Does my dog have kennel cough without phlegm?

my 1 year old border collie had kennel cough about 6 weeks ago at the time there were lots of phlegm. i have noticed she has started coughing again this time with no phlegm. could this be a different strain of kennel cough?

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    By: Kara McCarty El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    If she has been exposed to another strain of kennel cough it is certainly possible to get another infection. Sometimes a previous infection or a vaccine will give her some immunity, even if the strain is different, and she will have a milder case. A second possibility is that her previous infection didn't clear and her upper respiratory infection has turned into pneumonia. How is she feeling? If she is eating, drinking and acting normally with no loss of exercise tolerance, just an occasional cough, you can give her a week or so to see how she does. If she's lethargic, has a fever, and isn't eating, drinking or playing then it's time to get her rechecked. Kara, DVM

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  • How can I treat kennel cough

    My two adult rescues both are coughing with a very dry sounding, almost bark-like cough. I've been told by other foster mommas that it's most likely kennel cough. One of the dogs is in good health otherwise, and his cough is productive with chunky yellow mucus and fluid. Dog 2 just underwent treatment for heartworm, and his cough is not productive but has the same sound as the other. The first dog has a faster heart rate and more irregular breathing.

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    My chihuahua coughs up spittle sometimes but if I rub the lower part of her throat for a few minutes I can usually stop the coughing. Is there a condition in the throat for this breed of dog that is common?

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    My 7 year old Boston Terrier is having difficulty breathing with even small amounts of exertion. She frequently pants even at rest and is drinking alot of water. Her appetite is good and bowels are fine. She still insists on attempting to run and play, especially with the other dogs but we have to stop her as she can't breathe and has even fallen over and had inability to move. Been to vet and blood work normal.

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    My chihuahua is coughing, it sounds like the croup in a child. It just started today, and is only happening when he gets excited. This happened once before, but it passed.

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    My dog makes this snoring type sound (like he's having difficulty breathing) throughout the day, and especially when he's sleeping. Periodically throughout the day he has these rapid episodes which is like when a child is so upset they almost sound like they can't breath through their nose, and have this repetitive sounding inhale/exhale/wheezing. I'm a little concerned and wondering what it could be. He had it 4 years ago and the vet thought it was from a foreign object, but found nothing.

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    i have a four and a half month old pit terrier mix. she was malnourished as a younger puppy, until i adopted her about a month ago. she breathes very heavily when she sleeps or is at rest. what could cause this? i've heard of heart defects and other things and i am not sure since she was malnourished, anything could be wrong. help!

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    I have an older lab with laryngeal paralysis and I was wondering if a humidifier at night would help him with that?

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    I have a female dacha/terrier mix. She is 14 years old, almost totally blind from cataracts, almost completely deaf and a bit overweight. Lately, she has started coughing (mostly in the evenings). She has been having accidents in the house - almost as if she doesn't know she has to go until she has to go right that minute. I let her out all of the time, and she wanders around the yard. What could be causing the cough and the accidents?

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    I have a german shepard with green discharge in both nostrils and eyes are tearing a lot. Does this require a vet or are there any home remedies to cure it?

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    he is 10 yrs old and he is 85 # when we got him he had mange and it has been in control. he has all his shots

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    My puppy is 8 weeks old, she has diarrhea and very little energy. I have been told she has worms and plan on treating them ASAP. She has also developed a dry cough, it happens once in a while one short cough and only when she lays down. What could this mean?

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    my staffordshire bull terrier, 5, snorts badly on occasions.almost as if she cant get her breath. rubbing chest stops this. she had anti inflam which stopped it for 2 -3 days, but is back again.she weighs 23 kilos, just lost 2.3kg on diet plan.

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    He is 5 months old and we just got him from another family. When he lays down or is sleeping he seems to breath very heavy,sometimes it seems like he is struggling. When you look at his stomach on the one side it looks as though his one rib is sticking out. What can I do or what do you think it maybe?

  • Is this really dog kennel cough? Will a 2nd round of antibiotics be necessary?

    My 10 mo old lab had a cough so I took her to the vet July 30th and he said she had early signs of Kennel cough. She finished her antibiotics and seemed fine so after 10 days I had her out playing and she was around a lot of dogs since then. I hear the cough again Saturday, take her to a different vet on Sunday (other one wasn't open) and the Dr. says to keep her quiet but she seems fine. Yesterday she started hacking, spitting up, and today she has no voice...normally she whines...etc. I ta

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    I have an 11 week old lab puppy. His nose was running a little when I brought him home 6 days ago and yesterday he started having a "gagging" cough. I have a vet appointment for more shots in 4 days. Should I wait that long to have him checked out? How do I tell if he has a fever and what is a normal temp? Thanks!

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    My dog a 1 year old pitbull female has been snorting a lot lately. Instead of snorting by blowing out like most do she is breathing in. Does she have kennel cough or is she reverse sneezing? Or is something else going on with her?

  • Differentials for chronic dog tachypnea

    When my 14 m.o. cat was about 5 months old, I noticed regular tachypnea (RR 40-80), worse when sleeping. She presents with no other symptoms except small appetite. She does restrict her own physical activity to short bursts of play. My vet ruled out asthma. Her Echo and ECG are normal. She had no response to steroids, treated for worms. Given her young age age & QOL, should I work with my vet to consult a specialist? My research includes possibilities for tracheal/subglottic stenosis/malacia.TY

  • Reverse sneezing in dogs

    My pug of 3 years has been sneezing for a week already. At first I thought it was something stuck in in her throat, but a friend with a dog told me about reverse sneezing. Should I take my pug to the vet or does the reverse sneezing just goes away?

  • Pug breathing issues

    Our two pugs exhibit snorts as "hocking a luggie". Although infrequent, this looks distressing. Is this serious/preventable?

  • Dogs breathing is difficult from congestion while sleeping. Why?

    My dog is 14 and this year he started to get a chronic stuffy nose when he lays down to sleep. It doesn't matter if he is on his side or curled up. He has a hard time breathing. He is a JRT, so I am pretty sure it is from years of digging! Is there anything we can use to clear his nose? Alkalol? Nose drops? He seems to use his whole body to breath and sleeps more, possibly from having a hard time sleeping peacefully. The vet just said this is an older dog problem, but is there any relief?

  • Why is my puppy breathing heavy?

    I have a pit bull puppy around 3 months old and she is constantly breathing very heavy, even after laying for over half an hour. It sounds as if she is panting but with her mouth closed. Is everything okay or should I be worried?

  • Is it dog choking? Struggling to breath, what is the problem?

    I was feeding my little dog a small piece of almond when all of a sudden she swallowed it and started to gasp for air. After a few seconds she seemed ok, but the gasping continues on and off especially after walking. Xrays have been taken and her lungs look clear. Could something still be stuck in her upper air way?

  • Collapsed trachea in my Pomeranian?

    My Pomeranian, Teaka, is a very happy and active young dog. She was in for a health examination 4 months ago, nothing was detected. Although about 2 months ago after drinking some water she began 'honking'. I thought maybe water went down the wrong hole, so I didn't think much of it... it happens to all of us!It has become increasingly worse and lately she has been 'honking' even when excited. I am getting increasing worried that it may be her tracheal collapsing or megasophagus. Help?

  • Dog respiratory: What is collasping mainstem bronchi in dogs?

    I have a 11 1/2 year old toy poodle that has just been diagnosed with both mainstem bronchi's collapsing. The vet says there is nothing they can do, but use meds to control the cough such as rx Lomotil and Hydrocodone on a daily basis and sedation pills if needed. Is this correct information that there is no surgery for this specific problem? How long will this breed live with collapsing Mainstem Bronchis?

  • My pug cross jack russell dogs breathing stopped for a few seconds. What's wrong?

    I came home from work and my dog fussed me as usual then he went floppy and stopped breathing. He came round but he was a bit off it for a while. What is wrong and what do I do if it occurs again?

  • Causes of lack of energy and heavy dog breathing?

    I have a 6 year old german shepard male, he is very large boned and has some joint problems. Last year he started having a lack in energy even with slight activity and has gotten worse the last few weeks with less energy and heavier breathing.

  • Why is my 12 year old Labrador dog panting so much from no exercise?.


  • What causes dog wheezing?

    My Beagle occasionally will start wheezing like she's having trouble breathing. She definitely has allergies. Could that be the cause or is it something else?

  • Home remedy to relieve dog cough?

    I read the question about human cough medicine, but I just want to know what you can give your dog to relieve the cough without a perscription?Thank You

  • Dog breathing is troubled through nose?

    My Japanese Chin appeared to vomit this morning but it was only foam, it seems the liquid is stuck in nose and she is having difficulty breathing. She can still breath through her mouth. When the episode first happened she ran around in a panick rubbing her face on the floor but now she is just laying around and doesnt want to be touch. I can hear her trying to breath through her nose and it just sounds like she has a stuffy nose. Is there anything that can be done to clear her nasal passage?

  • Does laryngeal paralysis ever cause a dog to suffocate?

    My 13.5 year old Golden has a mass on her spleen and laryngeal paralysis. I don't feel surgery is a good option after having her seen by 2 different vets. I do not, of course, want her to suffer or eventually suffocate. Does laryngeal paralysis ever get to the point where not air can pass and the dog suffocates?

  • Dog breath - seems like he can't catch his breath?

    My dog scares me. He act as if he is have a asthma attack. He starts sucking in and out for air as if he can't catch his breath. It has happened at night when he sleeping and in the daytime when he playing or begging for food. He is a one year old schnoodle. Thanks

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