Hyperthyroid and early kidney disease problems

My cat (16 years old) was losing weight & eating a lot. They said she had Tubular Nucrosis as there were CAST found in the urinalysis. Her blood levels were as follows: Glucose 3.7, Creatinine 41, Potassium 3.4, NaK Ratio 45, Neutrophils 86.5. She is on Tapozole & Forticor both 14 pill 1xday. Recently she has had trouble getting up & has tremors as her legs give out. I started giving her 125mg day of glucosamine. Do you have any advice on the blood levels, dosage & leg issues?

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    By: Shawn Haubenstricker El Segundo, CA

    Replied on 07/22/2011

    I think that you may have recorded some of the chemistry values improperly. Glucose of 3.7 is fatally low, perhaps that was her thyroid result?  Either way the rest of the values do support a diagnosis of kidney disease and tubular necrosis (neutrophils 86.5).  One value that is missing is her BUN.  This is a blood urea nitrogen level, and this combined with the Creatinine are very good indicators of the extent of kidney disease. The medications that she is on are going to be life long medications.

    The trouble getting up may be a result of a low Red Blood Cell count, or due to her potassium being low.  Cats that are in renal failure (kidney failure) typically become anemic due to the kidneys decreased function of producing a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. A second reason could be due to low potassium.  Many cats may present with weakness and/or head pressing (pushing head onto surfaces/and or sitting with head hanging low) when their potassium levels needs to be supplemented.  This could be accomplished with gel or liquid that you would give daily.  She also could receive subcutaneous fluids that would provide her with proper hydration and also would have the potassium added to or already in the fluids that are given to her.  Many people learn how to do this at home.

    Cats that have kidney disease may have concurrent high blood pressure.  You should have her blood pressure checked, most veterinarians have this ability on site.  High blood pressure can cause  permanent damage to her eyes by causing retinal detachment resulting in vision loss.

    Her diet should be a low protein diet.  Hills, Iams and other major animal food producers will have a diet specific for kidney disease.  Another supplement type medication that could help her is called Azodyl.  This is a product that helps to slow down uremic toxins that build up and prevent further kidney damage.  It works by using a natural bacteria that helps enteric dialysis and therefore supports kidney function.

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