Shawn Haubenstricker

Location: Flushing, Michigan

Qualifications: Licensed Veterinary Technician


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Shawn Haubenstricker is a licensed veterinary technician who graduated Magna cum Laude from Baker College. She currently works at Pierson Veterinary Hospital in Davison, Michigan.

She has over 18 years of experience in veterinary medicine, has been published in the veterinary technician journal and has lectured at Baker College on the basics of feline and canine behavior.

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Answers from Shawn Haubenstricker

  • Neurological issues with ruptured eardrum in dog

    My chihuahua has been at the vet for days being treated for a ruptured eardrum, now she is having uncontrolled neurological issues. What can I do to help her?

  • My dog ingested a cephalexin pill

    Will it hurt her? She is a 5 yr old rhodesian ridgeback.

  • Should I have my puppy's spleen removed?

    My 9 month old Beagle has an enlarged spleen. She became listless and does not act like herself. The vet did an xray and found her spleen to be enlarged. This is consistent with her bloodwork with a high white blood cell count. All other counts are within normal limits for kidney and liver functioning. Now she won't eat. He thinks it's either tick related or possibly a spleen problem.

  • My Dog whines all the time. What could be the problem?

    My Chihuahua, Finona, is about 10 months old. She has a hip problem and has to hop because the surgery that would fix it would cause her leg to become immobile. Recently she has been whining a lot and I'm sure it's not for attention. She could be outside or in another room or I could even be paying attention to her and still she whines. We also believe she could be pregnant. What should we do?

  • What is the cause of cramps on cat paw?

    Hi! My cat has painful cramps on her right back paw. These "attack" appear all of the sudden and they disappear in the same way. My cat has pain in those moments and I do not know how to help her. She becomes sad and quiet which is totally unusual for her. Please help me with some hints to have an idea what should we do! Thanks!

  • Six month old dog starting to lose coat. Should I be worried?

    My one year old springer (bitch) is losing large amounts of coat evenly (no patches). She will not eat canned food—only offal beef liver, heart or lamb. Otherwise she is fit, healthy and happy, though a little under weight. Should I be concerned?

  • Dark spots on the top of my dog's neck

    My dog has dark spots on the top of his neck and is scratching wounds and bald spots under his chin. What is wrong? He is a 4 year old Dachshund. I have treated him for fleas and put moisturizer on him but he is scratching so hard there are large wounds on the under side of his neck and the hair is falling off. When I adopted him, the shelter told me he had one of his saliva glands removed so he has a large scar on the underside of his neck. He is also getting discolored spots on the top of his neck. Is it just the hot weather irritating him and making him dry or is it something more serious?

  • What's the cause of symmetrical dark spots on my dog?

    My six year old male german shorthair pointer has circular symmetrical dark spots on his right and left flank area. The spots appear to have an outer hyperpigmented ring with less pigmentation in the middle. There is no alopecia, itchiness or drainage and no raised area. The spots are not tender to the touch. His appetite and activity level have not been affected. Any ideas on what this may be? Can these be age related changes?

  • My dog is reverse sneezing. Should I be concerned?

    We gave our 8 year old Westie canned food for the first time yesterday. Since then she has had several episodes of reverse sneezing. My concern is she is not drinking her water. We gave her the normal dry food today and she ate it just fine and she is going potty but she isn't drinking water. Should I be concerned?

  • How can I help my pregnant older dog stay healthy during pregnancy?

    I have a black labrador retriever and she's about eight years old now. We live on a farm and there's always neighbors' dogs around. She's very active and very healthy but her mammary glands are swollen and she's becoming very lethargic. I'm suspecting that she is pregnant. This would be her first time and I don't want to lose her or the puppies. What exactly are the risks and where do we start to ensure her and the babies' health?

  • Is baby aspirin safe for a dog?

    My dog was hit by a car. She is okay and nothing is broken or bleeding, but she seems to be sore. Is it safe to give her a baby aspirin? And if so, how much? How often? She is a 4 1/2 month old red heeler/beagle mix female. 20 pounds. Not spayed. No other medical conditions known. Up to date on all shots and vaccines. Treated for fleas and ticks.

  • Dog with a runny nose and fever

    My dog recently gave birth to six pups and since then I've noticed that she's been breathing real hard, even after three days. At first I thought it was normal, but then I noticed that her temperature was a bit high and that she keeps vomiting white foamy stuff. I tried wiping her whole body with a wet cloth thinking it might be the heat again that's causing her distress. That didn't work and then lately she's got green mucus coming out from her nose and she's been shivering and uninterested in food for the past 2 days.

  • Infected sebaceous cyst on dog's neck

    Healthy 11 year old Bernese Mountain Dog has a ruptured cyst that is oozing a lot of fluid. It has a very bad odor. The vet checked this cyst about 2 months ago while it was intact. She drew fluid and said the best course was to leave it alone. Now that is has burst it feels very large under the skin. I would like to avoid surgery because of her age. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Is white vinegar harmful to dogs?

    Is white vinegar harmful to dogs?

  • Dog has diabetes-heard omega 3 oils were bad

    Can you give me more information on Omega 3 oils not being good for dogs. "This is the one instance we DO NOT recommend Omega 3 Oils as it will increase blood levels of low-density lipoproteins and cholesterol as well as blood sugar-And LDL is EXTREMELY BAD NEWS to a diabetic!!" can you further explain this? My dog was diagnosed with diabetes for 5 mths and is 10.5 yrs and is a Brussels griffon. He takes Flaxseed oil due to extremely dry skin. He can't take salmon oil due to allergies.Thanks!

  • Why does my dog experience tremors & seizure like symptoms after taking Enalapril

    How often do you see that Enalapril 2.5mg BID (for a 20lb M dog) causes seizures? My little guy has had seizure activity—lasting hours each time—about an hour after each Enalapril dose. It took 3 doses before I put together the puzzle, as he has other health issues and I had to rule-out his other medications before I could get to the root of the problem. Thank You.

  • Dangers of dog nail polish?

    Unaware that my young daughter painted my dog's toenails, my dog seems to have liked her nails before the polish dried. I discovered this when my dog didn't seem happy and energetic as usual this morning and saw the polish on her nails. Should she bee seen by a vet or will it pass through her system without causing permanent damage?

  • What is the best dog food for a small dog with food allergies that is prone to bladder crystals and stones?

    My 4 year old shih tzu just had surgery to remove bladder stones and crystals. She is allergic to beef, carrots, turkey, sweet potatoes and wheat. The vet gave her Science Diet UD, which I'm not too impressed with at all. What would you suggest as a nutritional dry dog food for her?

  • Hyperthyroid and early kidney disease problems

    My cat (16 years old) was losing weight & eating a lot. They said she had Tubular Nucrosis as there were CAST found in the urinalysis. Her blood levels were as follows: Glucose 3.7, Creatinine 41, Potassium 3.4, NaK Ratio 45, Neutrophils 86.5. She is on Tapozole & Forticor both 14 pill 1xday. Recently she has had trouble getting up & has tremors as her legs give out. I started giving her 125mg day of glucosamine. Do you have any advice on the blood levels, dosage & leg issues?

  • Low blood sugar in Dog

    I have a 3 year old American Bull dog. Lately I have noticed he hasn't been acting like himself. It started when I was feeding him Calfornia Grain Free. He got very clingy, would sleep more and just seemed ADR. Checked his blood sugar and did blood work at this time and the only thing that seemed off was that his blood sugar seemed low. Months later I have switched to a more raw diet and he still seems to have the problems of low blood sugar. Today it was 56 after eatting dinner. Any ideas on what might cause that?

  • Why would a dog become agressive towards its owner at 6 years of age ?

    My ex husband and I share custody of our 6 year old bloodhound. She lives with him. Over the past year she has become aggressive towards him. It's getting more often and more severe. She recently bit him and drew blood. She has never attacked me and is normally very loving and gentle towards both of us. These attacks seem to come unprovoked. Sometimes she won't even let him near her. She has attacked him about six times in the past year but twice in the last month. Please help.

  • My dog's nails are falling off

    My boxer has been taking antibiotics and antifungus stuff, as well as omega 3 fatty acids, antibiotics and niacinamyde. What causes a dog's nails to come off, and can it spread to adults?

  • My dog has a red round dot in his upper eyelid, is it dangerous?

    my chihuahua has a red round dot or small ball in his upper eyelid what is this? is it dangerous? The round dot is located in his left upper eyelid, where the eyelashes are. It is still small but I don't know if it is a dangerous thing or maybe something as simple as mosquitoe bite.

  • Asking for additional info about High ALT on my dog

    High ALT (additional information) Additional to We did ALT again - 149U/l, BUN-14mg/dl, CK-116U/l, ALP-35U/l. I don't have previous tests, he was a healthy dog, only in 2 month he had babesios, but we didn't do ALT then. Now I find one or two elements of his rash somethimes. Everything else is ok. I give him only natural food, phospholipids and ursofalk now. Can it be that high ALT is his special feature? What else can it be?

  • Eleven month old beagle dog has night terrors 2-3 times a night.

    canine night terrors 11 month old beagle has "night terrors" 2-3 times a night. Is there anyway to stop this?

  • Do male dogs become aggressive towards female dogs?

    I have two smooth collies: a 10 yr old intact male, Rocky and a 9 yr old spayed female, Ginger. The past few days, they have been more playful, which I attributed to the cooler weather. However, Rocky's playfulness has turned into obsession, he will not leave Ginger alone and today he actually pulled a patch of Ginger's hair out. Will neutering Rocky eliminate this excessive nibbling and attentiveness towards Ginger? He wags his tail and doesn't growl, so isn't his behavior his playful? Sheila

  • Creatine for Dogs

    Hi i have read your article on creatine use in dogs and i wondering if you thought it could be beneficial for repairing muscle wastage in an older dog? I have adopted an elderly dog would is in his mid teens he has a strong heart and no problems with his lungs and no signs of arthritus but due to lack of exercise by his previous owner he has muscle wastage of his back legs. i was wondering if creatine would help to build the muscle back up?

  • Dog jumped off porch, what can I do for the pain and swelling?

    I have a 10 yr of chow mix that has been jumping off the porch, about a 3 foot jump, for ever, but now she is limping with a small amount of swelling. What can I do for the pain and swelling?

  • Cats behavior has changed

    My less than 1 year old cat has changed over the last 2 weeks. He is usually very social and playful. Lately he has been sleeping most of the day and night and would prefer to be alone. He has not been desexed yet and lived with another male cat and they get on quite well. What could have caused this dramatic change?

  • Dog Acne

    My bit bull is 5 months old and he has skin acne really bad. He scratches all the time. I know it isn't mange but I know that we have sand flees. I don't know if he is allergic to that or to something else. Can you please tell me something to try to help him?

  • Dog has broken leg-how can I keep her comfortable and pain free?

    She is a 5 month old chihuahua puppy and she broke her left front leg from falling off the back of the couch yesterday.

  • What can I give my dog to keep her calm at night?

    My dog is hyperactive at night. What can I do?

  • My dog is vomiting and I have not seen her poop in a week

    she is also swollen on the left side of the face what could be wrong my 3 year old female lab boxer mix is vomiting and not eating. I have not seen her poop in a week and she is rubbing her but on the grass. she is also swollen on the left side of her face and muzzle yesterday it was her right eye that was really swollen can you please help me with an answer that could help my baby.

  • What can you give your dog if she is constipated?

    we gave our dog a ham bone last night and today she is constipated. is there anything we can give her to help her out? She is not her lively affectionate self.

  • My two year old cat has developed a iliac thrombosis, what is that?

    My two year old cat has developed a iliac thrombosis. What does this mean. She is going back to our vet on monday morning. She has been looked at by the vet. What would have caused this. How serious is this ?

  • My dog ate a banana-is this harmful to him?

    My Golden retriever is pretty old and ate a ripe banana. Is this harmful? Woke up this morning and he does not feel well.

  • Dog Benadryl dosage

    My dog has hives spreading all over his body. What dosage of Benadryl should a 58 lb dog receive?

  • How much lorazepam can I give my 12 lb dog for a 3 hr flight to nyc?

    i want to ensure he does not freak out on the flight, so i want to know how much i can give him to remain calm yet not overdose him or make it to where he can not pop his ears??

  • Can you refrigerate depo medrol syringe for cat asthma a few days

    can you refrigerate depo medrol syringe (for cat asthma) a few days if need be before administering

  • Is my kitten old enough to leave its mom?

    I have a kitty who is a little over four weeks old but eating cat food and drinking milk will she be ok with out the momma?

  • Dogs eye has anterior luxation

    Our 13 year old Cocker has anterior luxation in one eye. The other eye is 100% normal. The vet recommends removing the lens in that eye. What are the pros and cons of having or not having the surgery (at 13 yrs old?)?

  • Can you give a cat ace before flying?

    Can cats take Ace before flying, or is it only for dogs?

  • Is there a substitute for cyclosporine 1# for my dog?

    Will any med that produces tears work? Cyclosporine 1% substitute. Will any solution that aids in tear production work. If not, how much for cyclosporine 1% drops?

  • Lateralization-survival rate

    My 9 year old newfoundland has just been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. They mentioned to me about getting the lateralization the tie back. How effective is that? What is the survival rate look like after that?

  • Can prednisone for cats cause unequal pupils?

    my 9 year old cat is on prednisone for asthma yesterday i noticed one pupil was dialated and very slow to respond to light also he wont eat or drink for the last 16 hours he acts like he wants to drink but just doesnt now he is just sitting with eyes shut in one spot not moving around at all

  • What are remedies for a dog with folliculitis?

    I have a 12 year old miniature schnauzer with dry, scaley patches on his abdomen and armpit areas. I have done some research and have come to the conclusion it is folliculitis, i am looking for a natural remedy for this.

  • Citalopram in small doses for cat anxiety?

    Can a cat be given citalopram in small doses for anxiety?

  • Dog given medications for cushing and cough-can they be taken together?

    my 12 yrs maltese was diagnosed with Cushings over 1 year ago (pituitary tumor).Takes trilostsan liquid daily. Recently diagnosed by xray/ultrasound with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Left ventricle twice normal size restricting blood flow. Takes fortikor daily. At same time has a nasty cough.She was given antibiotics and daily prednil. The cough went but returned when the meds stopped. The vet wants to use prednil daily or alternate days (cough control).Can she take this with Cushings?

  • Dog has ear infection?

    After I gave my 16-month old beagle a bath, I was drying her ears and noticed redness and a bumpiness. I have been reading up on ear infections and that this may be a yeast infection and treatable with vinegar solution. She has no discharge or pus yet? What are your tips and advice on this?

  • Cat weight-underweight or just small

    I have a 1.5 year old male tabby who only weighs 6 lbs. He was found as a kitten maybe 5 weeks old in a truck bumper in 105 degree heat. I managed to get him out but he was very hot. I brought him inside and allowed him to cool off gradually. I had him wormed, vaccinated and neutered on schedule. I am worried about his weight. Is this a normal size for a domestic cat or shouild I be worried. He gets science diet every day and is always indoors. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Which is a better cat tranquilizer?

    I am traveling on a 19 hour flight with my one year old cat (who has never traveled before) and have been prescribed killitam tranquillizer syrup to administer before traveling. He will remain in the cabin with me and i am a bit concerned as I live in Egypt and am unsure of the drugs they have here. May you kindly advise me on whether this drug is safe for him or not. Another vet recommended ace tablet for him. What do I do? Thanking you in advance. Alicia

  • How do you know if a dog is pregnant?

    My chihuahua was around my aunts male dog and now she has been really tired and is getting sick!

  • I have a question about dog arthritis

    12yr kelpie with arthritis in rear leg/hip joints. On cartrophen injections but poorly & yelps with pain. I'm about to go back to the vet but I'm concerned as her usual vet has left the practice (treated her from puppy). I don't know the new vet and would like a 2nd opinion. I usually back up the injection on odd occasions (prob 2x/mnth) with aspirin. She was bad recently & I used diclofenac 12.5mg (I had no aspirin) with good results. Is this ok to use for dogs & what dose? Any other options?

  • Tiny black worms on my cats bedding?

    i was gathering laundry and grabbed my 7 month old cat / kitten's bedding and noticed a lot of black dots...i looked at them for a while thinking maybe its just black dandruff and then some of the black dots stretched out and starting moving / inching around.i was so scared i confined him to one room and began spraying the house with lysol...what is this? i have not took him to the vet for his first check-up yet.hes and inside cat but has ran outside a couple times but we bring him right back in

  • Malignant Oral Melanoma cancer in dogs- possible causes

    I have 3 dogs. Two had a malignant melanoma removed out of their mouth in August, and I just found a growth in the 3rd, which is getting biopsied today (a month later). Obviously there is something in their environment causing this. What chemicals or possible causes should I investigate to figure out the cause?

  • How can I get my dog to gain weight?

    I have a 1 year old male boxer puppy whose liver values were elevated (very high) when we did his presurgical bloodwork for his neuter. Since he has had several more blood tests and an ultrasound and liver biopsy. His liver is fine but he was apparently born without a gallbladder. He is on ursodial daily and on science diet adult food. He eats 6 cups daily but is still very thin. He has been non clinical this whole time other than he is thin and has soft stools. His liver values are now normal

  • Why does my dog have behavior problems?

    My 4 month old Australian Cattle Dog is portraying all kinds of behavioral problems, and one of the most troublesome ones is the fact that she almost REFUSES to bark. Instead she'll whine like crazy (which is really annoying) at the first sign of strangers and runs to them every chance she can. She won't bark at the door, won't bark when she has to go out and won't bark even when we tell her to "speak" and she knows how! She had kennel cough when we got her but has long since been treated and is fine. Could having kennel cough destroy her vocal chords or make it hard to bark, or is she just more of a whiner than a barker?

  • Why won't my cat stop humping my leg?

    Why does my cat hump my leg?

  • Cat with kidney disease and anal prolapse

    2yr old male cat with kidney disease, also if he strains to use the litter box ends up with a anal or rectal prolapse and has been treated for it at the vet. However he has had times when it comes out and within a few days goes back in on its own. So I guess my real concern is while keeping in mind his other issue is his diet. He eats Purina NF dry that�s all he will eat and Sub-Q fluids 125ml every 2days should I be feeding something else? Any other less expensive and better food options?

  • My dog has breathing problems, wheezing and coughing up flem

    Westie has breathing problems/wheezing/coughing up flem/legthargy...can't play of even walk fast. My White West Highland Terrier is a female 6 years old. Wheezing/choking and then coughing up flem with any exercise. We have her on a no wheat dog food She is a little overweight so I have cut back her food to see if that helps her breathing. She breathes very HARD, and through her mouth, is always thirsty since she is panting all the time The local vet did the following Xrays were taken showing no tumor She was put on two meds Prescnisone 5mg 2 tabs 2x's daily Amphyllne 200 Mg 1/2 tab

  • My dog has glassy eyes as well as throwing up

    Ask A Vet? I have a matese and am wondering what would cause her to get glassy eyed then throw up and for about 2 hours give or take has tremors and head sways sllightly from left to right. After she sleeps for a little while she seems just fine. Are these signs of a stroke or something else? She doesn't drool or have convulsions. About once a month she gets these. Please give me your input. Thank you

  • My dog has a pink lump that was covered in small black scab

    my old king charles has a pink lump that was covered in small black scabs just outside of his ear, what is this? what should i do, what could it be?

  • Why would my dog's lining of his mouth be pinkish red in color?

    why would my german sheperd's lining of his mouth be pinkish red in color? Normally the lining of my german shepard's mouth is black in color i've noticed that it has turned a little pinkish red in color is this normal

  • What causes sudden constant salivation with my dog

    My year old miniature schnauzer started massively salivating two days ago. When I went to get her from her crate in the morning, her entire bed was soaked and her face was dripping! She has NEVER been drooly or anxious. I took her into the vet, who told me that her mouth, teeth, and salivary glands are normal with a normal temp. I've brushed her teeth, washed her bedding, and she's been drooling constantly for 2 days now, but it's worse when she's sleeping. She eats as normal. What's wrong?

  • What is the normal weight gain on a rottweiler puppy

    normal weight gain for a rottweiler puppy from 8 weeks to 19 weeks i took my rottweiler puppy to the vet at 8 weeks for her shots, worming and all else a puppy's need checked for during their growth spell. my vet said she should gain not more than 7 lbs between visits. at 10 weeks she weighed 16.6 lbs,13 weeks 23.8 lbs, 16 weeks 31 lbs, but at 19 weeks she weighed in at 32.6 lbs. this was only 1.6 lb increase. is this by chance common durng the growing stage to have a low weight gain? she is active, playfull and normal in all her growth. what should i do?

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