Cat ear infection medication not helping

My cat has been treated for ear infection with pills shots, cream. Its been over a month still she is shaking her head. They ruled out mites. Can you help, Im really disapointed in my vet, should I go to a new one? This is getting very costly, thank you Denise

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    By: Julie Ann El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    Getting a second opinion for an ongoing medical condition that is not improving is never a bad idea.  Your veterinarian should not be offended if you do so.  It shows your dedication to your cat.

    First I would either get a copy of your cat's medical record or request that your vet fax or email the information to the other clinic.  This gives the new veterinarian the complete information of the previous diagnosis and treatment.  This also helps to avoid duplicating tests etc. that have already been completed.

    On to ear infections.  Infections can be caused by bacteria, yeast or mites.  Sometimes it may be a combination of more than one thing.  If bacteria have been diagnosed and are not responding to the medication prescribed it may be time for an ear culture.  Often on a first occurrence an antibiotic is chosen that is particularly effective for common ear bacteria.  Sometimes the bacteria present are other than the most common or the bacteria are resistant to the common antibiotics.  If that is the case a different antibiotic may be needed.  Ear polyps or growths are not common but can be present in the ear canal resulting in chronic infection.  Polyps can be detected when the ears are examined with an otoscope. 

    If you feel you are having a difficult time administering the medications properly ask your vet to demonstrate how to apply it.  There are times the ear must be cleaned first to allow the medication to get into the lower portion of the ear canal.

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