Dog surgery recovery: 2 staples removed with yellow fluid draining out of wound

The dog was run over by a lawn mower and had a back leg amputated and his buttock were cut and a small tear in the rectum. He had surgery and has had bowel movements since and under the circumstance seems to be healing.But I was wandering about the 2 staples coming out he has several more in. And I also wandered about the yellow stuff draining out of the wound.

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    By: Rebecca Osterfund El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 04/19/2011

    The yellow fluid seen draining from the wound could be either normal serum seepage following surgery or could indicate infection. If the fluid is due to infection it should have a sticky consistency and will likely have a foul smell. The surrounding area will also likely feel warm to the touch and be painful. Skin staples should not be removed until 10-14 days following surgery. If the staples fall out on their own prior to this time it may mean that the staples were improperly placed or that there is abnormal tissue swelling in this location (such as due to an infection). Have your pet's wound inspected by your veterinarian immediately. Your pet may need to be on antibiotics and additional staples may need to be placed to keep the wound properly closed while healing. Rebecca, DVM

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    My vet is pushing a TPLO vs traditional acl surgery in my 11 yr old sherpard mix; Is the new procedure that more advantageous over traditional? Why? Also, is surgery worth the outcome or can I get same results from purchasing a brace and limiting activity of my dog?

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    Blockage in intestinal track. How long is the track and how much of it can be safely removed? My newly rescued dog is 7 mo old Bull mastiff, currently 60lbs.

  • My old poodle has dog cataracts. Where should I take her?

    My vet has advised me to have the cataracts removed in my 13 year old poodle. Should I take her to a local ophthalmologist vet, or the nearby UC Davis vet hospital? I need to know the difference in the costs as well as the care.

  • Cause for polydipsia in dog following splenectomy?

    My 13.5 year old Amstaff/Chessie mix had a splenectomy and soccer-ball sized tumor removed 3 wks ago. We did not pursue a biopsy, though the vet did say his liver did not have any visible cancer on it and the u/s did not show any additional tumors. He is doing very well, but since the surgery has polydipsia and polyuria. His renal,liver,glucose labs pre-op were fine. He finished 2 weeks of Cephalexin 4 days ago and takes 25 mg Tramadol BID for arthritis. Ideas on what might be causing this?

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