awake. when I spoke to him he raised his head and looked at me then his head would continue to shake.

  • Our dog has an infection in both eyes

    need help with an infection our dog has an infection in both eyes. it pusses and bleeds. she is completely blind now. she is an 8 yr old catahoula. she still eats well and drinks water but is losing weight rapidly. it started in one eye and has spread to the other. penicillin shots have not helped at all

  • Why does our puppy have a hard round tummy?

    Hi, we just got a chow/heeler mix puppy today (8 weeks old) & his tummy is hard & round. There are no visible worms in his stool & he is eating, drinking, going to the bathroom & playing normally.

  • I noticed a pinkish growth on my 3 yr old dog

    growing skin tag? Hello, My dog Kealie is 3 yrs old and I noticed a pinkish growth on her just a couple of days ago, and it has gotten bigger pretty fast. It looks like a skin tag, but because of its growth rate, should I be worried? Thanks, Stephanie

  • My dog started to run like crazy, crying and can't use her back legs

    what dose it mean when a dog seem drunk cries when u touch her and can not stop panting? my dog was fine then out of nowhere she started to run like crazy crying and then fell and could not walk on her back legs then after 30mins she started to walk but will not stop panting and will not let mu touch her and when i do she cries keeps closeing eyes and puching her head out also keeps druling and she never dose that

  • My Labrador keeps humping my 11 week old puppy, why?

    I understand the dominating thing but he follows the puppy trying to hump him every chance he gets

  • What is a good dog cancer diet?

    My 12 year old corgi has been diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. I have been making her food with chicken, brown rice, veggies, and various supplements. I am confused because if cancer feeds on carbs, should I be feeding her mostly protein and veggies with lots of antioxidants. I'm not quite sure where to go next...any help you could give me would be really appreciated. Thanks. Jacki

  • Tablet to give daily to a female dog when she goes into heat.

    There used to be a tablet called something like There used to be a tablet, I believe it was called Fem Tab (not sure of the spelling), that was given daily to a female dog when she went into heat. This tab disguised the order of the blood and kept the male dogs away. This was back in the 70's and 80's. Is it still available but under a different name? Can't find it.

  • My dog is in heat and a large ball of tissue is hanging out.

    Bitch is very swollen between vagina and anus. this her second heat. she also swelled the same on first heat, but didn't have the tissue hanging out. Should we worry?

  • Can i use cipro to treat a bladder infection in my dog

    Can i use cipro to treat a bladder infection in my dog, and what dosage, for how long? specific dosing for bladder infection using cipro for a female standard poodle, 44lbs

  • My cat's eye is swollen, leaky and not able to fully open. Why?

    My kittens eye has been swollen for the past two days. It looks like he's been crying and he sometimes has a greenish yellow eye discharge. His third eyelid is showing and it won't go away. He also can't open his eyes all the way. I can't take him to a vet today; is this serious?

  • My dogs urinating in the house. Why?

    My 9 year old shitzu-pom was recently diagnosed with an enlarged heart, heart failure, and put on medication (Benazepril). He has just, in the past week or so, begun urinating in the house. Could this be related?

  • My cats nose has been running from his eye infection. Can I give him one sudefed?

    How much decongestant in pill form can I give my cat?

  • Why is my dog losing hair from his butt?

    he is losing hair from his butt?

  • Why is my dog tired?

    Last Thursday my 10 year old female dog started walking funny. Her back was sort of twisted and her back legs were very unstable to the point where she almost fell over. Then she stopped eating but continued to drink. I can get her to go out two times a day but she walks very slowly and begins to pant as if she had been running. Today there was a little blood in her urine and her nose was also dry as can be. I am afraid that If I take her to the vet they will just put her down. What can I do?

  • My dog has a bald spot around his tail. Should I worry?

    My dog has a bald spot around his tail. He used to chew it when his anus was swollen, but it went away. It's not irritated and doesn't seem to bother him at all.

  • Why does my cat puke this yellow/clear mucus?

    My cat eats normally and goes to the restroom normally, however she usually pukes.

  • Are these dog seizure symptoms?

    I came home to find my dog listless and apparently in pain in his back legs (not walking properly and squealing when touched). He appears to have been drooling (dry sticky saliva around the mouth). He is not hot (cool, wet nose). A few weeks ago he had a similar incident where he seemed to suffer a mini seizure but recovered after 10 minutes or so. What could be the possible causes and does he need emergency care?

  • Is my cats behavior change temporary?

    2 days ago my kittens (~6mo) had spay surgeries. Kitten C was vocal/upset @ vet. C had gas anesthesia, was normal at home and is recovering OK. M was fine at the vet. She received IM anesthesia. She took longer to perk up after. Ever since at home, M does not like C. This is extremely unusual behavior as they were best friends before. M would groom C and they loved to play together. Now if C comes near her, M hisses/growls and sometimes strikes. Will M go back liking C again? How can I help?

  • Does my dog have a fungal infection?

    My dog has been itching his back lately which has caused loss of fur coat, bleeding and infection. It is spreading all over. What can I do?

  • Cat with diarrhea. Is it okay?

    My cat is 1 and a bit and has had diarrhea for 2 days now. He's not been sick, is still eating & drinking as normal and is as active as normal. Do I need to take him to a vet?

  • Dog pancreatitis diet. What brands are okay?

    I have a 5 year old lab/goldie/heeler mix with pancreatitis. I was wondering if there was any other brand other than royal canin LF, that won't make her flare up? And, what should her maximum fat percentage be if I have to go compare labels at the store?

  • Chihuahua problems: Soft stools and blood. What to do?

    My chihuahua has soft stool with some blood at the end and keeps on pushing until there is only what looks like only blood leaking out. She is 4 yrs old she eats and seems to be fine; she still wants to play even after she's done. Should I be worried?

  • Dog scratching cyst. How to treat it?

    My dog scratched the cyst on his eyelid and now it is bleeding. What can I use to treat it without having to go to the vet? I washed out the eye and put an antibiotic cream on it. Should I cover it?

  • Puppy hair loss on the back half of her body. Why?

    My yorkie puppy, Coco, is balding on the back half of her body. It goes from midback to the butt, and beginning of the tail. When I got her, her tail wasn't cropped, and I haven't gotten it cropped. She also has a very active personality, but since we put flea stuff on her, she has changed. We had fleas horribly and my boyfriend bought Frontguard flea stuff. Well now she goes around whining, and rubs up against furniture. She also shivers and her leg twitches sometimes. What can this be?

  • I have 3 cats with yellow diarrhea and multiple negative fecal exams

    Hi.. In May I introduced a new cat into my house.My original 2 kitties had healthy,normal feces. The new kitty had yellow,funny smelling cow pie like diarreah. About 10 days later the other two had yellow diarreah. 7 fecal exams (various types) all come back negative. Treated w/ Metronidazole & then Albon, neither cured. Sensitive stomach/low fat dry food results in firmer poop,& tho brown on outside yellow in center and sometimes soft or diarreah. No other sypmptoms, energetic and seem healthy.

  • I found a stray kitten and it has really bad diarrhea

    kitten diarrhea i found a stray kitten and brought it home and it has really bad diarrhea I think it may have eaten some mums what do i do?

  • My cat is losing weight, no other symptoms?

    My 4 year old cat Baby has been a pretty hefty gal for some time, even requiring a plus-sized pet door when we moved into our new home in April. At that time, the need for the bigger pet door also prompted us to start limiting feedings to in the morning and evening. In between, we started putting food bowls up, rather than leaving food down and accessible to Baby and our other younger male cat all day, as we had in the past. Recently, I realized Baby's lost a lot of weight. Enough that I cou

  • My cat has a lump on the side of his face under the eye

    he came home this way he had this before on his leg and i took him to the vet and they gave him a shot and puss came out. i think its the same thing again on his face i cant keep him inside he fight to go ou he is fixed and very friendly so i fear he must get into a tangle with wildlife how can i treat this before i go to a vet i think he need anibiotics

  • My 14 year old dog isnt eating but drinking a lot of water

    my 14 year old dog isnt eating but drinking a lot of water and when i tried feeding him table scraps he will eat it but after a few minutes he vomits my dog isnt eating dog food but is constantly drinking water should i be worried

  • My older dog is now urinating in the house, why?

    We have a chow chow mixed breed dog who is 12-13. She has always been a great dog and still is, but is now having some problems: 1) She is urinating in the house 2) She is preoccupied with food. According to the vet, she does not have a UTI or Cushing's.

  • Why does my dog makes noises when he is scratching

    why does my dog makes noises when he is scratching his penis and looks at me while he is doing itis this normal

  • My dog just had puppies and their tail look like rat tail

    my dog just had puppies and their tail look like rat tail has no hair on them patches on feet? Do u have n idea of what mayb wrong is there sumthing i can buy?

  • How do I keep my cat with cancer as comfortable as possible?

    Lung mets from mammary cancer - how do I keep my cat as comfortable as possible? My 10 1/2 yr old female cat had a mammary strip 9 months ago for aggressive mammary adencarcinoma. Her cancer has now come back, and the chest x-rays look suspicious. Assuming that she has mets now in her lungs, please can you tell me what I need to look out for in terms of symptoms, and whether anything can be done in the early stages to alleviate them? I want to make sure she doesn't suffer unnecessarily, and keep her comfortable for as long as possible. Many thanks.

  • My cat keeps getting a swollen bottom lip

    .My cat keeps getting a swollen bottom lip and what looks like large graze on his cheek what might be causing this?

  • How do i get the smell of skunk off my dog who has been sprayed?

    I have bathed her in dog shampoo tomato juice vinegar and put baking soda on her fur the stinch is still so strong and she has now got our carpets smelling what can I do? Please don't tell me time...

  • My dog started licking walls and some wood/metal based furniture

    Dog Licking Walls? I have a 12 month year old labrador birch. She had her first season at the end of June. She's being spayed in November. She is walked every day and spends time at the stables with me. In the last few weeks she has started what seems to be 'nesting' type behaviour with her bed and any cushions she lays on, also favouring a particular squeaky toy which she licks and wont leave alone. She's also started licking walls and some wood/metal based furniture. Is she broody? Should I be worried?

  • My dog doesn't have EPI; what else might it be?

    His TLI test showed normal levels. I took him off of Prozyme and 4 days later he started having diahrrea and he vomitted early this morning. This typically happens with him. He is on a no grain dog food, which has improved his coat and put weight on him. What could cause him to need the Prozyme in order not to have digestive issues? Is there a less expensive option other than using Prozyme? Are there other tests I should have my vet do? My 16month old dog has always struggled with this.

  • My dog this morning had a slight swelling in one of her lymph nodes

    A swollen lymph node... warm, dry nose now cold and wet after waking up? 've been very paranoid about my dog after my first one died. My baby I've had for a year now I noticed this morning had a slight swelling in one of her lymph nodes. At the time her nose felt dry,but she was obviously annoyed with me so I stopped messing with her. Now her nose is cold and wet again. She isn't acting lethargic, her appetite is the same, and her water intake too. No vomit, same healthy looking leavings. Playful as ever. What should I do?

  • My dog has started producing large amount of saliva while eating

    my dog has suddenly started producing large amount of saliva while eating,so much that it foams on his mouth.He had a little bad stomach but now its okay.

  • My puppy has the runs and she keeps throwing up a yellow liquid

    my puppy has the runs and she keeps throwing up a yellow liquid like substance and she foams at the mouth when she throws up what should i do? my puppy is sick and yesterday when we tried to feed her she would not eat, this morning she woke up and had the runs a little after that she through up a fews time went to sleep again had the runs and threw up again. We recenlty bought her a new type of bone

  • Is it a good idea to continue with the Interceptor for an older cat?

    Interceptor for cats I've been giving my cat Interceptor tabs for many years. He is 15 now. Is it a good idea to continue with the Interceptor for an older cat?

  • My dog had a bout of diarrhea. What is best to feed her?

    My dog had a bout of diarhea. What is best to feed her? Rice and ground beef? She has had loose bms usually but today consistancy is looser. She other wise is acting fine I just want to feed her something that will help bind up her stomach.

  • My 13 yr old dog with MCT, best treatment for the dog

    Mast Cell Tumor stage 3 I have a 12-13 year old (she was a rescue and her age was unk but I've had her since oct 99) German shepherd/collie mix that had a MCT removed from her elbow. It came back stage 3 but thankfully the margins were clear. Radiation is not an option due to cost and get age so we are going the Prednisone/Tagamet route. The research I've found on this is spotty and contradictory. Can this actually help her? What is her life expectancy with this treatment? I need to prepare my kids and myself.

  • I need to know if my cat has Anal Sac Disease?

    I've looked online about this disease. She is having some of these symptoms, & It kinda got worse. Because now she has a whole on the side of her Anus and now it's bleeding... I would like to know what the best medication is for this. I don't know that I could afford for her to have surgery.

  • We have a dog that coughs repetitively everytime he runs

    We have a Yorkkshire Terrier that coughs repetitively everytime he runs for a short time. We have a Yorkkshire Terrier that coughs repetitively everytime he runs for a short time. We believe he hs a damaged trachia.What should we do

  • What is the lump under my cat's skin?

    My cat has a lump under his skin that has tripled in size in 1 week - any thoughts on what this may be? He also has severe kidney disease but hasn't had a subcutaneous in a while - so I know it isn't build up of the subcutaneous. It is around his shoulder.

  • Why has my cat's behavior changed?

    Last night (about 18 hours ago) my husband used Hartz Guard Ultra guard pro for dogs over 30lbs on our cat; not a full tube, about half. Now the cat is running all over the house; doesn't settle down unless it's laying on someone and meows a lot. He's just not acting like himself. We are about to try giving him a bath and try to wash off any medicine that is left.

  • Dog shivering, panting and weak

    Question detail: Coton De Tulea 9 y.o. symptoms shivering, panting, wants to be held more and is a little weak. Not eating today or drinking but has peed. What does this sound like and what do you recommend? Have been treating for mineral deposit, tear deficiency and cataracts. Thanks, Tammy

  • Best treatment for canine lung cancer

    Our 120lb almost 9 year old Great Pyranees/German Short-haired point mix has a dry cough-starting 3-months ago, more consistent the last 4-6weeks. CBC was normal, but chest xray led to ultrasound guided biopsy-diagnosis of carcinoma-origin in the lung-estimated size 9cm with "lots of dead cells too." He wants the best quality of life (regardless of time.) He's asymptomatic except cough. What do you suggest? He's on piroxicam and doxy now. Would something different help his quality later? Thx.

  • Feline leukemia: mixing an infected cat with uninfected cats and children

    I adopted 3 kittens 12 weeks ago from a shelter. All 3 were reportedly felv-they just got pre op's for neutering/spaying, and one of them now tested positive(Elisa). My home does not allow effective isolation, and he's very cute, quite healthy and I would really like to keep him. Started the vaccine series on everybody. How do I best go from here, any more tests, any treatment, wait and see...? Any input would be soo appreciated! Also, I have a young child. Any danger? thank you-Corinna

  • I noticed yesterday that my kitten's front paws are not straight

    Cat forelegs seems short I noticed yesterday that my kitten's front paws are not straight when he's walking in that they seem to have a sort of 'bowed' look at the joint and they seem significantly shorter than his hinds legs to the point where his hind quarter is higher than the front.

  • My Dog ate some bread dough, what should we do?

    What should we do?

  • Cat went missing, came back with a fever and will not eat

    cat went missing for two days came back logatgic fever and wont eat acted real slow just wants to hide and lay around

  • We found out recently that our cat is going blind

    What's wrong with my cat's eyes? Hello, I have a kitten that's 5 months old and I recently found out that it's blind or it's going blind. It has something like a brown net in the pupil. It seems that it makes out shades but not forms because it goes round the house without much of a problem.

  • My 5yr old dog has a abnormal discharge

    I have a 5 year old male golden retreiver who has yellowgreen discharge from his penus.He is healthy and otherwise acts normal.Any idea what could be causing this condition? thank you

  • Is it safe to give my cat benadryl?

    His eye is watering and he keeps itching his ear and shaking his head like his ear is really bothering him. My alergies are extremely bad right now also...could I give him benadryl so he doesn't have to walk around the house looking miserable? or is it best to let him ride it out?

  • My dog of 9 months leaks out yellow discharge from his penis

    My boxer of 9 months leaks out yellow discharge from his penis. Is this normal? My 9 months old old male boxer excessivley leaks out yellow discharge from his penis. I was wondering if this is normal?

  • My dog is acting ill, not interested in food or doing anything

    She has been acting weird, she is always tired and not interested in food or doing anything she has also got diarrhoea and has red eyes.she has been like this for the past two days, do you know what could be wrong with her? Thank you

  • My dog is having very loud stomach sounds, like gas

    loud gasious stomach sounds? My dog is having very loud stomach sounds, like gas. I believe that his stomach is very upset, but I dont know what to do. He had loose stool two days ago but is getting back to normal. He has no appitite....what should I do? Should I fast for 24 hrs?

  • Dog has red eye but pink eye medication doesn't help

    Red eye that swells shut one day and looks fine the next day. Eye watering as well. Dog breed beagle. Vet presecribed cream for pink eye but not going away and continuously happening.

  • Dog urinating in house even though housetrained

    We adopted a German Sheperd from my sister. Ever since we have had him he knows to go outside and has never deficated inside.Yet, he keeps having really bad accidents right in front of us despite us making loud noises while doing it he just doesn't stop until he's finished.We have scolded him,made loud noises, tried picking him up to take him out and all the while he is still peeing all over us. I have raised about ten dogs in my lifetime and never seen this.He was to the vet.Checked out good.

  • My dog has licking and biting himself could he have allergies

    My dog has licking and biting himself alot, he also has what looks like dandruff when I scratch his back....could he have allergies I have also been reading on-line about possible problems.....I have also noticed a light green goo dripping from his penis(he is fixed) and he has three what looks like bites on his inner thigh. he does have a few spots where he has lost hair. I feel like I am being a hypercondriac but I am a fist time dog owner and am not sure what iswrong with him.

  • My energetic dog is suddenly really tired and lethargic

    energetic beagle lethargic suddenly. I noticed my dog Sam seemed really tired after he had been digging in the back yard. First time he has been like this since we got him 6 years ago. Won't come when called. He ate dinner, no vomiting or diarrhea. His temp. was normal at 101.1 Should I be worried?

  • Dog eats but is starving to death

    Maggie is a 4 year old yellow lab, after dragging home some animal bones which was taken from her,she got sick.( we don't know if these bones had anything to do with it.)Maggie originally was throwing up,diarrhea, lethargic,she has been to vet several times ,been wormed,checked to see if large intestine and small were functioning properly,we have bought everything vet has suggested,Pedigree puppy food,Probiotics,Maggie is starving to death,lost sight,eats alot but not getting nourished ?

  • My Bali dog has been dripping blood from his penis

    My Bali dog has been dripping blood from his penis esp. at night. he is 2yrs old & spade He had a previous onset of this 5mths ago. 2 wks of Antibiotics 1500 mgs per day seemed to help but reoccurred 2 mths later. This time I regularly pulled back the foreskin so he could lick clean & it cleared up after 1 wk. Now again we have the same problem. There are no lumps to be felt. The blood seems to coming from the tip. back on Antibiotics for 3 days now & no improvement. Eating well but very sleepy.

  • Cat spine infection, what is this?

    My cat has been dragging his hind legs for a few weeks. This has now spread to his left front leg. The vet has checked him and said he has a very high temp and it might be an infection in his spine. He has antibiotics, will this clear up?

  • My dog just started randomly yelping and crying

    My dog just turned 7 and 3 days ago she started randomly yelping and crying randomly? She also seems two do this two or three times a night and is realy scared and walks around after. Please help she was just at the vet two weeks ago her nose is moist. It also happend when she tried to bark loud the other day?????

  • My dog started yelping in severe pain in the middle of the night

    my 10 yr old whippet woke my ep in the middle of night yelping in severe pain...she seems to be coming from her front right shoulder i think. She sleeps with me in bed every night..what woul make her wake up in pain .everything was normalhwhen we went to bed. She seems very rrstless..and when she moves a certain way ...she crys...it started at 3 am and now it 5am..do I call animal er? Please help...I hate seeing her in pain...I gavve her a baby aspirin

  • Ultrasound necessary to diagnose Cushing's in dogs?

    I have an 8 year old Yorkie who has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and we've begun giving him insulin shots twice a day. The vet believes his swollen belly may be due to Cushing's disease. She took an x-ray which shows an enlarged liver. Do we need to have an ultrasound also or can we go straight to the blood tests to find out if it is Cushing's? I'll do whatever we need to but I'd rather not spend the $500 if it's not necessary. Thank you for your time. Your site is great!-Karen

  • Puppy vomiting the last 48 hours

    my 4 month old puppy started suddenly throwing up the last 48 hours it seems to me that he is throwing up his food after he eats a little bit of runny substances too.

  • How long can after treatment can a dog with parvo be with an uninfected dog?

    One of my Huskey puppies got parvo, but luckily he is doing great and should recover. My question is that I have another puppy the same age, but she didn't get parvo. How long should I wait until they can be together again?

  • Severe swelling on dog mouth: severe allergic reaction or something else?

    My bassett/coon hound had severe swelling on mouth. Seemed fine, but nearly died the next day. Severe allergic reaction or something else? 40lbs, 1.5 years old. Blood work during the crisis indicated high HGB (21), high MCHC (37.7), low PLT (98), high ALT (381), high BUN (35), high PHOS (8.8), low TP (4.6). Given prednisone and shot for Addison's disease. Blood work during a second episode showed WBC increasing from 15.51 to 19.97, his GRA increasing from 11.9 to 17.1. LY% dropping from 16.6 to 7.3 and his PLT increasing from 98 to 165. No biochemical profile done on second episode. Tested negative for Addison's. 2 wk time period.

  • Chances of survival for dog with distemper or influenza?

    Adopted 3 mo rottie mix from local pound. she is not eating, coughing. took her to vet he gave shot of penicillan & rx for amox. been on meds for 3 days - doesn't seem much better. Vet said poss influenza/distemper. what are chances for survival? Is there any other treatment???? Has nasal discharge/won't eat/lays around-no energy. What do i do?

  • For the past 3 yrs my dog is suffering from skin disease

    Very Emergency.Please Help My dog is 8yr old Country dog. For the past 3 yrs my dog is suffering from skin disease, Taken a scan now & found BPH and doc saying that skin problem is due that because of harmonal problem.Today the doc has injected around 5 injections including testosterone and he says that to give 3 days continuous testosterone injection and 15 days oral medicine finast 5mg. Please guide me whether I'm going through the right process or not. Please help.

  • Pain relief medication for cat with Gingivostomatitis?

    Hello,I have a one year old cat who was recently diagnosed with pretty bad gingivostomatitis. Our vet says that I can either get all his teeth removed, or have him on a mixture of prednisone and some cancer drug (can't remember the name) for his whole life. I can afford neither the surgery or the cancer drug. The pred. keeps the swelling down, but what can I use for pain? If i can keep him comfortable, that's all I ask. I was recommended Rimadyl, but apparently that's toxic? Thanks so much!

  • What can we do for dog diarrhea?

    We may have given our dachshund too much aspirin. She has diarrhea. We have stopped the aspirin, is there anything else we can do?

  • My cat has a little black pimple on the side of his belly

    my cat has a little black pimple looking thing on the side of his belly. What could it be? just noticed it its on the side of his belly more the size of a bump but strongly resembles a pimple its got a head on it like it could be popped like a pimple but im afraid to even try fearing it may be something more

  • Labrador Dog has blisters on his penis.

    My 4yr old Labrador Dog has blisters on the end of his penis (possible the prepuce). He has just mated around 6 weeks ago for the first time but we don't know if this is related.

  • My dog is on Prednisone and has some diarrhea

    diarrhea and prednisone My dog is on Prednisone and has some diarrhea is it ok to give her the metronidazole prescribed to her from before she started the pred?

  • Adopted terrier puppy has diarrhea and other symptoms

    We adopted a terrier mix from a shelter yesterday. Today midmorning he was really sick. It was somewhat of.a.unique.smell. He began with diarrhea and We adopted a terrier mix puppy that was 8 Wks old. We played with him for several hours at the shelter before we adopted him. He ate his food last night. We used the same as the shelter. This morning he got sick. It started with a loose stool, then a mucous diarrhea with 2 lines of blood. Then it became bright red with greenish stool. Being Sunday we called the emergency number to the shelter. We wanted to take him to the vet when they opened on Monday but we felt it would be too late.

  • Why would my cat start defecating on my bed all of a sudden?

    Why would my cat start defacating on my bed all of a sudden? The liter box is clean always. The last month, my cat has started defecating anywhere he pleases. The middle of the living room or on my bed. I have 2 cats and they have 3 liter boxes in which they can use. They are kept clean. HELP!!

  • My little dog vomiting brown and coughing regularly.

    Little dog vomiting brown and coughing regularly. Vet is says My 3 year old toy poodle is vomiting clear-brown at random and it smells very acidic and nasty. Today I walked him and his poo came out like rabbit turds that were elongate and pressed into a roughly normal feces. He never gets to eat anything except his dog food "Taste Of The Wild". Being agoraphobic, I'm not the one that walks but wanted to see his stool, so I can't say how long it's been this way. He's always coughed a bit, but old vet said it was just being a toy poodle. He's my best friend.

  • Can Droncit cause seizures with my dog

    Our 5 year old beagle, who has had occasional seizures but is not on medication, had a seizure about 30 minutes after taking Droncit for tapeworms, and had 3 seizure episodes later in the day. Could the Droncit be the cause of her seizures? She had been seizure free for about two months.

  • My dog has scratched off the hair on the back of both ears

    What is the mold looking issue with ny Yorkie I have a 1 year old female Yorkie that has scratched off the hair on the back of both ears. She has looks like mold on the areas that still have hair. Please help! I've spent a ton of money and nobody knows what it is. Any ideas????

  • Can I give my dog benadryl for sinus and allergy?

    He is having allergies and I dont have regular benadryl is it ok to give him this. he is 26lbs.

  • How can I stop my dog from biting his paws?

    hey. my dog is a outside dog, for the past few months he has been chewing and licking 2 of his paws. one front one and one back one. i touch them and put pressure on them and he just lays there so they do not hurt him but he there is a bit of redness from him chewing them. what could this be and how can i help him?

  • My dog mated 45 days ago and now has a brown discharge

    My french bulldog bitch was mated 45 days ago and now has a brown discharge Bitch has brown discharge was mated about a month and a half ago

  • My dog who is about 10 has all of the usual symptoms of Cushings

    Would you treat a dog who's Cushings test came back at 1.4? The vet said 1.7 is the normal point of treatment. My dog who is about 10 has all of the usual symptoms of Cushings. Panting, drinking tons of water, urinating frequently, enlarged liver, high cholesterol. His blood work came back at 1.4 and the vet said treatment is recommended at 1.7. She is undecided as to whether to treat or not. What would you do?

  • Is neosporin or bactin ok for a dog wound

    My dog has some stitches after they removed a bump on her leg. Thankfully the bump was not cancerous but even with the cone she managed to remove some of the stitches. The wound has been healing for a weak and half and since some the stitches have knocked I've been putting bactin and neosporin to keep it from getting infected. Is neosporin or bactin ok for dogs?

  • Can Previcox cause stomach ulcers with my dog

    My dog needs to take previcox daily for a knee problem. my dog needs to take previcox daily for a torn ligament in his knee. I have read that daily use can cause stomach ulcers. Is there something I can give him with the previcox to help protect him?

  • Concerned about my dog's kidney stones and urethra blockage

    I am not sure what path to take with my shih tzu concerning his kidney stones and urethra blockage. I just got back from my vet concerning my Shih Tzu. He is 11 years old has an enlarged heart, and a heart mummer. He has always been a little slow to pee and has been that way for aprox 6 years. He recently started only eating a very small amount, losing weight and the other night was showing major signs of discomfort. The vet did just about everything except the ultrasound to determine if one of the kidneys had a stone blocking it. The x-rays shows 4 stones in the kidneys, 1 small stone in the bladder and a blockade of dozens of stones the entire length of his urethra. Right now we have him on meds for the UTI they said he had and pain pills. They tried to flush some of those back up into his kidney but we have not done a second x-ray to see how well that worked. I doubt it did much and was VERY painful for my dog. We are on our third day now and he still will not eat. I am trying to get him on the S/D food to attempt to dissolve the stones but feel it might just be too much to handle for him at once. He does not show interest in his old can or dry food either. The blood tests showed that he was dehydrated so they gave him some fluids and I am making sure he is getting lots of water and frequent bathroom breaks. Surgery is obviously the option in front of us, but I just don't know if we should go down that road with him. And if we do put him through that it could happen again. How invasive or hard on a dog in his condition would the surgery be? The x-rays shows dozens of small stones along his urethra and it appears to me this would require some major work. What would you suggest in this situation. I am planning on trying to clear this UTI up and seeing if he go back to his old self, then switch to the diet and see if we get lucky with the stones dissolving.

  • Why does my dog have blood in it's feces?

    My puppy I got yesterday didn't have a bowel movement until about 11:45 am today. She had a little blood in it; just a small amount and it was red. It was not a bright or dark just in between. Her stool was soft but formed and had some grass in it? Is she okay? she's only about 8-10 weeks old.

  • My Cat keeps "twitching" on the back half of his body

    My Cat keeps "twitching" on the back half of his body...he seems to startle, jump up and runs into a different room, like something is on him? Up to date on shots, we use frontline plus...what could this be?

  • Can large breed liver heartguard pills be given to smaller dogs

    I have an 80 lbs dog, and a 12 lbs dog. Will it hurt the 12 lbs dog to give her the larger bleeds heartguard? Thank you!

  • My dog ate the leftover pizza and has had liquid poo for 4 days

    . Should I take her to the vet? My yellow labrador ate the leftover pizza on the stove (about 5 slices) and has had the hershey squirts for 4 days now..she seems to be feeling ok other than having accidents every time I leave the house (she never has accidents) Should I take her to the vet or wait it out?

  • My dog pooped out some worms. is that normal?

    i just got my 2 month baby girl siberian husky and today was the first day she went to play out side over at my house and she decided to "go" the first time nothing happened. the second time she pooped pout a couple of worms. i dont know what it was so i ignored them and went to clean it. the third time however, there were a least 3 worms moving around. i want to know if there is something wrong with her.

  • Can I feed my dog chicken, and white rice, if diarrhea persists

    Can I feed my yellow lab , chicken, and white rice, if diarrhea persists? \please answer, and email me back

  • My 20 lb. pug dog just swallowed half a 20 mg. paxil tablet

    my 20 lb. pug just swallowed half a 20 mg. paxil tablet what should I do if anything ? my 20 lb. female pug just swallowed half a 20 mg. paxil tablet what should I do if anything? thanks

  • Eight years old female dog is leaking clear liquid

    I have an 8 year old extremely healthy pitbull. from time to time she leaks a clear liquid. When I examine her vagina looks almost swollen and pale in color. Why does she do this and can we stop it. I've only seen it a few times over the course of2 years or but tonight its been much worse than usual. please help

  • Dog with tumor, and metastasis to the lungs and rib bones

    Dog with fibrosarcoma tumor, and metastasis to the lungs and rib bones should have surgery or not? My 8 year old dog was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. The tumor grew very fast and it was about the size of a half lemon when my vet removed surgically a piece of the tumor for biopsy. The tumor is now, 15 days later, the size of a mango, and it covers the last for ribs on the left side of my dog... After an x-ray was taken the vet discovered that there are about 7 spots in the lungs that are affected by cancer and three of the ribs. He suggested that no surgery should be performed on the dog...

  • Is it okay to give my 50lb Golden Doodle dog tylenol

    Is it okay to give my 50lb Golden Doodle tylenol for a possible sprain leg - she was running around and was swimming in our pond and now is limping in her back left leg - I can touch her leg and have looked at her paw and everything seems okay there - she can put it down on the ground but dosen't seem to want to walk a lot of that leg Thanks, Carol Greer

  • Our Border Collie's dog testicles only show when he gets excited

    my dogs testicles have disappeared We have a Border Collie and his testicles only show when he gets excited. There is no scrotum and the only visible evidence is when he gets excited and they come up where his penis is?

  • Is testing for feline leukemia neccessary?

    I have a four year old cat who is presumed to have allergies due to itching, ripping out fur, and swollen lower lip. His allergies have been treated for 3 years with Depomedrol (monthly). One of his litter mates tested negative to feline leukemia prior to my adopting him. He has had all his vaccinations on time and lives with two other kitties. One of the kitties was very sick when I got him (tested negative) two years ago. The cat in question has no issues besides itching and swelling.

  • Can anesthesia cause dog incontinence?

    We have a 6 1/2 year old female German shepherd; years ago when she was spayed, she became incontinent for a while, but it had not been a problem since then. Can anesthesia cause temporary urinary incontinence in a dog who had minor surgery on her ear?

  • What causes a recurrent UTI in dogs?

    My dog is a 3 year old mixed breed (best guess Pit Bull/Blue Heeler) who was completely normal/healthy until she hit 2. About a year ago, she suffered for months with vomiting until the right vet diagnosed her with bacterial gastritis. Antibiotics finally worked (after a previous vet had just prescribed antacids). We also changed her diet from Purina One to Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. Recently, she's had recurrent UTIs. The vet has also mentioned that her urine is dilute.

  • Can a cat that has a chronic herpes virus transmit to a human

    can a cat that has a chronic herpes virus of the eye transmit this virus to a human that would result in bells palsy? My daughter has a cat that has chronic herpes virus of the eye. Her live-in boyfriend has been treated for Bells Palsy in the last two weeks and I wonder if that cat may have transmitted the virus to the boyfriend? I read on WebMD that the herpes virus can cause Bells Palsy in some patients.

  • I have a 8 year old 4 pound Yokshire dog that had a seizure

    She had another seizure and I gave her .30ml of PHENOBARBITAL .10, .15 then .5 before it took effect. How long should it take her for it to wear off. It has been almost 12 hours and she is still out of it.

  • My dog is bleeading from her mouth and she is sherving


  • My dog is off balance and drooling and breathing funny

    he is walking on the perimeter of the house and very off balance his breathing is not normal and he starts to drool witch then starts bubbling up on his mouth. he has drank and ate today

  • My cat has been throwing up more than usual

    My cat has been throwing up more than usual lately. Maybe once every other day or two. Sometimes it's a hairball, but sometimes it's a clear to grayish liquid. She used to only have hairballs rarely, but now she has them more often and she's throwing up too. Could something be seriously wrong? Or might it be normal?

  • Back muscle and tail twitching with my cat

    My cat is a 17 year old domestic long hair. She has had a unique problem for the last five years or so. Her lower back muscles visibly twitch and her tail swishes back and forth. This must cause her pain or its just a weird feeling and it makes her hiss and try to run away from the feeling. I have had to the vet with no success, no one seems to know the cause or how to treat it. It seems to be worse in cooler weather. Thank you.

  • My six month old boxer dog is limping. Why?

    She has been treated for a bacterial infection in her stomach from playing with frogs.. But she started walking on just three legs and will not put weight on her left hind leg..My daughter said she was fighting with our other boxer. The other boxer bit her on that leg. There are no marks to see.

  • My JRT puppy is unusually lethargic today

    my JRT pup is unusually lethargic today, and vomited her breakfast. She is 13 wks, has had 2 of her 5 in 1 vaccines the last one 3 weeks ago. She has not been off the property or around strange dogs. Her temp is 100.4. Her gum have good capillary reflex, and her skin pops right back down when pulled up. I did a fecal..no worms. Solid almost scentless stools. She has what looks like an insect bite on her ribs...any ideas?

  • My cat has been having spasms and drooling lately, what is wrong

    what wrong last wed., my kitten started going under my bed and when she would come out she'd have drool around her mouth. lately she's been having spasms. whats wrong?

  • Why is my dog lethargic and why does he have a loss of appetite?

    My name is Eddy and I have an Australian Shepherd, his name is Junior. He was diagnosed with Cushing's disease. Junior is about 14 years old and at the present time he has the hardest time just getting up and moving. His Cushing's disease is under control right now. I am still trying to understand why Junior can not move and why is he constantly in a state of anxiety and he has lost his appetite. Could any one help me?

  • My dog had puppies they are starting to get sick and die

    my dog had puppies but at only 3 days old their starting to get sick and die my chihuahua got parvo when she was younger like about 5 months old she is now 2yrs old going on 3 we bred her 2 times and her litters died we bred her recently for the 3rd time and now her puppies aint eating and are dying one by one i need help one was on the verge of dying he wouldnt drink her milk so i brought replacement milk n he's hanging on they're barely 3 days old not old enough for medical treatment but the puppies doing a little bit better than yesterday what should i do

  • Why does my cat have diarrhea issues and what can I do?

    Hello! Fran, my Maine coon cat is 6 years old. She was diagnosed with Acute Renal Failure about 3 months ago. She is on Purina NF dry food. She loves it. However, she is experiencing chronic diarrhea. I bought some Fortiflora but it's not helping. It seems worse. The diarrhea ends up all over walls and carpet. Seldom she makes it to the litter box. I gave her plain yogurt tonight to see if it helps. What are your suggestions? Is this common of an ARF cat? If so, how can i manage it?

  • My dachshund dog eats grass then gets sick

    when my dachshund is outside playing in the grass she will eat it then when she come in for the evening she will eat her dog food and then get sick to her stomach

  • My cat is a 5 months old male with severe stomatitis

    My cat is a 5 months old male with severe stomatitis and persistent high fever?He's been sick for 6 days now,it's not getting any better. HTC 24% albumin 22,2 g/L alt 147,24 u/L the rest of the blood panel is unremarkable I just want to know is there any hope,because I read so much about FIP and I want to know if it is possible that he has something else.

  • My dog has protein in her water, what is it, can it be serious

    my bitch has protein in her water she is 7yrs can it be serious she has been given antibiotics she wees a lot but only a spot a lot of the time

  • Our adult male cat routinely throws up his food shortly after eating.

    Our adult male cat routinely throws up his food shortly after eating. No other symptoms - seems fine. Have tried using ball in bowl to slow him down, and have tried feeding in small amounts. Do we try sensitive stomach food next? If so, what should we look for in selecting one?

  • Our Akita mix dog has had chronic ear issues

    Our Akita mix has had chronic ear issues since we adopted her - our Vet has examined a sample swab from her ears and determined that she has 'abnormal bacteria'. We have tried Tresaderm, which seemed to help at first, then after about 5 days the head shaking started again. Now our vet has prescribed Mometamax, and we are on the second day of it and she just caused her ear to bleed from scratching it. We have spent a lot of money-she is miserable-please help!

  • Why is my dog having a bowel movement that appears white?

    My 61/2 month sheltie/beagle puppy had a white bowel movement . Is this common in dogs? There was only one so far; he's on Actr1um puppy food and does get occasional human food.

  • My 11 yr old lab that has vomited twice and has excessive drool

    Have 11 yr old lab that has vomited twice and has excessive drool with foam. Drinking a lot of water and constant puddles of drool. Never happened before....yet does vomit on occasion but quickly passes. The drooling in excess is new and constant within last 2 hours.

  • My Dog has incontinence problem how can we treat it

    my female bullmastiff had a prolapse bout 18 months ago and we are noticing that she has a incontinence problem now how can we treat it should she be seen by a vet

  • Why is my 3year old chi dog peeing blood?

    It started Sat. and Sun he started pooping blood.

  • What is wrong with my cat is it a tumor?

    he is going crazy meowing loudly hitting his head on hard things frothing at the mouth walking around in circles he seems really confused he is also eating and drinking a lot more.he is also bleeding at the nose.

  • My dog has knots breaking out all over his body and throwing up.

    He is running fever and these knots look bad and he is throwing up. They look like he had an allergic reaction to something. We gave him benadryl and sprayed him for fleas.He has been acting like his joints were getting stiff for a few days.

  • Are walnuts safe for dogs to eat?

    I have noticed my dog eating the rotting flesh of walnuts when they fall out of our tree. Is it unsafe for her to eat? She now has acute renal failure and we're in the long process of trying to figure out the cause. I was curious if eating walnuts would be to blame.

  • My cat has blood in her stool after given medicine for parasite

    i have 4 months cat, I have given medicine for parasite to her yesterday after that i saw blood in her stool, what can be the reason? thank you

  • My dog ate some of my medicine. What do I do?

    Daisy is 13 weeks old, she ate a half dose of Nyquil plus vitamin C. Will she be alright?

  • What can I do for a dog with Dysplasia?

    My 5 1/2 month old Boerboel puppy, who is growing very rapidly, suddenly was battling to stand up and walk on one hind leg. We took him to our local vet who did X-Rays and said he had signs of hip Dysplasia; sockets shallow but no arthritic or other damage. They did an X-Ray on his spine as well and said one part towards the back looked a bit smudgy. Four weeks ago he was in excellent condition. He now has no hip muscle and spine sticks out, falls over, and has pain when I touch waist on opposite side. What can I do?

  • Is this cat IBS?

    My cat has gas and the most awful smelling poop. My 2 other cats do not. He has no parasites; he was tested. I think he has IBS. I feed him Blue; just changed to Wellness to see if it's better and am giving him more wet than dry food now. He also has teary eyes. Is this IBS?

  • My cat is urinating outside of the litter box

    Cat behavior, urinating outside of litter box 1/2 siamese rescue cat suddenly started peeing outside of litter box in a litter mat (deep with grate on it). he just started pooping on it. i put him in the litter box over and over and listen to him urinate of defecate. i know he is made about something, he is very fussy clean boy. my 2 female cats insist on using his box. he is fine with it and then he isnt. he also got mad when i changed the position of the box. i gave him more room and privacy. boundary, feliway, etc, arent working. help

  • My chihuahua dog has reocurring hyperplasia, acts like in heat

    went to the doc because she has something coming from her vagina at the time we did not know what it was she had surgery to explore and to spay her they said it was hyperplasia and that it would go away on its on but they did spay her well 2 months has passed and 2 days ago the hyperplasia was back they told me to push it back in which is what i did but she was bleeding a little and now it's not out anymore but like she is in heat. What should I do?

  • What are the signs of cataracts in dogs?

    my dog is having eye discharge and i think his eyes are looking a little differently. just wondering if he possibly has cataracts.

  • Can fish oil give a dog diarrhea

    my dog has been having loose stools and diarrhea on an off from about two weeks, I have also been giving him vita C and Vita E as well as omega fish oil, extra glucosamine and MSM, in some pumpkin he has vomited twice this week, I have now read that Vita C is not necessary so I will stop this.

  • How long does "kennel cough" symptoms usually last?

    "kennel cough" symptoms usually last?

  • Can puppies out grow this type of mange

    My 7 month old doberman was dx with demodex/puppy mange 3 months ago. My 7 month old doberman was dx with demodex/puppy mange 3 months ago. I took her to the vet for weekly dips and the vet also gave her an injection. She had a total of 8 dips. She has no hair loss now. The vet did not do a scraping for testing to my knowledge. He told me to use promeris from now on. I am just wondering if he is over medicating her. Can't puppies out grow this type of mange? I don't want to give her anymore pesticides than absolutely necessary.

  • Why is my cats jaw twitching and drooling

    why is my cats jaw twitching and drool is collecting around his mouth This started yesterday and stopped.he seemed fine today until a few hours ago.He is a five year old domestic short hair cat.Up to date on shots.He seems relaxed on his favorite blanket yet perplexed as to why this is going on.

  • My dog has difficulty going from lying to standing position

    what could be wrong with my mini daushand? my 4 yr old mini duashand has difficulty going from the lying, sitting position to the standing position. the tramadoland methocarbal prescribed by my vet has not relieve the problem. she now has tremors

  • My dog has a BB sized bump on the front of her eyelid

    My 4 yr old shih poo has a BB sized bump on the front of her eyelid; its the same color as her skin and doesn't appear to be growing or itchy. his bump has been there for about a year. Now I just noticed today a new lump under the same eye, only this one looks like a mosquito bite or hive, its bigger, flatter, less round in shape and is redder. Any ideas on what these lumps might be?

  • How to heal raw nose with my shepherd dog

    My yellow/shepherd mix won't stop licking her nose raw. I believe she injured it somehow outside & she is a licker, has licked her nose raw. How can I treat that to heal?

  • Daschound dog who is not neutered has a very large hernia

    can an anal hernia be drained my 13 yr old male daschound who is not neutered has a very large hernia. i am told the surgery is 4000.00 which i do not have. the sack is large can this be drained some how. my vet checked it and said it is just fluid he is passing his bowel movements and urinating normal. im afraid hes going to have back trouble with this sack that seems heavy thank you

  • What is amforol, my vet gave it for my dog

    what is amforol #1 my vet gave it to me and i thought it was for vomiting or is it a antibiotic? is amforol #1 a antibiotic ?Arlie

  • My dog who has had problems with allergies

    Cushings or Addisons and the cause and Recovery I have a 2 year old shih a poo who has had problems with allergies since about 6 months old. She had been given steroid injections 3 times since then and has taken predisone for a short period of time. I had switched her to a California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato food and hypo allergenic treats and she seemed to do fine for the last 6 months. The of course we had a flare up and i couldn't get it under control so she had another steroid injection 2 weeks ago. She then started with some shak

  • My dog has perianal fistulas. What are my options and treatment

    I have an 11 year old jack russel that had a knot come up on his butt. We carried him to a local vet who though that it might be an infected gland, When he lanced the knot he realized that it was a perianal fistulas and closed the area. He advised us that it would take surgery to correct the problem. We were advised that the surgery would cost $2,500 to $ 3,000. We were unable to afford this surgery. Now the knot is very large and he is having a very difficult and painful bowel movements.

  • My cat has Kidney Disease and her vision is not great

    My cat has Kidney Disease and her vision is that great anymore. What does that mean and what should we do? My cat has kidney disease and her vision isnt what it used to be and she keeps running into stuff that she is walking towards and she is looking right at it. She has been running into doors , chairs , tv's and she is looking right at them and they have been there for awhile so she knows where they are but she is always running into them ... We have noticed it happing for the past two days.

  • Is is a bad idea to put your dog on steriods?

    Hello, My vet just put my dog (doberman) on steriods (predisone) for her constantly licking (everything) and her itchy dry skin. When she licks she smells really bad. We have had a problem in the past with her anal glands and just recently had them expressed for the second time. I am concerned about the side effects of these steriods. Please advise...thank you

  • What should I give my dog for a fever?

    My shih tzu has a fever from an ear infection. I know she should not have tylinol or motrin what can I give her as a fever reducer?

  • How do I know if my dog has an infection from a bite wound?

    My dog was bitten on the leg by a small dog. It is not a serious wound but I want to keep an eye on it for infection. How can I tell if it is infected?

  • MY dog cowers constantly and shakes when people just stroke him

    i have a 11 and1/2 year old dog,who constantly cowers and shakes and is so frightened all the time,im frightened he might bite someone when hes scared,what can i do

  • Hind leg of my pit bull dog, swollen, hot, fever and with lameness

    went to vet...they suggested blown left knee or hemangioma or hemangiosarcoma..thank you

  • My dog playing with a stick now has a cut inside of the tongue

    suspect a cut throat internally? Playing with stick (fetch) and cut inside of tongue. Now, doesn't seem to want throat touched.

  • Can vets test dogs for certain allergies

    Can vets test dogs for certain allergies or do you have to do trial and error with diet? Cooper our 5 year old yellow lab has been suffering for about 2 years now. He spends a good time during the day licking his paws and shaking his head. We constantly clean his ears and have had him prescribed ottomax. The vet has recommended changing his diet which we have 3 times. first- Duck and potato, then vegetarian and now herring, rice and potato. His ears have improved but the licking and scratching is far worse. Is there a test that can be done? We could all use a good nights sleep!

  • My dog is bleeding out of her vagina

    My dog is bleeding out of her vagina and its a real thick blood whats that mean She was in heat about two weeks ago and now shes bleeding real thick from her vagina? whats that mean

  • MY dog has rashes on his ears and hair falling off

    my dogs has like rashes on his ears and it has blood on it and his hair is falling off. Both of his ears its like little patches of missing hair with dry and wet blood.I dont know what my dog has im very worried about him if you know what it is please let me know?

  • My dog has been throwing up for two weeks

    throwing up food and drink immediately after consuming it.Almost like she is choking. Coughing and water through it's nose as soon as she drinks. no bile just regurgitated food and slime. Dog has gas an stomach make horrible noises at night. Is still having bowel movements daily. no present fever. 11 years old lab, collie. What do I do? I am afraid she will dehydrate, but she keeps trying to eat and drink.

  • Every fall my Lab dog looses her hair around her eyes

    Every fall my 7 year old Lab looses her hair around her eyes. She also will be coming in season. She doesn't get this in the spring. What would cause this.

  • Is it possible for a female cat to get pregnant when she is nursing?

    can a nursing mother cat get pregnant? is it possible for a female cat to get pregnant when she is nursing?

  • How to eradicate a foul odor with my dog?

    We have a 9-10 yr old collie female that has been on 6 wks of cephalexon (sp)trying to get rid of a drip and has a foul odor. She is on 5 mg diethylstribestrol twice a week. Being a rescue we have no knowledge of her history. Thanks for your help J Volkert

  • My dog is just laying down and is shaking a lot?

    i have a yellow lab he is 13, he has had cancer and has bumps on his body. he also has arthritis i think its hard for him to sit, lay, walk. but now he is shaking a lot when she is just laying down.

  • Whats wrong with my dog, he is vomiting a lot

    whats wrong with my toy poodle he is vomiting he is throwing up every thing he eats

  • My dog has a red, swollen anus with small abrasions around it

    my maltese has a red, swollen anus with small abrasions around it. his anal glands are expressed. any home treatment to try before i go to the vet? He is 16 years old and fussy with his food. He has been shaking as if cold more frequently than normal. his las blood test was normal.

  • My dog is acting strangely by running around

    My dog constantly licks his anus and has started running around like something is biting his back side, what does this mean? My dog has been licking his anus constantly and he has started acting strangely by running around like something is chasing him and he also acts like something is biting his back side. At first I thought he had lost his mind the way he was acting, but I was wondering if it could possibly be worms that are making his act like this.

  • How to get my dog to stop pushing her dominance over the other dogs?

    How can I get my dog to stop pushing her dominance over the other dogs? We have six dogs who are guard dogs as well as pets. Our problem is only with our 3 females who are all spayed. Lucy is a 35 kg German Shepherd, and she stands over our 3 yr. old mutt who is only 12 kgs constantly and initiates fights. The 12 kg dog is no way tries to act like the alpha, we didn't even have her until about 10 months ago. Lucy never used to be aggressive, but now she gets in fights with the other females and actually inflicts wounds. Any ideas on how to curb her aggression?

  • Can you give a 4 week old puppy sanium if he has tape worm

    worming a puppy with sanium the vet told me to cut it in quarters and give each puppy a quarter tablet

  • How do I keep my male dog from crying, licking my spayed female dog?

    How do I keep my unneurtered male dog from crying and licking my spayed female dog? My unneutered male dog has been going crazy crying at and licking my spayed female dog's private areas. They are both 6 and from different parents. They have been together since they were puppies. It has never been this bad. Is there something I can safely put on her private areas, so that he won't be so turned on? Is there such a thing as salt peter for dogs? My husband refuses to get the male neutered.

  • My dog having some trouble with her bottom fang teeth

    My 6 months old Puggle is having some trouble with her bottom fang teeth. She still has her fang teeth but her mature ones are already growing behind them. This seems really weird to me. One of her teeth is loose but has not fallen out. Anything I can do? Is this normal?

  • Worried about dark spots on my white Chihuahua ears

    Worried about dark spots on my white Chi ears! from new pet owner (MD) 3 mo Chihuahua, 1lb. white,itching; her skin looks light pink. Worse in PM,sides of her stomach feel very hot & 10 minutes later feel normal. 1 of her eyes looks swollen slightly. Her ears are slightly swollen at the base at night (on the back of her ears). Her ears stand tall but they have a few

  • My dog's eyes are cloudy and shine in the light. What does that mean?

    I have a one year old Dachshund named Meme one day I noticed that her eyes were very cloudy, but I didn't think anything of it. The next day I noticed when I called to her she walked very slowly and ran into the wall a couple of times. When she made it to her bowl she seemed to not be able to find it, even when it was right in front of her. The weirdest symptom is that when she goes outside to use the bathroom, she runs around like nothing is wrong with her.

  • Why does my dog pee all over the house?

    I have a three year old Jack Russel who was neutered six month ago. The vet who performed the procedure told me after a couple of weeks he should stop spraying everything with urine. This hasn't stopped him and it is now six month later. Have you any advice that can help me stop him doing this as he is a much loved pet of my children. Unfortunately, they have serious complex medical conditions and we are afraid that he may have to go to a new home as this is very unhygienic for the children.

  • Why is my dogs stomach hard?

    My dog's stomach is really hard, but she is toileting and eating as normal. She seems uncomfortable following me around with her tail hanging and not herself. She "hurts" her back twisting etc at times, but I fix that with rest and a heat pac and she's right in a day or 2. This started with those signs but went after she walked for a while. My husband thinks its inflamation of some sort.?She is an 11kg poodleXcairns terrier aged 11 yrs old. Thanks for your help,Kerry

  • My dog has had diarrhea for over 24 hours

    My dog has had diarrhea for over 24 hours and I am worried that she may become dehydrated Is there something I can give her besides water to stop the diarrhea?

  • My 4 yr old dog has Perianal fistulas infection

    My 4 yr old WGSD is being treated for Perianal Fistulas that was oozing mucus, with 10 days of antibiotics, The fistulas are much better but she still has the 3 open sores on her anus. Should I continue with another course of antibiotics.

  • Why does my dog go around licking the floor or carpet

    My dog is 11 yr Jack Russell every so often she will go around licking the carpet. she will continue to do this till she makes herself sick what can I do about this?

  • Have a 18 year old dog who is weak and throwing up

    Have a 18 year old border collie who is weak and throwing up. This last week he's really gotten weak.still eats but throws up soon after. doesn't seem to be in any pain. I know he has lived way beyond his years. What can i do to make him comfortable?

  • Bought a new puppy and so far he has not gone to the bathroom

    We bought our 12 week old puppy home for the first time yesterday and so far he has not urinated or had a bowel movement. he has eaten and drunk but is very nervous. He had a vet check and his first injections 2 days ago and was declared healthy. He is not yet house broken but will not go to the toilet either in the house or outside.

  • Can we improve a negative cat to cat relationship

    Can we improve a cat challenge situation? My 6-yr-old cat Smiley, the dominant cat of the household, recently lost 1 of her top fangs and the dentist recommended we have the other pulled (it was already loose). Now Smiley is being strongly challenged by one of the other cats - a few spats & lots of growling from Smiley. Can we calm things down again? We have 4 cats, all spayed/neutered, and 2 of them are ignoring the situation.

  • My dog eats grass everyday to make himself sick, is this ok?

    my dog goes out every morning and eats grass and the vomits, this happens everyday , he is 7 and he has do it since being a pup...

  • I have a Siberian Husky female dog with seizure problems

    I have a Siberian Husky female, 6 1/2 year old. She's first seizure was at 8 month old. Next seizure was after 8 month, and next 5 month. The seizures became 1 at a month for about one year, and after this she has cluster seizures at 2 weeks. We started with phenobarbital 100 mg split in two doses and 600 mg KBr split in two doses too. She was seizures free for one year. But she have started again to seize. She is on 200 mg Pheno + 1000 mg NaBr and she is not so good. Can you advice me?

  • German Shepherd puppy with diarrhea problems

    German Shepherd puppy, 6 mos old. Diarrhea a month ago, 3 days. Vet put on antibiotic& bland diet.Said breed tends 2 have sensitive digestion & maybe from drinking rainwater. Last week, ate adult dog food-again diarrhea. put on bland diet, starting 2 firm up when she went 2be spayed. Blood work showed BUN 6. Did test 4liver, normal. 2days later diarrhea again.Now hear that Vet over tests, concerned about advice given. Want 2b better educated b4 we talk2 vet. Have plan there,can't afford 2 change

  • My german shepherd puppy rolls her eyes back in her eyes

    my German shepherd puppy rolls her eyes back in her eyes sometimes what could this mean I've noticed especially when she lays down she does this. She is also has issues with her legs I believe. From our vet we have received prednisone and another medicine for diarrhea. She is a very special needs dogie. We love her very much!!!

  • My dog has a cut on his paw and is puffy and red, how should i treat it?

    My dog has a cut on his paw and is puffy and red, how should i treat it? He is a boxer puppy a year and 7months and always is running around so i don't know exactly when he got it.

  • Why does my cat have a lump on her lower jaw?

    My cat (female/9 lbs/ appx12-13 yrs old) has a 4 mm x 3mm wide and about 4mm long purple lump on the front left side of her bottom jaw. A few months ago she had a scab (what looked like a scab to me) and after watching it for a few days I noticed it getting flakey so I pulled it off and she has been fine since but now this weird purple growth is in its place. It seems to hurt her when I try to touch it and examine it. She eats, drinks and acts normally. I'm taking her to a vet once I find one!

  • Why does my cat's face twitch?

    For about the last month her facial features have been twitching abnormally every now and again. It looks like she has "kitty terets" or something. We just moved and she was very upset the first few weeks but she's been great lately so I don't think it's stress. Besides a small purple bump on her lower jaw(getting checked) she seems completely normal otherwise. I'm afraid that it could be because my dad accidentally got her shots done again 4 months after I had already taken her! Thanks!

  • Why does my cat have bowel problems?

    Hi My cat is 14 Years old and for the past 2 weeks she has been spraying a foul smelling black liquid around the house and she is also being sick. Can you advise what the problem may be? She is eating and drinking okay and seems quite happy otherwise.

  • Why does my cat have bloody stool?

    We have an 11 year old Persian that on occasion would have a little blood while defecating. We recently got another kitten and very slowly and gradually changed their food and introduced wet along with dry food as we have read it is better for them . The kitten is fine but the older cat now has extremely loose stool with mucous-like blood mixed . Could this all be food related ? Should we get a hill's special diet product to see if the loose stool stops? Thank you .

  • Why do my cats get bladder infections?

    I have a 16 year old female cat, a 12 year male cat, and a 1 year old female cat. The 1 year old had a bladder infection last year and was treated with Amoxicillin. This year I noticed that she is straining; I'm now worried she has it again. The 16 year old developed a bladder infection earlier this year. She was treated with Amoxicillin. The 12 year old seems to have no problem. Why is this happening? They have 2 boxes, cleaned 2x daily, fed California Natural kitten and Artemis Sr. for the other 2. The vet said for me to feed Hills KD since they are older. Please help!

  • Dilated pupils in 1 year old cat, what are the possible reasons?

    Hi, I picked up a stray 1 year old female cat 3 weeks ago. Her pupils were dilated and still are. She also loses lots of hair and is thin. We tested her for parasites - she has none. Her vision is also good. What is the possible reason?

  • Female dogs first heat cycle, what to do?

    I have a 6-9 year old female pitbull lab mix and she is on her first heat cycle. I've noticed swelling on her genitalia and a bump/wart on it also. This is strange since I keep her hygiene as a high priority. I've never had to care for a dog before so I am unsure of the norms when they are in heat, like how long should I wait till I get her fixed after her cycle is over. Also if I get her fixed will she have any personality changes or is that just a myth? Noelle

  • My dog threw up his food. is he sick?

    I just changed my dog food. I fed him 3/4 old food, 1/4 new food (2 days); 1/2 old food, 1/2 new food (2 days) 1/4 old food, 3/4 new food (2 days) and now I am feeding him 3/4-1 cup of the new food. It has been 3 days since the complete change over of food. Last night he threw up before bed time and then again this morning after he ate. I checked his vomit and it was all food he consumed, whole. Is he sick? What should I do?

  • My cat pees on rugs throughout my house. How to stop it?

    My male cat has started peeing on the rugs in different places in the house how can I stop this? He is an indoor cat about 3 years old there are two other cats and I keep the litter box clean at all time.

  • Need advice on clipping my dogs nails

    do you have to have nails clipped can they just fall off my dog is tough when it comes to having his nails clipped can they just fall off, worried that they are getting to long, my husband is laid off from work and it is NOT in our budget to take him to the groomers just for the nails or the vet help, i noticed one of his toes is starting to get a little red help, any advice would be great he is my baby

  • Our dog has a half dollar size wound on his throat

    Staph Infection Our dog has a half dollar size wound on his throat - the fur is gone - a little bleeding. 24 hrs after we noticed the wound, we went to the vet. Vet thinks that it could have been a bug bite that he kept itching? Vet said that it looked like it was or would become infected (staph) so she gave us antibiotics. We have an infant and I'm concerned that the dog could pass the staph infection to our baby. The vet said no, but I've looked online & seen where others say it can. What do you think?

  • My dog was diagnosed with Kennel Cough, still isn't eating

    My dog was diagnosed with Kennel Cough and has been on the the antibiotics for over 24 hours. However she still isn't eating, what should I do? any information would help.

  • Why is my 10 year old dog tail wagging more than usual?

    My dog only wags his tail when we say "walkies" or other words he understands. My dog seems to be wagging his tail at random times, even when we don't say anything, and it's a fast wag then he quickly sits back down again. He also does it while sitting down. It is not usual for my dog to be doing this, do you know why he might be doing acting this way?

  • My puppy scratched himself and now has a swollen face

    My 3.5 month old golden retriever started scratching his ears yesterday and developed a swollen face, he stopped eating and this morning he dry heaved. He is current on shots and deworming. I have an appointment with the vet this afternoon. Do you have any advice in the meantime?

  • What to do about mast cell tumors in dogs?

    My 7 year old lab just had a mast cell tumor removed. The margins came back dirty, was grade 2, and because it is so close to his eye, the surgeon does not want to do more surgery nor radiation. She is recommending chemo. Is this the best course of action? I have read many of the studies and most of them comment on success rates after a successful surgery? What about an unsuccessful one?

  • My dog is bleeding from his bum, can you help?

    My rottweiler is bleeding from his bum, can you help? and there is a slight amount of blood in his feces. After he seems he has finished excreting he seems to have blood come out as well, he only bleeds when going to the toilet, he has only been doing this for a few days and has never had this before. can you please help?

  • How long should I keep my cats separated due to a cold

    For how long should my cats be separated from each other when one of them got a cold? My older cat(1,6 yr) got a cold and I received numerous medications from the vet yd. I also got a kitten (12 weeks) who has not yet caught the cold. Vet told me to keep them separated ...but for how long? Until my older cat gets better or can she be let out in the rest of the house when treatment started? What are the chances that the kitten already caught something from my older cat? (before yd I did not know what was wrong with my older cat and they both roam the house...Thanks

  • Why is my dog losing his hair under his neck?

    My dog seems to be losing hair under his neck. We have fought demodectic mange with him in the past but this does not look the same as it is all over his neck as opposed to one spot and does not have the redness that occurred with the demodectic mange. There does not appear to be any dry skin or flaking. We have been leaving his collar off of him as much as possible in hopes that that would help, but it does not seem to be helping. We do use a slip collar on walks.

  • Proof from a vet regarding my dog shots

    what kind of proof does a vet need to give me when I take my dog to get his shots I don't know anything about owning a dog. I went to the vet a week ago but somehow it feels like I should have gotten more information or something.

  • Kitten with sudden dribbling diarrhea.

    Hi, I have an eleven week old kitten who appeared very healthy when we bought her, however her stools have always been very soft. I did change her food to a different wet one two days ago and since then she has had dribbling diarrhea and has lost a little bit of weight. She still seems playful, but possibly a little off color. Could it just be a case of the food? I have put down Purina ProPlan baby cat dry now and some powdered kitten milk from the vets. Am I doing the right thing?

  • Why does my dogs cyst wound not close up?

    Dog's cyst burst and now is covered with a black crust and emits a foul odor. Why does the cyst wound not close up? Our 12 year old lab/collie has Cushings and gets large cysts close to the skin's surface. One of them burst and our vet drained it. A black crust formed over it and has remained for several months. Now it is emitting a bad odor and when we wipe it with a damp cloth there is some blood. The cyst seems like it has never closed. It does not appear to be puffy or have any pus. What should we do?

  • My dog has a large, thick as a human thumb toenail.

    My st. bernard mix has a large, thick as a human thumb toenail. What is the cause and how will my vet treat it? Adopted him from a shelter about two yrs. ago. Mixed with a long-haired breed so problem was not initially evident. Nail is thick and curved and extends from nail bed to tip. Dog limps and nail is sensitive to touch. He chews on it and it is flaking and splitting. Wonder it it is a result of possible injury or perhaps indicative of disease? How should it breed treated and once it is, will it be a re-occurring problem. Taking him to vet tomorrow. Thank you.

  • My cat has an insatiable appetite and yet is very skinny

    My cat has an insatiable appetite and yet is very skinny. She is an outdoor cat and hunts all the time as well. She is about 10 years old. Do you have any ideas on what could be wrong with her?

  • My cat has what appears to be dandruff is this possible

    my cat has what appears to be dandruff is this possible what does one use to treat it

  • Why is my dog licking the hair off his toes?

    My 6 year old chihuahua male rides across 48 states with us in a big rig. Lately, he has started licking his paws until patches of hair are missing. He acts fine except for the constant licking.

  • Question about demodex mites and puppy strangles

    I have a question about demodex mites and puppy strangles and if they are related? I am a golden retriever breeder and I have had 3 litters with this particular set of parents. This last litter of 10 puppies we had encountered 1 puppy with puppy strangles at the age of 5 weeks old. We treated it before we sent the puppy to his new home by the age of 12 weeks. Now I have been contacted by 5 other owners who have puppies that have been diagnosed with demodex mites/mange. So my question is, is it possible this one sick puppy could have infected the other puppies and lowered their immune systems so the demodex mites could take over. I know demodex mites exist on almost everything, but can only infect a dog with a lowered immune system. Could this possibly be a genetic fault? I have never encountered a previous litter with any of these problems in the past. Also should I now stop breeding my goldens because of this?

  • Dog was fed corned beef with onions. What should I do?

    Dog was fed corned beef with onions. About 1/4 cup of it all. What should I do? my male dog of 3 years old was fed corned beef mixed with onions yesterday by my mother who did not know onions can be toxic to dogs. he's feeling a bit tired and not as playful as he normally is and he's having some diarrhea. also, he has been urinating a lot.

  • How often can you give a dog benadryl?

    The dog weighs 14 to 15 pounds.

  • Why is my dog vomiting this thick white substance?

    This morning my dog started vomiting which is not normal at all for him to do. The substance is thick and white. Is this a reaction to something he ate? or could it be that something he ate made him react this way?

  • What is the name of the insect or parasite that burrows in cat skin?

    What is the name of the insect or parasite that burrowed into the side of my cats head? I have looked up the word "woof" thinking that is what it is called. The hole is the size of a pencil eraser and it oozes. If the hole is open is it still inside? What can I do if it's is still inside?

  • Is a raw diet good for a dog who has had bladder stones?

    My dog has had bladder stones twice. What is the best diet for her? She has been on Hills UD but now is refusing to eat it.

  • Can a Cortisone injection cause my cat to urinate everywhere?

    My cat was going to the toilet outside of his litter tray, but peeing ok in the tray. I took him to the vets and she said he has arthritis in his lower spine causing him pain to go to the toilet. She gave him a cortisone injection for the pain and then 24 hours later he has started to pee all over the house, as if he has no control. He is also drinking more. Can this be a side effect of the cortisone and if it is how long should these effects last before he gets better? Thank you 4 your help.

  • Can you give flea cream to six week old puppy

    please can you give me some advice on giving a six week old puppy flea cream, and do you have to give it milk Thank you

  • Are there alternatives to perinal cysts surgery for my dog?

    i've had the dog neutered and several surgeries have been performed. the gap between surgeries varies, but this time the cysts reappeared within 6 weeks. another surgery may be the last, and i want to avoid the obvious decision. are there alternative solutions/controls?

  • My dog has a rash around his nose and eyes. what is it?

    My dog has a rash around his nose and eyes. what is it? dog

  • My 8 week Golden retriever puppy has Hypothyroidism

    My 8 week Golden retriever puppy has Hypothyroidism. My vet says we need to make a choice about what to do. Our breeder will not help us or now return our calls. She is anemic, dwarfed, has black legs and belly, tounge out all the time, high cholesterol and is now being force fed through seringe. Should we start the meds? Will that actually help her. I forgot to mention that she is only 4lbs....so small. Will the meds give her a normal life or is the best thing to do is put her to sleep?

  • My dog was stung by a wasp. Should i be worried?

    my dog was stung by a wasp. We took her to the vet and she seems fine but did not eat her breakfast. Should i be worried? my dog was stung by a wasp yesterday. We took her to the vet and she seems fine but did not eat her breakfast. She did eat her dinner last night. Should I be worried?

  • What does it mean if a dog throws up three times in one week?

    My female dog has thrown up three times in the last week, and she constantly eats grass.

  • Can a cat get mange from fox droppings?

    A fox with mange has being spotted in my garden, now my cat is shedding lots of fur, could my cat get mange from fox droppings in the garden?

  • Question on luxating patella surgery for my dog

    Should luxating patella surgery be done on both knees at once or one at a time? My dog is five years old and she's a 45 pound Australian cattle dog/who knows what mix. One surgeon told me one knee at a time and the other said both at once. What is best?

  • Can a dog take Phenergan for nausea?

    My mothers dog has been vomiting and eating a lot of grass. She has tried to with hold food for at least a day, but when the dog is given food she gets sick and vomits. I was wondering if we could give her dog Phenergan to help alleviate the vomiting? If so what would be the proper dosage? I was thinking approximately 1mg/2lbs. A friend suggested it and said he was successful in using it, but I do worry what effect it would have on our dog.

  • My cat has diarrhea with blood in it; what should I do?

    Hi. My cat had diarrhea since last week. We took her to the clinic and the vet gave an antibiotic prescription. But even today, there is still evidence of blood. What should I do?

  • Recently my dog began shivering and yelping

    I have a shih tzu/chihuahua mix almost 5 yrs old that has recently began shivering and yelping and his left front leg sticks out, but he can walk on it perfectly and applies pressure. he also doesnt bark as often and when he does its more of a yelp. I have checked for any marks and found none Can you tell me whats wrong with him?.

  • My cat's eyes are very dilated

    My cat's eyes are very dilated. They will get smaller with light but the pupils are twice as big as my other cats. My cat (just a year old) has been sick for the last few months with several injuries which required sutures. She has been on antibiotics for almost three months off and on. Also she was given pain killers off and on. She came back from the vets office last week after the vet had to re-stitch an injury, with her eyes very dilated. It has now been a week and her eyes are still very dilated. They react to light, but not as much as the other cats and in the evening the pupils are enormous.

  • What to do for a dog with loose stool?

    I have a nine week old puppy. I wormed her four days ago. Since then she has been passing loose stool with some mucous. She has also lost her appetite. Where she once had a round belly her sides are now sticking in.

  • How can I stop my cat from clawing and bitting me

    what can i use to stop my cat biting and clawing me

  • Treatment for old dog incontinence?

    I have a 13 y.o. female Chocolate Lab who is the love of my life. Other than some arthritis, she is really quite healthy. The past 6 months she has become very incontinent and I feel so bad for her. Is there treatment available for her at such an age? Thank you.

  • Swollen dog anus with a sore oozing brown discharge

    I have a rat terrier that is 15 yrs old. Yesterday she kept trying to go to do(#2)but nothing was coming out.Today I noticed on her rectum it appears to be a sore that is ozing a brownish color. She continues to lick the area and appears to be painful. Her rectum is also swollen. Please Help

  • My dog keeps itchin & has red bumps

    he is vomiting diarrhea itching red bumps around his neck & chest whining sleeps all day irritable

  • Why is my dog shaking?

    He is shaking a whimpering, but still wags his tail. His nose is relatively dry.

  • My dog is whimpering, shaking, and sits in the corner, whats wrong?

    whimpering, shaking, sits in corner. relatively dry nose. still drinks, just peed, but hasnt seen him poop

  • What medicine will help my dogs joints from pain

    Back Legs, small older dog, jumping and not overweight My dog is 15 years old, about 17-18 lbs, not overweight, mix dog- no vet seems to know what kind. Ever since she was little she JUMPS EVERYWHERE, off the couch "off the top part" to the floor. we try to stop her but cant every time- runs up and down the stairs, we try to slow her down. She has vertigo- she had 1 episode. She whimpers at times cause her back leg, my question is: what meds should I bring up to the vet? is there a daily med? or even weekly? what kind? or even food that helps joints

  • Is Lyme disease in dogs contagious?

    My male dog Mcgiggles was diagnosis with Lyme disease in October of 2009; symptoms appeared august 2010 lameness followed by bloody diarrha my question is could his sperm carry the disease and infect a litter of puppies?

  • We have a question about our labrador retriever lethargic behavior

    We have a question about our 8.5 year old Labrador retriever.After heart worm/flea meds he was lethargic, improved, then happened after next treatment but he also vomited. 2 weeks later began panting, not eating and had a fever. Blood work showed elevated liver, pancreatic and white blood counts. X-Ray was normal. Ultrasound showed enlarged liver / lymph nodes (no biopsies), and pancreatic. After homemade meals, 2 antibiotics and a liver support he was back to his usual self for 1.5 wks. Back on kibble, he won't eat again and lethargic. Any ideas?

  • What is this lump on my dog?

    My 3 year old doberman has an unusual lump on its elbow. It doesn't seem to hurt her since she doesn't lick or scratch that specific zone, and she doesn't have a specific fever in the area. It's sort of brown and when handled, turns a shade of scarlet. It's 6 mm long, 4 in diameter and 3 of thickness (it's a bit flat). It has a skin-color frame around the circumference. The texture is even. Compared to other pictures of tumors it doesn't look like them at all. I don't know if it's grown or when it appeared since I barely discovered it. Is it a mole?

  • Difference between TPLO vs traditional dog acl surgery

    My vet is pushing a TPLO vs traditional acl surgery in my 11 yr old sherpard mix; Is the new procedure that more advantageous over traditional? Why? Also, is surgery worth the outcome or can I get same results from purchasing a brace and limiting activity of my dog?

  • What is an appropriate temperature for the hot compress on a cat

    hot compress. how hot? My cat recently got in a fight, and he has an open wound on his tail. I have been applying hot compresses but am unsure if it is too hot. What is an appropriate temperature for the hot compress, and how long do I apply it?

  • My cat is sensitive when i touch his back and upper haunches, why?

    My young male cat is sensitive when i touch his back and upper haunches, why? He walks around and runs and jumps fine and doesn't limp. He's had all his shots. If he broke something wouldn't be go slower than his usual pace? Is it perhaps bruising? Or a possible illness? He is an indoor out door cat, there are farm dogs around and chickens but as far as I can tell he avoids the gravel road where the cars pass. We can pet his back gently but if we press he meows in discomfort. I don't know why please help.

  • My dog is swelling in the spine, back legs limps, bleeding from the eyes

    within a period of 2 days my dog's back legs went limp and has swelling in her spine. her paws seems extremely hard and she started bleeding from her eyes and a little in her urine and has been panting excessively. I've already taken her to an emergency vet but I'm not sure if they know what is wrong with her, so I am asking here. I can't seem to find any clear answers from google yet... please help! :'(

  • What meds or med can i give my dogs to help prevent worms or parasite

    what meds or med can i give my dogs to help prevent worms or parasite please help

  • What is acceptable to give a dog during a food test and what is not?

    What is acceptable to give a dog during a food test and what is not? Hello. I have a two year old Yorkie that has allergies . Constant itching (back legs mostly). I am going to try to rule out food as the cause and am starting to give him only Natural Balance sweet potato and venison food. I am wondering if ad what treats would not effect this trial. I'm thinking that bones would be okay but I am not sure. Please let me know what is acceptable to give to my poor little Yotkie and what is not. Thank you so much for your help!

  • What is the prognosis for dogs with Discospondylosis?

    -9 mo old M -1st ~6 wks ago; intermittent. Main yelping with minimal touching to the rear legs. "distraction" no overt no yelping. progressed to obvious pain the rear legs (came on over ~2 days) likely a sprain & confirmed UTI. Rx antibiotics for the UTI -Vet said wait 3 wks for FUp progressed -Took in sooner; battery of tests revealed discospondylosis. Tx for common strain, waiting for cultures, on IV, Pain -Told tx may not work. What is possible?

  • Sleeping Issues with my mixed breed dog?

    My 5 year old small mixed breed dog has recently had issues. He woke up the other morning whining (which he never does) and when we went to him to see what was wrong he acted fine. This morning he woke up again in the night sounding like he was hyperventilating. He is a very lazy dog but gets exercise. He licks himself a lot, which is another problem. He eats EVO small kibble dry dog food and we recently started giving him the Greenies. Any ideas?

  • What can cause an inflamed larynx in dogs

    I have a 4 yrs old rottie with an inflamed larynx. Had a fever of 103.8 and just wasn't herself. I have already spent 1000.00 and my vet says he has never seen anything like this in his 40 years. Lymph nodes are fine blood work shows nothing and xrays show no tumors. she has been treated with prednisone and 2 different types of antibiotics. finished prednisone this am and has 3 more days of antibiotics. she still not the dog she used to be..any ideas?

  • Why is my Mini Pinscher dog losing her hair?

    My 9 year old Mini Pinscher just recently has been losing her hair in small areas. When I pet her skin is very flaky and comes right off still attached to the hair (in clumps). The troubled spots are behind her hind legs and one on her lower torso. I am very concerned about this, so your immediate response will be greatly appreciated.

  • My dog is 12 years old suddenly has lumps

    My chihuahua is 12 years old, never spayed. All of a sudden one day there was a lump under one of her nipples. I watched it and waited, while then suddenly there appeared 6 other lumps under other nipples. They grew so fast and I only discovered it when picking her up to give her a bath. Is having so many foreign lumps removed dangerous for her? She acts and eats normally and runs around. No behavior changes. Please advise.

  • With blockage in dog stomach and intestines, is bloodwork taken before and after surgery?

    Hi, my dog had a blockage in his stomach and intestines. Should blood work be taken before and after stomach and intestine surgery and should hospitalization be required for a few days?He was a 2.5 male Wheaton

  • Please help my poodle. She lost her balance

    Please help my poodle. She is 3 years old toy poodle. She lost her balance She can not stand still at all. she can not take a pi properly due to her balance. She completely frustrated with her condition. She always fell when she walk. Even when she sits, she always shaking.This happen about 4 days ago, and I brought her to vet in my city. already check blood. everything normal. now she is on acupuncture treatment.Please help us. Thank you very much for your kindness.

  • Why does my dog have urine leakage?

    She's a 12 year old border collie. This dog has been almost illness free! She had skin allergies when we got her, but responded to high quality food and has been free of that too until the last 3 months. Leakage occurs when she is laying on her side and is profuse, maybe a cup or more. It is so dilute as to have little odor or color. She is taking 25mg of Proin twice a day and it seems to help some days. She eats fine and is trim and active. Love my vet of 32 years, but he seems perplexed. What can I do to help him track down the issue?

  • How can I fix a cat bowel problem?

    We just found a stray cat, a kitten, in our yard a few days ago. He is sweet and seemingly healthy except for his bowels. His anus looks very strange and he is constantly leaking poop that is runny. You can just pick him up and it drips out. He is eating, drinking and is playful and healthy looking. What could be the problem? He is constantly covered in his rear area with loose poop. Like I said, he is a stray and affording medical care from us is not an option. Just wanting to see if I can do anything.

  • My dogs bleeding from his butt. What can I do?

    My dog ate a big size bone and now he's bleeding from the butt and I don't have money for a vet. Can I do anything myself?

  • When my dogs pooping it twists. Is this bad?

    Should I be concerned that her poop twists?

  • My dog suffers from a severe case of hip dysplasia.

    Hi, my dog suffers from a severe case of hip dysplasia. She is Golden Retriever, around 60 lbs. Her left leg has a light case of dysplasia and is under control. The right leg (even with the help of glucosamine and collagene)is dislocated chronically. However she jumps, runs, walks and do all kind of things apparently without problem. My question is: "Is it ok for her to do all that or should I refrain her from doing so?" I am afraid her tendon will get damaged. Thanks.

  • What's a good pain medication for a puppy?

    My dog jumped over a wooden fence and caught her leg on it while jumping over it she is having a hard time walking on it. Is there anything I can give her for the pain?

  • High Potassium in otherwise healthy dog

    A blood panel on my 10-year-old chow/german shepherd mix showed everything within normal levels save two: platelets slightly elevated (which could just be stress from being there or could be from the fact that he's scratching excessively from seasonal allergies) and his potassium, which was 6.5. I feed him only Purina adult dog chow. The vet said he wouldn't be too alarmed about this right now and would like to check it again in a month. Any idea why his K is high and how we'd treat?

  • Puppy got bit last night by another dog

    my puppy got bit last night by another dog. he bled a little but it stopped quickly but over today a almost golf ball size lump has formed under the site of bite. it feels like it is filled with fluid and it causes him no discomfort. what should i do?

  • Suggestions to treat my cat's allergies

    Hello- My cat has been having some problems with allergies. I take her to the vet over and over again and she keeps giving me the same pills that do not work. When my cats allergies are really bad, she pulls chunks of hair out from the root and also licks spots on her body raw. She also gets bad infections in her eyes. I have changed her food because the vet said it might be an allergy to food. Nothing has changed and the pills from my vet do not seem to be working. Any other suggestions?

  • What are the systoms of bee stings in a small dog

    Our miniature pincher got bee stung several times and i was wondering what the reaction could be because she is acting sick and now she is throwing up, and she is swelling on her nose and tongue.

  • Possible dog liver shunt with these results?

    I had an enzyme test on my yorkie and the Alt was 131 and the Glu was 161 after eating. Could this be a concern for possible liver shunt? Here are the results. Male Yorkie approx 3lbs, 6 months old.ALB - 3.2ALP - 68ALT - 131AMY - 686TBIL - .2BUN - 18CA - 10.3PHOS - 4.9CRE - .4GLU - 161NA+ - 144K+ - 5.8TP - 5.5GLOB - 2.2-

  • My 8 wk old puppy developed a lump

    My 8 wk old puppy developed a lump on neck after using hartz flea drops I gave puppy thorough bath in dawn dish soap and Got all fleas off him i put hartz flea drops on him and he developed a lump near the site of administration

  • Can benadryl be given to a dog who is overly excited?

    I have company at my house. she has been out of control for 2 days,and is upsetting the household. Can i give him a benadryl or .5mg ativan

  • What causes a dog to cough and gag 2 or 3x daily

    he is 10 yrs old and he is 85 # when we got him he had mange and it has been in control. he has all his shots

  • Effectiveness of parvovirus vaccine for my dog!?!?

    I'm a dachshund owner, female 5 months old, after two days struggling with vomiting Today vet confirmed that the parvovirus test was positive, so I was in shock since she received three dosages of vaccines, two of them applied in front of me while I held her keep the stickers of the labs, on the vaccines card of my Liza, now I don't understand isn't supposed to have warranted the immunity against parvovirus? in this case should laboratories and vets involved do something about it?

  • Why does my dog whine all the time?

    I got my dog almost a yr ago in October and he cries and whines all the time and I don't know if he's doing it for attention or because he might be sick with something.he doesn't act sick at all he just cries for no reason.my boyfriend says its because I spoil him but could there secretly be something internally wrong with him.I don't know what to do please help

  • What are the side effects of apo prednisone 5mg for my dog?

    My dog has been prescribed apo prednisone for a skin allergy. She received a steroid injection and now these pills are to be taken 2 pills for for 4 days then 1 till finished, there are 25 pills. I heard from another dog owner that prednisone use caused diabetes in their dog, can this happen? is this a side effect? Thank you in advance for your reply.

  • Our dog is fighting to breath, panting with weight loss

    our dog is fighting to breath,panting,he had rapid weight loss,gums are grayish ,very weak,falls if he gets in too big hurry.,just stares and pants. what could cause this sudden change,healthy to half dead,

  • What is wrong with my dog?!

    I have ared nose pitt that will be 1 on sept 11th 2010. he weighs around 65lbs. He does not have worms or anything he went to the vet a couple months ago & is on flea & heart worm preventative. My problem is he eats everything, shoe leather, rubber, material/clothing, dirt, grass, toys & the stuffing, plants, my moms pin cushion w/ pins, ceramic items, pretty much anything he can get his mouth on. My question is does he have pica? if so how do i know? & what do i do? he passes everything it either comes up or out. but i dont know what to do. & i cant even find toys that he cant eat!

  • My kitten fell off a 2 story floor

    and now has a swollen (i think) leg.... she doesn't eat, she doesn't walk properly.. what should i do???

  • Should I take my kitten to the Vet?

    My five month old kitten will have a coughing spell every once in awhile. Also recently while he was sleeping it sounded like he was congested. He is still very active and playful and seems like nothing is wrong however his coughing still occurs every now and then.

  • My dog has dilated eyes, twitching limbs, diarrhea, and is acting weird.

    My dog has dilated eyes, twitching limbs, diarrhea, and is acting weird. What could this be? This odd behavior started yesterday. He has barely eaten since I noticed this. As far as I know, he hasn't eaten anything different, but I live on a farm where he has free range, so he could have gotten into something that I don't know about.

  • My shih tzu pup started having enlarge teats and vulva at 5 months. Is it normal?

    My shih tzu puppy started having larger teats and vulva at 5 months. No sign of heat. What is causing it?

  • My puppy labrador has a small red lump

    My puppy Labrador got a small red lump on her paw at the end of last week, smaller than a pea, and it burst over the weekend. It doesn't appear to be sore any more but it has left a tiny brown hard lump on her paw. Any advice?

  • What could cause deafness after ear flush procedure with my dog?

    Our dog had her ears flushed last Wednesday. Prior to that she was a hyper-alert and healthy animal. After the procedure she is stone deaf. Our vets have no idea why. What could have happened? Is it possible that the hearing loss is temporary? We are devastated.

  • What is the dosage for aspirin for my 90lbs lab

    What is the dosage for aspirin for my 90lbs lab He is 10 and showing signs of weakness in his hind legs, to the point where he lays around most of the day, and only gets up occasionally. His appetite is good and nothing else is different.

  • My dog bit her tongue and it won't quit bleeding. What do I do.

    My dog bit her tongue and it won't quit bleeding. What do I do.she was chewing on a bone and bit the side of her tongue

  • Dog hasn't gone to bathroom all day

    have a chihuahua terrier mix last time she went pee was 3am and it is now 8pm she has barely eaten a thing or drank any water all day and all she wants to do is sleep. what could he wrong with her?

  • My dog suddenly lost control with his rear legs. and gums, eyes were pale in color

    my dog lost his feelings in his rear legs and just dropped all of a sudden we took him to the hospital and his temp was 99.0 B.U.N 62 his R.B.C.- LOW AND HIS HCT ALSO his gums and his paws were ashed in color but he was still alert 4 hrs later he was gone looking for a possible answer to help ease the pain of how this happened so quickly

  • Normal to have a lump on the outer thigh after having dog's anal glands expressed?

    I have a 5 year old JRT. I took her in less than a month ago to get up to date on all her shots (lyme series, heart worm test, bortella and she was dewormed) Last week I took my dog to have her anal glands secreted since they were full. Today I came home from work and she has a large lump (about the size of a grape) on the outer layer of her thigh. She is acting normal, and does not seem to bother her when you touch it. Should I take her in right away or wait a few days to see if she gets better.

  • How long does dog vestibular syndrome last?

    Dear Sir, Last night my dog was diagnosed as having vestibular syndrome, but I was told that it would only last a few days. The information on your website suggests otherwise. Could you elaborate please? Regards, Christina Chivers

  • Why is my dog lethargic?

    We just noticed our dog is twitching from the neck and is slowly bending when he eats. His sluggish. What's wrong with him?

  • How do I treat a canine yeast infection?

    I have a Staffy / Pit mix with a yeast infection diagnosed by our vet. He has been on antibiotics for over a month with no or minimal improvement. He is constantly scratching, I know its miserable for him. Is there anything I can do to reduce the scratching and redness? I clean his ears with a vinegar/water combination and they seem to be better, and the smell isn't as bad as before.

  • Why do male dogs hump each other?

    I have three male dogs, one fixed and two not fixed. The fixed male gets yeast infections. While trying to cure him, the others want to mate with him. Can a yeast infection in one male dog cause others to want to mate with him? How can I stop this? It only seems to happen during the yeast infection flair ups. I know there is a smell of yeast involved, I have smelled it in his ears.

  • Should I have my cat mate before getting neutered?

    I have an 8 month old male cat that stays inside and I heard you should let them mate once first before having them neutered. They said it calms them down.

  • What do I do for a cat with heartworms?

    My female dog is 5 years old. Recently, she would be okay and then get really hyper and fall over. I took her to the vet and they did blood work and they say she has heart worms. I've been giving her 81 mg. of Aspirin and after 2 weeks started giving her Heartguard. After she rolls over and starts screaming all I do is lift her straight up and it's like nothing happened. She has a brother from the same litter and he is always with her and he does not show any signs.

  • What do I do for a dog with spinal problems??

    My Dog Summer has been diagnosed with a disc problem; she has had physio and hydro therapy and then shock treatment She has now got worse and is on 5 different types of medicine as the last few days she has been crying in pain when she moves and can't get up. She is on Zubrin, Tramadol, Robaxin, Pardale and Gaberpentin. I am so concerned that she is in pain and just mopes around and sleeps. I need to know if surgery would help her or is she going to have to suffer the rest of her life.

  • Why is my dog tired all of the time?

    My 7 month old female puppy is acting weird. She acts tired all the time. She doesn't want to play and lays down on her side whenever she gets the chance. She won't play with my other puppy; is this a sign that shes going into heat? Or is it a bigger problem? She did eat some crayons earlier but then she pooped them out and barfed them up. She always used to follow me around the house and she still does but then just lays down as soon as I stop. I try and play with her and she has no interest. Should I be concerned? Thank you for your help.

  • Does slightly elevated cat calcium levels return back to normal on its own?

    Hi, I have two orange tabby cats both 2 yrs old. I recently took them to the Vet because one of them keeps vomiting undigested food. However, I have an assumption of who it may be as she loves food and eats way too fast. The Vet did some blood work and everything look great except he just wanted to retest one of my cats calcium as it was SLIGHTLY elevated. He told me he is 90% sure when it is retested that it will go back to normal range as he sees this a lot. Is this true? Should I be worried?

  • Oil filled bumps on my dog

    my dog is a Chinese shar pei and she has lots (couple dozen probably more) of oil filled bumps (kind of like blisters) all over her inner legs and skin. When she scratches them it feels like oil and when it dries it makes her fur stick together.

  • Hissing, agressive cat toward neighbors

    My 15 year old cat has started going to the neighbors home and creating a "stand down" barring his teeth and hissing at them, not letting them pass. He comes home and acts the way he has for 15 years. The neighbors have recently added 2 outdoor cats who are fed on their porch. Any suggestions? These are the same neighbors who care for our cats when we travel.

  • Can humans get tapeworm from a pet from the eggs or egg sack?

    I just got a puppy two weeks ago and I noticed that there were worms in his poop. The worms looked like they were little grains of rice. Do you think that it is a tapeworm? Also can humans become infected with tapeworm from the eggs or egg sack? I have a little one who has Down syndrome and Autism and I am very concerned that she, myself, or my family may become infected with worms. Is this a concern for me or am I overreacting?

  • Are my puppy's stomach upset symptoms caused by medication?

    We have a 9 week old Lab and since this morning she has been unable to keep her food down, she is lethargic and does not want to really drink water either. On 8-19-10 I took her to the vet and she checked out fine except for the Vet said she has roundworms and the Vet gave her the meds for the roundworms. Tomorrow will be a week since the treatment could her nausea be because of the treatment? What can I do?

  • Puppy not gaining weight despite eating

    My brother's puppy is very well fed and no matter how much we feed it, it is still just skin and bone. You can see every bone on the puppy's body. We dewormed it twice but nothing happened. Is it possible the puppy has a serious problem such as a disease? (Out of all the dogs/pups we ever owned this is the only to have this problem).

  • Right hind lameness in dog

    He started being lame in his right hind around 4 months ago. He has had diagnostics done by an orthopaedic surgeon, who has ruled out cruciate ligament damage. There is a slight sign of arthritis and hip dysplasia but nothing that would cause such lameness. He his now on tramadol and rimadyl, twice a day. His lameness is still a problem. When he is out exercising he is happy and running around but in the house he is sad and can not walk properly and tries not to move much. What do i do next?

  • Why is my dog hiding in the basement?

    This is a new behavior. He appears fine and then he just trembles and hides. Lately he has been going into our dark basement, he has never shown interest in the basement before. He seems sensitive to light and noise. Has been digging in the leach field and scooting across the carpet. He has been treated for worms. Harley is on Rimadyl 75mg, Soloxine 0.6mg, Prednisolone 1 drop a day in left eye for Uveitus. He has had two knee surgeries in the past and a surgery for obstruction in lower gi.

  • Dog ate insulation, what can I do?

    My 4 month old greyhound ingested owens corning r-11 pink fiberglass insulation. We don't know how much. We just found a pile of it on the floor Monday morning. She had diarrhea all day Monday & she has thrown up all Tuesday night & Wednesday. She has lost a lot of weight, and kept throwing up even after licking ice chips. My vet said they would not do anything until I called animal poison control & it's a $65.00 fee I can not afford. What can I do?

  • What should I do with a dog wound that won't stop bleeding?

    I took my dog to the vet after she was injured. We don't know how she was injured but she has an open wound about size of dime but 1 to 2 inches deep that hasn't stopped bleeding in almost a week. The vet has seen her twice and neither time did they try to stop the bleeding or bandage it. They told me not to wash it or bandage, and gave me panalog cream but said don't use neosporin. One day I saw larva crawling in her wound and picked them all out with tweezers. What should I do?

  • Why does my cat keep licking one of his nipples?

    Hi, my cat has been licking one of his teats. He has made it bleed and go sore. What could be causing this? I gave him frontline so I don't think it's fleas.

  • My dog licks me all the time. How can I stop her?

    I recently purchased a rescue dog and she is amazing in almost every way except that she never stops licking me. This is very annoying when done ALL of the time. She is supposed to be Chow and Retriever mix. Thank you!

  • How can I tell if cat is still in labor or not?

    Our cat started labor at 11:50 AM yesterday. She has had three kittens. She was still having hard contractions at 4 am but when I checked on her later there were still no more kittens. She does not appear to be having contractions at this point but her stomach area feels like she has one or two hard spots about the size of the kittens she has had.

  • Why does my dog have such big teets?

    I have just got my new dog today and have realized she has really big teats! She is not pregnant nor has she had a litter.

  • Dog is in pain and won't use her right back leg

    My dog (jersey) is just over one year old, she developed a limp last night, and after I rubbed and massaged her leg for a little while she was running around like normal, today she isn't even using her leg, and when she is standing her back right leg is raised and she keeps pushing it backwards. I don't know what she could have done, since she hasnt been chasing anything and hasn't been running around too much lately. What could be wrong with her?

  • Dog breathing fast and shaking head. Is this from vaccination side effects?

    I just got a small 8 week old yorkshire terrier. It is her first day with us and earlier today she had gotten her first vaccination shot. She is breathing fast, but not panting. Her head is shaking in Parkinson's disease way. She isn't very active. Is there anything wrong with her?

  • What does my puppies cough mean?

    My puppy is 8 weeks old, she has diarrhea and very little energy. I have been told she has worms and plan on treating them ASAP. She has also developed a dry cough, it happens once in a while one short cough and only when she lays down. What could this mean?

  • Limping, Lameness in my Australian Shepard rear leg

    We have a 7 year old female Australian Shepard. Over night she started limping and having great difficulty with her right rear leg. She has trouble getting up and will not put weight on the leg. She shows no signs of outward pain when the leg is moved or checked by us and we have found no sign of anything in her foot or pad. She is getting older, but has not had this degree of lameness at anytime. Any ideas?

  • My yellow lab is itching himself all the time should I give him benadryl

    My yellow lab itches all the time - and sheds - he is on the same exercise and food regime as my black lab who exhibits normal, healthy activity - should he be given benadryl? or an anti-itch medication? He weighs 68 lbs

  • My dog tends to lick and chew her paws frequently, what can I do

    My dog (a Teddie) tends to lick and chew on her paws frequently. She does have some troubles with frostbite in winter so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it? What can I do to help her and how do I keep her paws safe from frostbite this winter?

  • Bulldog cyst med interfering with the epilepsy medicine

    I have a 3 yr old British Bulldog with multiple interdigital cysts. She started with 1 and over 2 years now has them on each front foot and 1 back foot. Didn't use to bother her but now she will fuss with her foot if one is coming on. They are blood filled, can get quite large, burst and then heal. Always seems to have at least 1 on the go. She takes Potassium Bromide and Pheno Barbitol for Epilepsy. I'm wondering is some cyst meds might interfere with the epilepsy meds. Thanks, Leah

  • What is going on with my dog? Should I take her to the vet ASAP?

    My dog is a mix between lab and American bulldog. She is 100 pounds, about 20 lbs overweight. She is 7 years old. The past couple days I noticed that when I touch her mid back, the entire muscle around it spasms and she snarls. Her back legs also twitch rapidly when I pet her in the same spot. I also noticed a bump in the same area of her back right on her spine.

  • Looks like my dogs has a rash

    she has a ed rash and white puss on it what could it be?

  • Is it okay to give baby tylenol to my dog for arthritis.

    I had an old lab that had arthritis the vet told us to give her baby Tylenol. Now my Aussie mix is having the same problems. Is it okay to give her the Tylenol too. Is this true?

  • Anxiety treatment with my apartment cats

    My cat and I live in a small apartment and I am gone a lot of the day. is there some medication that might help here with the sadness and anxiety of me being gone so long?

  • Is it possible for a mammary tumor in a dog to disappear?

    About a month ago my 7 year old border collie was diagnosed with mammary cancer in one of her hind most breasts. The tumor was quite large, however, when I recently looked at it, its about half of the size. What happened?

  • Finding the best Vet for my dog's torn minuscus

    How would I be able to look up the best Vet for my American Bulldog who will be 3 in November? She has a partially torn miniscus in her back knee, which is believe to be a result of the slant of her tibial plato. The vet is suggesting she needs surgery. This dog means the world to me and I want to make sure I get a second opinion by the best Vet in western/ central/ northern NY

  • What could cause my dog to have problems standing?

    My Akita is having problems standing up, but he does not seem to be in pain. When he tries to stand, sometimes he falls back down. He is almost 12 years old. What could cause this problem?

  • My Shih Tzu has changed his eating habits in the last 2 weeks

    My 6 month old Shih Tzu has changed his eating habits in the last 2 weeks. Up until then I have fed him 2 cans of wet dog food and one scoop of dry dog food per day. He turns his nose up at it and now only eats 2 scoops of dry dog food a day. Is this normal? Do puppies this age usually change their eating habits?

  • How can you tell if a dog is in pain?

    I have a 13 yr old Rotty. He doesn't move as well as he used to but I cant tell if he has any joint pain. I rub all over him and he loves it, but doesn't yelp or anything else when I rub his hips or legs. The one thing he does though is pants all the time inside or out. I have heard that if a dog pants while inside at rest he may be in pain or discomfort. Is this true? and how can I tell for sure? Thank you

  • Have a question about my Persian cat with digestive problems

    Hi! Have a question about my Persian, Female-Fixed, 10yr old (8lb) Cat....... HI! My Cat started having blood in her urine on Sun P.M. Took her to Vet immediately w/ urine sample (she uses toilet & sometimes litter box). Cat started Clavamox 62.5mg tabs, 2x daily. I requested subcut. fluids (tho't it would help keep hydrated & maybe dilute what was going on in bladder). Monday A.M. Cat started having diarrhea 2 x daily. Asked Vet about switching antibiotics-said Baytril was an option but warned me that it has caused eye problems& blindness in cats !!!!

  • Dog pregnancy: past due date with no pups

    Hi. I mated my female rottie. She showed signs of pregnancy and on her due date she did not drop. She was touchy while carrying the pregnancy; if u touch her too hard she squirms like something has stung her. It's her first time though. She's way past her due date and her stomach is still a little bulgy. I fear it's an infection. Please if you can advice me on what to do,or what might be wrong with her. Thanks.Mr. Alade

  • Cat eye problems: one eye won't dialate

    I noticed this morning that my cat's left eye was dialated, but the right was not. After further investigation I realized that the right eye would not dialate.

  • Would egg protein be bad for dog kidney failure?

    7/28 surgery/repair 3/4 inch cut in duodenum. 8/23, creatinine level 2.2. Week prior, 1.9. Vet said some kidney failure. Protein still low/anemic. eating K/D, vet said add egg to diet, also taking 2 vi-sorbitol/2 Zantac a day.Egg protein would be bad for kidney damage? Protein level slowly dropping for over a year. Diet has been solid gold lamb rice. Has spinal arthirits too.

  • Need help identifying dog medication

    Bottle has torn label. Off it was for my parents dog, tablet are round yellow and have scored with the number 0 2 on the top can you tell me what they are and how the dosage for a 85lb lab. I am house sitting and they forgot to give me the dosage info.

  • Why does my cat want to sleep on my head?

    I rollover to get him off my head and he seems to want to get closer. I don' t mind,but sometimes when I want to sleep there he is! lol!

  • How long do I have to wait before switching from Rimadyl to aspirin for my Dog?

    My 9 1/2 old shepherd mix has a shoulder injury. She has had rear hip problems since she was a puppy nerve related, which doesn't cause her pain, but she doesn't walk that well. With problems in her front and back, she stopped walking. Our local vet gave her a steroid shot and that helped. I tried aspirin next, that didn't seem to be enough. She has been on Rimadyl for a 2 1/2 weeks, but stopped walking again, she seems to be losing her appetite, and is very lethargic. Thank you.

  • Yorkshire terrier spayed, now her vulva and teats are swollen

    I got my Yorkshire terrier spayed 4 months ago now over the past few days, her vulva and teats are swollen as if she is in heat, is this normal?

  • Found a dead mouse in my puppy pool

    my 5 month old puppy has a pool (several gallons) and found a dead mouse in it... is it safe for her to play in/ drink? the mouse may have been in there for a few days. thanks!

  • My dog chewing his paws until they are raw

    My dog chews his paws until they are raw. Our vet said he had yeast in his paws. What can we do? We have tried a medicated shampoo and cortizone shots but he still chews?

  • Cats reaction to leukemia vaccine shot

    we gave our cat the leukemia vaccination yesterday and he is very lethargic and not eating/drinking today. he is my son's cat who is very concerned and worried at this point. i expected the cat to possibly not feel good for a day or two because after one of his other shots a few months ago, he acted the same way. the only difference then was that he would still eat/drink when we would put him in front of his food. this time he is meowing when we pick him up and isn't interested in anything but being left alone. should we do anything or just wait it out? thank you.

  • My dog has had chronic stomach and intestinal problems

    This includes blood and mucous in vomit and stool. Multiple treatments of carafate and anti- parasitic meds and special diets didn't help it to stop completely. The symptoms end up returning and his weight has been declining. It has been 2 years since I brought him home from the shelter. What could this be?

  • My cat has sores on his neck and head what is it?

    I have two cats. My male cat has scabs and sores all around his neck and head that he keeps scratching at. But my female cat doesn't have any so I have ruled out flees. Any ideas? Thanks!~Melanie

  • Will antibiotics alone cure an abscess in a dog

    I have an 11 year old husky with an abscess under his chin. He is now on his third round of antibiotics. Most of the abscess has disappeared, but there is still a small sac. If the final antibiotics do not get rid of this sac, will he have to have it opened and drained? He has medical issues like seizures and I am worried about putting him under for the procedure.

  • Unknown cause for limping in my canine front left leg.

    I have a 6 year old Lab. He started limping on the front left leg about a year ago. It starts after exercise. Took him to several vets including a specialist. Had x-rays from below shoulder to foot. Found minor arthritis in the ankle but vet thinks it's too minor to cause such limping. He ran around for an hour the other day and was severely limping again. It slightly improved the last two days. The only med that helped so far was Piroxicam. What could this be?

  • My golden retriever puppy to young for Entropion surgery?

    I have a 6.5 month old golden retriever puppy whose lower eyelid is rolling inward. At first it was thought to be an eye infection and we administered drops as instructed. After putting the green dye in her eye, it is believed to be Entropion. Is it best to treat the Entropion now or wait until she is finished growing? Is the eye at risk if we wait to have the surgery?

  • Does dander get worse as a cat gets older?

    I would like to know as cats get older does their dander get worse?

  • Remedy for Dog hind leg weakness

    my lab is 11 years old and is loosing his right hind leg, earlier there was a limp but now it seems to be very loosely attached and as if it has been attached with a paralysis, when he stands its on 3 other legs and this one hangs a bit loose.- whats the remedy any inputs and medicines please

  • Dog with incontinence sometimes. Is this serious?

    She is 10 years old. She's also drinking an awful lot.

  • Puppy distemper shot with lethargic reactions

    My 8 week old lab puppy was given her first distemper shot yesterday, along with medicine for round worms and fleas (Capstar and Frontline). She was given her heartworm meds this morning. Since mid yesterday afternoon, she has been very lethargic, taking naps for over 2 1/2 hours at a time. Is this normal or should I call my vet for assistance?

  • Cat has goopy eyes and no appetite

    My cat has lost a considerable amount of weight recently and is not interested in eating or drinking. He also has a clear goopy discharge from both eyes. What might this be? He's 17 and within the last 9 months, has lost his hearing and some eyesight.

  • Older dog problems: with appetite, steadily losing weight and pooping frequently

    My 15-year-old pointer/lab has been steadily losing weight over the last few months. Her appetite is fine, but she has also started pooping in the house. I started supplementing her dry Iams with canned dog food and cut back to only a 40-minute walk per day, but she still isn't gaining weight. Yesterday she bleed from her anus and this morning also, and her bowel movements are soft.

  • Can I use a wart remover on a dog (vizsla)?

    Looks like wort/cyst. Small but growing. Cut one off, and it is growing back. Had vet look at it , said he cold cut it out.

  • Hydroxyzine frequency for a dog

    What is the dose and frequency of Hydroxyzine to treat allergic pruritis in a 65 pound dog?I believe it is 50mg twice a day but I wanted to be sure.

  • Is there pains with kidney failure?

    My 18 yr old cat has kidney failure he spent a few days at the vet for fluids. He has had cancer of the thyroid and has had some removed. My vet told us that the next visit will probably be his last can I do fluids at home and is he in pain? He just lays around in his water bowl I give him water with a syringe through his mouth.

  • Patanol 1% eye drops for my dog's scratched cornea

    Can I use Patanol 1% eye drops in my dogs eye? He is squinting and I think he scratched the cornea. I will take him to the vet on Monday, but would like to help him until then. Can you suggest anything over-counter? Thank you

  • my dog just got bumps that are showing up

    My pitbul/boxer plays out side a lot in our backyard. We have an apple tree that feeds him. There are holly bushes and shrubbery. Just today we noticed about 10 random bumps on the right side of his back and side. Some are bigger than others..

  • Why is my dog snoring?

    What does it mean if a dog starts to snore after she recently comes back from a kennel? My dog just recently came back from a kennel. She is a five year old Maltese and weighs 6 pounds. She has never snored before, but now she cannot stop snoring when she sleeps. I think she has respiratory problems but I'm not sure what is wrong with her. When I put my ear against her body she sounds like she is wheezing and is having trouble breathing. How worried should I be?

  • Can a one year old active dog get arthritis?

    short haired pointer who is just over one year old. Over the last month he has shown signs of a sore elbow on his front left leg. The pain seems to be small and doesn't affect his eating habits or give him a fever. It comes and goes in two or three day intervals. There is a little bit of swelling on the elbow joint. I took him into the vet yesterday and they did an x-ray on him and blood work. The conclusion was reached that arthritis might be the cause of the front leg.

  • biting & jump at play time/dog aggression training

    when he plays , he attacks others,biting, jumping, growling. need help

  • my dog lost the ability to see or to understand objects

    see or understand objects second later has problems with his balance , constantly hurting him self by bumping into the walls doors table etc... he had an ear infection 3 month ago which was miss diagnose he was treated for muscle problems. the ear infection got to the point that he stop seeing or walking. now that the ear problem finally taken care of, he lost his focus. seeing or understand object second later, restless and very sleepy. Doctors have no idea what is going on with him. Please help me with your answer. My dog he is male 2 years old Pit/boxer mix. Could that be because his ear infection was treated too late?

  • Can flea med cause ball spots

    I have a 13 year old cat and recently gave her flea control before going camping. We have been home for two weeks and I just noticed she has a large bald spot on her right side after her front leg. She does not get this medication on a regular basis. Could this be the reason for the bald spot. Also I did have to cut a mat of hair out of her but I don't think that was the same area.

  • Why does my dog have pimples on his nose?

    Hi, I have a male Labradoodle about 15 months old. Recently he developed a couple of pimples on his nose. There is some pus in them. He scratches his nose against the carpet. Is this something to worry about?

  • Is there cat surgery for a kitten without a rectum?

    My 7 month old kitten that was born with abnormalities-always loose stool, no testicles found during neuter procedure, just informed kitten has no rectum and no anal sphincter.

  • What causes a dog cough?

    My dog has developed a cough and he has not had it like this before.

  • My cat has scabs. What can I do?

    One on the back between shoulder blades, and one on either side of base of neck)and it's itchy to her. I also found a tiny brown bug (about the size of a pencil point maybe a mm) crawling on it's nose. I don't think it's fleas but what causes it and what might be the bug and treatment options?

  • Is this dog tick paralysis?

    Our 8 year Old English Sheepdog girl was in good health until 1 month ago; our son brought home ticks that attached to the dog who was on Advantix 100. We took her to 3 different vets from 1 clinic that missed the ticks. We found the ticks that infested on her. After removing all ticks vet prescribed anti-biotics and Predisone for 30 days. Without the Predisone shes stumbling around and hanging her head low. With the Predisone she acts normally. What could be the problem? Who should we consult? Any ideas or direction?

  • What should I do for a dog heart murmur?

    My dog was diagnosed with a stage 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart. What do I need to do? I'm not working and don't have much money. What can I do?

  • can a dog use pepcid?

    can a dog use pepcid?

  • Cat on Amoxil and Metacam

    My 6 yr old neutered male cat has been on Amoxil 2x daily for 5 days, 2 weeks ago he received a steroid shot for reaction to flea bite. After he sneezed literally non stop for 16 hours evening and overnight (until his stomach was in spasms and he was exhausted.) I took him to vet this AM. She gave him an oral dose from a refilled syringe of Metacam .2 mil and sent 3more home with me for two more days then skip one day , then give again. He's sleeping very hard and not moving eating, drinking etc. I just read horror stories about the drug in treating cats. What should i do? thanks so much

  • Alternative medication for my dog

    My dog was prescribed Dogaphylline some 4 years ago but I am unable to still get it, can you please tell me if there is an alternative or if it is still available.

  • my dogs bad breath

    my dogs breath has started to stink like snot the last couple of days has never had this problem before

  • Sudden lip color change with my Siamese

    1 yr old kitten, looks like a Siamese although her parents were not. Her blacks lips having, in the past week, started to turn pink. Is this normal? She eats normally, acts normally, they do not seem to hurt her, just color change. I have another cat with pink lips and a black freckle, I've seen and heard of animals developing black spots on their pink pigment but black to pink ?

  • Why does my dog have pimples on it's nose?

    Hi, I have a male Labradoodle about 15 months old. Recently he developed a couple of pimples on his nose. Is this something to worry about?

  • What are the effects of a puppy eating an orange?

    M puppy was throwing up I and tried to think what she could have gotten into. We have an orange tree in the back yard and think she might of eaten some oranges from the ground.

  • Can I still get my cat spayed?

    My cat is 1.5 years old and an indoors cat. Last night she ran out of the apt and we found her later with 2 other cats. She has been in heat for the past week and I'm afraid she may have mated and may possibly be pregnant. Can I still make an appointment to have her spayed since this just happened last night? I love kittens but we cannot afford more pets.

  • Feline tendon surgery

    I'm told, my 11 year old feline requires tendon surgery-rear R leg. X-Rays show that his tendon's are deteriorating. There is no stability when the vet manipulates the joint. He had tendon surgery 4 years ago on the other rear leg and recovered just fine. He has been walking with a gait for 5 days now, but is not in pain. His mobility is limited but he still attempts to jump on and off the bed-with some difficulty. I don't want to rush into surgery just yet. Are there other options?

  • How do you get rid of fleas off of kittens

    we rescued a baby kitten from the woods and now he has terrible fleas we want know how we should treat them without spending a lot of money?

  • Is it to late to spay my 3yr old dog?

    I have a 3yr old dachshund and she has not been spayed. Is it too late?

  • how to treat mosquito bites on a dog

    my dog has a lot of insect bites on his belly and i was wondering if there is any thing I con put on this to help. He doesn't bite or scratch at it much. I would bring him to the vet but I recently lost my Job. Please help.

  • can dogs get constipated?

    My adult min-pin vomited once today and just not acting right since. No appetite, wouldn't accept a treat. Restless and hard for him to get comfortable. do dogs get constipated?

  • Why does my dog have ear problems?

    My pitbull has a swolen ear and she has sores on her legs.

  • UTI Treatment- 4 year old male maltese

    my 4 year old maltese was just treated for a UTI, has finished all medications and special diet. He is still peeing in the house mainly while I am asleep at night, do you think it is a behavior problem? he was treated for fleas too about a week ago, lately its been a very stressful time with my little boy.. please help thank you

  • Can Human Benadryl be used for dry skin?

    I have 2 dogs. A 10 year old Rat Terrier, who a advanced cushings disease and also dry skin. And I also have a tiny chihuahua, not sure how to spell that name of dog. The are considered my babies. He also has dry skin and is able to scratch himself but is miserable. My other baby is not able to scratch himself very much at all because he weighs over 21 pounds, so I scratch him. All I want to know, is it OK to give at the very least, my smallest baby, Human Liquid Allergy childrens Benadryl?

  • High Platelets in Blood Count, what does it mean?

    My dog, a great dane mix, 4 years old, woke up today vomiting and with diarrhea. I immediately took him to the vet (he actually is spending the night there, which I must admit am very nervous about), he told me that he had a high platelet count and got scared because he was constantly defecating, and with blood the last few times he did. He didn't eat anything out of ordinary, that we know of. What could be causing this? And what does this high platelets count mean? Thanks in Advance,

  • dog symptoms exhibit when the thyroid is under active

    What symptoms does a dog have if the thyroid is under active?

  • Indoor cat age 5 was poisoned by something unknown. Any ideas?

    Creatinine levels were 1200 and reduced to 300 after fluid therapy urea was 44 and reduced to 24 I took her home for the weekendreturning Monday. She is very unstable in the back endshe is alert, holds her head up, responds to us. Could this be a side effect or could it be caused by being weak? She has started to eat now. Is there any hope for recovery and how long do I wait?

  • Dog heavy breathing, groaning, dry mouth, legs very cold. What is it?

    My dog was groaning a lot, then her breathing was very heavy and fast, and then her legs and mouth went very very cold. What could be the causes of this, she was like that for one day and then died. Any help would be great on what might have cause this. Thank you.

  • My cat licked some anti itch creams off. Is it okay?

    She licked it off my leg. Will it make her sick?

  • can i use tri buffered aspirin with my dog?

    have just read your answers about buffered aspirin for dogs. i have 115 newfie who had hip surgery 4 years ago. he is 6. i have been giving him novox and rimadyl for past few years. lately he seems to have quite a bit of pain. i am thinking of giving him tri buffered (30mg calcium 40 mg magnesium). there is an undefined coating (enteric?? don't know) on tablet. would you recommend giving him 2 tablets 2X day? thank you for your help and column.

  • Is 14 days normal for sutures to stay in?

    My dog had a nipple removed that had grown large because of a tumor. Is 14 days normal for the sutures to stay in?

  • What is wrong with my dog? What to do?

    I have a German Sheppard,11 years old. 2days ago he started drinking a lot of water and wouldn't eat at all. Yesterday he threw up a green liquid but he didn?t eat grass. He is very weak can hardly stand up and walk and when he walks looks kind of dizzy or sedated. Also has fever, temperature is around 104?F. Doesn?t have diarrhea. He drools in the morning. Yesterday the vet gave him a shot for the fever. This morning he was sick again and vet gave him a shot for fever and an anti hepatic

  • Any dangers to a large stomach

    hi i have a 11yr old mastive, with an large swollen hard stomach, she sometimes coughs & drinks a lot of water. She doesn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, but the stomach never seems to get better, when she lays on her side it seems the roundness hold its shape & almost protudes out the side as if a if she swallowed a foot ball. ??????

  • my dog has a heavy skin irritation

    my dog has a heavy skin irritation on her skin she does not have much hair left and will scratch it till she is bleeding and it make this big scab.wash her with every shampoo there is nothing work change here diet it not working please help skin is very very dry

  • Behavioral or diet defiency?

    I own a four year old male indoor cat which recently has been nibbling (and swallowing) pieces from my painted wicker table.Is this behavior due to some dietary deficiency or could the "sweet" taste of paint satisfyhis hunger?

  • Can dogs eat grapes?

    My Yorkie ate at least 6-10 grapes. She seems to have labored breathing.

  • Dog vomiting for 30 mins white frothy foamy substance?

    My morkie dog was vomiting for about 30 mins. He threw up all the food he had and then went on to throw up a lot of white foamy frothy substance, similar to mucus texture. He seemed weary throwing up but now seems to be gradually getting better. He has never thrown up this long in the past. Is it serious? Should I take him to the vet?

  • Potential treatment for dog with elevated creatinine levels

    My 6 year old laborador who is female is having 23 bun creatinine. Pls suggest me some treatment

  • Dog with mobility problems and off balance

    I have a ten month old Cane Corso Mastiff and two weeks ago he woke me up whining I noticed he had gotten sick on the bedroom floor. He was drooling like mad and refused to eat for seven days. He would turn his head to the left as far as he could and whine. Vet did usual work up couldn't find anything. Had him on Cerinia, Prednisone, and Clavamox. He recovered and was fine for about a week. One morning it was like he was drunk and would turn his toes of his left paw under and try to walk.

  • Dog seizure, now no balance and circling

    My 12 yr old Italian Greyhound had a seizure. Immediately after she had trouble walking but now can run. But she has trouble standing still as she loses her balance. She cant bend her head without almost falling over. Uneven surfaces(grass,couch)make her lose her balance. Also she has started to walk in circles. If she gets to a place that she cant go around she stands there until helped. Sometimes her lower jaw tremors, (opens and closes quickly)She often seems disinterested. Her eating is poor

  • What is Prednicare?

    What is prenicare and what will it do for my yorkie?

  • Blood streaks in dog stool, apetite down, sometimes vomiting

    My 8 yr old boxer recently had a stool with what looked like streaks of blood in it. Appetite is slightly down and stomach noise is sometimes present, sometimes leading to vomiting.

  • Dog hip dysplasia, FHO vs TPO?

    I have a 11 month old intact male chocolate lab whom I rescued 2 wks ago & was recently dx with severe hip dysplacia. He weighs 70 lbs. The Vet suggested FHo, TPo at a large university and euthanasia. A brief history about the dog, he runs, walks and plays fine, shows no physical disability, but doesnt sit, jump, stand on his hind end. I noticed a problem a week ago when he plopped down and whimpered , which prompted me to take him to the vet. What is your suggestion on FHO vs TPO vs euthansia?

  • How to prepare for end of life due to lymphoma in a canine?

    We have been going through chemo on my dachshund who has T-Cell mediastinal lymphoma for almost 4 months now. We got a remission within the first month, but that only lasted a week and a half. After changing the chemo drugs around, we are now starting the MOPP chemo protocol. The oncologist said this would be the last best hope, afterward would be pain management and prednisone. What should we expect to see as the lymphoma gets worse?

  • Why doesn't double thyroidectomy cause hypothyroid problems in cats?

    I am aware that double thyroidectomy is an option for treatment of hyperthyroid in cats. I have read that care must be taken not to damage the parathyroid glands and that makes perfect sense. However, I can't find any information explaining why there are no problems with hypothyroidism. Please can you shed some light on this? Thanks

  • Dog surgery worth it to remove polyp from bladder?

    My dog is a 6-year-old Kerry Blue Irish Terrier. Two years ago, we noticed a small amount of blood in her urine. We quickly arranged an appointment with a local vet in town. They discovered a large mass in her bladder and found irregular cells. They first believed it was cancer but with further study discovered it was a polyp. She still has trouble going to the bathroom and the urine only trickles out. The blood level has gone down quite a bit but seems to rise when she exercises. Would it be worth her to undergo surgery to remove the polyp?

  • How much wheat bran to use to supplement my senior dog's regular diet?

    I have a 13 yr old Bichon poodle. He is also on glucosamine and a liver supplement. How much wheat bran should we add to his normal food. Due to the high content of the current kibble he has, we are also (vet recommended) supplementing 1/3 of his portion with brown rice. He still seems to be hungry at night and his poop is not as large and round as healthy poop should look like. How much wheat bran should we use in his diet?

  • Is this a serious overdose of antiinflammatories?

    My dog had anti inflams prescribed. She stole the bottle and ate the last 4 that were in there. She was supposed to have only one a day. Is this an emergency? Will she be ok? She is just 7 months old.

  • Is it possible to obtain another cat if our current cat is thought to be a Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) carrier?

    My cat had his eye removed when he was about 9 weeks old because it was swollen and medication did not help. They sent the eye in for a biopsy and it came back that it was probably FIP. At that time the vet told us that he would not live to be a year old. Well now he is over 3 years old and healthy, so the vet now says he is a carrier for FIP. What I am wondering if there is a possibility of obtaining another cat or is there too much of a chance of the new cat getting FIP and becoming sick? Thank you Kelsey

  • How do I remove dog plaque?

    As above. Thanks.

  • Is my dog's tail dislocated?

    My dogs tail is swollen mid way down. It seems uncomfortable to touch but not painful. Last night she kept her tail tucked down but not as much today. There is a noticeable bend but all range of motion seems normal.

  • My cats stool is soft and has blood in it. Why?

    My 1 year old cat has been passing blood in his stool for the past 3 days. I don't know whats wrong. There is no visible worms or things in his stool. His stool is soft so I know he is not straining. What should I do?

  • Brown substance around dog mouth

    Hi - My dog had a brown discharge or substance that appears around his mouth. It's been happening for over 6 mo. now. (I live in remote Alaska and can't get to a vet.) It's not his saliva, & he doesn't seem to be bothered by it unless I wipe or mess with it. What is causing this and any ideas how to heal it? Oh, the dog is a 7-yr old Chesapeak Bay Retriever. Thanks for the help!

  • My dogs injured. What do I do?

    We have a super active 2 1/2 year old lab/newf mix that injured his right rear knee or hip. A few days later his right front has sustained some follow on injury. He barely is moving but eats and drinks. Before the injury he was running around the outside of the house at warp drive so I suspect he did something while on the back side of the house out of view. He is taking vet prescribed Tramadol and will see an ortho vet Sat. His tenseness precluded knee/hip exam on first visit. Thanks!

  • Side effects of metronidazole

    Why my dog still have diarrhea and lost her appetite after metronidazole? Jap. Chin dog, 12 yrs old, lost appetite, fever 2days and vomiting. After 1 and half day of metronidazole 62.5mg/bid, last night still had diarrhea, and did not eat a thing since 36hrs except honey and water. How long metronidazole does work on her. I gave her .75mg divided 3 times over night, but did not work.Thank for your advice. Paula

  • Dog reproduction: when does a dotson start her cycle?

    i have an 18 week old dotson with small amounts of red blood

  • Puppy deworming question. What are these white specks?

    I have a 7 week pitbull mix that just got dewormed 4 days ago and has white specks in her stool. Can u tell me what this means? Please let me know I'm worried. This just started today after I gave her milk also.

  • Dog and diarrhea problem (like brown water)

    HelloPlease could you help?My two year old cairn terrier has been suffering with diarrhea for the past two day and has been off any food completely. She is still drinking water though. All she's had to eat is fresh chicken as a treat or a tin of Cesar and dried bakers dog food. Could she have eaten something containing parasites? I do plan on taking her to the vets tomorrow first thing. But I'm getting quite concerned now, as she doesn't want to go out for her usual daily walk. Please help, thanks. Jazz.

  • Could there be a large white puppy worm in my 15 week old puppy?

    I found my dog doing his bowel movement and there appeared to be a white long (from anus to ground) object while he was going then it was gone. She has been dewormed several times; I did it here a couple weeks ago. If this is a worm how could she get it and have it grow that fast!I suppose it could be a string. She is a puppy. But either way what should I do?

  • My dogs gums and lips have a loss of pigment. Why?

    Hi! I am loved by Manny, my 2 yr old German Shepherd dog. He is bi-color: black with tan legs. He is intact. 6 months ago my husband and I noticed his black bottom lip was turning pink and now it's happening on his top lip. Is this something we should be concerned about? It's not diseased looking, it just lost the pigment. Happened to his gums also. Any guidance on how to address or make it stop (if that's possible) would be greatly appreciated. - Sarah

  • Chronic vomiting causes in dogs?

    85 pound Collie 8 yrs. old throws all food up after 4 to 12 hours. Except cottage cheese and chicken breast. I'm not sure but I think I see blood in bowl movement. As little as that is. Now a week.

  • My dog has bumps on leg, or scabs. What is it?

    My Chihuahua/Jack Russell has some kind of sore on her right front leg. It is right on the joint. It sort of looks like a scab but it's really dark in color, it almost looks black. It doesn't hurt her or itch her, If I pull on it to try remove it, then it bleeds and hurts her. It will stop bleeding and go back to the way it was. It won't go away no matter what I put on it. It doesn't get any smaller and it doesn't get any bigger. She has had it for over a year now and I just can't figure out what it is. What do you think it could be?

  • My cat had developed bumps on nose that resemble a rash. Why?

    I went to the vet a few weeks ago and was told he is allergic to the SUN. These bumps open and look like sores. I have noticed them on his ear also.

  • How long will it take my dog to get over food allergies symptoms?

    My rhodesian ridgeback broke out in an itchy rash including hotspots under his arms and legs after feeding a dog food that had corn meal as a main ingredient. I have been feeding him dog food with no grain in it for about a month but he keeps getting new rash areas. How long before he stops developing these symptoms?

  • Scab like bump on my dog's leg

    My chihuahua/jack russell has some kind of sore on her right front leg. It is right on the joint. It sort of looks like a scab but it's really dark in color, it almost looks black. It doesn't hurt her or itch her, If I pull on it to try remove it, then it bleeds and hurts her. It will stop bleeding and go back to the way it was. It won't go away no matter what I put on it. It doesn't get any smaller and it doesn't get any bigger. She has had it for over a year now and I just can't figure out what it is. What do you think it could be?

  • Recommend Dermisil for dogs with demodectic mange?

    Hi, I have a 14 week old german shepard mix that I adopted as a stray. At 10 weeks I had her spayed/given shots and treated for fleas/ticks and ear mites. About a week after her vet visit, she began itching and losing fur in small dime sized spots. At 14 weeks she was diagnosed with demodectic mange. From what I have read, the prescription treatment for demodex can be dangerous, and I am wary of giving it to my baby. Would you recommend Dermisil for Mange as a safer treatment?

  • My Weimie dog has tumors again, what are my options?

    My 7 year old Weimie had several mastocytoma removed Nov. 09. . We got clear margins on the biopsy and a Grade II result, (just barely a Grade II, almost a I) We followed with 4 months of chemo and prednisone just to be safe. Today, I just found another lump on her back under the skin, it feels very much like her previous tumors. I am at my wits end. We have basically just ended chemo this March! What could this mean?Will she keep having these tumors? Is chemo even an option again? HELP!!

  • Sheltie dog skin problems

    My four year old Sheltie is continually itchy. Within four days of bathing her, she begins to emit a strong, foul odor. There doesn't seem to be any lesions besides a couple spots where it appears she has scratched herself raw. This began about a year ago when I switched her food. I switched her back but it has not improved.

  • Antibiotics to treat a cats mouth infection

    My cat is suffering from FIV and also has kidney disorders. What antibiotis can I give for treating infection in the mouth. It has been taking Baytril for 1 month?

  • First aid to a dogs broken nails

    My neighbor's kid stepped on my pugs nail breaking it off. I stopped the bleeding and wrapped it in gauze and an ace bandage to protect it from being licked by my dog. But it seems that my pug is in pain, can I give baby asprin for the pain? what will the vet do that I haven't already done?

  • Puppy has a cough

    I have an 11 week old lab puppy. His nose was running a little when I brought him home 6 days ago and yesterday he started having a "gagging" cough. I have a vet appointment for more shots in 4 days. Should I wait that long to have him checked out? How do I tell if he has a fever and what is a normal temp? Thanks!

  • Treatment for Dog Cyst

    My 9year old Jack Russell mix has a cyst about 3 inches above her tail 1 inch to the right. It has been there and not bothering her for 2 or so years and it opened up on the left side and chunky white matter came out. We squeezed it to get out all the matter and that was followed by blood drainage. It drained for a couple of days. We put liquid bandage on it after it was draining and it took 48 hrs before it broke open again, just serosang drainage this time. Antibacterial ointment and dsg 2.

  • my feline just ate a slug, are there health concerns?

    It was really small and olive color.. she was so frisky and attacked it, we tried to get in out of her mouth but she swallowed before we could do anything. I read online that she could dehydrate really fast so we gave her water and made her eat hoping it would just digest. Will she be okay.

  • Could my dog have allergies?

    my 2 year old terrier woke up with nasal congestion (no discharge) and raspy breathing, but breathing is not labored. He usually whines at me to go out, but he is not vocalizing, or rather, it comes out raspy. He is not really interested in eating, mostly sleeping or following me around the house. He was perfectly fine the day before, could it be allergies?

  • Cat accident with worrying brain symptoms

    My kitten had an awful accident this morning and is now at the vets, but I have just been told that he has fluid pressing on his brain causing him to have some worrying symptoms, is this something he has a chance of recovering from? or is the damage now permanent?

  • Treatment for old dog burns

    Poodle was burned during clipping The burn healed, but a ring around the place exists, almost like ring-worm. Her fur has not come back. She is now starting to lick the spot again. It has opened up and is slightly oozing. What should I do

  • tracheal collapse vs. vasovagal episode?

    I have a 12 yo spayed female yorkie with left mitral endocardiosis (stabilized on lasix, benazepril, vetmedin), tracheobronchitis (on theophylline), and chronic pancreatitis. She was doing relatively well until a few days ago when she suffered 2 'fainting' spells within 72 hours. Both occurred when she was in a physical activity She stopped suddenly, coughed 3 deep coughs and just fell over, flaccidly. She completely recovered in a few minutes. Lungs are clear. thank you.

  • Strokes in dogs question. Can this happen?

    Out of nowhere, my dog woke up unable to walk. Took her to an animal hospital yesterday and the Dr. confirmed her muscles on her right side were weak and not responding well. She did however make an effort to walk and did so, however her balance is off but it also seems that her perception is off--when she tries to drink water, she is putting her head to the side of bowl as if she can't find the water. Her equilibrium seems to be off. Dr. gave me prednisone. Dr. recommends testing. What should I do?

  • Dog spasms on front leg

    What could be causing a Pekingnese to experience spasms in her front leg?

  • Miniature pinscher dog collapsed. A few times. Why?

    Hi. I have a 10 year old miniature pincher and It has happened a few times now that he will collapse (and in this last episode seem to faint or go limp for a second) after being outside even after only 10 minutes. I have noticed this also if he tries to play with another dog though the episodes do not seem as bad. I not long ago had him at the vet and had blood,urine and x rays done(for a different matter) and they had said that his heart looked good, so I am curious at what could be wrong?

  • Can I fix cat eye problems with saline?

    Her eye is watering and she's winking a lot.

  • Incontinence as a result of dog eye medication?

    My dog, a rat terrier, who is 7 years old has had accidents inside only at night for the past 5 days in a row. What could have caused this? He recently had an eye infection and was given medicine, a sort of gel like substance that goes in his eye. Could this be the cause of his accidents?

  • What does cat eye dilation mean?

    My cat's eyes appear to have become more dilated slowly over the last 6 months. She has always had very striking big eyes. I had not thought much about it because it has been very gradual, but the last time I was at the vet they asked me about her eyes. After coming home I began to think more about it & wonder if I should be concerned about eye disease. I intend to ask the vet about it when I go back next week, but in the meantime would also like a second opinion. Should I be concerned?

  • Bulldog health question. What's wrong?

    I have a one year old english bulldog. he has been lethargic and has not eaten for two days. He is on a heartworm med. not sure what else could cause him to act that way. He also will not drink any water.

  • Dog MRSA? Cancer? or what?

    I have a six year old neutered labrador retriever. Two weeks ago I noticed his groin was hard and swollen. Three days later, one side softened, but developed an open sore. By the next morning, the other side also opened. The veterinarian performed cystology and was suspicious of cancer. A biopsy was performed. Testing revealed no tumor cells. Now swabs were taken for stain tests. My veterinarian is still suspecting cancer, or possibly MRSA. Dog has been on 136mg of Orabax daily for two weeks.

  • My 3 week old kitten has a dew claw problem. What to do?

    My 3 week old kitten has a dew claw problem, we just noticed it today, the skin around it is dry and grey colored (though that might just be the color of the skin under the black fur) the nail of the baby is half way out. My father might think it may be a defect, or it might heal itself, should we take it to the vet or will it heal itself?

  • Canine staph infection treatment: O3 water?

    My Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a resistant staff infection and we are almost out of drugs that will work. The only one left on the list is one that can cause liver damage. I have a device called a "lotus" that makes O3 from O2. It is supposed to kill bacteria. If I bathe my dog with the O3 water would it help? Could it hurt? Would it help if he drank this O3 water or could it harm his good bacteria in his intestinal tract? This link tells about the lotus: http://www.tersano.com/howitworks_lss.php

  • White spot on pancreas or spleen. Pancreatitis in cats?

    Hello there. I've just had a close call with my kitty. She's 10, weight just dropped from 8 to 7 pounds. She's had chronic and acute pancreatic attacksmostly little ones but the last one has been downright heartbreaking. I was sure she was going to leave us yesterday. This morning she was up and about for a bit. She's laying down but awake nowhas been for a few hours. Our veta cat specialistran xrays and blood panels on Saturday. The blood panel showed the kidneys in high gear

  • Help understanding dog blood results

    I have a 12 y/o spayed female who has urinary incontinence. Blood tests show above normal BUN, Lipase, Amylase, K, Glucose, and AlkPhos. She also has high WBC, Neutrophils and Monocytes. She has been on .4mg thyroxine replacement and 25mg medrol for about a year, and now on 500mg Keflex for the infection. The vet thinks this is a pancreatic infection, and blames her diet for the BUN. She only recently developed incontinence. Could there be more than just pancreatitis? Thanks,Stephan

  • Can I give my 13 yr old cat aloe vera juice, at what dosage?

    My female spayed 13 yr old cat, has been vomiting once each night over the past three nights. The first two times it was just her food, no other liquids visible. This morning I found bile instead of food. Treatment: Last evening I gave her hairball remedy. Otherwise she's fine- though sometimes she eats too fast & will vomit within twenty minutes. Question: What dosage of aloe vera juice (lilly of the valley) can I give an 18 lb cat?

  • My dog's nose is runny and he seems congested. Why?

    He often coughs to try and clear his chest. It's sort of like a chest a cold that a human would have. Is there anything at home that I could do to help him?

  • If dog with cancer breeds, will it transfer over to puppies?

    Cocker spaniel bitch was mated three days ago by a reputable breeders stud dog. She has just informed me that he was put to sleep last night as he had bowel cancer. Is there any risks to the fetus/puppies if she has gotten pregnant?

  • Treatment for swollen dog foot

    My dog's foot is swollen. What type of anti-inflammatory can I give her. She is a 60 lb Basset Hound. Thanks!

  • My five year old Laso Apso has blood in his urine, What can this be a sign of?

    The blood started showing up on Sunday. My vet put him on antibiotics and took a urine sample. They still have yet to call with the results and it is now Saturday. Should I be concerned? The bleeding is less, but still appears.

  • My dog is acting strangely. What's wrong with my dog?

    My dog is a 2 year old Australian Shephard/American Bulldog/Pitbull mix. Today she has been extremely tired, she is moving very slowly and shakes when she moves, and is shivering from time to time. I haven't seen her eat or drink anything but a small treat in the last 24 hrs. I can tell she is not herself; she is usually a very happy go lucky dog but she is just not doing anything. She barely wants to go outside to go potty. I know she is sick but not sure how or why.

  • My dogs has sores on his legs. What can I do?

    What will help heal the sores on my dog's legs fast?

  • My dog has a grey tongue, is breathing heavy, and has droopy eyes. What do i do?

    My dog got an operation on his ear for hematoma, and then he had to get a cone All of a sudden he has had a grey tongue, he is breathing heavy, and has droopy eyes. He doesn't want to eat, his tongue looks dry all the time and I don't know what to do. Please help me!

  • What should I give my dog for leg pain?

    I have a yorkie who got 3 vaccines today. She is dragging her back leg. Should I give her Children's Tylenol or something else for the pain; if so, what is the dosage? What do you recommend? Thank you!

  • Rabies injection risks?

    Hi there, I'm moving from the UK to France in the next couple of months and we have a 12 year old Border Terrier /Jack Russell cross that we want to take with us. She's in pretty good health for an old dog apart from a recent surgery to remove some swallowed pieces of a plastic toy which have left her with a slightly delicate stomach. She's not over weight and we've never known her to have any bad reactions to injections before but I'm worried about her having the rabies shot. Can you please tell me if there's any advice particularly relevant to an old dog like Josie. Thanks.

  • Ringworm dog question. Ringworm in puppy boxer. What to do?

    We have a 10 week old male boxer puppy. The breeder gave us the puppy with the ringworm and admitted to all the puppies AND mom being infected with ringworm. We've been applying Lotrimin to the affected area, as recommended by the breeder and their vet, but its now spread to the top of his head. Do we need to give him some kind of oral medication? And then what about the rest of us? We've been loving all over him, he's been sleeping with us too. Help!

  • Cat aggression question: Male cat killing kittens?

    We have quite a few outside cats. Four litters have been killed overnight, assumably by a rogue tom who also appears to be fathering the kittens. (He is an all white tailless.) We have found them either headless or with puncture wounds near the nest. We have two litters about a week old only a couple days apart in cat kennels now outside the backdoor. We lock them in to prevent the male from getting to them. What age can we stop worrying about the males killing the kittens?

  • Will praziquantel react with ponazuril treatment in a kitten?

    Kitten was feral, born in May. She has done 2 rounds of ponazuril for coccidia but 'released' full, live worms (like rice grains) today. Would an over the counter treatment with praziquantel harm her?

  • My 11 week old puppy with vertigo? What's happening??

    Pup was on antibiotics for an "unspecified" illness when we picked him up. The course finished August 3rd and now he is dizzy and shakes his head a lot and falls over.

  • Heartworm test positive, even after heartgard prevention?

    My dog tested positive for Heartworms, but she had taken a months worth of Heartgard prevention before the test. Would this have made the test positive or false positive? Also is there any homeopathic cure for heartworms, I cannot afford the Vet prescribed treatments? Please advise me.

  • What is a safe dosage of Ketoconazole for a 20 lb. dog with Malassezia Dermatitis?

    I have a small Westie (20 lb. male)with Malassezia Dermatitis. Just wondering what a safe dosage would be for the Ketoconazole?

  • Can I dissolve amoxicillin in water so my dog will take it?

    My 15.5 yr old shih-tzu has a bacterial infection. Her vet gave her amoxicillin which I can not get her to swallow. She also will not eat. Can I dissolve it in water and let her drink it?

  • What are common allergies for dogs and what can we do to help?

    Our dog has itchy skin, red spots, and loss of hair on hind legs and inner legs.

  • Why does my 3 year old weimeraner pee in her crate almost everytime she is in it?

    I recently adopted a 3 year old weimeraner from a rescue organization and she pees in her crate almost every time she is in it. The only time she does not do this is the occasional time that I am up and put both dogs out in the middle of the night. This also happens if I leave her in the crate during the day. She has been tested for diabetes and treated for a UTI just in case. I noticed on her paperwork that she was looked at by a vet with her previous owner for the same reason. When I am home during the day she pees every time I take her out which is almost every hour. What can I do?

  • What do I do for my dog with eye problems?

    My dog has what looks like film over the center of both of his eyes. It has been there for several days now. Is this a serious medical problem? We are going to our vet tomorrow, but I am just curious if anyone here has any input as to what might be going on?

  • Why does my dog have a tongue discoloration?

    My chow chow used to have an all blue-black tongue when I got him. He was only three months old then and now he's 1 year and 3 months old. Yesterday, I noticed that a small pink spot suddenly appeared on the tip of his tongue. Is this normal? Does that mean that he's not a pure breed?

  • My dog has a pink tooth. What's wrong?


  • Puppy eating snails. Is this okay?

    We have just got a springer spaniel puppy and he keeps eating snails and we before we realize what he has in his mouth its too late....apart from giving him an upset stomach is this going to be harmful for him?

  • What do I feed a dog with diarrhea problems?

    Wrecker, my Dane, gets diarrhea if he eats any new food, or gets more that 2 cups of any food. I have tried many different brands (mostly premium, grain free, sensitive stomach etc.) and the result is always the same. If he gets one kibble too many he gets liquid stools. I have tried metronidazole, nzymes and probiotics. Any suggestions?

  • Dog front legs shaking. Illness? Age?

    My dog is a mutt (we guess boxer-shepherd-pitbull) and is 8 years old. For the past few months I've noticed that her front legs tremble slightly during our daily walk if she pauses and doesn't have full weight on them. She exhibits no signs of pain, loss of appetite, energy, etc. Could it just be age, or should I make a trip to the vets?

  • Dog food meal? Chicken meal? Eggs? Is this safe?

    What is "chicken meal"? What is a good dog food?

  • Treatment for dog fibrocartilaginous embolism

    3 days ago Duke was playing in the living room when he began to stumble. I held him in my arms and called the Vet and immediately drove him to the hospital. We were there within an hour. They gave him steroids and predizone or something that sounds like that. Vet diagnosed him with FCE. He made some improvement from not been able to walk to walking with little assistance, although just his right front paw drags. Any suggestions? Homeopathic medications? What can I do to help him recover?

  • Synptoms of at lymphoma? IBD?

    My female Maine Coon Cat, who is 12 years, 8 months old, and has been generally healthy, may have either IBD or intestinal lymphoma or none of the above. The only symptoms she has are what the vet feels are thickened bowels and potential weight loss. She has none of the other symptoms--chronic throwing up, lethargy, frequent urination. I say "potential weight loss" because she seems to cycle through weights. She had an ultrasound in February that did confirm the thickened bowel.

  • Treatment for dog hot spots

    What is a simple treatment for hot spots? I have cut my dog's hair and treated her with benadryl but they keep popping up. On the sores I have used neosporin and a fungal creme I found at the pet store, but even after they heal in one spot they appear on another. Thank you for your help. B Jones

  • Dog vomiting and depressed with loss of appetite

    My dog is vomiting, depressed, and has loss of appetite.

  • Puppy vomits with blood, depressed, cold, and has diarrhea with blood

    My puppy had been sick lately. He throws up a lot and it has blood in it, he looks depressed, feels cold, and has diarrhea with blood. I'm not sure whats wrong. Could it have been something he ate?

  • Cat bumps on ears and eyes and sneezing with mucus

    On and off for 2 years my cat has reoccurring small bumps on her ears, as well as around her eyes. She also sneezes forcefully with a whitish mucus. I have consistently taken her to the vet but they can't pinpoint the problem. We switched to a duck and pea limited ingredient food and a dustless litter, but it doesn't help. 2 months ago the vet also said there was a bump on the back of her tongue and put her on antibiotics for a month. Symptoms returned within a week of ending meds.

  • Is synthoid toxic to dogs?

    My dog just ate my son's synthoid- about 45 pills of .05 (50 micrograms). The emergency vet had no idea if this was toxic. The dog weighs about 95 lbs and could have eaten the bottle any time in the last 5 hours.

  • Old cat pooping with blood behind curtains

    Our 15 year old cat is pooping behind the full length curtains in our bedroom, and I have seen what looks like blood in her poop. She seems happy and healthy, but she is getting old. We give her lots of attention and love but we're not sure what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  • What is the shelf life of Tramadol?

    What is the shelf life of tramadol? Can it be given after the expiration date? My dog fell and is limping. He has tramadol from when he went to the vet.

  • Elevated dog red blood cell count?

    I was planning to have my 9 yr old dog's teeth cleaned, but her routine blood test results showed that she has an elevated red blood cell count (64).I am very scared! The vet asked if she could have been dehydrated at the time of the test, but her drinking habits haven't changed.I had brought her on a road trip in Oregon where the elevation is a bit higher and it was warm. We have been back a week, but could this cause dehydration?We will test again in 7 days.Please tell me more about red cells

  • Worms in my cat's vagina

    My cat is very irritated and has little white worms gathered or coming out of her vagina. Will deworming her be enough or should I take her to the vet?

  • My cat has scabs and scratches all over her back

    She hasn't got fleas and she has had a worming tablet lately Also i have been washing her twice a day with a antibacterial wash from the vets. It does seem to be getting better is there anything else I should be doing?

  • Dark spots above each hind leg on dog

    Please help. My 15yr old mini briard has one dark spot above each hind leg. He eats very well and walks every day. staying w/ friends who have tile & wood floors. He lays on them all day but walks morning and evening pretty far. It is Tucson and it is over a hundred degrees outside. Cooler on inside. It looks like his skin is breaking down. I have no money-my friends have 4 dogs and 4 horses is there some sort of home remedy for this? How do I make the spots go away? Other than that he's himself

  • Will hair grow back on dog's tail after it's been chewed on?

    i have a almost 3 month old puppy he is a german shepherd that has lost hair one the end/tip of his tail it seems to be growing back i think one of the other puppies chewed on it will the hair grow back?

  • Dog panting, lethargic and out of breath

    If a shih tzu is out of breath doing the stairs and panting a lot, not playful and laying around. What could those symptoms be the cause of? She is 3 yrs old.

  • Probiotic yogurt, ok for dogs?

    Can you give your dog probiotic yogurt from the grocery store?

  • Cat itching and meows constantly

    I have a cat that is less than a year old. She has constantly been A) rubbing/itching her back on our Berber carpet, rolling, pushing, rolling, as if she has a constant "itch" on her back(?), and B) constantly meows (like, a month). She recently got out of the house for 2 days and I found her yesterday, rolling in the dirt/weeds also. How long can cats be in heat, and are they connected? The back rubbing she does is extreme, like she can't get enough. TY

  • Cause of a high dog platelet count?

    My 14-year-old male dachshund's platelet count is high. What would be a cause for this? All of his other CBC results are totally normal, however the platelet count is 775, and the reference range says 170-400 is normal. His behavior is normal. He is eating and drinking normally. Not really any more lethargic than any other 14-15 year old dog. He still plays with his toys and is ravenous as usual. His WBC is 10.7 and RBC is 6.3. Could it be because of his anxiety when visiting the vet? It's been

  • Canine diarrhea from being on the beach?

    What do you do when the dog has beach diarrhea? I think he drank some salt water over the weekend.

  • Discharge with cloudy film over dog eye

    Blue Heeler is having eye discharge and a cloudy film over her eye. What do I do? We have tried saline solution and a warm wash cloth.

  • Malignant dog melonoma removed from leg, what now?

    My dog had a lump removed from his leg and turns out its malignant melonomna. What happens next and how serious is it? Thank you. The lump has been removed from his leg.

  • What is quality of life after cat surgery for spinal injury?

    Will my cat run or be a shut in after surgery for a slipped disk? Will he need massive therapy etc.?

  • New dog has bumps around lips, mouth and snout

    We just got a new dog who is two. He is a shephard mix, not sure what else is in him. But after we got him I notice what looked like either a tick or a wart on his snout. I looked at it, wasn't sure what it was so I didn't mess with it. Then jump ahead a few days and it was all bloody so I messed with it. It was now just a scab and I plucked it off. Definitely wasn't a tick. But he has more of them around his mouth. My 2nd dog has bumps too in his mouth but the normal kind,So I know the diff help

  • E Coli dog food contamination?

    This morning GMA reported on E Coli contaminated dry dog food and dog chews. My Bichon mix has not been vomiting her dry food recently, could she have gotten contaminated food or chews? Should we see her vet? We use Blue Buffalo because it totally eliminates the "red ooze" around her eyes. Eukanuba and Iams are the only foods that seem to have been recalled, so think she's probably OK, but.....

  • Dog with bloody diarrhea

    My little dog had a weird night last night and then today when I got home he had diarrhea with blood in it. What do I do? He was up all night, wouldn't sleep, threw up 3 times, whined, not normal behavior. This afternoon he had pooped all over the room with blood in it. He went outside and peed and then ran under the bed and normally comes out when I go get him, but instead is backing away from me.

  • Dog with balance problems, lack of sleep and eating disrupted

    My pug is having balance problems and hasnt eaten her regular meals with her normal vigor, what should I do? There are more symptoms. She is panting excessively. It's hot but she is inside in the air-conditioning. She tilts her head to the left and is off balance. Shes having trouble sleeping and not eating as much or as regularly as usual. I tried ear drops for mites on the suggestion of a friend and it didn't work as he described, what else could be the cause?

  • Dog has high ALT values for 2 months without clinical signs

    My mutt Sharik, 3 years old, 2 mths ago had a pustular rash on hairless areas, there was a rise of ALT (176 u/l), ALKP - 80 U/l, GGT 7 U/l. We did ultrasound-ok. Viral tests-negative for the most common viruses. Here (in Ukraine) we don't have bile acids test. We treated pyoderma and liver condition with Ceftriaxon 10 days, Ciprofloxacin 10 days, Heptral+ Ursofalk.After antibiotics ALT-94 U/l, Creatincinase-99. We stayed on heptoprotectos, after 2 weeks ALT - 157 again.What can it be? Thank you.

  • How long does it take for kennel cough to be non contagious if the puppy is on antibiotics?

    I purchased a puppy and after 4 days she began coughing.I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with kennel cough. I have other dogs so he recommended that she return to the owner and be isolated until she recovered. How long does this take if she is on antibiotics?

  • Ear hematoma in dog three times in less than a year

    My Pit Bull has had three ear hematomas in less than a year. One required surgery, the other two were drained. It's happened on both ears. Her brother had this once. Could it be vein problems in her ear?

  • Tumor blocking dog anal gland, operation needed?

    If my pugle has atumor blocking his anal gland does it have to be operated on ? will it cost a lot of money to fix?

  • My cat is having more sleep in eyes, is that normal?

    I have noticed that my cat is producing more sleeps (reheums) in the past few days. Is that normal or should we take her to the vet?

  • How much liquid benadryl can I give my dog?

    I want to give my dog liquid benadryl but bought it in liquid form and don't know how many cc to give my 35 lb. pug.

  • My cats sneezing. Is it serious?

    My cat is sneezing more than usual, but is playful and active as always, should I take her to the vet or can it be something transitory? We live in a small apartment and don't open the windows often.

  • Can I use many dog flea treatments at once?

    Is it safe to use a flea collar and a spot treatment at the same time? I treat my dogs once a month with flea and tick drop treatments and I was wondering if it would be safe to use a flea collar also.

  • Puppy mange?

    What is puppy mange?

  • Dog yelps for no reason

    My dog yelps sometimes when he gets up or laids down. He has been sneezing. He has a reverse sneezing episode this weekend. I check his ears for infection but didn't see wax or smell any bad odor. He has no limp or any other signs of abnormality on his body.

  • Right course of treatment for dog with thyroid problem and a nail bed infection

    I have a 3yr old English Springer (28kg) who has been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and is on soloxine. At the same time he started limping and his nails are lifting. vet has removed 4 nails and a swab revealed staphylococcus pseudointermedius. He has been 2 weeks on synulox and 1 week on baytril but does not appear to be improving. Is not limping but reluctant to move. Am not walking dog and am bathing feet in hibiscrub and giving rimadyl for pain relief and is wearing a cone to stop licking.

  • Any information on alternate Cushings disease in dogs?

    I have a Bichon with a pot belly for some time now.(3-4 yrs)She was tested for Cushings with the low dose test about a year ago and again with the high dose test about a month ago.Both tests were negative.At our last groomer visit she felt a bloated abdomen.So I took her to the Vet.They did an xray and an ultrasound to find an enlarged liver.Liver numbers are only slightly elevated.They want to test for an alternate Cushings that has to do with the sex homones.Have you heard of this?Any info?Thnx

  • Loose stools in rescued kittens

    I rescued 2 feral kittens(approx 3 months & 2 months)two weeks ago.I am feeding them Purina Kitten Chow. Their stools are soft but not watery. They've been de-wormed, and fecal tests are negative. One suggestion has been to feed them chicken and rice and another has been to give them Metamucil, which seems unusual as it helps with constipation. Is either of these ideas sound? What else do you suggest? Please help as I'm really tired of such frequent cleaning of a very smelly litter box! Thanks

  • Is this a normal virus that dogs get?

    I have an 11 month old american bulldog who got sick last Saturday. He was puking, uncomfortable, and loss of appetite. The vet said he caught a virus from the boarding kennel he stayed at a lil over a week ago. He is on antibiotics but didn't like the kaopectate at all. We did diet food for one day. He was doing great yesterday. This morning he puked again and has no appetite. He has normal stool, no fever, no change of food. He was very uncomfortable again this morning. Is this a normal virus?

  • Does mosquitoes cause dog hair loss?

    Hello, I have a two year olf black lab mix, who is around 35 pounds. She is loosing hair on her chest and the inside of her legs in patches. There are a lot of mosquitos but I am not finding any bites and she is inside most of the time. Is this serious, or could it just be caused by the mosquitos? She is not scratching a lot. There are a lot of patches, what can I do to help it? Thank you for the help, Lauren.

  • Dog has no bowel movement in 4 days

    I have a dachschund who is physically well, lots of energy and alertness, but he has not had a bowel movement since Thursday last week. He has become skittish of walking onto our yard from the deck. He has a good appetite and is urinating well. What would be causing this?

  • Does my dog have kennel cough without phlegm?

    my 1 year old border collie had kennel cough about 6 weeks ago at the time there were lots of phlegm. i have noticed she has started coughing again this time with no phlegm. could this be a different strain of kennel cough?

  • Suddenly showing signs of aggressive dog behavior

    5 year old beagle mix has started showing aggressive behavior to other animals including ones she grown up with, also a recent weight loss.

  • Dog diet: what to do if your dog doesnt eat dog food?

    he only eats human food, but sometimes dog treats. Sometimes he vomits and crys or wimps..... please help he is only 8 months.... a pure bread pomeranian

  • How do I prevent an infection if my dog has just lost a nail?

    My dgo had been limping around the house and was licking is one foot. Every time I tried to look at it he would pull away. I then noticed that his "thumb" was bleeding all around the nail. About an hour later I noticed that the nail had completely fallen off. I am concerned about infection and if the nail will ever grow back.

  • How much should a dog sleep?

    My newly adopted approx. 2 yr. old terrier mix sleeps about 75% of the day even though he has lots of toys and I am home with him most of the time. This is in addition to spending 7-8 hours overnight in his crate. Is this normal? Should I be concerned? Thank you.

  • Cat nails digging into pads-why?

    My cat is a 10-11 yr. old long-haired Siamese, with diabetes. I trim his nails, but I've noticed in the past month that 3 of his claws have gotten "rounded" and are digging into his pads. I won't trim them bcuz I don't want to hurt him. We are taking him to the vet soon, but what causes this? Will those nails have to be declawed? I shutter at the thought of doing that to him.

  • Dog breath smells unusual and he struggles to bark

    hi i have a 3 year old labradane. I think my dog has a throat infection..? He is off his food, is struggling to bark and his breath smells unusual. I cant afford vet prices, what can I do?

  • Dog weight loss, hairloss and yellow tinted fur after having puppies

    what are common dog illnesses in colorado that cause weight loss and hairloss. my female pit bull had puppies on June 13th. since then she has lost a lot of weight she has hair loss and a yellow tint to fur

  • Synergism between baytril and azithromycin?

    Can a synergism occur between baytril and azithromycin?

  • My cat's tail is twitching no-stop and she's not acting like herself

    My cat's tail is always twitching (this started yesterday night) and she is constantly licking/biting at it. She laid down in the litter box today (which she has never done), and hissed at my mom after she tried to pet her (my cat had rubbed up against her leg like she wanted her to pet her). She's just not acting like herself. What could be wrong?

  • My dogs whining. Why?

    My 12 yr old yellow lab is moaning and whining. He's not eating as well as he usually does. He is still drinking plenty of water but he lays around and whines. What could be ailing him?

  • Does neutering prevent these dog tumors?

    My 8 year old, male, unneutered Pekingese just had a benign tumor removed from his tail. The Vet said he did not get all the cells and it may grow back. My question is if it is possible that this or other tumors he may get in that area are due to him not being neutered.

  • Why surgery wasn't recommended for bilateral luxating patellas in dog?

    I have a 4yr old Lhasa Mix that weights 20lbs, his knees have always been bad. The second vet graded both knees a 3 and they luxate in and out!! She didnt recommend surgery just recommended Adequan Inj's which have been working well. Maybe once a month he needs Metacam usually a day or two before his inj. I am wondering why neither dr recommended surgery for him, and should I pursue it more, or treat him as I have been. He gets Glucomine/MSM treats and Omega 3 treats daily. He plays like crazy and only hesitates on steps when its getting close to his inj. Thank You

  • Sudden low back/base of kitten's tail tenderness

    Our 8 month old kitten (who lives with her mother) seems to suddenly have tenderness in her low back/base of her tail; when we touch the areas, she meows in pain. Was she bitten in a fight with her mother? They do play rough. Could she have fallen? We intend to take her to the vet but are worried about the costs of x-rays, extensive tests, etc. She doesn't seem to want to play and seems depressed. Still eats and uses litter box normally. Any advice/ideas?

  • What are deramaxx side effects?

    Lab was on deramxax for hip problem had to be taken off it and still has very loose stools like diarrhea and acts like he doesn't feel good. He is now on flagyl.

  • Dog advantage problem. Why does my dog react this way?

    My dog is a mixed breed, weighs about 70 lbs and once a month I use Advantage flea medicine on him he starts going nuts rolling around the house and especially out in the yard. This is the worst I have ever seen him act this way. He is drinking and eating. Does he have an allergy to the medicine? What can I do to help him?

  • Dog liver enlarged with lesions and fluid retention

    we noticed her abd.right away took her in lab work and pills for 2 weeks..lab work only got elevated after the 2 wks.we got xray and u/s showed a lot of fluid and u/s showed enlarged liver with destructive lesions.the vet says draining the fluid would be worthless it would return within 24hrs? She is on lasix 50mg 2xday and keflex 50mg 2day will this work? or is it impossible to remove that amount of fluid with pills. she is eating and drinking well.

  • Swollen puppy eyes with pus and two large growths on both side of his neck

    My puppy has pink swollen skin around his eyes, that have pus oozing out of the corners and two growths on his neck. One on each side about the size of a ping pong ball. They are very soft and palpable. Could his problem be a calcium deficiency?

  • Symptoms of cat calici and changes of survival?

    we got him at the spca and they neutered him before we could bring him home. when we got him home he was very sick and they told us he got an upper respiratory infection. we took him to the vet and he was dehydrated and had calici. very worried. what do I do? are the symptoms and chances of survival?

  • Growth on dog butt and she keeps biting it open

    my cat is about 5 yrs old and has a growth on her butt and she keeps biting it open. she seems to be in pain when she walks and wont really sit down on her bottom. she is eating good and going to the litter box good. should i worry about this growth today or should i wait till the vet is open to figure out what it is?

  • What medication can I use for dog joint pain?

    Can I give my dog 200mg of ibuprofen or 500mg of Tylenol for joint pain? He is 70 pounds. He is having pain in his front legs from a previous car accident.

  • Rescue kitten sudden death. Can you tell me what happened?

    My daughter rescued a 3 week kitten from some birds who were pecking him. He at that time had blood coming from his nose. He seemed to recover from that and was acting fine except excess drinking and urinating. He died today after a routine blood draw. After the stick he became disoriented and died within 10 min. The autopsy looked normal except the kidneys were a little off. The vet is sending them off to the lab. The vet wondered about allergic reaction to the alcohol, but no problems before.

  • My dog vomited worms

    could he have caught it from doggy daycare? What kind of worms are they if he vomited them?

  • Dog penis is dry and has bumps that bleeds

    my dog has dryish skin around his penis with small bumps that sometimes bleeds

  • What can help demodectic mange treatment?

    I took my dog to her vet on tuesday and they found that she was positive for demodectic mange. They gave me promeris for her condition, but she's still scratching and itching. How can I help her stop itching, and is it possible for the mites that cause the mange to make people itch as well?

  • Lump underneath my dog's eye?

    My 5 year old Bichon Frise Callie has a large lump under her right eye, about the size of a quarter, that developed over night. It doesn't seem to cause her pain when I touch it, but it is close enough to her eye that the eye is slightly shut. She's less energetic than usual, and she won't lie with that side of her face on the ground. What could this lump be?

  • White dog fur discoloration

    I have a 2 year old Great Dane. He is a tuxedo color, black with a whit chest. Recently his fur on his sides have gone from a Jet black to a dirty brown color. It looks as if he has rolled around in some dirt, but I bathe him and the dirty brown remains. Is this a problem and what can I do to get his shinny jet black color back?

  • Kitten limping, should I take to vet?

    Our 13 week old fell off the back of the sofa 2 days ago and could not put her back leg down on the floor for an hour or so, since then she has been playing and eating and sleeping well but is still limping on it,. She is definitely putting more weight on it since yesterday, but is still limping, should I take her to the vet?

  • Can I give Sam-E if Prednisone is being used?

    I have a 10-yr old Golden Retriever diagnosed with an insulinoma. He is taking 10mg of Prednisone 2x a day. Can I give him Sam-E to help with his liver enzymes?

  • Dog stumbling and can't keep balance

    My 10 year old dog is having trouble walking as I have seen before due to ticks, but she has no ticks or worms . Her gums are a light pink and she is stumbling and falling as she tries to walk her feet come out from under her as if she cant control it.

  • Cat teeth: lost her front right canine and won't eat and is lethargic

    cat came home - right canine was missing mouth obviously sore - will not eat- 2 days - is losing weight and is lethargic doesn't like to be picked up and is just laying down all day has had very little to drink also. tried warming up food/fish and chicken - not interested and also special cat milk - only drinking small amount of water

  • Dog stomach continuing to be upset?

    My 1.5 year old min pin has suffered from intermittent "spitting up" and loose stool for several months. She seems to see the vet about every two weeks or so. She has been given B-12 shots, treated for worms, given metronidazole, given antibiotics, etc. These treatments seems to work for a while and then it's back to same again. Her blood work is great. During an episode, we see mucus in her stool occasionally streaked with red blood. She then gets very lazy, and we can hear her stomach growling

  • Dog ingested a lightbulb

    My 11 month old black lab ate an "energy smart" light bulb this morning. I gave him bread and some metamusil. He seems fine so far, but do we need to worry about toxins from the light bulb?

  • Scabs under kittens' chins and on top of head

    My two twin kittens have scabs under their chins and on top of their heads by their ears. What would cause this? They are indoor only. Ive checked for fleas but they still scratch. But my other two cats do not do have any of those symptoms.

  • Which is better for my cat: wet or dry food?

    ..Considering the dental problems wet food can increase the occurrence of. Is wet food going to benefit my cat that much more considering the dental problems it can encourage (regardless of whether or not I give her regular dental care and cleaning)?

  • What is roundworm? Is it the same as toxoplasmosis?

    Is roundworm the same as toxoplasmosis and how does this effect babies and pregnant women?

  • Cat hair loss from my cat pulling hair. How to fix?

    Earlier this year, my cat had an accident with an animal trap where he lost a huge chunk of muscle in his rear right leg. We couldn't afford to get x-rays, but we got a cast for him, pain killers, and took care of most infections. Lately, 6 months after the accident, he's been pulling out his own fur, and areas around the leg and hind area is losing fur quickly. He isn't bald, but hair comes out easily in these areas. Are these two happenings related and how do I stop it?

  • Odd kitten behavior. What is wrong?

    What does it mean when a kitten urinates themselves, has no appetite, and just lays around?

  • Are these symptoms of canine Cushing's disease?

    My mom's dog has developed some symptoms of Cushing's Disease, but we haven't confirmed anything yet. He drinks more, loses control of his bladder (though not quite as often since she switched his food), he eats like he's starving, he gets spells when he gets really hyper, and he's become very aggressive towards our cats over the past few months. He never used to chase them, but now he chases, shows his teeth, and even bites at them sometimes. He's also even a little more aggressive with us.

  • What could be the effects of an electrical shock in a cat?

    My sister's blind kitten chewed through an electrical cord and was shocked. His behavior has changed. His nervous system seems to be in overload. He is confused and has stopped using the litter box. He is sensitive to noise. Could this be from the shock? This happened 4 weeks ago. The vet can find nothing wrong with him.

  • My old poodle has dog cataracts. Where should I take her?

    My vet has advised me to have the cataracts removed in my 13 year old poodle. Should I take her to a local ophthalmologist vet, or the nearby UC Davis vet hospital? I need to know the difference in the costs as well as the care.

  • What can I expect from my dogs pregnancy?

    She's 1 month pregnant, is it normal for her to cry, and pace back and forth? What is expected from pregnant dogs? She's a toy poodle. I'm a little concerned. Thank you.

  • Dog anal bleeding after deworming. Should I take him to the vet?

    My 8 week old siberian husky pup was wormed yesterday. He now has diarrhea and is straining when he wants to poo. I noticed a small amount of blood on his bum after his last attempt to poo. Should I take him to the vet? Brodie

  • What is diabetes in dogs?

    thank you

  • My dog's stomach makes gurgling noise

    Sam's stomach often makes loud gurgling noise loud enough to wake me and will not eat. He does not seem to be in distress. But is uncomfortable. I have watched over him during his walks to ensure he does not eat what he finds.

  • Dog vomiting more over time

    I have a 14 year old rat terrier who, for the past couple of years, tends to vomit when nervous or eats something she's not supposed to. Lately it has increased from occassionally to monthly weekly now daily. Sometimes just yellow bile but most of the time it's whole food. She was hospitalized about a year ago eating ant poison. Her lab work was fine with slight hypoglycemia. She has no other symptoms or changes in weight, appetite, activity, or personality. Help?!

  • Dog just ate her vetropolycin what should I do?

    My dog just ate her vetropolycin not sure what I should do?

  • Dog vomiting with head shaking

    My dog vomited 3 times and she is shaking. She looks sad and tired. The vomit was clear and in the middle was white. Yesterday she ate chicken and today she ate just a little bit of bread. She is a shih tzu and she is only 3yrs.

  • What are some side effects of the antibiotic novalex?

    The vet put my dog on the antibiotic Novalex 500 mg because of an infection in the wrinkles of his face (he's a boxer). Since he's been on it he has been really sluggish. I would like to know what the side effects are but I can't find anything on it when I google it.

  • Will my dog get sick after he ate a small piece of onion?

    He's a miniature austrailian shepard. He weighs about 11 pounds. He only ate about 1 tsp. of onion. Will he be okay?

  • Preventing dog bloat

    "Jack" has had x-rays, ct scan of his stomach and heart, and has now had his tummy drained three times. He doesn't act ill, doesn't over eat or drink, does his business regularly, but bloats about a half inch each day. I'm afraid and don't want to put him through trauma once a month. What do I do?

  • Dog behavior - car aggression

    We can no longer keep our 15 month old german shepherd/belgium mix in the fenced in yard because of his behavior toward cars and trucks. He runs up and down the fence, barking madly, jumping at the fence and snapping his teeth. The neighbors have filed complaints and say they are terrified of him. This happens even when we are in the yard with him. It is a little better, he no longer barks at vehicles unless they go down the road beside our property. Walks are almost impossible. Help!

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