Julie Ann

Location: Vancouver, Washington USA

Qualifications: Vet Tech

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Julie Ann received her Associates in Veterinary Technology from Portland Community College. She has been a Veterinary Technician since 1979 and is currently certified in Oregon.

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Answers from Julie Ann

  • My dog was at the vet and diagnosed with larangeal paralysis

    If blood work has a very high lipase, when would this not be necessary to discuss this with the client? Dog was at the vet and diagnosed with larangeal paralysis.Blood work was drawn but not discussed with me. He was sent home with instructions to avoid stressful situations and stay in cool climates. He got stressed at the vet and started turning blue. Blood work had high lipase 4313.

  • Can a ulcer in my cats eye be treated safely without surgery

    can a ulcer in my 21 yr old cats eye be treated safely without surgery I took my 21yr old to the vet for an eye infection. Dr stated it is an ulcer, I was given eye ointment and told to return to vets in 3 days. What will happen if I can not get the swelling down?

  • How to get rid of yellow greenish stuff in my dogs eye

    i have a chihuahua that some gave me and a yellow greenish stuff is always in her eye and can my other chihuahua get it from her how to get rid of

  • Feline leukemia

    I just had to put down my 2 year old cat today because of felv and i have 3 more cats related to this one that they want me to bring in for testing. They are active and eat well. The one I had to put down was showing signs so I understand the need for her being put down. If i bring them in and they test + for felv do i have to put them down? I live in Texas and I am unsure of the laws when it comes to something like this. I cant deal with putting them all down in one day. Thanks, Brittany

  • My dog can't balance to walk and struggles to keep his head up.

    My four week old golden retriever can't balance to walk and struggles to keep his head up. He bobs his head and we are feeding him by stablizing him s Legs appear strong (not broken or lame) but he cant maintain his balance or they just collapse. Do we just wait or should we run tests? Could it be a liver prob? I feel like there is more we should be doing.

  • Can dog constipation be painful for the dog?

    My dog is whincing and she is delicate when she sits. I noticed her last bowel movement was minimal. I'm curious if she is constipated.

  • Is there much benefit on a B12 shots for a 14yr old cat

    B12 shots recommended for 14 yr. old cat with chronic pancreatitis. much benefit? Is there much of a benefit? This cat has been through radiation and other 2 years ago for parathyroid removal. I wish to keep him unstressed. Opinion?

  • Alternative treatment to Sarcoptic mange on border collie puppies

    I have 2 border collie puppies who were diagnosed by our vet with sarcoptic mange. The vet gave them a dose of ivermec and said they would need the same treatment once a week for 4 weeks. This is expensive, and I am concerned about using any type of ivermectin for border collies, is there a different way to treat this? WOuld Happy Jack Sarcoptic mange medicine or other over the counter medicines work?

  • Can a dog have a allergic reaction when his food has been changed

    ok so my red nose pitt bull has all kinds of sores on his head,side of lips beind his ears inside his ears, under his arm pits,chin, neck etc he keeps scratching his back looks like welts of some sort kind of like bruises. hair loss in the spots he keeps scratching. so he had this last year when i tried to change his puppy food to dog food i think he a had an allergic reaction to it so i changed him back to puppy chow and took him to vet they did all kinds of skin test, like scrap the bald spots on him, they found nothing. so he is still on the puppy chow what should i do. pls help thanks

  • My 13yr old dog has lip fold pyoderma, what options do we have

    Cocker Spaniel with lip fold pyoderma My 13 year old cocker spaniel started having thick green discharge from his mouth and pain 1.5 years ago and it was thought to be dental issues so he had surgery. 2 months after the surgery the problem returned and he has been diagnosed with lip fold pyoderma and is on a continuous round of clavaseptin and clindamycin. The problem never fully goes away and his dosage has gradually been tripled but is flaring up again. Is there anything else it could be or we can do? I don't want to put him down!

  • Cat not eating, drinking or walk-Effects of Anesthesia?

    My 4 year old cat was taken to the Vet on Wednesday morning to get shaved. In order to do so they gave him anesthesia. It is now Saturday and my cat hasn't eaten or drank anything yet. He lays in one spot and only walks if we pick him up and move him (he just walks straight back to his "spot"). He still seems to be very weak and is not showing in any interest in anything. Could there be permanent effects from the anesthesia? What should we do? Any answers at all would mean a lot. Thanks.

  • Cat licking around anus-hair missing

    My one-year old kitten had a freak accident last weekend and dislocated her jaw. She was taken to a vet on an emergency basis and she was given a shot of a pain killer, then we took her to the animal hospital right after that and she was sedated and had her jaw relocated. I have her oral pain meds for the next several days and switched her over to wet food. I noticed a few days ago she seemed to be licking her butt a little more than usual, and while I haven't noticed it very recently, I have

  • Found feline leukemia positive stray, can she live with my vaccinated cat?

    My cat is 6 years old and she is FeLV negative. She has had the vaccine for two years with the appropriate booster the first year. Unfortunately or fortunately, we found a starving stray cat in our neighborhood. I took the stray cat to the vet today and she has feline leukemia. I want to keep her and take care of her, if at all possible, but I am worried for my six year old without feline leukemia (but with the vaccine). How effective is the vaccine? Any statistics you could give me would help!

  • Dog is vomiting for 2 days now

    I have a 2 1/2 month old Rottweiler puppy. For 2 days now he hasn't eaten. He started throwing up a clear substance like just saliva.

  • My dog is limping and showing some discomfort on his hind leg.

    My 12 week old Chinese crested fell of the couch and has been limping for a week now. He does but some weight on it a lot of the time but is really babying it. It is his ind leg. If I lift his leg slightly outwards from his body he shows discomfort. Could this be a strain or pulled muscle or much worse needing to get into a vet asap? He does seem he will run on it and jump up at times but not sure how much he really is using it to do these actions. Any help would be great!

  • Dog weight problem

    I recently gotten a 2yr old boxer. She appears to have just finished weaning pups but she is a little underweight. Can you advise me on the best way to increase her weight.

  • dog itching-can I use olive oil?


  • Feline Asthma

    Q: I have a six year old cat that has been diagnosed with asthma.My vet has her on an anti inflammatory medicine to help open up her air ways but she is till having attacks. They are not as often as they were and they are sometimes shorter then usual.It seems that her appetite and attitude has changed for the better since she is on this this medicine.He now wants to put her on prednisone, but I am very concerned due to all of the side effects that prednisone can caused.We have also discussed putting her on Flovent 220 mcg, but the cost is outrageous.For a cat with asthma do would you put them on a full dosage of prednisone or a lower dosage? Is there another option that we can take or will the prednisone be a good idea?

  • Dog urine has blood

    My dog has blood in her urine, is there any other treatment other than antibiotics, or going to the vet?

  • Dog has swollen, misplaced nipple.

    Hello, my female german shepherd x german shepherd/Labrador mix has a misplaced nipple (meaning it is not on her chest, its near her left shoulder) When I was petting her yesterday, I noticed it, it was a bit swollen (about a cm tall and half a cm large) and the color is grey, what should I do about this, roxy is my best friend, please help me!

  • dog has lump above eye

    I have a three year old cairn terrier. I noted a pea sized lump about an inch above her eye. It is not red, it is not warm and it does not have any open areas. Should I be concerned at this time, or watch it for a few days?

  • Dog stool had brown worm around it

    Have found some skinny brown little worm like thing around my dogs stool what might it be? About 1 1/2 to 2 inch long brown in color

  • Dog heart rate is irregular


  • Dog urine is bright yellow and platelet count is 170

    Hi Dr. i have a 1 year old lab. She has been doing perfectly alright. Since 2-3 days she was a bit low. we got her checked. and found out her platelet count was 170. She has been eating properly, only thing is she is passing urine more often now and its bright yellow, even though she is drinking water. I just wanted to know what could be the reason and what diet to give her?

  • Canine hair loss after demodex infection

    I have a 5 month old pug which has been diagnosed and treated successfully for demodex. After the treatment about 1/3 of her body has turned to black along with some hair loss on her head and legs. Although she seems to have healed, I wonder if her skin will ever turn back to its original color or if her hair will ever grow back.. thanks in advance for your reply

  • Dog had back surgery; unable to walk

    My dog is a dandsund. He is 4 yrs. old and 3 disks have burst. He had surgery within 48 hrs. After surgery he couldn't walk.(back legs)It has been 21 days since and he is not peeing by himself and he drags himself on the floor.I give him 2 baths a day and massage his back legs. He was given an 80%chance of walking again. I am overwhelmed.

  • Dog fever-How can I get rid of it

    How can I get rid of my dogs fever its at 104, he won't eat or drink either

  • Can a dog with cadiomyopathy get a heart transplant?

    My 5 year old doberman has been diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Where can I find a surgeon to perform a heart transplant?

  • Dog is pooping yellowish and bloody stools

    My dog doesn't want to eat, she's shaking, she vomits whiteish or anything she drinks, she pooped something yellow but now there is blood, what does she have? Is my dog dieing? will the treatment be expensive? is it bad to humans?

  • Dog TPLO post op radiograph?

    My Rhodesian had TPLO surgery about 8 months ago. We have followed all the post op instructions and we are walking her twice a day for 30-40 minutes to build muscle and strength. She still won't put her full weight on her leg and occasionally comes up lame. I have photos of her surgical radiographs as well as her immediate post op. There is a strange wire wrapped around her tibia head and the surgical plate. I've seen many radiographs of TPLO surgeries but never with this wire. Is this normal?

  • Dog has lump the size of a golfball on his hip

    My 5 month old puppy took a pretty hard fall the other night and yesterday my husband and i noticed a golfball size lump over his left hip area were his hip joint meets the pelvis bone. I am pretty concerned about this and would like to get some insight into what i maybe. For now we are just going to keep an eye on it to see if it goes down. It does seem to bother him unless you touch it, but other than that he is playing, running, eating and drinking well. Thank you

  • Cat blood in the sink

    I have two young male cats. Recently I have been finding a small amount of blood spatter in the sink in the mornings. What could be causing this? The cats health seems fine otherwise.

  • Dog arthritis-can I give him aspirin?

    We have a beagle/bassett mix (mostly bassett) that weighs about 53 pounds. He is 5 years old. This last winter he started exhibiting signs of arthritis in his rear right leg. This only occurs when the weather cools down. (We live in AZ so it does not get really cold.) I have ordered a joint enhancer to start him on now that it is cooling down, but can I give him aspirin in the evenings to alleviate the pain. He only seems to be bothered first thing in the morning. (It is not cool then)

  • Dog is breathing so heavily

    Why is my 14 y/old Labrador breathing so heavily? Just recently my dog's breathing has become quite heavy, she also pants incredibly heavily most of the time, this is quite uncharacteristic of her and has gotten much worse over the past week. She is quite restless and cannot seem to stay in place for a long time. She has taken to tearing up pieces of paper, cushions etc which she has never done before. I'm unsure whether my dogs behavior is due to old age or an illness that needs treatment. Thank you!

  • Dog has lump near her bum

    Hi There My dog has a boil type bump near her bum. It has popped and pus and some blood has come out of it. What could it be and any recommendations for treatment? It is not interfering with her bowel movements and she is not licking or rubbing her bum against the floor. Thanks

  • Dog is vomiting and won't eat or drink

    11 year old toy poodle bleeding from rectum and listless hiding staying to herself some vomiting will not eat or drink. Was my dog poisoned?

  • Cat eating less-not normal

    My fat, food loving cat has lost all interest in eating! He seems totally fine otherwise, but for all of his 10years he has been a big eater and now he will take a few licks of his wet food if I put him right on top of it and then turns his nose up and walks away. He is interested in his treats still and he just had a bit of milk. He also is not pooping much at all (another severe change) but not much is going in that needs to come out. What should I do? Should I be worried?

  • Cat problem with breathing or just overweight?

    When he lays down, head up, his chest moves up and down when breathing like he's forcing the breath out. But when he lays down head and all, more stretched out, it doesn't do this. He weighs 12 lbs. Is the costoabdominal issue and is this cause for concern or possibly just overweight like humans who have large abdomens trying to bend over, harder to breathe?

  • Cat is eating more then normal and still begging for more

    My cat is 1 year old and is starting to want a lot more food is that normal? I have a Persian male cat and he keeps asking for more food I feed him in the morning then in the afternoon about half of what he normally eats than once again at 9 pm but he keeps begging for more food is that normal?

  • Dog is pregnant and has a clear mucus coming out of her

    My dog is pregnant and she has a clear mucus coming out of her vagina, what does this mean? She is pregnant and she is close to delivering.

  • Dog anal glands severely impacted. Options?

    My vet is telling me that my dog's anal glands are so impacted, that they can't even insert a catheter to break it up, because the mass is so solid. They are recommending surgery as a last alternative. I wonder if the mass can be broken up using Ultrasound? Much like a kidney stone in humans. We have tried everything, including hot compresses. Nothing is working and this is the last resort. I would prefer not to do surgery. Any ideas?

  • Dog leg; twitching while standing

    Have a 4 year old lasa/poodle and her front leg twitches while standing

  • Dog is sneezing and not barking like usual.

    I bathed my 1 year old Min Pin yesterday and i believe i got water up her nose now all and she does is sneeze and not bark is this normal? i bathed her around 7 p.m. last night, she slept through the night silently. When I woke up this morning she wasn't sneezing. She normally barks when I get home from work and today she didn't.

  • Best cat food with high calories-or liquid

    I have a 16 year old Siamese cat who can't eat much anymore. Her teeth are probably bad and I can't afford the treatment. I've been giving her a high calorie food that comes in a tube. Is there anything else I can give her maybe like in liquid form with high calories? She drinks very little cat sip and drinks water normally.

  • My dog had parvo, now he has pimples with puss filled in them

    My two month old mountain curr just got over parvo last month. He is healthy now but he has what appear to be pimples but they are puss filled directl My two month old mountain curr just got over parvo last month. He is healthy now but he has what appear to be pimples but they are puss filled directly on his anus and the base of his tail. What could this be?

  • Cat Constipation

    My kitten, I think, is really constipated and has been having stomach contractions and breathing is really shallow.What do I do asap please?

  • Are hot sauce and jalapenos harmful to dogs?

    My dog got into my pizza which had hot sauce and jalapenos on it. Will he be alright?

  • Dog eye lid growth

    I got my dog his shots and a few days later took him to the groomers and shortly after his trip to the groomers he has developed a large sty on his lower lid and it seems to be getting bigger. What could have caused this and will it go away on its own?

  • Cat is licking hair off of legs.

    My cat is licking the hair off his front legs. There are no skin eruptions. It's just the missing hair, no sores or anything.

  • Dog with swollen abdominal area

    For about 2 weeks now my pit/lab (10 yrs old) has had a very swollen and hard lower abdominal area. She whines a lot. Normal eating patterns and normal bowels. Sometimes even though she gives me the signs she wants to go outside, she will just sit at the top of the stairs and not go down. She seems to stumble at times when going down stairs or even just walking on level ground.

  • Can I give my dog 1/2 dose of Vetmedin until refill arrives?

    My dog is currently taking Vetmedin for congestive heart failure. Unfortunately her supply is running low and, although an order has been placed, the refill will not arrive in time to continue giving the medication at her regular intervals. With the understanding that neither is the preferred choice, would it be better to give her 1/2 doses twice a day or a full dose once a day?

  • Does my dog have scabies?

    A few weeks ago my new neighbor mentioned to me that she had scabies. Having just moving in I didn't know what scabies even were. Now my dog appears to have mange, she has lost huge spots of fur at least 10 or more all over her body except for her head,neck and ears. She is a 14 year old border collie who has a sister that doesn't seem to be affected. I have tried brushing followed with oatmeal/vegetable oil baths but nothing is helping, she's miserable. Please let me know what to do and possibly if my neighbor gave her human scabies. I'm a full time student and can't afford much but will try whatever you recommend. Thank you..

  • Are bananas or apples safe for dogs

    we make our own dog food and was wondering if bananas and/or apples were ok to add

  • Our 9yr old dog has recently experienced an enlarged stomach

    stomach enlargement Our dog a St Bernard 9 years of age has recently (over the past year) experienced an enlarged stomach appx 5x normal which results in bloating as her stomach doesn't contract and swallowed items don't pass, extreme weight (146 to 91#) loss from inability to get nutrition, vomiting, random eating of indigestible items. She's had surgery as x-rays showed a large object in her stomach which was difficult to interpret due to the volume of gas vets were unable to diagnose at WSU Vet hospital.

  • My 4 month old puppy has had about 4 episodes of front leg spasms

    What could these front leg spasms be? My 4 month old miniature schnauzer has had about 4 episodes of front leg spasms since i've had him. His front legs go rigid as if he's got cramp. I don't think it's epilepsy as he's lucid during these episodes and totally fine afterwards once his legs are ok again. I was just wondering if it's something simple. I was going to take him to the vet, but once it's finished he's fine again so they would not see anything wrong.

  • My dog is shaking her head and her jaw is trembling

    What can be causing this and should I take her immediately to the emergency vet or wait until tomorrow and see her regular vet?

  • Can slugs come out of a dog's rectum after having his anal glands secreted?

    My manchester terrier keeps licking his bottom and dragging it along the floor. Have had his anal glands emptied twice and he continues to lick and drag as soon as we get home, The vet says the glands weren't very full. Today I have found a couple of slugs around where he lays. Can these come from him?

  • Hello, my 4yr old stafforshire terrier went into delivery yesterday

    Hello, my 4yr old stafforshire terrier went into delivery yesterday. she had 3 pups, 1 still born. i swear i can still feel 1-2 pups in there still. . She has had no contractions since the 3rd pup. So, first of all, if she was bred with more then one male on multiple days, would that make a few pups latter then others? could i possibly just think i feel an additional few in there? or, is this serious, and what can i do for her now?

  • Can you give me information on cat hip reduction surgery?

    My ten-year-old cat escaped from the house. He was missing for nearly three days, before we found him. We took him to the vet; she thinks he was hit by a car. His thigh was severely bruised,and he has a dislocated hip. Thankfully, his pelvis wasn't broken. The vet made several unsuccessful attempts at a closed reduction. She says he needs to have an open reduction after the bruising has healed. How successful is this surgery. Is there ever an occasion when amputation is necessary?

  • Is vomiting a dog allergy symptom?

    I have a 2 year old GOlden Retriever- Yellow Lab mix. I have recently bought a new rug. A few days after I put the rug down, she began to vomit on it, a total of three times in three days, always on the rug. For this reason, as to not stain the rug, I rolled it up for two weeks. During the two weeks she didn't throw up at all. However, tonight, I unrolled the rug and immediately, only about an hour after, she vomited. Could the vomiting be caused by the rug?

  • Is extreme itching side effect from changing insulin for my dog

    had to switch insulin because we were told vesalin i believe it was was depleted and now he is scratching himself like crazy should we switch him to something else

  • Can we keep feral kittens in the house with our house cat?

    Okay, this will sound a bit silly, but we found two 6-8 wk old kittens in our horse barn, I have found out tonight that the farm next door has cats with distemper running around. We found them at 8p.m. and would like to bring them inside to keep them safe from the coyotes and the cold,but we have two cats here inside that haven't received their shots yet,We haven't had them long enough,Is it safe to bring them near the other cats if they all receive shots in the morning?It's so late at night.

  • Do I need a prednisone prescription for my dog?

    My dog has already been diagnosed with arthritis, and has taken prednisone before, but the vet only gave me a one time prescription and told me that I didn't need to come back, so can I get it without a doctors prescription?

  • Is blood in stool with bad smell bad with four wk old kitten?

    I just heard a kitten crying went outside and found a kitten. Brought it in fed and bathed it. It is about four weeks old. I had to syrge feed the kitten. The kitten had a bad smell. Even after the bath. It used the liter box and after coming out and sat had small amount of blood from backside. I have other pets in the house. I have a cat that is still going through vaccines. Should I be concerned for my pets and this lost kitten? What do I do to protect both?

  • is loss of appetite normal after dog deworming?

    hi.. I dewormed my dog a few days ago, and since then she gets very choosy with food and lost her appetite. Is this normal? What should i do?

  • Can certain dogs be more susceptible to overheating

    About overheating? We adopted an approx 2 yr old beagle-dashound mix. We believe he's from the Bakersfield area & were told he was found on a very hot day. Is is possible he is more susceptible to heat stroke? He does have a black "jacket" coat. And he stops frequently even though it is relatively cool outside 78 degrees.

  • Can I give hydrocodone to a dog

    My 28 pound pug has a nail issue, can hydrocodone be used for pain? And if so, how much is the dose to give him. Thanks.

  • My 11 year old dog has developed a bump under her eye

    My 11 year old blue heeler has developed a bump under her eye...it seems to be getting bigger. What could it be? Should I take her to a vet soon?

  • Can my 8 month old chihuahua dog take aspirin?

    He has a small cut on his back but is shaking and acting like he is in some discomfort. Can he have a small dose?

  • I have a spayed female dog who is bothering a neutered male dog

    Spaying and neutering I have a neutered male and spayed female older dogs. The female is bothering the male for attention. He is panting due to the constant chasing and licking. Is there anything we should do, like separating them?

  • How can I get my cat to quit eating cloth?

    I have a one-year old neutered male cat who has recently begun eating cloth. He's eaten multiple holes in fleece blankets, the fringe off an afgan, & the hem off a t-shirt. He doesn't knead the blanket & bite it; he literally chews the cloth. He's an indoor-only cat & we also have 2 indoor/outdoor cats and a dog who plays with him. We feed him premium cat food & provide plenty of toys.

  • I just noticed that my puppy has a blue brown spot on her neck

    i just noticed that my puppy has a blue/brown spot on her neck..what could it be? she is a 4 month old cavashon

  • Milk Build up in a mother cat who recently gave birth

    I took in a stray cat who gave birth 6 weeks ago. I have two kittens left out of five and i am concerned with the build up of milk in the mother, she doesnt seem to be in pain but it looks really uncomfortable should i be concerned?

  • My 4 month old Boxer dog has a lump on his shoulder

    My 4 month old Boxer has a lump on his shoulder. This occured almost overnight, what is it? Should i be worried? Does it need to be removed?

  • My dog is 12 yrs old, she is losing a brown discharge

    westie is bleeding my westie is 12 yrs old and seemed to be in season, she is losing a brown discharge and keeping her tail under which in turn is now all brown and she,s shaking . plse help. she hasn,t been nutetted.

  • My dog right leg starts twitching uncontrollably and uncoordinated

    Spasms or Seizures? I have a 15 year old mini daschund. For the last 5 days or so she has been having these episodes where her right leg starts twitching uncontrollably, she becomes very uncoordinated, cries due to the pain. This is lasting around 2-3 minutes each time. Took her to the local vet. She was put on an antibiotic and pain med with the thought of being a possible bad tooth infection. When this happens it cause her great pain. but after it passes she regains use of the leg fully. These are happening several times a day.

  • My dog drinks a lot of water and only goes pee 3 to 5 times

    My Syberian Husky drinks a lot of water and only goes pee 3 to 5 times a day. Is this normal or is there something wrong? My Syberian husky drinks probably a gallon of water a day and only pees maybe 3 to 5 times daily. Also she has been having bowel problems as well. Is there something wrong with her.

  • My dog had 6 puppies, and now she's not eating only drinking water

    My dog had 6 puppies on Sept. 20th and now she's not eating only drinking water. My dog had 6 puppies on Sept. 20th and now she's not eating only drinking water.

  • My dog has a considerably large lump on her side.

    to do surgery or to not? my dog has a considerably large lump on her side. the vet didn't like it and took a sample and looked under the microscope and said it's definitely not fatty and he'd like to remove it. he said after he took it out he would send it in to see if it was cancerous. my question is my dog is an 11 year old sheltie, she has elevated white blood cell counts, and the enzymes in her pancreas that digest fat aren't working properly. are the risks of surgery worth it?

  • Is it normal to have pain after vaccination with my dogs

    We started having chihuahas as pets recently after many years of schnauzers. All 3 dogs get sore and you can't even pick them up for hours. 2 of them just got their 1st yearly booster and rabies shot. They both seemed to be real sore, but 1 of them cant jump on the furniture and screamed when I tried to help, even tho its been about 12 hours. She even took off outside and hid. I have never had this problem and we have had dogs for about 35 years. Please help I'm really worried about this.

  • What is too much x rays for dogs?

    I have a cocker/bichon mix - approximately 4 months old weighing only 4.5 pounds. I noticed her coughing shortly after I adopted her. She has been sick for weeks and has pneumonia. She just spent 3 days in an animal hospital for treatment. She appears better, she is on 2 antibiotics twice a day and has gotten her appetite back. The veterinarian who discharged her wants her to have weekly follow-up x-rays. Isn't that a lot of radiation? I'm thinking every other week as long as she seems ok.

  • My dog winces in pain when trying to go up steps

    labrador in pain when climbing stairs but can run walk ok for about 6 weeks on and off my dog has winced in pain when trying to go up steps or stairs but seems very happy when going for walks

  • Can a 10 year old dog with a grade 3 heart murmur be neutered?

    Can a 10 year old dog with a grade 3 heart murmur be neutered? Do the benefits outweigh the risks? We are thinking of adopting a 10 year old Shih Tzu with a grade 3 heart mumur. The vet that is treating him for the resvue doesn't want to put him under to neuter him. I have never had a dog that has not been neuter or spay. It is my understanding that there a many good reasons to have tha dog neutered if it will not jeopardize its health.

  • My 2yr old Min Pin dog is having bladder issues.

    I havea 2 yrs old Min Pin and just recently she will be laying in bed with my and just urinate all over me, the bedding,everything. Could she have some kind of infection? she seems to be in perfect health in everyother asspec. I am very concerned because this is new behaveior.

  • I noticed she is leaking urine. What can we do?

    We just rescued a 6 month old Pug Mix. She has had a bad life starting out. Could this be related to her rough life?

  • My cat has severe mating in the rectal area

    I have a cat that is about 13 years old and is having bad mating problems in his rectal area and having a hard time defacating. How do I treat it? Cat has severe mating in the rectal area and has a hard time using the restroom. How do I clean him without hurting him.?

  • Can a tapeworm in a cat cause a false high thyroid level?

    cat has been on methimazole 5 mg bid for a month with no visibal improvement in weight gain, threw up a tapeworm with a hairball and is now gaining weight. she wanted to eat all the time and is now only eats canned food when offered 2 x a day. Dry food is available 24/7 but has not been eating like before. Could thyroid medication be working now too or was weight loss related to tapeworm?

  • My dog broke her leg, went to the vet but still in pain

    My chihuahuas broken :( My chihuahua broke her leg a couple of days ago. I took her to a emergency vet and they put a splint on her leg. I am concern because she crys sometimes like she is still in pain. Is there something I can give her to help her with her pain?? The vet didn't give me anything. Is it common for her to still be in pain since she has a splint on?

  • My dog while a sleep seems to twitch in his hind end

    My cat is having small tremors My cat Shadow (13 yrs old) loves to jump up on top of my daughter or I when we're lying down. He'll sit down, do "piddy paws" (kneading), then eventually he'll lay down right there on top of us and go to sleep. Lately though when he does this, he seems to twitch in his hind end and won't sit completely on his hind end. He doesn't appear to twitch or not sit properly at any other time. He does not appear to be in pain.Thanks for your time, Michelle

  • Is rimadyl okay for akita dogs?

    is rimadyl okay for akitas?

  • Could my cat have a brain tumor? What is the prognosis for her

    Could my cat have a brain tumor? What is the prognosis for feline neuroloical problems Hi, I have an adult cat who has been getting sick over the past couple of months. She gets lethargic, then has difficulty with balance and coordination. She seems to have difficulty seeing. She walks in a crouching stance, avoids turning to her left and keeps a wall on her right side.Her appetite and fluid intake seem okay, but she has (new) difficulty swallowing. She goes 4-5 days between using the litterbox. She's had two rounds of prednisone and abx. It helps, but she declines after it's done

  • My cat is a unregulated diabetic with numerous problems

    Our 15 y/o DSH NM diabetic recently had a bout of severe pancreatitis and hepatic lipidosis. Hospitilazed for 5 days, feeding tube inserted. Home with clavamox, baytril, prednisone, pepcid, carafate. Seemed to be doing much better. Today blood work BUN 67. Seems like renal failure? My question is this something we can overcome or are we fighting a losing battle? He's been a difficult to regulate cat for almost 3 years

  • How long for tape worm medication to work in 11 week old puppy?

    11 week old puppy has been dewormed by vet, but now we noticed tapeworms. She took praziquantel today. When will we know if she needs another dose.

  • Is it normal for an old dog to get liver disease?

    Is it common for a old dog (14 year old female pointer) to develop liver disease? She also has hypothyroid disease and arthritis.

  • Cat lump by rib. What is it?

    My girl cat that is around 8 months old has a lump on its side where its rib is, and she hasn't been eating in a while. I'm getting worried! what could be wrong?

  • Blood in dogs vomit from a cut. How to fix?

    Dog has a small cut on upper lip and is throwing up all his food and blood. What do I need to do?

  • My Dog started drinking more than average H2O and urinating more

    Dog is 9, started drinking more than average H2O and urinating more along with a lot of panting, he is 69lbs, healthy and current at vet? my dog is 9, 69lbs, healthy, and current at vet, inside dog, drinking more water than average, more urinating and panting, any idea whats wrong?

  • My dog suddenly got hives

    My puppy suddenly got hives. I gave him my other dogs antihistimine and 10 mg of prednisone. Is that enough? My vet is closed and I want him to at least be ok til morning.

  • Milky discharge from a female dog's vagina

    My 3 year old fox terrier has recently been discharging a milky liquid from her vagina. She has not been desexed and has never been bred.

  • Loose bowels movement with my recently pregnant dog

    I have a 3 year old female staffordshire bull terrier who had 6 pups 5 weeks ago . All has been well up until a few days ago when she started to have really bad wind which resulted in her following through with a small amount of soft stool. She has been doing this for a few days now but she is still able to have 'normal' sized stools which she has been doing during the night in the house ! I am concerned she may have a blockage somewhere or maybe her muscles are not as strong as before. thanks

  • My dog is in heat with a ball like object coming out of her vagina

    my dog was in heat but not bred she has a ball like object coming out of her vagina what is this coming out of her. she did not get bred while her heat cycle. And also its not that big at all. Can this be deadly if not treated?

  • What would make my dog have temporary pain in his back leg?

    My dog came upstairs after going out to the bathroom. He was limping with his right back leg raised. I felt his leg to see if he cried at a certain point, nothing. His toes were curled and there was no blood or swelling, no cuts or anything stuck in his toes. He was whimpering and his leg was shaking, and when I got ready to take him to the vet he starting walking normal, jumping up and seems as if there is no pain. What could have made my dog act that way?

  • I think my dog ate a grape or two

    I think my shitz ate a grape or two,,,n but i am not sure..what kind of symptoms should i lok for? if somehtng is wrong

  • My cat is breathing hard and lost her voice

    what's worng with my CAT!!!!! she is breathing hard and lost her voice!!! What do i do?

  • Golf ball sized lump on dog that is moveable and soft

    My dog has a golf ball size lump on the back of his leg with a small scab on it but doesnt appear to be causing any discomfort or irritation to him. The lump is moveable and soft. any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

  • My dog is 14 yrs. old and has not been eating.

    over the past week or so she has not been eating regularly. she is interested in what we are eating but not her food. i have boiled chicken and mixed it with rice. usually she digs right in to that but not lately. over the past week she has been dry heaving in the night and vomited white foam once.

  • Cat ear infection medication not helping

    My cat has been treated for ear infection with pills shots, cream. Its been over a month still she is shaking her head. They ruled out mites. Can you help, Im really disapointed in my vet, should I go to a new one? This is getting very costly, thank you Denise

  • My dog just had puppies now she is real thin, what should I give her?

    My dog just had puppies three days ago. She looked fine the next day and now she is real thin, what should I give her? She's eating and drinking normally, she's just very thin now. I'm afraid she has eclampsia but the only symptom I've noticed is wining which I figured is for her pups. I've been feeding her puppy food because I've read it helps produce milk and nutrients for the puppies.

  • Dog diarrhea in a 10 week rottweiler husky mix

    I have a rottweiler x husky,I have just taken her outside to the toliet and she has watery stool (No blood, No mucus, Still bright and playful and wants to eat.) I have been trying to stop her eating everything she keeps eating leaves, bird feathers, moss etc so everything. We have had her only 2 days so its a new environment could these be the factors of her problem? (she has had her 1st full shot expecting 2nd on wednesday) I have only ever rescued dogs and they have all been 6 months

  • Dog ear infection treatment that's not steriods

    My healthy 5 yr old golden retriever has an ear infection. It started when lab puppy caused mild trauma to her ear in play. Initially only on ear flap. Now the inner ear is inflamed and she scratches a lot, making things worse. There are now brown waxy deposits in the ear. The other ear is clean. I want antibiotic, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal drops or cream, but will not use steroids. (My vet examined her,ear drum is intact. Please can you help? Vet only has steroids

  • Dog first aid: my dog ate motrin what do I do?

    My dog got my bottle of adult motrin and I think she ate some, what do I do? She has been vomiting on her own and I don't have the money to take her to a vet until the end of the week.

  • My kitten won't eat or drink anything. Why?

    I need to find out whats wrong with my kitten. She was perfectly fine and happy, jumping and playing yesterday after her first vet visit, now this morning she wont eat, wont drink and meows in pain when we pick her up. Whats the matter with my baby??

  • Why is my dog slow moving?

    My 8 year old lab is slow moving. Eating well, drinking well, bathroom well just seems like she is slow to rise and slow moving. Only started 3 days ago. She weighs about 50 pounds and is normally very active.

  • What is wrong with my cat's pregnancy?

    So my cat is pregnant and her water broke the day before yesterday and she still hasn't had kittens; then she bled a lot and laid this nasty looking membrane thing. The kittens are still moving around so they are alive. I can't afford to take her to the vet she's about 2 1/2 years old.

  • My dog just had surgery to remove an intestinal blockage

    Dog at LSU Vet Emergency Center, La. My dog (Boston Terrier) just had surgery to remove an intestinal blockage as he ate some plastic flowers. they had to cut into his stomach and remove (resect) and part of his small intestines. He tried to eat after 24 hours, but is experiencing 'regurg' and has been found to have pancreatitus. However, his bloodwork is normal and xrays look fine, so they are now starting him on antibiotics. I am sooo worried and scared. Is this normal and what can I expect? christine

  • My sixteen year old cat keeps getting sick after she eats

    my sixteen year old cat keeps getting sick after she eats, at first I thought it was only when she was eating food with fish , I stopped giving her the fish and it seemed to get better for awhile,now its almost daily, is their anything I can try, without a trip to the vet?,as money is very tight!

  • Why is my cat screaming late at night?

    For the last several months, our cat has been jumping up on our bed around 4 or 5 AM and screaming like crazy. We've tried all sorts of things - petting her, offering her food, giving her her own bed, etc., but nothing works. She'll usually go on for about 15-30 minutes and then eventually stop. She's 13 years old and has always been very well-behaved. She seems otherwise in good health. Is there anything we can do to get her to stop? Could this be indicative of a bigger problem?

  • My 2yr old springer dog became ill nauseous, listless and shaking

    2 yr old springer not very springy my 2 yr old springer became ill suddenly on friday; nauseous, listless and shaking. Took to vet who said it was a bug,gave anti sickness jab and antibiotics. still lacks energy but eating ok. pink drool coming from one side and tongue pale. we do have a house key missing and he swims in rivers and has also drunk from stagnant water fountain.

  • My dog got ran over by a car we gave him 2 advil

    my dog got ran over by a car we gave him 2 advil today can i also give him one 50mg ultram my golden retriever got ran over by a truck yesterday it ran over his left hip and leg we gave him 2 advil earlier today can i also give him one 50mg tramodol

  • Our puppy is pooping a mucus bloody stool

    our puppy is pooping a mucus bloody stool, she is eating fine and full of energy, what could be the problem What could be the problem

  • Should I vaccinate my dog with an adenovirus reaction history?

    Should I vaccinate my dog for rabies with an extreme adenovirus reaction history? My dog reacted to the canine adenovirus vaccine. She developed "blue eye" and severe glaucoma. Her eye was removed at 8 wks old dispite tx. efforts. Many vets want her vaccinated against rabies. I am very resistant. She also has a history of demodex mange, blood clots(post surgery), and GI Problems. I fear she has an immune problem and can not handle vaccines. She is a 2 year old chihuahua,min-pin,dashound,pom. mix. Can't find research to assess her risk. The absence of research is disheartening

  • Is an erection in a 13 wk old puppy normaL

    my 13 week old lab puppy had an erection that was painful to him. I had to use an ice cube to bring it down. He acted fine after. Should I be concerned

  • My terrier dog has some lumps that have grown considerably

    I have a 16 y/o male rat terrier. He has some lumps that have grown considerably, especially on his groin and leg. I'm thinking it's a huge lipoma...o Lumps

  • My dogs eyes are puffy, her lips are swollen, rash on her ears

    my dog has bumps,mouth swellin,eyes puffy i have a question. my dog likes to go under the storage room in the backyard. when I came home , I noticed her eyes where puffy, her lips where swollen and she had a rash on her ears. I think she got stung by something that she is allergic of. I gave her...

  • I have a terrier collie dog with constipation, any suggestions

    got a terrier collie hardbound any suggestions stule softner or what

  • My dog has symptoms of cushng disease

    canine cushing disease my Shih Tzu has the systoms of this disease but I can't afford for the test for it my vet say it is $500.00. Will it hurt her if I treat with online cheaper medicine

  • My 12 year old Maltese dog that coughs and pants

    my 12 year old male altered Maltese dog pants and coughs and stops in the middle of walking. He breaths lound while sleeping and is slowing down notably. Should I worry?

  • My Yellow Lab dog is breaking out on his underside

    Yellow Lab with breaking out on underside every 3 mo. Is it allergy or yeast infection, she scratches until infection sets in. has been on antibiotic and steroids but it keeps coming back. What do I need to do?

  • My cat has bad fur, his fur is balding and very thin

    my cat who was lovely and black and glossy is looking horrible, his fur is balding, his tail that was full and fluffy is now very thin fur on it and very thin looking, now one of his eyes is closing up. we have recently takin in a stray kitten and boo has got worse since this but his tail has not been right for at least a yearn now and also he keeps trying to have, what looks like, sex with the kitten and the kitten doesn't run from him, nearly encourages it, its very disturbing, is this normal

  • My cat will not eat, sleeps all day and shakes when sleeping

    what wrong with my cat? my cat wont eat good and all he does all day is sleep and when he sleeps he shakes what is there that i can do

  • What can I use for pain relief for apparent toothache in my dog

    what can I use for temporary pain relief for apparent toothache in my chihuahua? Dr cannot see him until friday

  • Why does my dog smell like vinegar?

    she's a pw corgi, with early stage kidney failure/cushing's, and she smells strongly of vinegar.

  • Why does my dog have penis problems?

    My dog just got back from dog day care and has a discolored discharge from his penis. What does this mean? He keeps licking the area and the discharge spells really bad.

  • My 5 week old Sharpe puppy isn't eating much and has diarrhea

    I recently rescued a 5 week old Sharpe puppy, that looked really ill. She was riddled with worms and looked half starved, with a bloated belly. I live in China and took her to the vet that day, but they refused to treat her, saying you have to wait 7 days- in case she dies! I argued and eventually got worming pills, which I think has cleared it up. But she isn't eating much and has yellow watery diarrhea. I have 3 days before I can take her back, any advice what I can do in the mean time.

  • My Dog has been diagnosed with poison he will not eat

    My Dog has been diagnosed with poison he will not eat, he lost a lot of weight and almost skeletal like, and he has hard trouble breathing, will he die said its poison after he look at him, he is breathing very hard, will not eat or drink, will he make it, please tell me anything i can do to save my dog to flush the poison out of him, and the vet also said there is fluid in his lung

  • My dog has a liquid filled sack on the top of his paw

    My dog has a liquid filled sack on the top back part of his paw My mixed breed lab and pit bull suddenly developed a liquid filled sack the size of a golf ball on the back leg right at the top of his paw. He got it overnight, I saw him lick it and he just started to limp. I saw him rub his butt once on the cement too. Help

  • My mini-daschund dog has a spot on his tail

    Red spot accompanied by hair loss. My mini-daschund has a spot on his tail. It is red and about the size of a penny. He has lost all his fur in this area. I have no idea what happened to him! He didn't have it yesterday and he is primarily an inside dog. The spot doesn't seem to bother him, but I am really alarmed.

  • My dog had spinal surgery he is incontinent and dragging himself

    my shih tzu had spinal surgery due to IVD. he is incontinent and dragging himself will this improve He is 1 wk. post op He went to the groomer and came home scared, hurting and crying. Groomer denies any falls, prior to this he didn't have any problems. what can I do to help with his recovery post op

  • My dog right rear leg has a dislocated hock

    my dog is a toy poodle. Her right rear leg has a dislocated hock. What is the best way to fix this? is it possible to fix w/o surgery? She is scheduled for surgery on Tuesday. She weighs 7lbs and will be 2 in january.

  • Why is my dog panting?

    I had my 5 year old spayed on Friday; this is Sunday late evening and she is panting very excessively and has been ever since I brought her home.

  • What is wrong with my dog's feces?

    My dogs feces was black at the ends and yellow in the middle, and it crumbled like charcoal when I picked it up. What could this mean?

  • Why is my dog bleeding from his butt

    my dog just started bleeding out of his but, blood drips out of his but when the dog is picked up, the dog looks really sad and moans. the dog does walk here and their but does not really want to. and hardly drinks water and does not want to eat if he does he throws up.

  • My dog is salivating heavily and cries a lot

    My pitbull has suddenly not been the same he is salivating heavily and cries a lot he also doesn't like to move much or listen he also acts as if he is I just want to know what's wrong and if there is anything I can do

  • My cat is on antibiotics for a wound and keeps twitching in her sleep.

    My 2 year old cat is on antibiotics for a wound and keeps twitching in her sleep. My cat is 2 years old. On Sunday I noticed her acting funny and then realized one of her hind legs was swollen and she wasn't putting pressure on it. I took her to the vet and she found a wound, cleaned it out, gave her a shot of antibiotics and then gave me Synulox tablets and metacin syrup to give to her. She received the shot of antibiotics Monday and starting Tuesday I began administering 75mg of the tablets twice a day, 1/2 syringe of the syrup Tuesday and half Wednesday. She's been eating

  • What to do when a dog gets stung by a bee

    What to do with a dog bee sting what do i do

  • When does one know when to make a final decision for their dog

    When does one know when to make a final decision for their pet when the problem is not life threatening, but a quality of life issue? We love our dog My 12-year-old spayed English Staffordshire has Cushings Syndrome. She takes Rimadyl for arthritis and her appetite is good. She now has defecation problems. She asks to go out but drops stools on the way. An old search-and-rescue dog, the loss of control upsets her; she knows it's wrong (we never punish her). She takes Anipryl; after some improvement the situation worsened. She defecates in her bed while asleep. I will do anything to help her, but we have limited means. Can you help? Thank you.

  • My yorkie dog has a hard swollen abdomen with a dry cough

    my yorkie has a hard swollen abdomen and a dry cough. He is moving slowly and seems uncomfortable

  • What happens if my dog gets pregnant and she had to have a Caesarean last time?

    I think my dog may be pregnant she got caught by mistake she is a staffordshire bull terrier last time she had a litter the first puppy got stuck so she needed a Caesarean, will this likely be the case again?

  • What does it mean when my dog suddenly loses mobility in his back legs?

    My dog is not able to walk because of his back legs suddenly stopped working so he's just laying around but I'm taking him to the vet very soon. At first I thought he had a stroke but what do you think?

  • My dogs legs locked up plus has trouble with standing and walking

    my dog was eating a rawhide treat. his legs locked up had trouble standing and walking and shook for about 2min? Please respond.

  • My cat sleeps all the time or looks really spooked out

    can you help please??????c my 1 yrs old cat has been to the vet twice the past week......i was told he had a cold.....so he is on antibiotics as well as being re-hydrated with fluid while at the vets...this has been going on for a week...now my cat sleeps all the time and since earlier today he gets up every 20 mins or so looking real spooked...his eyes bulge and he runs like he s trying to escape something but only his balance is all shot and he falls over......can you shed any light on this as its very distressing ....i

  • What are the reasons i should take my cat to the vet

    I am doing a research paper on the benefits of routine health care for animals and i need to know what are the reasons i should take my cat to the vet

  • Stray kitten, negative for feline leukemia/aids. Safe to introduce kitten to resident cats?

    I just found a kitten. I took her to the vet and she tested negative for feline leukemia and aids. They aged her at around 5 months old. I have three resident cats that are indoor only and have always been. they are all 9 years old and older. They were vaccinated when they were young but not in a few years. I am keeping the kitten isolated. When is it safe to integrate her in with my other cats? Is it safe to say that they will not be at risk for feline leukemia/aids?

  • What can I do to stimulate my cats appetite?

    I have adopted a sick kitten. Who is 2wks post op from an exploratory laporatomy and neutering. He was eating thinned(with water) recovery can food. Now I can't get him to eat anything. What to do?

  • Why does my dog have bloody urine?

    I recently boarded my dog with my vet. Since my dogs return she has had very watery stool, she is vomiting every time she eats. and she has blood in her urine. Could it simply be a change in diet that caused this?

  • Why does my diabetic dog have green urine?

    I have a 11 yr old Siberian Husky that has recently been diagnosed with diabetes and is receiving insulin injections for it. Blood test has been done and it only indicated a enlarging of the liver which I've been told is most likely from the diabetes, and her urine test was good apart from high blood sugar level. Now I've noticed that about once a week her urine is green. She is also on antibiotics for heat spots. My vet doesn't know why. Any idea why her urine is green?

  • Why is my 14 yr. old dog's ear bleeding from the inside?

    When I woke up this morning to take my dog outside, there was blood all over her ear and her ear was bleeding from the inside. What is that?

  • Female lab that has loose stool

    I have a 5 year old female lab that has loose stool. It contains blood and seems to have a lot of mucus. I have taken her a few times for treatment and cant figure out whats wrong. Blood work is OK and x-ray does not show inflammation. Had her on antibiotics for a week-didn't help.Gave her fortiflora for a few weeks and it went away for 5 days. Stool was normal looking anyways. Now back again and going on 4 months. Dog is vomiting and lost 13 pounds in 3 weeks. Please Help .Ask A Vet?

  • Kitten health: tiny white balls on my kitten that look like salt sprinkles

    My kitten has these tiny white round balls on him and they look like salt sprinkles. They fall of him every where in the house. What are they and what can I do to get rid of them?

  • My boxer seems to have strained a muscle in his back leg

    My boxer seems to have strained a muscle in his back leg...Sometimes he can walk and others he won't put weight on the leg. He has been laying around and unresponsive, he quietly whines...how do I know whether he's just hunkering down to let himself heal, or if I need to take him to the vet? Are there illnesses that first present with leg problems? We also haven't been at our own home for the entire week(which he doesn't like when he's healthy). Could that also be a factor in his behavior

  • My dog is limping very badly

    My dog is limping very badly, he is only 18 months and has done nothing to cause trauma he is only 18 months and has done nothing to cause trauma he is a rescue Stafford shire bull terrier cross english bull and he went out to toilet this morning and now has a severe limp he cant put any pressure on the leg he doesn't mind it being touched gently and isn't in agony but it does look bad

  • My dog just had his kennel cough vaccine and he keeps licking his nose. Is this a side effect?

    my dog is 9 months old and had his 2nd kennel cough vaccine and he seems to be licking his nose a lot - is this a side effect

  • Lump on ears with my Dog

    my 9 year old beagle has a lump on his ear flap. The lump is about 2" in length, not warm to the touch, does not cause discomfort, feels as though it is filled with air. There is also another smaller dime sized lump forming at the base of the other ear(where the ear meets the head). Should this be of great concern or is it a fatty lump?

  • Necessary Vaccines for a indoor cat

    If a cat is 100% inside, what vaccines are still necessary? I have lost two outdoor cats to cancer and don't want to give any vaccines that are not absolutely necessary.Thank you

  • Samoyed dog suddenly unconscious What should we do?

    Sudden unconsciousness by our 11 yr old Samoyed. Breathing, eyes closed, unresponsive. What should we do? Our 11 yr old Samoyed suddenly dropped to her side without any symptoms prior to this. She is unresponsive, eyes closed and shallow breathing. She had previously been diagnosed with arthritis in her shoulders but that was the only problem. She did kill a opossum in our backyard yesterday. This something she has done before. What should we do? She appears to be unconscious.

  • My dog has severe hip dysplasia, is it all right for her to be active?

    Hi, my dog suffers from a severe case of hip dysplasia. She is Golden Retriever, around 60 lbs. Her left leg has a light case of dysplasia and is under control. The right leg (even with the help of glucosamine and collagene)is dislocated chronically. However she jumps, runs, walks and do all kind of things apparently without problem. My question is: "Is it ok for her to do all that or should I refrain her from doing so?" I am afraid her tendon will get damaged.

  • My dog falls to the side

    my female dog is 5 years old. recently she would be ok and as soon as she gets hyper all of sudden she just rolls over and starts screaming. i took her to the vet and they did blood work and they say she has heart worms. i'm giving her 81 mg. of aspirin and after 2 weeks started given her heart guard. after she rolls over and starts screaming all i do is lift straight up and its like nothing happen. she has a brother from the same litter and he is always with him and he does not show any signs

  • Why is my cat shaking?

    She is shaking with her eyes closed.

  • What is this red lump on my dog?

    Hi, I have a 6 year old Llewellin setter. She woke me up last night pawing at her muzzle. Upon inspection, I found a bright red lump(the size of an eraserhead) on her lip. Its on the lower right side of her jaw. It is firm to the touch. I was curious as to what this could be and if there is anything I can do?

  • Is this a serious dog bladder problem?

    My 3 year old German shepard and husky mix can't control her bladder. She weights about 45 lbs. She has a rash on her stomach that has blisters from her scratching. She lies down and just pees where she is, and her eyes are very glossy. What should I do ?

  • Newborn kittens in poor shape after birth, what to do?

    I am caring for a friends cats while she is waiting to move to another location. Unexpectedly, one of her cats gave birth yesterday to three kittens. I found a partial kitten (mom ate it), one kitten in the litter box with a dried sac still covering half of her and another in the bathtub that she had licked so much it was bleeding due to fur and skin loss. They were both ice cold! Mom is not producing milk (I've had many litters born over the years) and she is not interested in caring for them.

  • Why does the black come off my dog's nose right on the bridge?

    Why does the black come off my dog's nose? Right on the bridge her nose is raw and red why? Is there anything I can do to prevent it? Also we recently got chickens and I was wondering , could she be allergic.....

  • Is my dog pregnant?

    I have a 10 month old poodle; she recently got her 1st heat cycle, but a couple of day before the cycle actually started she had been around some male dogs. I always try my hardest to keep them away from her, but I'm afraid she might have been impregnated... her nipples are slightly larger and have this round hard circle around them and she has been vomiting in the morning for the past couple of days! Could she be pregnant so young? If so, could she die from this pregnancy?

  • Why does my dog keep shaking and losing balance

    she is shaking a lot and sticking out her tongue what can i do to make it go away

  • Kittens fur tail was skinned off, how to treat it

    My kittens tail got caught up in a fan and her fur was skinned off her tail. What do I need to do to treat it?

  • Our diabetic dog hydration issue

    our little 6ob guy gets vetsulin daily but we live in a place that is sometimes hot so if we go outside, he has trouble. Do you have any experience with giving dogs dilute gatorade to help them regular their blood sugar/hydration?

  • Home remedy for cat mouth problems

    A friendly skinny stray cat showed up. He would eat the wet food but not the dry. He is also drooling and appears to be uncomfortable with regard to his mouth. I just lost my job and can't afford a vet bill -What can I give him to ease his discomfort - OralGel, Peroxide with water, Baking Soda paste... ??

  • Over the counter meds for a cat with upper respiratory infection?

    Is there any over the counter antibiotics for a cat with upper respiratory infection?

  • malamute puppy is panting a lot

    my malamute puppy is panting a lot and has bad breath. He is eating and drinking and playing but lays around a lot too. My Malamute puppy is 5 months old and is panting a lot. Obviously its warm but he seems to be doing it more than what he has done. He is eating normally and drinking and still plays, but he is laying around a lot too. Any idea what could be wrong?

  • Why is my dog throwing up so much?

    Our dog has been throwing up. Started a few days back and seems to be mainly water. He has been throwing up after eating; sometimes before. Mainly water, some food and bile is what he is throwing up. Not showing any other signs. Have given him Pepto but doesn't seem to help. Trying to watch how much water he drinks each time and not letting him stay outside in the heat for too long either.

  • Dachshund having a seizure, what is the cause?

    Last night our Dachshund started walking like she was drunk, almost collapsed, then vomited. Then she appeared to have seizures. Her eyes went dead, her legs were shaking. She finally came out of it after about 5 minutes. Part of what she vomited looked like dinner from over 24 hours prior. Did she have a seizure? Could it have been food poisoning? What should we be looking out for?

  • My english mastiff is breathing heavy

    He is 5 months old and we just got him from another family. When he lays down or is sleeping he seems to breath very heavy,sometimes it seems like he is struggling. When you look at his stomach on the one side it looks as though his one rib is sticking out. What can I do or what do you think it maybe?

  • Pain relief for cut paw

    My schnauzer puppy cut his paw on the pad, not severely, but he acts like it is hurting. Can I give him aspirin? He is 10 months and 20 lbs

  • chronic anal gland infection

    My 2 1/2 year-old Golden Retreive has now gone through three rounds of antibiotics for chronic anal gland infection. The first round lasted 2 weeks, and didn't clear up. The second round also lasted 2 weeks, cleared up for a week, then the odor and infection returned. This last round is 5 weeks into a 6-week course, but I missed just one day of her meds, the odor returned for a day or so. Can Prednisone be helpful, and could it be food allergy related or just anatomical, which means surgery? She doesn't scoot, strain and has only licked the area/tail a couple times, on a holistic, organic diet w/firm stools.

  • dog boarded a week at veterinarian, returns home with a cough?

    The 16yr-old corgi dog has been in spectacular health and this is his vet's normal boarding area. He came home with a dry hacking cough and cannot bark anymore after spending a week there. He had vaccinations in April and bordetella was among them. My daughter was taken to the back to claim him and remarked that it was nasty and she would never take him there again. Please advise on how to handle this situation. He no longer barks and seems unhappy and I am worried because of his age.

  • My young neutered pit bull has a leaky bladder. What could this be caused by?

    I have a neutered 3 year old pit bull mix that recently has been having some bladder issues. He seems to leak small amounts of urine when he is relaxed. I often find wet spots on his bed, my bed or the floor after he has been laying down. This has been going on now for about 6 months. There is no blood in his urine and he is not in pain when he pees outside. He also gets excited and loses control over his bladder when my fiance comes home. This is the only person he does this for.

  • trying to make some sense of blood work test results

    I have a 12 yea old spayed beagle mix who has recently become incontinent. My vet believes it may be pancreatitis. The results of concern are:Alk Phos: 308 BUN: 37 Creatinine: 1.1 Glucose: 477 K: 5.8 Sodium: 141 Amylase: 1775 Lipase: 1988 WBC: 16.9 Neutrophils: 12844 Monocytes: 1183 Any ideas? Thanks.

  • Puppy is bow legged, can diet fix this?

    My puppy was forced to eat normal puppy food at an early age due to the mom having a nipple infection. Now she is bow legged, can nutrition fix this?

  • Dog still vomiting after giving over the counter dewormer, is this normal?

    We noticed the other day fecal in the hallway and in it the was a worm. We knew from previous vets that is was round worm. We went to store to get dewormer meds for the dog. Gave him the pill and he continues to throw up. He is drinking but not eating, is this normal ?

  • After giving birth 2 weeks ago my dog is spotting

    My Boston Terrier had a large litter of 11 puppies (her 1st litter). The pups were 2 weeks old on Friday. She is bleeding some which I know is normal, but tonight I noticed a little "normal" color spotting. Is this normal as well?

  • Should my dog have knee surgery?

    My 11 year old Shepard/Husky mix has an old left acl/avulsion rupture and now sustained a right acl rupture. He can no longer rise from sitting and is in obvious discomfort. Should I choose surgery as an intervention in an older dog with multiple acl injuries as well as hip and lumbar degenerative changes? Am I really improving my dog's quality of life? Or am I just putting my dog through unnecessary procedures? What should I do? What are all my options?

  • What should I do about my dog's testicles problem?

    Just bought a Pomeranian from an unreliable source. The dog has no medical records, not neutered, and came with fleas. I cleared up the fleas and noticed a black patchy discoloration on the groin. He is energetic, only a year and a half old, and keeps licking the area. Should I be worried?

  • What is this lump on my cat?

    I have a cat, 15 to 20 years old. Has always had a lump on her side. The lump is now bigger, she has lost the fur in the area, and it has bled some. I have cleaned it with peroxide. Any idea what I might be dealing with?

  • ECP for dog spay incontinence?

    Hi! I have a 5yr old female lab. She was diagnosed 7 months ago with Addison's Disease after having an Addisonian crisis. She is currently receiving daily prednisone & monthly injections of percorten. Also, she has spay incontinence. She was diagnosed shortly after she turned 1. We have tried proin & DES but neither worked. Recently our vet gave her a shot of ECP (estradiol cypionate). We were unaware of the serious side effects & are now extremely concerned she'll have bone marrow suppression.

  • How do I treat canine liver cancer?

    I have a female spayed 9 year old Chow Chow with liver cancer. Two surgeries performed with liver lobe resections and tumors biopsied as hepatoma. The tumors have returned and now a diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma by fine need aspirate. She has unsuccessfully had chemotherapy and Palladia treatments. Now only on Sam-e and other supplements for the liver with alternate therapy as our only option remaining it seems. Any thoughts?, and are high dosages of vitamin E thought to help or harm when advance liver disease is present.

  • Is failing eyesight a syptom of dog diabetes?

    My 12 year old black lab/hound dog, Dakota, was diagnosed with diabetes about 6 months ago. I give him two insulin shots each day (30 units each) and he seems to do okay. Recently I have noticed that his eye sight seems to be failing - is this a result of the diabetes? I also saw some blood in his feces this morning; is that a sign related to the diabetes, too?

  • Did my dog experience heat exhaustion/stroke?

    100+ degree weather for 4 days but also swimming & in air conditioning at times.She seemed to lose bladder & fecal control w/poss dizziness after being home for 1 day.Heavy panting & slight drooling.I took her outside to cool off & she drank 1/2 bowl of water & seemed to be fine.She gave no indication she needed to go out,she's 4 year old black lab mix. It was a little warm in the house even to me.She seems okay today. We left on a Thurs nite returned Monday evening. This occurred at 2:30AM Tues.

  • When my dog sleeps he leaks clear and odorless liquid. What is it?

    My 2-year-old German Shepherd leaks clear and odorless liquid whenever he sleeps. What could this be?His history: I have had him for 6 months. He is a personal protection trained K-9. Therefore, I don't know his previous medical history. He is very active, and playful, with normal food and water intake.He licks his paws a lot, and he swims in the pool A LOT. He will also drink the pool water.He has a swollen, painful anus, and he won't let me touch it. Any ideas?

  • Dog vomiting and lethargy symptoms. What's wrong?

    8 year old male Brittany Spaniel vomited all of yesterday morning's food in the P.M. Today has not eaten, but vomiting yellow bile. He is showing lethargy and not himself.His nose is damp and cool.

  • Is soil and compost causing my puppy to seizure?

    I was putting out some soil improver and compost in my back garden with my 7 month old Australian Kelpie sheep dog. Then shortly after I found him hiding shaking like mad and being very strange. The vet said he was fine. Then this happened again 2 days later and the vet then decided he may be having seizures and it may be the soil improver. So we a weeks gone by and no seizure. but he dug a hole int the front lawn then had another seizure, shaking and being relatively unresponsive. Is it Soil?

  • Nutrition benefits with cheerios for canines?

    I have two dogs..a 2yr old black lab (male) and a 13 yr old australian shepherd (female), She has typical aging traits with arthritis being the most obvious..They both love cheerios as a snack or mixed in with their canned dog food.. Is this a problem for them ?, or what can I substitute of a similar nature?? Thanx for your advice

  • What to do with uncontrollable shaking from my dog?

    my dog started shaking his head uncontrollably up and down today. It happened three separate times so far and have lasted up to 5 min. he was just laying down each time. what might cause this and should I be worried?

  • Preventing my dog from digesting their hair

    I really try to take good care of my dog,and look for help online a lot,because I can't afford a vet all the time.I think she could have excema,but I am really concerned about all the hair I found in her stool.I could barely separate it with a stick there was so much hair.She has long hair and last week she had chewed a sore place at the top of her tail,so I cut the hair halfway down toward the tip and all around her buttocks short so I could keep an eye on what was going on.Need some home ideas.

  • Symptoms for Blackened canine teeth

    suddenly (a weeks time)my 9yr old Rotti mix has blackened teeth. she has been depressed for three months and not eating well. can this be from reduced nutrition?

  • Cruciate Repair surgery for my 8 year old dog?

    I have a 8 yr old female mix (jack russell, & Chihuahua). The vet said based on feeling her leg he believes that she needs cruciate repair surgery. Deramaxx 25mg seems to make her function normally. After a long day sometimes she will begin to limp and when she isn't on the medicine she doesn't seem like she wants to do much which is sad because she has always been a very active dog. I noticed that you said dogs under 35pds sometimes do as well without surgery. Any recommendations? She is 16 lbs.

  • UTI symptoms for dog?

    We live in Africa (are US citizens). We have a litter of German Shepherd pups. One of the females is swollen around her pee area. Is a UTI likely or is it usually something else. No labs available so we have to guess and self treat most things. Would Cipro work? We have that available here over the counter. No local vets that treat cats and dogs. Thanks!

  • My dog was scratched by a cat on leg

    My boxer dog was scratched by a cat today on his leg that is pretty deep. I cleaned the area and now he is limping on it and the area seems to be swelling. Should I rush him to the vet or is this something I can keep an eye on and perform some sort of home remedy?

  • Can a spayed dog have mild heat symptoms?

    Can a spayed female Jack Russell have mild heat symptoms? Nine year old rescue having mild bleeding, swelling of vagina area, rubbing on carpet but no visible blood dripping out. Bleeding is being licked up and have seen in stool and this morning threw it up. Increased urination, some constipation and gassy.

  • 16 yr old cat who is vomiting and has diarrhea?

    Approximately 2 months ago periodically I began finding mucousy, bloody diarrhea and vomit that was mostly fluid with very little matter in it. I finally determined it was my oldest cat (16 years). I took her to my vet who surmised a thyroid issue, but the blood work came back negative. My vet says her blood work is remarkably good for a cat of her age. What else should I be looking at? She also lost 1/2 lb. this past year. Her appetite appears normal. She seems to vomit shortly after eating.

  • King's Charles cavalier is deaf. What can I do?

    Can the ears of a 11 year old dog be syringed to improve hearing?. Thanks for your answer. D.Marcelli

  • I have a spayed bitch with a swollen vagina that acts strange. Why?

    The dog is suddenly stopping from a walk and freak out on rubbing on the pavement or looking her genital. She also have an unusual small poops a little mushy. 2 weeks prior to this swollen vagina she had a little bloody poos but that stepped after 3 or 4 days. She's a 10 years old pom mixed.I been giving her twice a day a small amount of plain yogurt thinking it might help with what ever she has.She's in a Science Dog food diet and I mixed it with lean chicken breast.

  • Can insects burrow under a dog's skin?

    My dog has a small lump under the skin the size of a pea. There is a small hole in the skin over the limp. There is pus oozing out of the hole. What could it be?

  • Are these dog infection symptoms?

    My dog is 19 months old. When over happy his bulbus glandis swells to the size of a orange with his testicles still in the sack. If you squeeze slightly it hurts also i have found a little bit of dried blood at the opening.

  • How can I tell if my dog is pregnant?

    My dog is not pregnant, but it looks like something is coming out of her vagina. What should I do?

  • Is lethargy a side effect of the leptospirosis vaccination?

    My dog got the leptospirosis vaccine this morning and tonight is very lethargic and not feeling well. He is not vomiting and still eating. Is this a normal side effect?

  • Is it safe to give dogs Pepto Bismol?

    My boxer is about 90 pounds. He has had diarrhea and been vomiting all over the house.

  • unfixed male acts like spayed female is in heat. Why?

    My spayed female pitbull/white boxer mix has a sore or scrap close to her anus. I also have a her brother who is not neutered. For the past three days the male has been following her around like she is in heat. I am trying to keep the area clean so that it can heal but he is constantly licking it. I'm not sure what to do because he is not eating and not drinking very much water. I am not able to take her to a vet right now so I am hoping I can at least get an opinion.

  • Incontinence related to dog heart meds. What to do?

    I'm having a problem with my 10 year old boxer. In March 2010 she was diagnosed with acute heart disease (dilated cardiomyopathy and intermittent ventricular tachycardia). She's on several medications (Enalapril 10 mg., Furosemide 50 mg., Pimobendan 10 mg., Sotalol 80 mg. and Benadryl 25mg. all of these twice per day). I was told to expect increased water consumption and that is happening. She seems to be tolerating the drugs quite well but has developed severe incontinence.

  • Can a dog UTI spread from one dog to another?

    My Rat Terrier was diagnosed with an UTI. Is it possible for my other dog to "catch" it? Should both dogs be on antibiotics?

  • Older dog has mysterious pain that provides a sharp jolt

    I have a soon to be 15 year old female Pekingese who has been suffering with a mysterious pain that seems to give her a sharp jolt.We've done everything but an MRI since my vet feels if it is a brain tumor there wouldn't be much that could be done.This happened overnight back in December. As of now my vet has narrowed it down to a brain tumor or a case of TMJ. She also started showing signs of doggie alzheimers along with this pain but I've read pain WILL cause these symptoms too. HELP!!!

  • Dog with bloaded stomach and labored breathing

    My 12 year old female pit bull is not feeling well. She has a bloated stomach and has short forced breaths, what could this be?

  • Dog is throwing up and has diarrhea

    Hi, I have a 6 year old pitbull who has been throwing up for about the last hour. At first it was almost a poop like substance, now mostly bile. Normally I wouldn't worry too much about the occasional throw up but this is excessive. He also has diarrhea. He isn't very active so it is hard to tell if he is actually lethargic or not. His routine is normal and his vet has completely ignored my concerns saying pretty much dogs puke, he's fine. What can I do for him? He has no abdominal pain or fever

  • Dog yelping when walking, lethargic, doesn't eat or drink

    my dog is yelping when walking, doesn't eat or drink and very lethargic.

  • Dog is lethargic with arched back

    My 10 year old yorkie has recently not been his usual playful self. He is lethargic, and when he does get up to move, his motions are slow and his back is always arched. He acts as if something hurts him, but I cannot tell what. Could my dog have a simple tummy ache or should I have reason to worry?

  • Dog chewing on hind quarter, hot spot?

    I have a 1 year old Welch Corgi. At about 6 months of age, he started chewing on his hind quarter on one side - didn't break the skin, swell or ooze. Vet said it was a hot spot and gave us some pills. He never stopped doing it, it turned into a habit. Noticed today when I went to walk him he is limping and favoring that side. any ideas? he gets frontline and heartguard every month

  • Reoccuring feline urinary tract infection

    my cat has urinary tract infection sometimes, and we give him medicine and it goes away, but it keeps coming back. should i be worried?

  • Cat breathing rapidly

    My cat is nine years old and has developed rapid breathing. I have not noticed any wheezing or coughing. She has lost weight, but she had gained and is now down to her weight as of 2.5 yrs ago. Her appetite seems OK and she acts the same. I would take her to the Vet but she becomes traumatized by the car ride (vomitting, diarrhea, etc.) I appreciate your help.

  • Small grayish bumps on back of cat's ears. Is this a fungus?

    The bumps are only on one ear, and only on the back of the ear. The cat has herpes that is flared up at the moment (just sneezing a lot). He doesn't seem to be bothered by the bumps in any way.

  • Why cant my dog get pregnant?

    My english bulldog was bred, but sonogram showed no puppies. why?

  • Dog's scratching ear and side of face

    Lilly, my 13 year old doxie, has had horrible ear scratching and side of mouth scratching for a long time now. I am seeing a holistic vet and she is on a 100% pure rabbit diet, along with Preference Honest Kitchen. I have tried absolutely everything to help her stop the constant itching. Any suggestions would certainly be appreciated. Thank you. Debbie

  • Episodes of dog choking and contractions

    I recently adopted a Brussels Griffon Terrier mix, 13 pounds, est. 1.5 - 2 years old..a very happy,loving,intelligent dog. He has had 2 episodes of severe contractions in his entire body accompanied by what I can only describe as "honking" sounds. His abdomen and entire body contract violently. I can't identify a trigger. He stands still while it is happening-about 10 contractions accompanied by the sounds-does not open his mouth-and continues on his way when it ends, seemingly unaffected.

  • Are dog gums supposed to be pink?

    Are my newly adopted dog's dark, in some places black, gums an indication of a problem? The gums are sticky to the touch. He isn't dehydrated and was given a clean bill of health by a vet prior to adoption two weeks ago. He doesn't behave as if he's sick or feeling bad, but is a very anxious 4 year old shepherd mix. Aren't his gums supposed to be pink?

  • My dog is still bleeding after dog menstrual cycle, what could this be?

    she is fine in her self but is still bleeding after her cycle has finished. its quite a lot but as i said she is fine in her self.

  • Swelling next to dog's anus

    My Black Lab (just adopted) 11 1/2 years old has a swelling the size of a grape next to her anus. What could this be? Thank you. Bonnie The dog is in excellent health according to the old dog blood panel ran last week. Vet said it couldn't be better. She has had some itching issues since I had her and I just decided to check her over and found the swelling? She has no hot spots and no fleas. Her diet has changed (hopefully for the better) and she was stung by a wasp the day she came to us. Since we just adopted her this is all I know.She seems like a robust healthy girl.

  • How can I stop the puppy vomiting?

    I have a 12 week old Rottweiler pup that has been vomiting up this clear but creamy stuff for 2 days. She has had all her puppy shots and has been wormed by the vet. She has no change in appetite or activities. What can I do?

  • My cats stomach has a growing red lump on it. What is it?

    A growing, hard, red lump on her right belly. That continues to grow!

  • Blood coming out of swollen dog teat with panting

    My female dog German shepherd & golden lab has blood coming out of her breast and they are swollen and she keeps panting what could it be?

  • Dog has sores that are weeping and major hair loss all over body

    I have taken in a stray that has weeping sores from head to tail and major hair loss? The dog is a female black cocker spaniel. She is approx. 7-9 years old.

  • Cat limping and not eating. Why?


  • How much dog food should I feed my labrador?

    I feed my dog 2 1/2 cups of dry dog food per day. Supposedly He is overweight. I took him to the vet today and he weighed 77 lbs and the vet said to feed him 1 1/2 cups of dog food per day to try to get him to lose about 10 lbs and I just wanted to get a 2nd opinion. It seems like a very small amount. I have been feeding him 2 1/2 cups per day. Is Purina's Beneful a good diet?

  • Are these dog worms symptoms?

    Recently my dog has had mucousy and bloody stools, his stools were checked at the vet. She said that it might be worms and prescribed lopatol 500mg tablets. Is this necessary seeing as how my dog has been on sentinel which treats fleas as well as worms. Is my dogs problem as simple as worms seeing how he was on sentinel or is it more serious?. Thanks.

  • Is 103.80 a high fever for a puppy?

    He is five months old, and it was a rectal temperature. He has had his rabies and distemper booster and had been neutered on july 20th 2010 he had an infection due to some type of tattoo that the vet had put on him. He received an antibiotic injection on july 22 2010. Just today he felt hot.

  • How can I check if my puppy has torn a tendon in her front right leg?

    Between her paw and elbow I can feel a loose "cable". It feels as though something is detached between the "elbow" and "wrist". Although she doesn't show any sign of pain, unless we touch the affected area. (Since the initial injury, it has gotten better and worse twice inside of a week.) Should we keep her as still as possible until we can take her in?

  • Dog surgery: how much do they remove for an intestinal track blockage?

    Blockage in intestinal track. How long is the track and how much of it can be safely removed? My newly rescued dog is 7 mo old Bull mastiff, currently 60lbs.

  • Both of my dog's rear legs shake, whimpering when laying down

    Hi, thanks for reading this!My dog is a Mixed Black Lab, and is a 12 year old male.24/7 My dog's behind legs shake non-stop. When he's sleeping, walking, running, or just doing anything they shake non-stop.When my dog lays down or goes to sleep, he whimpers non-stop.And since 4 years ago he is really scared of loud noises, and is scared of water.I've also noticed my dog doesn't eat as much or drink as much water as he did before.Thanks for your time!

  • How does a cat have a litter of kittens that each have a different father?

    The cat we had when growing up had several litters (she kept getting pregnant before we could get her neutered) and you could pick out the father of each kitten from the neighborbhood, one was black & white, another tabby, orange and Siamese, etc. How does that happen in one litter?

  • Is this dog hanging tongue syndrome?

    My 3 year old female long coat Chihuahua, Gypsy, has just started having her tongue sticking out all the time. Is this Hanging Tongue Syndrome? What is the cause and is there treatment to correct it? Thank you!Sandy

  • Is synthroid bad for dogs?

    Dog ate synthroid 0.025 dose 15 pills. Will this hurt her? She is a golden doodle, 50 pounds.

  • Can dogs take horse dewormer?

    My puppy is passing live worms and the person I bought her from said the dog has been wormed on her 2,4 and 6wks of life. So how is it possible that she's passing live worms instead of deAd worms if the last time she administered strongid was last week. I don't have money for a vet visit and I don't want Bella to die. My question is can I give her a horse dewormer and is it more effective then canine wormer?

  • Still swollen after dog heat

    My dog was in heat several weeks ago but is still swollen. What could be wrong?

  • Dog testicles retracting and scrotum shriveling

    Hi, I have an11 year old intact golden retriever. The other day I noticed that his testicles had gone up inside him and his scrotum had begun to shrivel. What does this mean?? He does have a lump in his neck that may be cancer and has been really weak these last few days.

  • What is this dog bald spot?

    Like really little ones and one big one.

  • Collapsed trachea in my Pomeranian?

    My Pomeranian, Teaka, is a very happy and active young dog. She was in for a health examination 4 months ago, nothing was detected. Although about 2 months ago after drinking some water she began 'honking'. I thought maybe water went down the wrong hole, so I didn't think much of it... it happens to all of us!It has become increasingly worse and lately she has been 'honking' even when excited. I am getting increasing worried that it may be her tracheal collapsing or megasophagus. Help?

  • Cyst on dog's tail

    18 month old cocker spaniel with a cyst of "unknown origin" on side of tail. Docked @ 6 months old , cyst appeared approx 5 months ago. Doesn't seem to bother her, vet recommended removal if a)enlarges, b) persists >2 months. What do you think??

  • Cut on dog leg. Is it serious?

    My dog cut her leg, I cleaned it with peroxide and put neosporin on it and bandaged it up with gauze and medical tape. If she were a human she would probably need a stitch or two. Do you think she will be fine if I can stop the bleeding? At what point do I know she should get stitches? Also, she is up to date on her rabies shot but is there a tetnis shot or something like that I should make sure she is up to date on?

  • Is is it harmful to use benadryl for dogs and puppies for skin problems?

    My puppy has a skin condition and is scratching terrible.

  • Can dog seizures kill my dog?

    My dog seizures do not last long, but I want to know if it will ever kill my dog.

  • Dog Tylenol or aspirin? What can I use for dog pain?

    My dog cannot stand up this morning and is limping. Can I give him tylonal or ibuprofin or asprin?

  • Are there benefits of milk for dogs?

    My dog loves milk, is it ok for him?

  • How can I stop dog diarrhea?

    My dog has diarrhea after each meal.

  • How to stop canine seizures in clusters?

    We adopted a lab mix when he was 12wks old. The day after we got him he started having seizures. The seizures average every 2 wks and they are always cluster seizures largely all of which are grand mal. He has had as many as 12 in a 24hr period. We've had bile acid tests done & blood work. Our vet has suggested a CTscan, but we just cant afford that. He is currently on phenobarbetol but he has still had seizures.Some vets have suggested he may have brain damage given his age and # of seizures.

  • My cat has allergies. What might be the cause?

    My cat, 11 months old, has lately had watery puffy eyes, and he seems congested. Have 2 others, same age, no problems.

  • Are moving slowly, not drinking and stiffness cat illness symptoms?

    My cat is behaving strangely. She is always playful tom-boyish, and now she walks normally, but very slowly. She sits in front of the water dish, just staring at the water, not drinking any. She felt stiff when I held her and dry heaved. No foaming or bad breath, just whats above. What might be the problem?

  • Is strong odor a symptom of dog urine problems?

    My dog's pee smells almost rotten and is very strong. She is a 4 year old mixed breed. She drinks a normal amount and does not seem to be in pain when she urinates, but there is a lot of it when she does. So much that it will actually puddle.

  • My boxer puppy has bloody urine. Why and how to fix?

    I cannot afford to take him to the vet unless absolutely necessary. I believe it to be UTI. Any home remedies or human antibiotics that would work? I have penicillan tablets. Dog weighs 15 to 20 lbs.

  • Dog soft stool is very loose. Problems?

    My dog appears fine in every way, except she has a loose, pudding like stool. She was doing well for 9 months, and then 2 weeks ago her stools turned loose and pudding like. She only has a stool twice a day, eats well and is a healthy 15 year old Maltese.

  • What are black worms in a cat?

    I saw a black worm on the floor this morning. What kind of worms are these? I have three cats.

  • Are these symptoms of dog mites infestation?

    My dog has a small bald spot on his rear, round, started out the size of a quarter, came on all of a sudden and has grown a little bit since then. The spot is skin colored, not red, but does have reddish-brown raised welts.

  • Why does my dog have white poop?

    Why is my dog's stool white? She is a 2 year old daschund.

  • Dog laxatives for dog with constipation?

    Are there nay over the counter brands I can buy?

  • Immobilizing a dog leg

    My dog was ran over two days ago and the vet took x-rays and she has a broken leg right at the shoulder but they didn't wrap it up so that she couldn't walk on it so now we are trying to figure out how to do it.

  • What causes dog wheezing?

    My Beagle occasionally will start wheezing like she's having trouble breathing. She definitely has allergies. Could that be the cause or is it something else?

  • Pain management - dog with bone cancer?

    My rottweiler/australian shepard mix dog has bone cancer and I would like to know of other types of medicine that could be used for pain management? He is currently getting pallative radiation treatments and takes Novax twice a day but what else can I do to help him?

  • White frothy dog vomit?

    Over the last 24 hours my dog has thrown up three times, it looks like small portions of white frothy vomit. It looks like he is heaving or almost coughing for a few seconds before he vomits. He is a three and half year old lab, despite this periodic vomiting he still has had good energy and is interested in playing and eating as normal.Should I be concerned?Jenn

  • Should I give my cat a glucose blood test if I may have doubled dose?

    I may have given my cat insulin at 8 and at 11. I got confused. Shoud I take his blood to see glucose? He is eating.

  • Is Potassium Gluconate the same as Vitamin K in treating rat poison ingestion?

    I can't find Vitamin K locally - will potassium gluconate work?

  • Why does my dog's penis have puss on it?

    His urine stinks and is medium yellow. There are, at times, a flourescent green colored puss coming out of it.

  • Will 16 tablets (10mg/tab) of human prednisone hurt my dog?

    My dog has gotten into my wife's prednisone approximately sixteen 10 mg/tabs. Will it harm him? We gave him 2 tbs of h2o2 to induce vomiting and Pepsin a/c afterwards.

  • Is Percorten V effective when administered subcutaneously?

    Our corgi has recently been diagnosed with Addison's. She has been having monthly Percorten V injections administered intramuscularly and doing well. To reduce costs, we will be trained by our vet to do this at home subcutaneously. Will subcutaneous be as effective?

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